Book AwardsSequoyah Book Award Nominee

Works (1,613)

And the waters prevailed by Daniel Moreau BarringerChildren's, 1958-1959
Armed with Courage by May Yonge McNeerChildren's, 1958-1959
Black Gold by Marguerite HenryChildren's, 1958-1959
The Enormous Egg by Oliver ButterworthChildren's, 1958-1959
Exploring the Universe by Roy A. GallantChildren's, 1958-1959
Fifteen by Beverly ClearyChildren's, 1958-1959
The first lake dwellers by Chester G OsborneChildren's, 1958-1959
Hah Nee of the Cliff Dwellers by Mary Marsh BuffChildren's, 1958-1959
The House of Sixty Fathers by Meindert DeJongChildren's, 1958-1959
Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia SorensenChildren's, 1958-1959
Mr Justice Holmes by Clara Ingram JudsonChildren's, 1958-1959
Sequoyah: Leader of the Cherokees by Alice MarriottChildren's, 1958-1959
The Story of Caves by Dorothy SterlingChildren's, 1958-1959
The story of the "Old Colony" of New Plymouth, 1620-1692 by Samuel Eliot MorisonChildren's, 1958-1959
Trapping the silver beaver by Charley NiehuisChildren's, 1958-1959
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein 1960-1961
America's Abraham Lincoln by May McNeerChildren's, 1959-1960
The Black Stone Knife by Alice MarriottChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
The Cabin at Medicine Springs by Lulita Crawford PritchettChildren's, 1959-1960
Calico Captive by Elizabeth George SpeareChildren's, 1959-1960
Cherokee boy by Alexander KeyChildren's, 1959-1960
The Family under the Bridge by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1959-1960
Flaming Arrows by William O. SteeleChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth EnrightChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
The Great Wheel by Robert LawsonChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
The Horsecatcher by Mari SandozChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
Houseboat Girl by Lois LenskiChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
The Luckiest Girl by Beverly ClearyChildren's, 1959-1960
Midnight: Champion Bucking Horse by Sam SavittChildren's, 1959-1960
The Perilous Road by William O. SteeleChildren's, 1959-1960
Rifles for Watie by Harold KeithChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
Rockets, missiles, and moons by Charles Ira CoombsChildren's, 1959-1960
Shadow Across the Campus by Helen R. SattleyChildren's, 1959-1960
This Dear-Bought Land by Jean Lee LathamChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
Wolf Brother by Jim KjelgaardChildren's, 1958-1959; Children's, 1959-1960
The Adventure of Light by Frank JupoChildren's, 1960-1961
The Americans by Harold CoyChildren's, 1960-1961
Avalanche! by A Rutgers van der LoeffChildren's, 1960-1961
A Brother for the Orphelines by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1960-1961
Buffalo Chief by Jane AnnixterChildren's, 1959-1960; Children's, 1960-1961
Captain of the Planter: The Story of Robert Smalls by Dorothy SterlingChildren's, 1960-1961
Digging into yesterday; the discovery of ancient civilizations by Estelle FriedmanChildren's, 1960-1961
Edge of the Forest by Agnes SmithChildren's, 1960-1961
First under the North Pole by William R. AndersonChildren's, 1960-1961
The Golden Impala by Pamela RopnerChildren's, 1960-1961
Head High, Ellen Brody by Elisabeth Hamilton FriermoodChildren's, 1960-1961
The Helen Keller Story by Catherine Owens PeareChildren's, 1960-1961
The Little Silver House by Jennie D. LindquistChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
Pinky Pye by Eleanor EstesChildren's, 1959-1960; Chidren's, 1960-1961
Pony for keeps by William Corbin McGrawChildren's, 1959-1960; Children's, 1960-1961
Simba of the White Mane by Jocelyn ArundelChildren's, 1960-1961
The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George SpeareChildren's, 1959-1960; Children's, 1960-1961
America Is Born: A History for Peter by Gerald W. JohnsonChildren's, 1961-1962
The Far Frontier by William O. SteeleChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
The First Comers: Indians of America's Dawn by Alice MarriottChildren's, 1961-1962
The Gammage Cup by Carol KendallChildren's, 1961-1962
Jean and Johnny by Beverly ClearyChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
Journey for a Princess by Margaret LeightonChildren's, 1961-1962
The Long-Nosed Princess by Priscilla HallowellChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
Mary Jane by Dorothy SterlingChildren's, 1961-1962
Miss Charity Comes to Stay by Alberta Wilson ConstantChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
Missouri River boy by William HeumanChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's, 1961-1962
Onion John by Joseph KrumgoldChildren's, 1960-1961; Children's, 1961-1962
The Secret Language by Ursula NordstromChildren's, 1961-1962
Torrie by Annabel JohnsonChildren's, 1961-1962
You Come Too by Robert FrostChildren's, 1961-1962
The Cheerful Heart by Elizabeth Janet GrayChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
A Dog on Barkham Street by Mary StolzChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
Horns of Plenty by Jane AnnixterChildren's, 1961-1962; 1962-1963
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'DellChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
Janine by Robin McKownChildren's, 1962-1963
Milenka's happy summer by Mary Libal BarkerChildren's, 1962-1963
Moki by Grace Jackson PenneyChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
Old Ramon by Jack SchaeferChildren's, 1962-1963
Patrick Henry : Firebrand of the Revolution by Nardi Reeder CampionChildren's, 1962-1963
Pick-Pocket Run by Annabel JohnsonChildren's, 1962-1963
The Shadow of Robbers' Roost by Helen RushmoreChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
Summer of little rain by Aileen Lucia FisherChildren's, 1962-1963
Throw Stone,: The first American boy, 25,000 years ago by E.B. SaylesChildren's, 1962-1963
The Tomahawk family by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
Touched With Fire Alaska's George William Steller by Margaret Elizabeth BellChildren's, 1962-1963
The Trouble With Jenny's Ear by Oliver ButterworthChildren's, 1961-1962; Children's, 1962-1963
Where the panther screams by William Powell RobinsonChildren's, 1962-1963
The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George SpeareChildren's, 1963-1964
The Choctaw Code by Russell Davis -Children's, 1962-1963; Children's, 1963-1964
Emily's Runaway Imagination by Beverly ClearyChildren's, 1962-1963; Children's, 1963-1964
Firm hand on the rein by Jack SteffanChildren's, 1963-1964
The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGrawChildren's, 1962-1963; Children's, 1963-1964
Millie by B. Holland HeckChildren's, 1962-1963; Children's, 1963-1964
The Noble Doll by Elizabeth Jane CoatsworthChildren's, 1962-1963; Children's, 1963-1964
Noodles, Nitwits, and Numskulls by Maria LeachChildren's, 1962-1963; Children's, 1963-1964
Return to Gone-Away by Elizabeth EnrightChildren's, 1962-1963; Children's 1963-1964
Ride with the Eagle: The Expedition of the First Missouri in the War with Mexico, 1846 by Julia Davis AdamsChildren's, 1963-1964
Ships, shoals, and amphoras; the story of underwater archaeology by Suzanne De BorhegyiChildren's, 1963-1964
The song of the lop-eared mule by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1963-1964
Thomas Jefferson, his many talents by Johanna JohnstonChildren's, 1963-1964
Westward Adventure by William O. SteeleChildren's, 1963-1964
The Cat and Mrs. Cary by Doris GatesChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
Cricket in a Thicket by Aileen FisherChildren's, 1964-1965
The dancing horses of Acoma, and other Acoma Indian stories by Helen RushmoreChildren's, 1964-1965
Dorie of Dogtown Common by Anne EliotChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
I, Adam by Jean FritzChildren's, 1964-1965
The legend of Billy Bluesage by Jonreed LauritzenChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
Little Cloud and the great plains hunters, 15,000 years ago by Mary Ellen StevensChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
Mr. Mysterious & Company by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
The mystery of the old oil well by Dorothy Kayser FrenchChildren's, 1964-1965
Paco's miracle by Ann Nolan ClarkChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
The princess and the lion by Elizabeth Jane CoatsworthChildren's, 1964-1965
Rascal by Sterling NorthChildren's, 1964-1965
Seeing Fingers: The Story of Louis Braille by Etta DegeringChildren's, 1964-1965
Silence Over Dunkerque by John R. TunisChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
Stormy, Misty's Foal by Marguerite HenryChildren's, 1964-1965
Summer of the Falcon by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
Tatsinda by Elizabeth EnrightChildren's, 1964-1965
Time at the Top by Edward OrmondroydChildren's, 1964-1965
Willie and the Wildcat Well by Alberta Wilson ConstantChildren's, 1964-1965
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'EngleChildren's, 1963-1964; Children's, 1964-1965
A Dog Called Scholar by Anne H. WhiteChildren's, 1964-1965; Children's, 1965-1966
It Doesn't Always Have to Rhyme by Eve MerriamChildren's, 1965-1966
It's Like This, Cat by Emily Cheney NevilleChildren's, 1964-1965; Children's, 1965-1966
Killer-of-Death by Betty BakerChildren's, 1965-1966
A Light in the Dark: The Life of Samuel Gridley Howe by Milton MeltzerChildren's, 1965-1966
The Loner by Ester WierChildren's, 1965-1966
Roosevelt Grady by Louisa R. ShotwellChildren's, 1964-1965; Children's, 1965-1966
School bell in the valley by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1964-1965; Children's, 1965-1966
Season of Ponies by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 1965-1966
A wind on the road by Helen Rayburn CaswellChildren's, 1965-1966
The Year of the Bloody Sevens by William O. SteeleChildren's, 1964-1965; Children's, 1965-1966
Across Five Aprils by Irene HuntChildren's, 1966-1967
The Alley by Eleanor EstesChildren's, 1966-1967
Carolina's Courage by Elizabeth YatesChildren's, 1966-1967
The Empty Schoolhouse by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1966-1967
Far Out the Long Canal by Meindert DeJongChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
The Grizzly by Annabel JohnsonChildren's, 1965-1966; Children's, 1966-1967
Ice king by Ernestine N. ByrdChildren's, 1966-1967
Magic to burn by Jean FritzChildren's, 1966-1967
The Nip and Tuck War by Mary MianChildren's, 1965-1966; Children's, 1966-1967
The Pushcart War by Jean MerrillChildren's, 1965-1966; Children's, 1966-1967
The secrets of the dolphin by Helen KayChildren's, 1965-1966; Children's, 1966-1967
Shadow of a Bull by Maia WojciechowskaChildren's, 1965-1966; Children's, 1966-1967
Skinny by Robert BurchChildren's, 1965-1966; Children's, 1966-1967
Andrew Jackson by Margaret L. CoitChildren's, 1967-1968
The Animal Family by Randall JarrellChildren's, 1967-1968
Bayou boy by George SmithChildren's, 1967-1968
Berries Goodman by Emily Cheney NevilleChildren's, 1967-1968
Big Blue Island by Wilson GageChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
The Black Cauldron by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
Blackbeard's Ghost by Ben StahlChildren's, 1967-1968
The Ghost in the Noonday Sun by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
Girl with a pen: Charlotte Brontë by Elisabeth KyleChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
I, Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Borton de TrevinoChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
Komantcia by Harold KeithChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
North Town by Lorenz GrahamChildren's, 1967-1968
Squaw Dog by Patricia BeattyChildren's, 1967-1968
The Summer I Was Lost, or Terror on the Mountain by Phillip ViereckChildren's, 1967-1968
The talking leaf by Weyman JonesChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
