Book AwardsScott Moncrieff Prize for French Translation

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Works (56)

Joan of Arc: Her Story by Régine PernoudEdward Hyams, 1965
Laurence Sterne: from Tristram to Yorick; an interpretation of Tristram Shandy by Henri FluchèreBarbara Bray, 1966
Jean-Jacques Rousseau by Jean GuéhennoJohn and Doreen Weightman, 1967
French North Africa: The Maghrib Between Two World Wars by Jacques BerqueJean Stewart, 1968
Anti-Memoirs by André MalrauxTerence Kilmartin, 1969
L'Espagnol by Bernard ClavelW.G. Corp, 1970
The Suez expedition, 1956 by André BeaufreRichard Barry, 1970
Between Life and Death by Nathalie SarrauteMaria Jolas, 1971
Geschichte Deutschlands seit 1945. Eine Bilanz. by Alfred GrosserPaul Stevenson, 1972
The Ogre by Michel TournierBarbara Bray, 1973
From Honey to Ashes : An Introduction to a Science of Mythology by Claude Lévi-StraussJohn and Doreen Weightman, 1974
Tristes Tropiques by Claude Lévi-StraussJohn and Doreen Weightman, 1974
France in the Age of Louis XIII and Richelieu by Victor-L. TapieD. McN. Lockie, 1975
Leninism under Lenin by Marcel LiebmanBrian Pearce, 1976
French Society, 1789-1970 by Georges DupeuxPeter Wait, 1977
The Gardens of Adonis by Marcel DétienneJanet Lloyd, 1978
The Origin of Table Manners: Mythologiques, Volume 3 by Claude Lévi-StraussJohn and Doreen Weightman, 1979
Les institutions de la France sous la monarchie absolue 1598-1789 by Roland MousnierBrian Pearce, 1980
The World of the Citizen in Republican Rome by Claude NicoletPaul Falla, 1981
Gemini by Michel TournierAnne Carter, 1982
The Wheels of Commerce by Fernand BraudelSian Reynolds, 1983
Course in General Linguistics (Open Court Classics) by Ferdinand de SaussureRoy Harris, 1984
War diaries: notebooks from a phoney war, 1939-1940 by Jean-Paul SartreQuintin Hoare, 1985
The Lover by Marguerite DurasBarbara Bray, 1986
The First Book of Grabinoulor by Pierre Albert-BirotBarbara Wright, 1987
Le poisson-scorpion by Nicolas BouvierRobyn Marsack, 1988
Selected Poems (Penguin International Poets) by Philippe JaccottetDerek Mahon, 1989
The Georgics by Claude SimonBeryl and John Fletcher, 1990
Bread and Circuses: Historical Sociology and Political Pluralism by Paul VeyneBrian Pearce, 1991
The Midnight Love Feast by Michel TournierBarbara Wright, 1992
Painted Shadows by Jean-Baptiste NielJames Kirkup, 1992
The Book of Nights by Sylvie GermainChristine Donougher, 1993
A Void by Georges PerecGilbert Adair, 1995
Belle du Seigneur by Albert CohenDavid Coward, 1996
Art by Yasmina RezaChristopher Hampton, 1997
The Spears of Twilight: Life and Death in the Amazon Jungle by Philippe DescolaJanet Lloyd, 1997
Le Testament Français by Andreï MakineGeoffrey Strachan, 1998
Against Nature by Joris-Karl HuysmansMargaret Mauldon, 1999
The Dark Room at Longwood: A Voyage to St Helena by Jean-Paul KauffmannPatricia Clancy, 2000
In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong by Amin MaaloufBarbara Bray, 2001
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress [2002 film] by Dai SijieIna Rilke, 2002
Ignorance by Milan KunderaLinda Asher, 2003
Signor Malaussene by Daniel PennacIan Monk, 2004
The Year Is '42: A Novel by Nella BielskiJohn Berger and Lisa Appignanesi, 2005
Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak by Jean HatzfeldLinda Coverdale, 2006
Just Like Tomorrow by Faïza GuèneSarah Adams, 2007
Holiday in a Coma: And, Love Lasts Three Years: Two Novels by Frederic BeigbederFrank Wynne, 2008
Marge brute by Laurent QuintreauPolly McLean, 2009
Cold Spring in Winter (Visible Poets) by Valérie RouzeauSusan Wicks, 2010
Beside the Sea by Veronique OlmiAdriana Hunter, 2011
Fear: a novel of World War I by Gabriel ChevallierMalcolm Imrie, 2012
The Little Auto by Guillaume ApollinaireBeverley Bie Brahic, 2013
Hitting the Streets by Raymond QueneauRachel Galvin, 2014
Harraga by Boualem SansalFrank Wynne, 2015
Suite for Barbara Loden by Nathalie LegerNatasha Lehrer and Cécile Menon, 2016
The 120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de SadeWill McMorran and Thomas Wynn, 2017