Those Miller Girls! by Alberta Wilson ConstantChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
The Velvet Room by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 1966-1967; Children's, 1967-1968
Walk the World's Rim by Betty BakerChildren's, 1967-1968
April's Year by Elizabeth TeicherChildren's, 1968-1969
Black and Blue Magic by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 1968-1969
Crimson Moccasins by Wayne Dyre DoughtyChildren's, 1968-1969
Fast green car by W. E. ButterworthChildren's, 1967-1968; Children's, 1968-1969
The Ghost of Five Owl Farm by Wilson GageChildren's, 1968-1969
The King's Fifth by Scott O'DellChildren's, 1968-1969
Lions in the Way by Bella RodmanChildren's, 1968-1969
Matthew Looney's invasion of the earth by Jerome Beatty, Jr.Children's, 1967-1968; Children's, 1968-1969
The Noonday Friends by Mary StolzChildren's, 1967-1968; Children's, 1968-1969
The secret sea by Richard ArmstrongChildren's, 1967-1968; Children's, 1968-1989
The talking mountain by Hal G. EvartsChildren's, 1968-1969
The taste of spruce gum by Jacqueline JacksonChildren's, 1968-1969
Two on an Island by Bianca BradburyChildren's, 1967-1968; Children's, 1968-1969
Up a Road Slowly by Irene HuntChildren's, 1968-1969
Wild Boy by Thomas FallChildren's, 1967-1968; Children's, 1968-1969
The Year of the Raccoon by Lee KingmanChildren's, 1968-1969
Zeb by Lonzo AndersonChildren's, 1968-1969
The ant realm by Ross E. HutchinsChildren's, 1969-1970
The Black Pearl by Scott O'DellChildren's, 1969-1970
Chancy and the Grand Rascal by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 1969-1970
Did You Carry The Flag Today, Charley? by Rebecca CaudillChildren's, 1969-1970
The Great Brain by John D. FitzgeraldChildren's, 1969-1970
Henry 3 by Joseph KrumgoldChildren's, 1969-1970
In-between Miya by Yoshiko UchidaChildren's, 1969-1970
Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth by E. L. KonigsburgChildren's, 1969-1970
Octagon House by Phoebe Atwood TaylorChildren's, 1969-1970
Over the Blue Mountain by Conrad RichterChildren's, 1969-1970
Path to the Pacific: The Story of Sacagawea by Neta Lohnes FrazierChildren's, 1969-1970
Queenie Peavy by Robert BurchChildren's, 1968-1969; Children's, 1969-1970
The Spider of Brooklyn Heights by Nancy VeglahnChildren's, 1969-1970
The Truthful Harp by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's, 1969-1970
Two Against the Tide by Bruce ClementsChildren's, 1969-1970
Valley of the Smallest: The Life Story of a Shrew by Aileen Lucia FisherChildren's, 1968-1969; Children's, 1969-1970
Adam Bookout by Louisa R. ShotwellChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
Cave of Danger by Bryce WaltonChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
The Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia by Esther HautzigChildren's, 1970-1971
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. KonigsburgChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
Gilgamesh by Bernarda BrysonChildren's, 1970-1971
The High King by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's, 1970-1971
His Enemy, His Friend by John R. TunisChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
The House of Dies Drear by Virginia HamiltonChildren's, 1970-1971
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by Pearl S. BuckChildren's, 1970-1971
The miracle of flight by Richard CromerChildren's, 1970-1971
My Brother Stevie by Eleanor ClymerChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
Octagon Magic by Andre NortonChildren's, 1970-1971
Pornada by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's, 1970-1971
The Remarkable Ride of the Abernathy Boys by Robert B. JacksonChildren's, 1970-1971
Roam the Wild Country by Ella Thorp EllisChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
Smoke by William CorbinChildren's, 1970-1971
Star Island boy by Louise Dickinson RichChildren's, 1970-1971
A Wonderful, Terrible Time by Mary StolzChildren's, 1969-1970; Children's, 1970-1971
The Young Unicorns by Madeleine L'EngleChildren's, 1970-1971
The All Jahdu Storybook by Virginia HamiltonChildren's, 1971-1972
Angry Waters (Walter Morey Adventure Library) by Walt MoreyChildren's, 1971-1972
Ann Aurelia and Dorothy by Natalie Savage CarlsonChildren's, 1970-1971; Children's, 1971-1972
Before You Came This Way by Byrd BaylorChildren's, 1971-1972
The Cay by Theodore TaylorChildren's, 1971-1972
Edgar Allan by John NeufeldChildren's, 1970-1971; Children's, 1971-1972
Edge of Two Worlds by Weyman JonesChildren's, 1970-1971; Children's, 1971-1972
The Man in the Box by Marylois DunnChildren's, 1970-1971; Children's, 1971-1972
McBroom's Ear by Sid FleishmanChildren's, 1971-1972
More Adventures of the Great Brain by John D. FitzgeraldChildren's, 1971-1972
The Mystery of Stonehenge by Franklyn M. BranleyChildren's, 1971-1972
Nobody's Cat by Miska MilesChildren's, 1971-1972
Pistol by Adrienne RichardChildren's, 1971-1972
Portrait of Ivan by Paula FoxChildren's, 1971-1972
The Search for Delicious by Natalie BabbittChildren's, 1971-1972
The Secret Journey of the Silver Reindeer by Lee KingmanChildren's, 1970-1971; Children's, 1971-1972
The Skating Rink by Mildred LeeChildren's, 1972-1973; Children's, 1971-1972
Sounder by William H. ArmstrongChildren's, 1971-1972
The tiger; its life in the wild by George B. SchallerChildren's, 1971-1972
Tucker's Countryside by George SeldenChildren's, 1971-1972
Where the Lilies Bloom by Vera CleaverChildren's, 1971-1972
Who look at me by June JordanChildren's, 1971-1972
Blowfish Live in the Sea by Paula FoxChildren's, 1972-1973
Come by Here by Olivia E. CoolidgeChildren's, 1972-1973
Gertrude's pocket by Miska MilesChildren's, 1972-1973
Gloomy Gus by Walt MoreyChildren's, 1972-1973
Henry Reed's Big Show by Keith RobertsonChildren's, 1972-1973
Hoagie's rifle-gun by Miska MilesChildren's, 1972-1973
A Horse Came Running by Meindert DeJongChildren's, 1972-1973
Jeanne D'Arc by Aileen FisherChildren's, 1972-1973
Journey Outside by Mary Q. SteeleChildren's, 1971-1972; Children's, 1972-1973
Journey to America by Sonia LevitinChildren's, 1972-1973
Kneeknock Rise by Natalie BabbittChildren's, 1972-1973
The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's, 1972-1973
Mike's Toads by Wilson GageChildren's, 1972-1973
Mooncoin Castle by Brinton TurkleChildren's, 1972-1973
Next door to Xanadu; a novel by Doris OrgelChildren's, 1971-1972; Children's, 1972-1973
Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'DellChildren's, 1972-1973
A snake-lover's diary by Barbara BrennerChildren's, 1972-1973
Steady, Freddie! by Scott CorbettChildren's, 1972-1973
The Summer of the Swans by Betsy ByarsChildren's, 1972-1973
Sundiata: the epic of the Lion King, retold by Roland BertolChildren's, 1972-1973
Annie and the Old One by Miska MilesChildren's, 1973-1974
The Black Mustanger by Richard WormserChildren's, 1973-1974
The Bread Book: All About Bread and How to Make It (Voyager Book ; Avb 106) by Carolyn MeyerChildren's, 1973-1974?
Cherokee Chief: The Life of John Ross by Electa ClarkChildren's, 1972-1973; Children's 1973-1974
Chipmunks on the Doorstep by Edwin TunisChildren's, 1973-1974
Goody Hall by Natalie BabbittChildren's, 1973-1974
Haiku: The Mood of Earth by Ann AtwoodChildren's, 1973-1974
The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 1973-1974
A Horse Called Dragon (Republished as: Wild Mustang) by Lynn HallChildren's, 1973-1974
Jake by Alfred SloteChildren's, 1973-1974
Journey To Topaz: A Story Of The Japanese-American Evacuation by Yoshiko UchidaChildren's, 1973-1974
Morena by Peter Zachary CohenChildren's, 1972-1973; Children's 1973-1974
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O'BrienChildren's, 1973-1974
The Planet of Junior Brown by Virginia HamiltonChildren's, 1973-1974
A Room Made of Windows by Eleanor CameronChildren's, 1973-1974
The Seeing Eye. by Victor B. SchefferChildren's, 1973-1974
Stranger in the Pines by May McNeerChildren's, 1973-1974
This Is a Recording by Barbara CorcoranChildren's, 1973-1974
The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K. Le GuinChildren's, 1973-1974
The Vicksburg Veteran by F. N. MonjoChildren's, 1973-1974
War work by Zibby OnealChildren's, 1973-1974
The cowboy trade by Glen RoundsChildren's, 1974-1975
Daniel Hale Williams; open-heart doctor by Lewis H. FendersonChildren's, 1974-1975
The death of Evening Star; the diary of a young New England whaler by Leonard Everett FisherChildren's, 1974-1975
Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack! by M. E. KerrChildren's, 1974-1975
Elephants of Africa by Gladys ConklinChildren's, 1974-1975
The Finches' Fabulous Furnace by Roger Wolcott DruryChildren's, 1973-1974; Children's, 1974-1975
The fire bringer; a Paiute Indian legend by Margaret HodgesChildren's, 1974-1975
Flint's Island by Leonard WibberleyChildren's, 1974-1975
The four donkeys by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's, 1974-1975
Getting Something on Maggie Marmelstein by Marjorie Weinman SharmatChildren's, 1973-1974; Children's, 1974-1975
The House of Wings by Betsy ByarsChildren's, 1974-1975
Jingo Django by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 1973-1974; Children's, 1974-1975
Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's, 1974-1975
McBroom's Zoo by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 1974-1975
My Father, the Coach by Alfred SloteChildren's, 1974-1975
Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and The Trail of Tears by Alex W. BealerChildren's, 1974-1975
The Taken Girl by Elizabeth Gray ViningChildren's, 1974-1975
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy BlumeChildren's, 1974-1975
This Star Shall Abide by Sylvia EngdahlChildren's, 1974-1975
The treasure of Topo-el-Bampo by Scott O'DellChildren's, 1974-1975
A Trick of Light by Barbara CorcoranChildren's, 1974-1975
The Upstairs Room by Johanna ReissChildren's, 1974-1975
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? by Jean FritzChildren's, 1975-1976
At the Mouth of the Luckiest River by Arnold A. GrieseChildren's, 1975-1976
The Cat Who Wished to be a Man by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's, 1975-1976
The Court of the Stone Children by Eleanor CameronChildren's, 1975-1976
Doodle and the Go-Cart by Robert BurchChildren's, 1974-1975; Children's, 1975-1976
Dreams of Victory by Ellen ConfordChildren's, 1975-1976
The Eighteenth Emergency by Betsy ByarsChildren's, 1975-1976
The Genie of Sutton Place by George SeldenChildren's, 1975-1976
Gorilla Gorilla. by Carol FennerChildren's, 1975-1976
The Great Brain at the Academy (Great Brain #4) by John D. FitzgeraldChildren's, 1974-1975; Children's, 1975-1976
Hang Tough, Paul Mather by Alfred SloteChildren's, 1975-1976
The House on Parchment Street by Patricia A. McKillipChildren's, 1975-1976
In Search of a Sandhill Crane by Keith RobertsonChildren's, 1975-1976
Lands End by Mary StolzChildren's, 1975-1976
The Real Thief by William SteigChildren's, 1975-1976
Red rock over the river by Patricia BeattyChildren's, 1975-1976
Ride the Crooked Wind. by Dale FifeChildren's, 1975-1976
San Domingo: The Medicine Hat Stallion by Marguerite HenryChildren's, 1974-1975; Children's, 1975-1976
The Truth About Mary Rose by Marilyn SachsChildren's, 1975-1976
The wolf by Michael W. FoxChildren's, 1975-1976
After the Goat Man by Betsy ByarsChildren's, 1976-1977
All Upon a Sidewalk by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's, 1976-1977
An American Ghost by Chester AaronChildren's, 1975-1976; Children's, 1976-1977
The Ears of Louis by Constance C. GreeneChildren's, 1976-1977
Fat Elliot and the Gorilla. by Manus PinkwaterChildren's, 1976-1977
The Ghost and the Whistling Whirligig by Ben ShecterChildren's, 1976-1977
The Ghost on Saturday Night by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 1976-1977
Hank Aaron by Bill GutmanChildren's, 1975-1976; Children's, 1976-1977
Harry Cat's Pet Puppy by George SeldenChildren's, 1976-1977
How Many Miles to Sundown? by Patricia BeattyChildren's, 1976-1977
Lavender-Green Magic by Andre NortonChildren's, 1976-1977
The Liberation of Clementine Tipton by Jane FloryChildren's, 1976-1977
Me and Willie and Pa: The Story of Abraham Lincoln and His Son Tad by F. N. MonjoChildren's, 1975-1976; Children's, 1976-1977
Nothing Rhymes With April by Naomi J. KarpChildren's, 1976-1977
Sore loser by Genevieve GrayChildren's, 1976-1977
That Crazy April by Lila PerlChildren's, 1976-1977
This Time, Tempe Wick? by Patricia Lee GauchChildren's, 1976-1977
A Toad for Tuesday by Russell E. EricksonChildren's, 1976-1977
The Truth About Stone Hollow by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 1976-1977
Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams? by Jean FritzChildren's, 1976-1977
Wrapped for Eternity: The Story of the Egyptian Mummy by Mildred Mastin PaceChildren's, 1976-1977
All in Good Time by Edward OrmondroydChildren's 1977-1978
Becky's horse by Winifred MadisonChildren's 1977-1978
Bee by Peter Zachary CohenChildren's 1977-1978
Bert Breen's Barn by Walter D. EdmondsChildren's 1977-1978
The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard PeckChildren's 1977-1978
The Grey King by Susan CooperChildren's 1977-1978
The hayburners by Gene SmithChildren's, 1976-1977; Children's 1977-1978
Hosea Globe and the Fantastical Peg-legged Chu by Graydon BeeksChildren's 1977-1978
The Hundred Penny Box by Sharon Bell MathisChildren's 1977-1978
Is There Life On a Plastic Planet? by Mildred AmesChildren's 1977-1978
June the Tiger by John FortChildren's 1977-1978
Maggie Marmelstein for President by Marjorie Weinman SharmatChildren's 1977-1978
Mary's Monster by Ruth Van Ness BlairChildren's 1977-1978
Old Wattles by Wynelle CatlinChildren's 1977-1978
Pyramid by David MacaulayChildren's 1977-1978
Susy's Scoundrel by Harold KeithChildren's, 1976-1977; Children's 1977-1978
Thank You, Jackie Robinson by Barbara CohenChildren's, 1976-1977; Children's 1977-1978
Thunder at Gettysburg by Patricia Lee GauchChildren's 1977-1978
A time of hunting by Wayne DoddChildren's 1977-1978
Tin Lizzie by Peter SpierChildren's 1977-1978
Touchmark by Mildred LawrenceChildren's 1977-1978
Truth and Consequences by Miriam Burt YoungChildren's 1977-1978
Abel's Island by William SteigChildren's 1978-1979
The Adventures of Aku by Ashley BryanChildren's 1978-1979
All It Takes Is Practice by Betty MilesChildren's 1978-1979
Alvin's Swap Shop by Clifford B. HicksChildren's 1978-1979
Beaver Year by Irene BradyChildren's 1978-1979
The Champion of Merrimack County by Roger Wolcott DruryChildren's 1978-1979
Connie's New Eyes by Bernard WolfChildren's 1978-1979
F*T*C superstar by Mary AndersonChildren's 1978-1979
The Golden Venture by Jane FloryChildren's 1978-1979
Hawk, I'm Your Brother by Byrd BaylorChildren's 1978-1979
The Master Puppeteer by Katherine PatersonChildren's 1978-1979
Merry Ever After : the Story of Two Medieval Weddings by Joe LaskerChildren's 1978-1979
Near the window tree: Poems and notes by Karla KuskinChildren's 1977-1978; Children's, 1978-1979
The party that lasted all summer by Winifred MadisonChildren's 1978-1979
A Pictorial Life Story of Misty by Marguerite HenryChildren's 1978-1979
Return of the Buffalo by Jack Denton ScottChildren's 1978-1979
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. TaylorChildren's 1978-1979
The Rooster Who Understood Japanese by Yoshiko UchidaChildren's 1978-1979
Star Ka'at by Andre NortonChildren's 1978-1979
Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson RawlsChildren's 1978-1979
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie BabbittChildren's, 1977-1978; Children's, 1978-1979
The TV Kid by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1978-1979
Two for Survival by Arthur J. RothChildren's 1978-1979
Underground by David MacaulayChildren's 1978-1979
Year of the Black Pony by Walt MoreyChildren's 1978-1979
Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine PatersonChildren's 1979-1980
The City Rose by Ruth W. MillerChildren's 1979-1980
The Dancing Granny by Ashley BryanChildren's 1979-1980
Doodlebug by Irene BradyChildren's 1979-1980
The Eyes of the Amaryllis by Natalie BabbittChildren's 1979-1980
Harriet and the runaway book: The story of Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's cabin by Johanna JohnstonChildren's 1979-1980
The Hoboken Chicken Emergency by Daniel PinkwaterChildren's 1979-1980
The impossible Major Rogers by Patricia Lee GauchChildren's 1979-1980
Ironclad!: A true story of the Civil War by Seymour ReitChildren's 1979-1980
Julia and the Hand of God by Eleanor CameronChildren's 1979-1980
Me and the Man on the Moon-Eyed Horse by Sid FleischmanChildren's 1979-1980
The Obstinate Land by Harold KeithChildren's 1979-1980
Our Snowman Had Olive Eyes by Charlotte HermanChildren's 1979-1980
Saber-toothed tiger and other ice age mammals by Joanna ColeChildren's 1979-1980
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor CoerrChildren's 1979-1980
The Seeing Stick by Jane YolenChildren's 1979-1980
The snopp on the sidewalk, and other poems by Jack PrelutskyChildren's 1979-1980
Tiny! : The story of Nate Archibald by John DevaneyChildren's 1979-1980
The Town Cats and Other Tales by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's 1979-1980
A Very Young Rider by Jill KrementzChildren's 1979-1980
Witch Water by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorChildren's 1979-1980
After Olympic glory : the lives of ten outstanding medalists by Larry BortsteinChildren's 1980-1981
The Bassumtyte Treasure by Jane Louise CurryChildren's 1980-1981
The Bears Upstairs (An Apple Paperback) by Dorothy HaasChildren's 1980-1981
Beloved Benjamin is Waiting by Jean KarlChildren's 1980-1981
Bones on Black Spruce Mountain by David BudbillChildren's 1980-1981
The Cartoonist by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1980-1981
The deadly mandrake by Larry CallenChildren's 1980-1981
The Downtown Fairy Godmother by Charlotte PomerantzChildren's 1980-1981
The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's 1980-1981
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses by Paul GobleChildren's 1980-1981
Grandpa and Me by Stephanie S. TolanChildren's 1980-1981
The Gray Ghosts of Taylor Ridge by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1980-1981
Hickory by Palmer BrownChildren's 1980-1981
Island of Wild Horses by Jack Denton ScottChildren's 1980-1981
Killer Whales by Seymour SimonChildren's 1980-1981
Mr. Yowder and the Giant Bull Snake by Glen RoundsChildren's 1980-1981
My Trip to Alpha I by Alfred SloteChildren's 1980-1981
North of Danger by Dale FifeChildren's 1980-1981
Snakes by Nina LeenChildren's 1980-1981
Something on my mind by Tom FeelingsChildren's 1980-1981
Trouble With Dragons by Oliver G. SelfridgeChildren's 1980-1981
The twelve months: A Greek folktale by AlikiChildren's 1980-1981
Weird & Wacky Inventions by Jim MurphyChildren's 1980-1981
The wounded wolf by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's 1980-1981
Anything for a Friend by Ellen ConfordChildren's 1981-1982
Beware! These animals are poison by Barbara BrennerChildren's 1981-1982
Bunnicula by Deborah HoweChildren's 1981-1982
The Cave of Moving Shadows by MillsteadChildren's 1981-1982
City horse by Jack DemuthChildren's 1981-1982
Cross-Country Cat by Mary CalhounChildren's 1981-1982
Dinosaurs and people : fossils, facts, and fantasies by Laurence P. PringleChildren's 1981-1982
Eats: Poems by Arnold AdoffChildren's 1981-1982
Fourth-Grade Celebrity by Patricia Reilly GiffChildren's 1981-1982
Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library! by Eth CliffordChildren's 1981-1982
The Hey Hey Man by Sid FleischmanChildren's 1981-1982
Into the Dream by William SleatorChildren's 1981-1982
Journey to the Bright Kingdom by Elizabeth WinthropChildren's 1981-1982
Mister Wolf and Me by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1981-1982
Mystery at St. Martin's by Judith St. GeorgeChildren's 1981-1982
Night Journeys by AviChildren's 1981-1982
The picture story of jockey Steve Cauthen by Anne Marie MueserChildren's 1981-1982
Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clark by Ann McGovernChildren's 1981-1982
Sisters Impossible by J.D. LandisChildren's 1981-1982
The star husband by Jane MobleyChildren's 1981-1982
The strange new world across the street by Nan GilbertChildren's 1981-1982
Words by Heart by Ouida SebestyenChildren's 1981-1982
The worst hound around by Cena Christopher DraperChildren's 1981-1982
The Amazing Voyage of the New Orleans by Judith St. GeorgeChildren's 1982-1983
Arthur, For the Very First Time by Patricia MacLachlanChildren's 1982-1983
Bet You Can't! by Vicki CobbChildren's 1982-1983
Blind Outlaw by Glen RoundsChildren's 1982-1983
The Boy Who Wanted a Family by Shirley GordonChildren's 1982-1983
Can I Get There by Candlelight? by Jean Slaughter DotyChildren's 1982-1983
Chester the Great by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1982-1983
Clever Gretchen and Other Forgotten Folktales by Alison LurieChildren's 1982-1983
The Cry of the Crow by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's 1982-1983
The devil take you, Barnabas Beane! by Mary Blount ChristianChildren's 1982-1983
Do Bananas Chew Gum? by Jamie GilsonChildren's 1982-1983
Everyone is good for something by Beatrice Schenk De RegniersChildren's 1982-1983
The Half-a-Moon Inn by Paul FleischmanChildren's 1982-1983
Ida Early Comes over the Mountain by Robert BurchChildren's 1982-1983
The Journey of the Shadow Bairns by Margaret Jean AndersonChildren's 1982-1983
My Friend the Monster by Clyde Robert BullaChildren's 1982-1983
My Own Private Sky by Delores BeckmanChildren's 1982-1983
Part-time Boy by Elizabeth T. BillingtonChildren's 1982-1983
Peppermints in the Parlor by Barbara Brooks WallaceChildren's 1982-1983
The scarecrow book by James GiblinChildren's 1982-1983
Stone Fox by John Reynolds GardinerChildren's 1982-1983
Susannah and the Blue House Mystery by Patricia ElmoreChildren's 1982-1983
That's One Ornery Orphan by Patricia BeattyChildren's 1982-1983
Weird Henry Berg by Sarah SargentChildren's 1982-1983
Apple Is My Sign (Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books) by Mary RiskindChildren's 1983-1984
Baseball Fever by Johanna HurwitzChildren's 1983-1984
Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man by Jamie GilsonChildren's 1983-1984
The Cybil War by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1983-1984
The Dastardly Murder of Dirty Pete by Eth CliffordChildren's 1983-1984
Destination Unknown by Dale FifeChildren's 1983-1984
Getting Rid of Marjorie by Betty Ren WrightChildren's 1983-1984
Happles and Cinnamunger by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1983-1984
If I Were in Charge of the World and Other Worries: Poems for Children and their Parents by Judith ViorstChildren's 1983-1984
Man Who Loved Books by Jean FritzChildren's 1983-1984
The Money Room by Eloise Jarvis McGrawChildren's 1983-1984
Mr. Yowder and the Train Robbers by Glen RoundsChildren's 1983-1984
The Night Journey by Kathryn LaskyChildren's 1983-1984
Perfect Crane by Anne LaurinChildren's 1983-1984
The Pig at 37 Pinecrest Drive by Susan FlemingChildren's 1983-1984
The President's Car: From Washington's Coach to Today's White House Fleet by Nancy Winslow ParkerChildren's 1983-1984
Save Queen of Sheba by Louise MoeriChildren's 1983-1984
The Stories Julian Tells by Ann CameronChildren's 1983-1984
The Upside-Down Cat by Elizabeth ParsonsChildren's 1983-1984
The Weaver's Gift by Kathryn LaskyChildren's 1983-1984
Westmark by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's 1983-1984
Young Melvin and Bulger by Mark TaylorChildren's 1983-1984
Anna, Grandpa, and the Big Storm by Carla StevensChildren's 1984-1985
Benjy and the Power of Zingies by Jean Van LeeuwenChildren's 1984-1985
Call Me Ruth by Marilyn SachsChildren's 1984-1985
A Chance Wild Apple by Marian PotterChildren's 1984-1985
A Circle of Seasons by Myra Cohn LivingstonChildren's 1984-1985
The Dragon Kite by Nancy LuennChildren's 1984-1985
Drawing from Nature by Jim ArnoskyChildren's 1984-1985
Eight Mules from Monterey by Patricia BeattyChildren's 1984-1985
The Gift of the Pirate Queen by Patricia Reilly GiffChildren's 1984-1985
Happily Ever After...Almost by Judie WolkoffChildren's 1984-1985
Homesick: My Own Story by Jean FritzChildren's 1984-1985
How to wreck a building by Elinor Lander HorwitzChildren's 1984-1985
Mustard by Charlotte GraeberChildren's 1984-1985
The Night the Monster Came by Mary CalhounChildren's 1984-1985
Porcupine Stew by Beverly Major SchwartzChildren's 1984-1985
Sharkes In the North Woods by Jane ZaringChildren's 1984-1985
Speaking of Snapdragons by Sheila HayesChildren's 1984-1985
Spider Magic by Dorothy Hinshaw PatentChildren's 1984-1985
That Julia Redfern by Eleanor CameronChildren's 1984-1985
Thirteen Ways to Sink a Sub by Jamie GilsonChildren's 1984-1985
Toad Food and Measle Soup by Christine McDonnellChildren's 1984-1985
Truth Is a Bright Star: A Hopi Adventure by Joan PriceChildren's 1984-1985
The Unicorn and the Lake by Marianna MayerChildren's 1984-1985
Zucchini by Barbara DanaChildren's 1984-1985
Cat Walk by Mary StolzChildren's 1985-1986
The Celery Stalks at Midnight by James HoweChildren's 1985-1986
Daphne's Book by Mary Downing HahnChildren's 1985-1986
Dark Horse by Jean S. DotyChildren's 1985-1986
Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly ClearyChildren's 1985-1986
The Gift by Helen CoutantChildren's 1985-1986
Just Like a Real Family by Kristi HollChildren's 1985-1986
The Legend of the Bluebonnet by Tomie DePaolaChildren's 1985-1986
Max and Me and the Time Machine by Gery GreerChildren's 1985-1986
Melinda Takes a Hand by Patricia BeattyChildren's 1985-1986
Moth-Kin Magic by Kathy Kennedy TappChildren's 1985-1986
Nadia the Willful by Sue AlexanderChildren's 1985-1986
Secret Carousel,the by Claudia MillsChildren's 1985-1986
The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George SpeareChildren's 1985-1986
Smuggler's Island by AviChildren's 1985-1986
Snowman Sniffles and Other Verse by N. M. BodeckerChildren's 1985-1986
Soup in the Saddle by Robert Newton PeckChildren's 1985-1986
Sugaring Time by Kathryn LaskyChildren's 1985-1986
The Wish Giver: Three Tales of Coven Tree by Bill Brittain Children's 1985-1986
Always Always by Crescent DragonwagonChildren's 1986-1987
Babushka: An Old Russian Folktale by Charles MikolaycakChildren's 1986-1987
Callie's Way by Ruth Wallace-BrodeurChildren's 1986-1987
CF in his corner by Gail RadleyChildren's 1986-1987
Daughter of Earth by Gerald McDermottChildren's 1986-1987
Harvey's Horrible Snake Disaster by Eth CliffordChildren's 1986-1987
The Hot and Cold Summer by Johanna HurwitzChildren's 1986-1987
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao LordChildren's 1986-1987
The Kite Song by Margery EverndenChildren's 1986-1987
Making Room for Uncle Joe by Ada Bass LitchfieldChildren's 1986-1987
The Man Who Could Call Down Owls by Eve BuntingChildren's 1986-1987
Morgan's Zoo by James HoweChildren's 1986-1987
The New Kid on the Block by Jack PrelutskyChildren's 1986-1987
Night Cry by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorChildren's 1986-1987
Night of the Twisters by Ivy RuckmanChildren's 1986-1987
Paul Bunyan by Steven KelloggChildren's 1986-1987
Pearl's Promise by Frank AschChildren's 1986-1987
Spring and the Shadow Man by Emily Rhoads JohnsonChildren's 1986-1987
The Story of Jumping Mouse by John SteptoeChildren's 1986-1987
Your Former Friend, Matthew by LouAnn GaeddertChildren's 1986-1987
The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein by Johanna HurwitzChildren's 1987-1988
The Agony of Alice by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorChildren's 1987-1988
And Don't Bring Jeremy by Marilyn LevinsonChildren's 1987-1988
Andy Bear: A Polar Cub Grows Up at the Zoo by Ginny JohnstonChildren's 1987-1988
Black Suits from Outerspace by Gene DeWeeseChildren's 1987-1988
Blackberries in the Dark by Mavis JukesChildren's 1987-1988
Bright Shadow by AviChildren's 1987-1988
Cracker Jackson by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1987-1988
Dakota Dugout by Ann TurnerChildren's 1987-1988
Destination: Jupiter by Seymour SimonChildren's 1987-1988
The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito by Sheila GarrigueChildren's 1987-1988
The Ghosts in the Attic by Betty Ren WrightChildren's 1987-1988
Herbie Jones, Superhero (aka Hamburgerhead) by Suzy KlineChildren's 1987-1988
Koko's Kitten by Dr. Francine PattersonChildren's 1987-1988
Maggie Too by Joan Lowery NixonChildren's 1987-1988
Millie Cooper, 3B by Charlotte HermanChildren's 1987-1988
My Parents Think I'm Sleeping by Jack PrelutskyChildren's 1987-1988
Oh Honestly, Angela! by Nancy K. RobinsonChildren's 1987-1988
The Remembering Box by Eth CliffordChildren's 1987-1988
Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlanChildren's 1987-1988
The Search for Grissi by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1987-1988
The Secret Moose by Jean RogersChildren's 1987-1988
Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts? by Bill BrittainChildren's 1987-1988
Best Friends Don't Come in Threes by Joel L. SchwartzYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Big Man and the Burn-Out by Clayton BessYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Cowboys of the Wild West by Russell FreedmanYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Dead Birds Singing by Marc TalbertYoung Adult, 1987-1988
The Elephant Man by Frederick DrimmerYoung Adult, 1987-1988
The Giver by Lynn HallYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Jackaroo by Cynthia VoigtYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Just One Friend by Lynn HallYoung Adult, 1987-1988
The Last Goodie: A Novel by Stephen SchwandtYoung Adult, 1987-1988
The Major, the Poacher, and the Wonderful One-Trout River by Dayton O. HydeYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Medicine Walk by Ardath MayharYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Prairie Songs by Pam ConradYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Remembering the Good Times by Richard PeckYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Singularity by William SleatorYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Weekend Sisters by Hila ColmanYoung Adult, 1987-1988
Addie Across the Prairie by Laurie LawlorChildren's 1988-1989
I Am the Universe by Barbara CorcoranChildren's 1988-1989
A Brown Bird Singing by Frances WosmekChildren's 1988-1989
Doctor Change by Joanna ColeChildren's 1988-1989
The Great Wall of China by Leonard Everett FisherChildren's 1988-1989
I'm in Charge of Celebrations by Byrd BaylorChildren's 1988-1989
The Josie Gambit by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1988-1989
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World by Mildred Pitts WalterChildren's 1988-1989
I Never Wanted to Be Famous by Eth CliffordChildren's 1988-1989
The Not-Just-Anybody Family by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1988-1989
The Secret Life of Dilly McBean by Dorothy HaasChildren's 1988-1989
Susanna of the Alamo: A True Story by John JakesChildren's 1988-1989
A Tournament of Knights by Joe LaskerChildren's 1988-1989
Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens by Patricia LauberChildren's 1988-1989
The Water of Life: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm by Barbara RogaskyChildren's 1988-1989
The Whipping Boy by Sid FleischmanChildren's 1988-1989
With You and Without You by Ann M. MartinChildren's 1988-1989
Yellow Blue Jay by Johanna HurwitzChildren's 1988-1989
After the Dancing Days by Margaret RostkowskiYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Danger Dog by Lynn HallYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Don't Blame the Music by Caroline B. CooneyYoung Adult, 1988-1989
The Golden Pasture by Joyce Carol ThomasYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Izzy, Willy-Nilly by Cynthia VoigtYoung Adult, 1988-1989
The Keeper by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Middle School Blues by Lou KassemYoung Adult, 1988-1989
My life in the 7th grade by Mark GellerYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Return to Bitter Creek by Doris Buchanan SmithYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Sister in the Shadow by Anne Warren SmithYoung Adult, 1988-1989
The Solitary by Lynn HallYoung Adult, 1988-1989
The Tamarack Tree by Patricia ClappYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Tracks by Clayton BessYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Wolf Rider by AviYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Yesterday's Daughter by Patricia CalvertYoung Adult, 1988-1989
Blossoms and the Green Phantom by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1989-1990
Charlie Pippin by Candy Dawson BoydChildren's 1989-1990
Class Clown by Johanna HurwitzChildren's 1989-1990
Deadly Stranger by Peg KehretChildren's 1989-1990
Devil Storm by Theresa NelsonChildren's 1989-1990
Dinosaurs Walked Here and Other Stories Fossils Tell by Patricia LauberChildren's 1989-1990
Don't Call Me Toad! by Mary Francis ShuraChildren's 1989-1990
Edith Herself by Ellen HowardChildren's 1989-1990
A Family Apart by Joan Lowery NixonChildren's 1989-1990
Fox in a Trap by Jane Resh ThomasChildren's 1989-1990
The Gold Cadillac by Mildred D. TaylorChildren's 1989-1990
Harvey's Marvelous Monkey Mystery by Eth CliffordChildren's 1989-1990
In Trouble Again, Zelda Hammersmith? by Lynn HallChildren's 1989-1990
The Kid in the Red Jacket by Barbara ParkChildren's 1989-1990
Leah's Song by Eth CliffordChildren's 1989-1990
Lila on the landing by Sue AlexanderChildren's 1989-1990
Long Ago in Oregon by Claudia LewisChildren's 1989-1990
The Luck of Z.A.P. and Zoe by Athena V. LordChildren's 1989-1990
The Magician's Apprentice by Tom McGowenChildren's 1989-1990
Nettie's Trip South (Aladdin Picture Books) by Ann TurnerChildren's 1989-1990
Quit Pulling My Leg!: A Story of Davy Crockett by Robert QuackenbushChildren's 1989-1990
After the Rain by Norma Fox MazerYoung Adult, 1989-1990
A Dog Worth Stealing by William CorbinYoung Adult, 1989-1990
Flyaway by Lynn HallYoung Adult, 1989-1990
The Goats by Brock ColeYoung Adult, 1989-1990
Goodbye to Good-Time Charlie: The American Governorship Transformed by Larry SabatoYoung Adult, 1989-1990
The Great Skinner Getaway by Stephanie S. TolanYoung Adult, 1989-1990
The Ivory Lyre by Shirley Rousseau MurphyYoung Adult, 1989-1990
A Month of Seven Days by Shirley ClimoYoung Adult, 1989-1990
Princess Ashley by Richard PeckYoung Adult, 1989-1990
Running before the wind by Linda WoolvertonYoung Adult, 1989-1990
The Twisted Window by Lois DuncanYoung Adult, 1989-1990
Waiting for the Rain by Sheila GordonYoung Adult, 1989-1990
Wolf's Tooth by G. Clifton WislerYoung Adult, 1989-1990
All About Sam by Lois LowryChildren's 1990-1991
Beauty by Bill WallaceChildren's 1990-1991
The Devil's Arithmetic (Puffin Modern Classics) by Jane Yolen Children's 1990-1991
The Elephant in the Dark by Carol CarrickChildren's 1990-1991
Exploring the Titanic: How the Greatest Ship Ever Lost was Found by Robert D. BallardChildren's 1990-1991
The Fourth Grade Wizards by Barthe DeClementsChildren's 1990-1991
If You Were a Writer by Joan Lowery NixonChildren's 1990-1991
Is Anybody There? by Eve BuntingChildren's 1990-1991
Megan's Island by Willo Davis RobertsChildren's 1990-1991
Mojave by Diane SiebertChildren's 1990-1991
Moving in by Alfred SloteChildren's 1990-1991
Pick of the Litter by Mary Jane AuchChildren's 1990-1991
Roots in the Outfield by Jane Z. FelderChildren's 1990-1991
Sea Swan by Kathryn LaskyChildren's 1990-1991
Something Upstairs by AviChildren's 1990-1991
Stinker from Space by Pamela F. ServiceChildren's 1990-1991
There Was a Place and Other Poems by Myra Cohn LivingstonChildren's 1990-1991
Who Owns the Sun? by Stacy ChboskyChildren's 1990-1991
Whose Side Are You On? by Emily MooreChildren's 1990-1991
The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: An Appalachian Story by Gloria HoustonChildren's 1990-1991
Yours Turly, Shirley (Apple Paperbacks) (An Apple Paperback) by Ann M. MartinChildren's 1990-1991
A Circle Unbroken by Sollace HotzeYoung Adult, 1990-1991
The Dawn Palace by H. M. HooverYoung Adult, 1990-1991
December Stillness by Mary Downing HahnYoung Adult, 1990-1991
A Different Season by David KlassYoung Adult, 1990-1991
The Duplicate by William SleatorYoung Adult, 1990-1991
A Good Courage by Stephanie S. TolanYoung Adult, 1990-1991
The Island by Gary PaulsenYoung Adult, 1990-1991
Magicians of Erianne by James R. BerryYoung Adult, 1990-1991
My Underrated Year by Randy PowellYoung Adult, 1990-1991
Probably Still Nick Swansen by Virginia Euwer WolffYoung Adult, 1990-1991
The Winchesters by James Lincoln CollierYoung Adult, 1990-1991
Arctic explorer : the story of Matthew Henson by Jeri FerrisChildren's 1991-1992
Bill Peet: An Autobiography by Bill PeetChildren's 1991-1992
Bingo Brown and the Language of Love by Betsy ByarsChildren's 1991-1992
The Canada Geese Quilt by Natalie Kinsey-WarnockChildren's 1991-1992
Cleaver of the Good Luck Diner by James DuffyChildren's 1991-1992
The Doll in the Garden: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing HahnChildren's 1991-1992
Glass Slippers Give You Blisters by Mary Jane AuchChildren's 1991-1992
Make-Believe Ball Player by Alfred SloteChildren's 1991-1992
Mazemaker by Catherine DexterChildren's 1991-1992
The Midnight Mystery by Betty Ren WrightChildren's 1991-1992
My Mother Got Married and Other Disasters (Barbara Park Reissues) by Barbara ParkChildren's 1991-1992
The News About Dinosaurs by Patricia LauberChildren's 1991-1992
Nightmare Mountain by Peg KehretChildren's 1991-1992
Number the Stars by Lois LowryChildren's 1991-1992
Orp by Suzy KlineChildren's 1991-1992
Princess Furball by Charlotte HuckChildren's 1991-1992
The Princess in the Pigpen by Jane Resh ThomasChildren's 1991-1992
Sarah and Me and the Lady from the Sea by Patricia BeattyChildren's 1991-1992
A summer like turnips by LouAnn GaeddertChildren's 1991-1992
What Could Go Wrong? by Willo Davis RobertsChildren's 1991-1992
And One for All by Theresa NelsonYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Beardance by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Buffalo Brenda by Jill PinkwaterYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Children of the River by Linda CrewYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Children of Time by Deborah MoultonYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Come the morning by Mark Jonathan HarrisYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Family Reunion by Caroline B. CooneyYoung Adult, 1991-1992
The Forty-Third War (Sandpiper Houghton Mifflin Books) by Louise MoeriYoung Adult, 1991-1992
The Great Man's Secret by Pieter Van RavenYoung Adult, 1991-1992
How Could You Do It, Diane? by Stella PevsnerYoung Adult, 1991-1992
My Daniel by Pam ConradYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Shades of Gray by Carolyn ReederYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Skeeter by K SmithYoung Adult, 1991-1992
The Voyage of the Frog by Gary PaulsenYoung Adult, 1991-1992
Aunt Morbelia and the Screaming Skulls by Joan CarrisChildren's 1992-1993
Carver by RADIN (Paul)Children's 1992-1993
Cricket and the Crackerbox Kid by Alane FergusonChildren's 1992-1993
The Dragon's Boy by Jane YolenChildren's 1992-1993
Edward Lear King of nonsense by Gloria KamenChildren's 1992-1993
El Chino by Allen SayChildren's 1992-1993
The Elderberry Thicket by Joan T. ZeierChildren's 1992-1993
A Grass Green Gallop by Patricia HubbellChildren's 1992-1993
Happily after All by Laura C. StevensonChildren's 1992-1993
Hero Over Here: A Story of World War I by Kathleen V. KudlinskiChildren's 1992-1993
Hummer by Linda GruenbergChildren's 1992-1993
Jerry on the Line by Brenda SeabrookeChildren's 1992-1993
Mississippi Bridge by Mildred D. TaylorChildren's 1992-1993
On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's 1992-1993
Stonewords: A Ghost Story by Pam ConradChildren's 1992-1993
Teammates by Peter GolenbockChildren's 1992-1993
The Trading Game by Alfred SloteChildren's 1992-1993
Tucker by Tom BirdseyeChildren's 1992-1993
Weasel by Cynthia DeFeliceChildren's 1992-1993
Bunkhouse Journal by Diane Johnston HammYoung Adult, 1992-1993
Canyons by Gary PaulsenYoung Adult, 1992-1993
Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. WredeYoung Adult, 1992-1993
Just for Kicks by Paul C. BaczewskiYoung Adult, 1992-1993
The Mouse Rap by Walter Dean MyersYoung Adult, 1992-1993
Plague Year by Stephanie S. TolanYoung Adult, 1992-1993
The Shadow Brothers by Ann Edwards CannonYoung Adult, 1992-1993
The Shadow Warrior by Pat ZettnerYoung Adult, 1992-1993
Sing Me a Death Song by Jay BennettYoung Adult, 1992-1993
The time of the cranes by Norma JohnstonYoung Adult, 1992-1993
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by AviYoung Adult, 1992-1993
Under Alien Stars by Pamela F. ServiceYoung Adult, 1992-1993
213 Valentines by Barbara CohenChildren's 1993-1994
The Boonsville Bombers by Alison Cragin HerzigChildren's 1993-1994
Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt! (Unforgettable Americans) by Jean FritzChildren's 1993-1994
Escape from Slavery: Five Journeys to Freedom by Doreen RappaportChildren's 1993-1994
Finding Buck McHenry by Alfred SloteChildren's 1993-1994
Flight by Robert BurleighChildren's 1993-1994
Ghost Cadet by Elaine Marie AlphinChildren's 1993-1994
A Ghost in the House by Betty Ren WrightChildren's 1993-1994
The Ghost of Lost Island by Liza Ketchum MurrowChildren's 1993-1994
Go Fish by Mary StolzChildren's 1993-1994
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce CovilleChildren's 1993-1994
Journey by Patricia MacLachlanChildren's 1993-1994
The Last Princess : The Story of Princess Ka'iulani of Hawai'i by Fay StanleyChildren's 1993-1994
Love You, Soldier by Amy HestChildren's 1993-1994
Monkey Island by Paula FoxChildren's 1993-1994
Night on Neighborhood Street by Eloise GreenfieldChildren's 1993-1994
The Night the Whole Class Slept Over by Stella PevsnerChildren's 1993-1994
Oren Bell by Barbara BurgessChildren's 1993-1994
The Pennywhistle Tree by Doris Buchanan SmithChildren's 1993-1994
The Rag Coat by Lauren MillsChildren's 1993-1994
Randall's Wall by Carol FennerChildren's 1993-1994
The Shiniest Rock of All by Nancy Ruth PattersonChildren's 1993-1994
Amazing Gracie by Ann Edwards CannonYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Cages by Peg KehretYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Checking on the Moon by Jenny DavisYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Lyddie by Katherine PatersonYoung Adult, 1993-1994
The Monument by Gary PaulsenYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Nothing but the Truth by AviYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Nothing to Fear by Jackie French KollerYoung Adult, 1993-1994
The Rain Catchers by Jean ThesmanYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. WredeYoung Adult, 1993-1994
There's a Girl in My Hammerlock by Jerry SpinelliYoung Adult, 1993-1994
The Trouble with Lemons by Daniel HayesYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Twenty Pageants Later by Caroline B. CooneyYoung Adult, 1993-1994
Attaboy, Sam! by Lois LowryChildren's 1994-1995
Children of the Dust Bowl by Jerry StanleyChildren's 1994-1995
Coffin on a Case by Eve BuntingChildren's 1994-1995
Come Back, Salmon: How a Group of Dedicated Kids Adopted Pigeon Creek and Brought it Back to Life by Molly ConeChildren's 1994-1995
Dear Napoleon, I Know You're Dead, But... by Elvira WoodruffChildren's 1994-1995
The Fortune-Tellers by Lloyd AlexanderChildren's 1994-1995
Front Porch Stories: at the One-Room School by Eleanora E. TateChildren's 1994-1995
Jim Ugly by Sid FleischmanChildren's 1994-1995
Life's a Funny Proposition, Horatio by Barbara Garland PolikoffChildren's 1994-1995
Lily and Miss Liberty by Carla StevensChildren's 1994-1995
The Man Who Loved Clowns by June Rae WoodChildren's 1994-1995
Morning Girl by Michael DorrisChildren's 1994-1995
Only Child by H. M. HooverChildren's 1994-1995
Red-Dirt Jessie by Anna MyersChildren's 1994-1995
Some Fine Dog by Patti SherlockChildren's 1994-1995
Sukey and the Mermaid by Robert D. San SouciChildren's 1994-1995
Talking With Artists: Volume 1 by Pat CummingsChildren's 1994-1995
Travel Far, Pay No Fare by Anne LindberghChildren's 1994-1995
The Treasure Bird by Peni R. GriffinChildren's 1994-1995
Words of Stone by Kevin HenkesChildren's 1994-1995
Yang the Youngest and his Terrible Ear by Lensey NamiokaChildren's 1994-1995
The Ancient One by T. A. BarronYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Blue Skin of the Sea by Graham SalisburyYoung Adult, 1994-1995
DITHER FARM (Laurel-Leaf Books) by Sid HiteYoung Adult, 1994-1995
The Harmony Arms by Ron KoertgeYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Liars by P.J. PetersenYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Missing May by Cynthia RylantYoung Adult, 1994-1995
One Last Time by William J. BuchananYoung Adult, 1994-1995
River Rats by Caroline StevermerYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Squashed by Joan BauerYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Taste of Salt: A Story of Modern Haiti by Frances TempleYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Tunes for Bears to Dance To by Robert CormierYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Weeping Willow by Ruth WhiteYoung Adult, 1994-1995
Backyard Dragon by Betsy StermanChildren's 1995-1996
Beware the Mare by Jessie HaasChildren's 1995-1996
The Boggart by Susan CooperChildren's 1995-1996
Champ Hobarth by Judith Bernie StrommenChildren's 1995-1996
Defenders of the Universe by Daria V. KelleherChildren's 1995-1996
The Giver by Lois LowryChildren's 1995-1996
The Man in the Ceiling by Jules FeifferChildren's 1995-1996
Mayfield Crossing by Vaunda Micheaux NelsonChildren's 1995-1996
A Moon in Your Lunch Box (Redfeather Books) by Michael SpoonerChildren's 1995-1996
Mummies and Their Mysteries by Charlotte WilcoxChildren's 1995-1996
My Name Is Brain Brian (Apple Paperbacks) by Jeanne BetancourtChildren's 1995-1996
My Sister Annie by Bill DoddsChildren's 1995-1996
Night Of The Full Moon by Gloria WhelanChildren's 1995-1996
The Pickle Song by Barthe DeClementsChildren's 1995-1996
Save Halloween! by Stephanie S. TolanChildren's 1995-1996
Scooter by Vera B. WilliamsChildren's 1995-1996
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah HopkinsonChildren's 1995-1996
To the Top of the World: Adventures with Arctic Wolves by Jim BrandenburgChildren's 1995-1996
Toby Scudder, Ultimate Warrior by David GifaldiChildren's 1995-1996
I Want Answers and a Parachute by P.J. PetersenChildren's 1995-1996
Wrapped in a Riddle by Sharon HeiselChildren's 1995-1996
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery by Russell FreedmanYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Flight of the Dragon Kyn by Susan FletcherYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Freak the Mighty by Rodman PhilbrickYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Harris and Me by Gary PaulsenYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Heart of a Champion by Carl DeukerYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Lombardo's Law by Ellen WittlingerYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer WolffYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Miriam's Well by Lois RubyYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Out of Control by Norma Fox MazerYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris CrutcherYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Twelve Days in August by Liza KetchumYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Winners And Losers by Stephen HoffiusYoung Adult, 1995-1996
Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon by Paula DanzigerChildren's 1996-1997
Breaking Free (An Avon Camelot Book) by LouAnn GaeddertChildren's 1996-1997
Cat Running by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's 1996-1997
A Child's Alaska by Claire Rudolf MurphyChildren's 1996-1997
Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters by Patricia C. MckissackChildren's 1996-1997
Dear Benjamin Banneker by Andrea Davis PinkneyChildren's 1996-1997
Dear Levi: Letters from the Overland Trail by Elvira WoodruffChildren's 1996-1997
El piñatero = The Piñata Maker by George AnconaChildren's 1996-1997
The Fear Place by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorChildren's 1996-1997
Fruit Flies, Fish & Fortune Cookies by Anne C. LemieuxChildren's 1996-1997
How Rabbit Tricked Otter and Other Cherokee Trickster Stories by Gayle RossChildren's 1996-1997
Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce CovilleChildren's 1996-1997
Iron John by Eric A. KimmelChildren's 1996-1997
The Latchkey Dog by Mary Jane AuchChildren's 1996-1997
A Llama in the Family by Johanna HurwitzChildren's 1996-1997
Meet Danitra Brown by Nikki GrimesChildren's 1996-1997
Nasty, Stinky Sneakers by Eve BuntingChildren's 1996-1997
Pink and Say by Patricia PolaccoChildren's 1996-1997
Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing HahnChildren's 1996-1997
Trouble Will Find You by Joan M. LexauChildren's 1996-1997
Tutankhamen's Gift by Robert SabudaChildren's 1996-1997
Wildlife Rescue: The Work of Dr. Kathleen Ramsay by Jennifer DeweyChildren's 1996-1997
Beyond the Burning Time by Kathryn LaskyYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Bigger by Patricia CalvertYoung Adult, 1996-1997
California Blue by David KlassYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen CushmanYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Cattail Moon by Jean ThesmanYoung Adult, 1996-1997
The Circlemaker by Maxine Rose SchurYoung Adult, 1996-1997
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm by Nancy FarmerYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Phoenix Rising by Karen HesseYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright by Ron KoertgeYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Under the Blood-Red Sun by Graham SalisburyYoung Adult, 1996-1997
With Every Drop of Blood: A Novel of the Civil War by James CollierYoung Adult, 1996-1997
Dakota Spring by D. Anne LoveChildren's 1997-1998
Elfsong by Ann TurnerChildren's 1997-1998
Fig Pudding by Ralph FletcherChildren's 1997-1998
Graveyard Girl by Anna MyersChildren's 1997-1998
The Great Fire by Jim MurphyChildren's 1997-1998
Hound Heaven by Linda Oatman HighChildren's 1997-1998
How Turtle's Back Was Cracked: A Traditional Cherokee Tale by Gayle RossChildren's 1997-1998
Junebug by Alice MeadChildren's 1997-1998
The Junkyard Dog by Erika TamarChildren's 1997-1998
Later, Gator by Laurence YepChildren's 1997-1998
Libby Bloom (Redfeather Books) by Susan Rowan MastersChildren's 1997-1998
The Lion's Whiskers: An Ethiopian Folktale by Nancy Raines DayChildren's 1997-1998
Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara ParkChildren's 1997-1998
Ordinary Genius: The Story of Albert Einstein (Trailblazer Biographies) by Stephanie Sammartino McPhersonChildren's 1997-1998
Out of the Storm by Patricia WillisChildren's 1997-1998
Poppy by AviChildren's 1997-1998
Sad Underwear and Other Complications: More Poems for Children and Their Parents by Judith ViorstChildren's 1997-1998
She's Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! by Kathryn LaskyChildren's 1997-1998
Sweet Corn by James StevensonChildren's 1997-1998
Titanic Crossing by Barbara WilliamsChildren's 1997-1998
Farm Team by Will WeaverYoung Adult, 1997-1998
Ice by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorYoung Adult, 1997-1998
In the Middle of the Night by Robert CormierYoung Adult, 1997-1998
Kokopelli's Flute by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 1997-1998
The kraken by Don C. ReedYoung Adult, 1997-1998
The Last Safe Place on Earth by Richard PeckYoung Adult, 1997-1998
Moon Dancer by Margaret I. RostkowskiYoung Adult, 1997-1998
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Sound the Jubilee by Sandra ForresterYoung Adult, 1997-1998
A Time for Dancing by Davida Wills HurwinYoung Adult, 1997-1998
The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 by Christopher Paul CurtisYoung Adult, 1997-1998
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Bill Pickett: Rodeo-Ridin' Cowboy by Andrea Davis PinkneyChildren's, 1998-1999
Caleb's Choice by G. Clifton WislerChildren's, 1998-1999
Frindle by Andrew ClementsChildren's, 1998-1999
Hey, New Kid! by Betsy DuffeyChildren's, 1998-1999
Iditarod Dream: Dusty and His Sled Dogs Compete in Alaska's Jr. Iditarod by Ted WoodChildren's, 1998-1999
Jip: His Story by Katherine PatersonChildren's, 1998-1999
The Kid Who Ran For President by Dan GutmanChildren's, 1998-1999
Riot by Mary CasanovaChildren's, 1998-1999
Search for the Shadowman by Joan Lowery NixonChildren's, 1998-1999
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Spotting the Leopard by Anna MyersChildren's, 1998-1999
Sticks by Joan BauerChildren's, 1998-1999
Tornado by Betsy ByarsChildren's, 1998-1999
Train to Somewhere by Eve BuntingChildren's, 1998-1999
All That Glitters by Jean FerrisYoung Adult, 1998-1999
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Far North by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 1998-1999
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Never Cry "Arp!" and Other Great Adventures by Patrick F. McManusYoung Adult, 1998-1999
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Sign of the Dove by Susan FletcherYoung Adult, 1998-1999
Stone Water by Barbara Snow GilbertYoung Adult, 1998-1999
True North by Kathryn LaskyYoung Adult, 1998-1999
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Angels in the Dust by Margot Theis RavenChildren's, 1999-2000
Danger Along the Ohio by Patricia WillisChildren's, 1999-2000
A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder by Walter WickChildren's, 1999-2000
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Lily's Crossing by Patricia Reilly GiffChildren's, 1999-2000
Lone Wolf by Kristine L. FranklinChildren's, 1999-2000
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The Million Dollar Shot by Dan GutmanChildren's, 1999-2000
One Grain Of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale by DemiChildren's, 1999-2000
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Saving Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorChildren's, 1999-2000
The Silver Balloon by Susan BonnersChildren's, 1999-2000
Stay!: Keeper's Story by Lois LowryChildren's, 1999-2000
Sun & Spoon by Kevin HenkesChildren's, 1999-2000
Tracks in the Snow by Lucy Jane BledsoeChildren's, 1999-2000
Virtual Cody by Betsy DuffeyChildren's, 1999-2000
When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy HestChildren's, 1999-2000
White Water by P.J. PetersenChildren's, 1999-2000
As Long As There Are Mountains by Natalie Kinsey-WarnockYoung Adult, 1999-2000
The Dark Side of Nowhere by Neal ShustermanYoung Adult, 1999-2000
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Ghost Canoe by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 1999-2000
Hero by S. L. RottmanYoung Adult, 1999-2000
Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure by Dan GutmanYoung Adult, 1999-2000
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Under the Shadow of Wings by Sara Harrell BanksYoung Adult, 1999-2000
Bandit's Moon by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 2000-2001
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Boss of the Plains by Laurie CarlsonChildren's, 2000-2001
Dear Austin: Letters From the Underground Railroad by Elvira WoodruffChildren's, 2000-2001
The Flimflam Man (Sunburst Book) by Darleen Bailey BeardChildren's, 2000-2001
Flying Solo by Ralph FletcherChildren's, 2000-2001; Young Adult, 2000-2001
Frozen Stiff by Sherry ShahanChildren's, 2000-2001
The Ghost in Room 11 by Betty Ren WrightChildren's, 2000-2001
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Gib Rides Home by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 2000-2001
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Perloo the Bold by AviChildren's, 2000-2001
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Smart Dog by Vivian Vande VeldeChildren's, 2000-2001
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Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson HaddixYoung Adult, 2000-2001
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For Mike by Shelley SykesYoung Adult, 2000-2001
In the Stone Circle by Elizabeth Cody KimmelYoung Adult, 2000-2001
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The Maze by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 2000-2001
My Louisiana Sky by Kimberly Willis HoltYoung Adult, 2000-2001
Petey by Ben MikaelsenYoung Adult, 2000-2001
Rules of the Road by Joan BauerYoung Adult, 2000-2001
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Soldier's Heart by Gary PaulsenYoung Adult, 2000-2001
26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie DePaolaChildren's, 2001-2002
Can of Worms (An Avon Camelot Book) by Kathy MackelChildren's, 2001-2002
Captain's Command by Anna MyersChildren's, 2001-2002
Castle Diary: The Journal of Tobias Burgess by Richard PlattChildren's, 2001-2002
Dive: My Adventures In the Deep Frontier by Sylvia A. EarleChildren's, 2001-2002
Dork in Disguise (Harper Trophy Books) by Carol GormanChildren's, 2001-2002
Exploding Ants by Joanne SettelChildren's, 2001-2002
Eye of the Great Bear by Bill WallaceChildren's, 2001-2002
Figuring Out Frances by Gina Willner-PardoChildren's, 2001-2002
I'm Not Who You Think I Am by Peg KehretChildren's, 2001-2002
If That Breathes Fire, We're Toast! by Jennifer J. StewartChildren's, 2001-2002
Jackie & Me by Dan GutmanChildren's, 2001-2002
The Landry News by Andrew ClementsChildren's, 2001-2002
Leaving Emma by Nancy Steele BrokawChildren's, 2001-2002
Midnight Magic by AviChildren's, 2001-2002
Molly Bannaky by Chris K. SoentpietChildren's, 2001-2002
Not My Dog by Colby F. RodowskyChildren's, 2001-2002
Shelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays by Peg KehretChildren's, 2001-2002
There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around by Vivian Vande VeldeChildren's, 2001-2002
Weslandia by Paul FleischmanChildren's, 2001-2002
Armageddon Summer by Jane YolenYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen by Dyan SheldonYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Crooked by Laura McNealYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Downsiders by Neal ShustermanYoung Adult, 2001-2002
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Green Thumb by Rob ThomasYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Head Above Water by S. L. RottmanYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Hidden Talents by David LubarYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Jason's Gold by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Keeping the Moon by Sarah DessenYoung Adult, 2001-2002
King of Shadows by Susan CooperYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Monster by Walter Dean MyersYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Never Trust a Dead Man by Vivian Vande VeldeYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Ordinary Miracles by Stephanie S. TolanYoung Adult, 2001-2002
The Starplace by Vicki GroveYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Williwaw! by Tom BodettYoung Adult, 2001-2002
Bats!: Strange and Wonderful by Laurence PringleChildren's, 2002-2003
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamilloChildren's, 2002-2003
The Butterfly by Patricia PolaccoChildren's, 2002-2003
Cockroach Cooties by Laurence YepChildren's, 2002-2003
Conestoga Wagons by Richard AmmonChildren's, 2002-2003
Coyote Autumn by Bill WallaceChildren's, 2002-2003
Crazy Horse's Vision by Joseph BruchacChildren's, 2002-2003
Girls think of everything by Catherine ThimmeshChildren's, 2002-2003
I Hate Weddings by P.J. PetersenChildren's, 2002-2003
The Haunting at Stratton Falls by Brenda SeabrookeChildren's, 2002-2003
Hostage by Willo Davis RobertsChildren's, 2002-2003
Lucky Lady by Susan SaundersChildren's, 2002-2003
Orphan Journey Home (An Avon Camelot Book) by Liza KetchumChildren's, 2002-2003
Power Of Un by Nancy EtchemendyChildren's, 2002-2003
Radio Rescue by Lynne BaraschChildren's, 2002-2003
I Remember the Alamo by D. Anne LoveChildren's, 2002-2003
So You Want to Be President? by Judith St. GeorgeChildren's, 2002-2003
Star in the Storm by Joan Hiatt HarlowChildren's, 2002-2003
Surviving Brick Johnson by Laurie MyersChildren's, 2002-2003
The Trouble with Cats by Martha FreemanChildren's, 2002-2003
When Mack Came Back by Brad StricklandChildren's, 2002-2003
Write Me If You Dare! (Cricket Series) by Emily Rhoads JohnsonChildren's, 2002-2003
A Year Down Yonder by Richard PeckChildren's, 2002-2003
The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick HillChildren's, 2002-2003
The Boxer (Sunburst Book) by Kathleen KarrYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Counterfeit Son by Elaine Marie AlphinYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Crossing Jordan by Adrian FogelinYoung Adult, 2002-2003
The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara ParkYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Holding Up the Earth by Dianne GrayYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Homeless Bird by Gloria WhelanYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Hope Was Here by Joan BauerYoung Adult, 2002-2003
The Last Book in the Universe by Rodman PhilbrickYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Miracle's Boys by Jacqueline WoodsonYoung Adult, 2002-2003
The Seer and the Sword by Victoria HanleyYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Silent to the Bone by E. L. KonigsburgYoung Adult, 2002-2003
The Wish by Gail Carson LevineYoung Adult, 2002-2003
Belle Teal by Ann M. MartinChildren's, 2003-2004
A Day for Vincent Chin and Me by Jacqueline Turner BanksChildren's, 2003-2004
The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara KerleyChildren's, 2003-2004
Don't You Know There's A War On? by AviChildren's, 2003-2004
Fair Weather by Richard PeckChildren's, 2003-2004
Footprints on the Moon by Alexandra SiyChildren's, 2003-2004
Leonardo's Horse by Jean FritzChildren's, 2003-2004
Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah WilesChildren's, 2003-2004
Mountain Pose by Nancy Hope WilsonChildren's, 2003-2004
The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine by Diane StanleyChildren's, 2003-2004
No More Nasty by Amy MacDonaldChildren's, 2003-2004
The School Story by Andrew ClementsChildren's, 2003-2004
The Secrets of Ms. Snickle's Class by Laurie Miller HornikChildren's, 2003-2004
The Summer of Riley by Eve BuntingChildren's, 2003-2004
Breathing Underwater by Alex FlinnYoung Adult, 2003-2004
The Demon in the Teahouse by Dorothy HooblerYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Flipped by Wendelin Van DraanenYoung Adult, 2003-2004
The Land by Mildred D. TaylorYoung Adult, 2003-2004
A Matter of Profit by Hilari BellYoung Adult, 2003-2004
The Ransom of Mercy Carter by Caroline B. CooneyYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Shades of Simon Gray by Joyce McDonaldYoung Adult, 2003-2004
A Single Shard by Linda Sue ParkYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Slap Your Sides by M. E. KerrYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Soldier X by Don L. WulffsonYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Straw Into Gold by Gary D. SchmidtYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Touching Spirit Bear by Ben MikaelsenYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood by Meredith Ann PierceYoung Adult, 2003-2004
True Believer by Virginia Euwer WolffYoung Adult, 2003-2004
Hoot by Carl Hiaasen [2005] ∙ Young Adult ∙ 2004-2005
Coraline by Neil GaimanChildren's, 2004-2005
Doing Time Online by Jan SieboldChildren's, 2004-2005
Elephant Hospital by Kathy DarlingChildren's, 2004-2005
Gooney Bird Greene by Lois LowryChildren's, 2004-2005
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Sara NickersonChildren's, 2004-2005
In Plain Sight by Carol Otis HurstChildren's, 2004-2005
The Jacket by Andrew ClementsChildren's, 2004-2005
Keeper of the Doves by Betsy ByarsChildren's, 2004-2005
Loser by Jerry SpinelliChildren's, 2004-2005
My Chimp Friday: The Nana Banana Chronicles by Hester MundisChildren's, 2004-2005
Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly GiffChildren's, 2004-2005
Rats! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Richard ConniffChildren's, 2004-2005
Ruby Holler by Sharon CreechChildren's, 2004-2005
The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool by Margaret GrayChildren's, 2004-2005
United Tates of America by Paula DanzigerChildren's, 2004-2005
The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed by Heather Vogel FrederickChildren's, 2004-2005
Wingwalker by Rosemary WellsChildren's, 2004-2005
Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane AuchYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Before We Were Free by Julia AlvarezYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Bronx Masquerade by Nikki GrimesYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Dunk by David LubarYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Free Radical by Claire Rudolf MurphyYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline B. CooneyYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Heir Apparent by Vivian Vande VeldeYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Home of the Braves by David KlassYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Numbering All the Bones by Ann RinaldiYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel PhilbrickYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Stand Tall by Joan BauerYoung Adult, 2004-2005
Stetson by Susan RottmanYoung Adult, 2004-2005
When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue ParkYoung Adult, 2004-2005
The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrauChildren's, 2005-2006
Crandalls' Castle by Betty Ren WrightChildren's, 2005-2006
Donuthead by Sue StauffacherChildren's, 2005-2006
Ghost Girl by Delia RayChildren's, 2005-2006
Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon CreechChildren's, 2005-2006
The Great Googlestein Museum Mystery by Jean Van LeeuwenChildren's, 2005-2006
Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne CollinsChildren's, 2005-2006
How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning by Rosalyn SchanzerChildren's, 2005-2006
Izzy's Place by Marc KornblattChildren's, 2005-2006
Leon and the Spitting Image by Allen KurzweilChildren's, 2005-2006
The Meanest Doll in the World by Ann M. MartinChildren's, 2005-2006
Meow Means Mischief by Ann Whitehead NagdaChildren's, 2005-2006
Minn and Jake (Sunburst Books) by Janet S. WongChildren's, 2005-2006
Rodzina by Karen CushmanChildren's, 2005-2006
Sahara Special by Esme Raji CodellChildren's, 2005-2006
The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread by Kate DiCamilloChildren's, 2005-2006
Trading Places With Tank Talbott by Dori Hillestad ButlerChildren's, 2005-2006
The Ballad of Sir Dinadan by Gerald MorrisYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Birdland by Tracy MackYoung Adult, 2005-2006
The Boy Who Saved Baseball by John H. RitterYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Buddha Boy by Kathe KojaYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Eragon by Christopher PaoliniYoung Adult, 2005-2006
The First Part Last by Angela JohnsonYoung Adult, 2005-2006
For Freedom: The Story of a French Spy by Kimberly Brubaker BradleyYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Full Tilt by Neal ShustermanYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-RhodesYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Keesha's House by Helen FrostYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Our Time on the River by Don BrownYoung Adult, 2005-2006
The River Between Us by Richard PeckYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Shakespeare Bats Cleanup by Ron KoertgeYoung Adult, 2005-2006
The Stone Goddess by Minfong HoYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Under the Same Sky by Cynthia DeFeliceYoung Adult, 2005-2006
Abduction! by Peg KehretChildren's, 2006-2007
Becoming Naomi León by Pam Muñoz RyanChildren's, 2006-2007
Blue Jasmine by Kashmira ShethChildren's, 2006-2007
Chasing Vermeer by Blue BalliettChildren's, 2006-2007
The Dark Pond by Joseph BruchacChildren's, 2006-2007
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane by Suzanne CollinsChildren's, 2006-2007
Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog by Pamela S. TurnerChildren's, 2006-2007
A Midsummer Night's Dork by Carol GormanChildren's, 2006-2007
Operation Clean Sweep by Darleen Bailey BeardChildren's, 2006-2007
Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave BarryChildren's, 2006-2007
The Right Dog for the Job: Ira's Path from Service Dog to Guide Dog by Dorothy Hinshaw PatentChildren's, 2006-2007
Shredderman: Secret Identity by Wendelin Van DraanenChildren's, 2006-2007
Smarter Than Squirrels (Down Girl and Sit Series) by Lucy NolanChildren's, 2006-2007
Snarf Attack, Underfoodle, and the Secret of Life: The Riot Brothers Tell All by Mary AmatoChildren's, 2006-2007
Travel Team by Mike LupicaChildren's, 2006-2007
The Unseen by Zilpha Keatley SnyderChildren's, 2006-2007
The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. BirneyChildren's, 2006-2007
Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer CholdenkoYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Devil on My Heels by Joyce McDonaldYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Finding Miracles by Julia AlvarezYoung Adult, 2006-2007
A Heart Divided by Cherie BennettYoung Adult, 2006-2007
How I Found the Strong by Margaret McMullanYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Kingdom of the Golden Dragon by Isabel AllendeYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Leaving Protection by Will HobbsYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D. SchmidtYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Red Kayak by Priscilla CummingsYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Rob& by P.J. PetersenYoung Adult, 2006-2007
The Schwa was Here by Neal ShustermanYoung Adult, 2006-2007
The Secret Hour by Scott WesterfeldYoung Adult, 2006-2007
The Spirit Line by Aimée ThurloYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Tending to Grace by Kimberly Newton FuscoYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Voyage of Ice by Michele TorreyYoung Adult, 2006-2007
Abby Takes a Stand (Scraps of Time) by Patricia C. MckissackChildren's, 2007-2008
Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan by Mary WilliamsChildren's, 2007-2008
Defiance by Valerie HobbsChildren's, 2007-2008
Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah WilesChildren's, 2007-2008
The Giant Rat of Sumatra: or Pirates Galore by Sid FleischmanChildren's, 2007-2008
Gruesome Guide to World Monsters by Judy SierraChildren's, 2007-2008
Listening for Lions by Gloria WhelanChildren's, 2007-2008
Lowji discovers America by Candace FlemingChildren's, 2007-2008
The Naked Mole-Rat Letters by Mary AmatoChildren's, 2007-2008
Space Station Rat by Michael J. DaleyChildren's, 2007-2008
Whittington by Alan W. ArmstrongChildren's, 2007-2008
Assassin by Anna MyersYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Code Talker by Joseph BruchacYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Crooked River by Shelley PearsallYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter AbrahamsYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Flush by Carl HiaasenYoung Adult, 2007-2008
The King of Mulberry Street by Donna Jo NapoliYoung Adult, 2007-2008
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan Young Adult, 2007-2008
Princess Academy by Shannon HaleYoung Adult, 2007-2008
The Queen of Second Place by Laura Peyton RobertsYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Runner by Carl DeukerYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Shackleton's Stowaway by Victoria McKernanYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David LubarYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Uglies by Scott WesterfeldYoung Adult, 2007-2008
Voyage of Plunder by Michele TorreyYoung Adult, 2007-2008
American Slave, American Hero: York of the Lewis And Clark Expedition by Laurence PringleChildren's, 2008-2009
Clementine by Sara PennypackerChildren's, 2008-2009
Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom by Tim TingleChildren's, 2008-2009
Drita, My Homegirl by Jenny LombardChildren's, 2008-2009
The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood (Outdoor Adventures (Katherine Tegen Books)) by Barb Bentler UllmanChildren's, 2008-2009
The Fall of the Amazing Zalindas by Tracy MackChildren's, 2008-2009
Into the Firestorm: A Novel of San Francisco, 1906 by Deborah HopkinsonChildren's, 2008-2009
Is My Dog a Wolf?: How Your Pet Compares to Its Wild Cousin by Jenni BidnerChildren's, 2008-2009
The Mailbox by Audrey ShaferChildren's, 2008-2009
My name is Sally Little Song by Brenda WoodsChildren's, 2008-2009
Satch & Me by Dan GutmanChildren's, 2008-2009
Sheep by Valerie HobbsChildren's, 2008-2009
Strange Happenings: Five Tales of Transformation by AviChildren's, 2008-2009
Toys Go Out: Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable Stingray, a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic by Emily JenkinsChildren's, 2008-2009
Ugly by Donna Jo NapoliChildren's, 2008-2009
Born to Rock by Gordon KormanYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Copper Sun by Sharon M. DraperYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert MurdockYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Everlost (The Skinjacker Trilogy) by Neal ShustermanYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Happy Kid! by Gail GauthierYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Heat by Mike LupicaYoung Adult, 2008-2009
The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between by Sally NemethYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy MassYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth PfefferYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Monkey Town: The Summer of the Scopes Trial by Ronald KiddYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Notes From The Midnight Driver by Jordan SonnenblickYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Rules by Cynthia LordYoung Adult, 2008-2009
The Rules of Survival by Nancy WerlinYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Standing Against the Wind by Traci L. JonesYoung Adult, 2008-2009
Animals in the House: A History of Pets and People by Sheila KeenanChildren's, 2009-2010
The Bearskinner: A Tale of the Brothers Grimm by Laura Amy SchlitzChildren's, 2009-2010
Being Teddy Roosevelt by Claudia MillsChildren's, 2009-2010
Billy Hooten: Owlboy by Tom SniegoskiChildren's, 2009-2010
Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in It by Sundee T. FrazierChildren's, 2009-2010
A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda UrbanChildren's, 2009-2010
Dragon's Egg by Sarah L. ThomsonChildren's, 2009-2010
A Friendship for Today by Patricia C. MckissackChildren's, 2009-2010
Ham The Astrochimp by Richard HilliardChildren's, 2009-2010
Jesse Owens: Fastest Man Alive by Carole Boston WeatherfordChildren's, 2009-2010
Lawn Boy by Gary PaulsenChildren's, 2009-2010
Leepike Ridge by N. D. WilsonChildren's, 2009-2010
Me and the Pumpkin Queen by Marlane KennedyChildren's, 2009-2010
Pete and Fremont by Jenny TrippChildren's, 2009-2010
Rickshaw Girl by Mitali PerkinsChildren's, 2009-2010
The Story of Jonas by Maurine F. DahlbergChildren's, 2009-2010
Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia KadohataIntermediate, 2009-2010
Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick HillIntermediate, 2009-2010
Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day GeorgeIntermediate, 2009-2010
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature by Robin BrandeIntermediate, 2009-2010
First Light by Rebecca SteadIntermediate, 2009-2010
Games by Carol GormanIntermediate, 2009-2010
Gym Candy by Carl DeukerIntermediate, 2009-2010
Night of the Howling Dogs by Graham SalisburyIntermediate, 2009-2010
Schooled by Gordon KormanIntermediate, 2009-2010
Way Down Deep by Ruth WhiteIntermediate, 2009-2010
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. SchmidtIntermediate, 2009-2010
7 Days at the Hot Corner by Terry TruemanHigh School, 2009-2010
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie High School, 2009-2010
Deadline by Chris CrutcherHigh School, 2009-2010
Diamonds in the Shadow by Caroline B. CooneyIntermediate, 2009-2010; High School, 2009-2010
The Eyes of van Gogh by Cathryn ClintonHigh School, 2009-2010
Glass by Ellen HopkinsHigh School, 2009-2010
Grief Girl: My True Story by Erin VincentHigh School, 2009-2010
Last Dance at the Frosty Queen by Richard UhligHigh School, 2009-2010
Lemonade Mouth by Mark Peter HughesHigh School, 2009-2010
Peak by Roland Smith Intermediate, 2009-2010, High School, 2009-2010
Story of a Girl by Sara ZarrHigh School, 2009-2010
Twisted by Laurie Halse AndersonHigh School, 2009-2010
Unwind by Neal ShustermanHigh School, 2009-2010
Your Own, Sylvia: A Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath by Stephanie HemphillHigh School, 2009-2010
The 100-Year-Old Secret by Tracy BarrettChildren's, 2010-2011
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore LookChildren's, 2010-2011
Boys Are Dogs by Leslie MargolisChildren's, 2010-2011
Eleven by Patricia Reilly GiffChildren's, 2010-2011; Intermediate, 2010-2011
The Floating Circus by Tracie Vaughn ZimmerChildren's, 2010-2011
The Gollywhopper Games by Jody FeldmanChildren's, 2010-2011
Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizziChildren's, 2010-2011
The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy by Diane StanleyChildren's, 2010-2011
Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew by Ursula VernonChildren's, 2010-2011
Obi, Gerbil on the Loose by Michael DelaneyChildren's, 2010-2011
Swindle by Gordon KormanChildren's, 2010-2011
Too Much Flapdoodle! by Amy MacDonaldChildren's, 2010-2011
The Trouble with Rules by Leslie BulionChildren's, 2010-2011
When the Wolves Returned: Restoring Nature's Balance in Yellowstone by Dorothy Hinshaw PatentChildren's, 2010-2011
Women Daredevils: Thrills, Chills, and Frills by Julia CumminsChildren's, 2010-2011
The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. PearsonIntermediate, 2010-2011
Antsy Does Time by Neal ShustermanIntermediate, 2010-2011
The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell BartolettiIntermediate, 2010-2011
Every Soul A Star by Wendy MassIntermediate, 2010-2011
The Graveyard Book by Neil GaimanIntermediate, 2010-2011
Itch by Michelle D. KwasneyIntermediate, 2010-2011
The Juvie Three by Gordon KormanIntermediate, 2010-2011
The Other Side of the Island by Allegra GoodmanIntermediate, 2010-2011
The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia GalanteIntermediate, 2010-2011
Peeled by Joan BauerIntermediate, 2010-2011
Stolen by Vivian Vande VeldeIntermediate, 2010-2011
Trouble by Gary D. SchmidtIntermediate, 2010-2011
Burn by Suzanne PhillipsHigh School, 2010-2011
The Compound by S.A. BodeenIntermediate, 2010-2011; High School, 2010-2011
Debbie Harry Sings in French by Meagan BrothersHigh School, 2010-2011
Fancy White Trash by Marjetta GeerlingHigh School, 2010-2011
Graceling by Kristin CashoreHigh School, 2010-2011
Impossible by Nancy WerlinHigh School, 2010-2011
No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row by Susan KuklinHigh School, 2010-2011
Paper Towns by John Green High School, 2010-2011
Shift by Jennifer BradburyHigh School, 2010-2011
Suite Scarlett by Maureen JohnsonHigh School, 2010-2011
Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean MyersHigh School, 2010-2011
Would You by Marthe JocelynHigh School, 2010-2011
Annie Glover is NOT a Tree Lover by Darleen Bailey BeardChildren's, 2011-2012
Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U. S. Marshal by Vaunda Micheaux NelsonChildren's, 2011-2012
Captain Nobody by Dean PitchfordChildren's, 2011-2012
The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's, 2011-2012
The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris BartonChildren's, 2011-2012
Extra Credit by Andrew ClementsChildren's, 2011-2012
January's Sparrow by Patricia PolaccoChildren's, 2011-2012
Matisse on the Loose by Georgia BraggChildren's, 2011-2012
Melonhead by Katy KellyChildren's, 2011-2012
The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg by Rodman PhilbrickChildren's, 2011-2012
Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil GaimanChildren's, 2011-2012
Operation Yes by Sara Lewis HolmesChildren's, 2011-2012
Umbrella Summer by Lisa GraffChildren's, 2011-2012
A Whiff of Pine, a Hint of Skunk: A Forest of Poems by Deborah RuddellChildren's, 2011-2012
Wild Girl by Patricia Reilly GiffChildren's, 2011-2012
All The Broken Pieces by Ann E. BurgIntermediate, 2011-2012
The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie BerryIntermediate, 2011-2012
The Brooklyn Nine by Alan M. GratzIntermediate, 2011-2012
Bystander by James PrellerIntermediate, 2011-2012
Chasing Lincoln's Killer by James L. SwansonIntermediate, 2011-2012
Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Phillip HooseIntermediate, 2011-2012
Closed for the Season by Mary Downing HahnIntermediate, 2011-2012
Darkwood by M. E. BreenIntermediate, 2011-2012
The Girl Who Threw Butterflies by Mick CochraneIntermediate, 2011-2012
Murder At Midnight by AviIntermediate, 2011-2012
Newsgirl by Liza KetchumIntermediate, 2011-2012
The Pricker Boy by Reade Scott WhinnemIntermediate, 2011-2012
Slob by Ellen PotterIntermediate, 2011-2012
Watersmeet by Ellen Jensen AbbottIntermediate, 2011-2012
After by Amy EfawHigh School, 2011-2012
Blue Plate Special by Michelle D. KwasneyHigh School, 2011-2012
Brutal by Michael HarmonHigh School, 2011-2012
Carter Finally Gets It by Brent CrawfordHigh School, 2011-2012
Flash Burnout by L. K. MadiganHigh School, 2011-2012
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie RyanHigh School, 2011-2012
Freaks and Revelations by Davida Wills HurwinHigh School, 2011-2012
Hate List by Jennifer BrownHigh School, 2011-2012
If I Stay by Gayle FormanHigh School, 2011-2012
Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie HalpernHigh School, 2011-2012
A Map of the Known World by Lisa Ann SandellHigh School, 2011-2012
Pop by Gordon KormanHigh School, 2011-2012
Reality Check by Peter AbrahamsHigh School, 2011-2012
Say the Word by Jeannine GarseeHigh School, 2011-2012
Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn WeingartenHigh School, 2011-2012
Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story by S.D. NelsonChildren's, 2012-2013
The Buffalo Are Back by Jean Craighead GeorgeChildren's, 2012-2013
The Dancing Pancake by Eileen SpinelliChildren's, 2012-2013
The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O'ConnorChildren's, 2012-2013
The Fast and the Furriest by Andy BehrensChildren's, 2012-2013
Fish by Gregory MoneChildren's, 2012-2013
How to Clean a Hippopotamus: A Look at Unusual Animal Partnerships by Robin PageChildren's, 2012-2013
The Junkyard Wonders by Patricia PolaccoChildren's, 2012-2013
Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reverso Poems by Marilyn SingerChildren's, 2012-2013
Moon Over Manifest by Clare VanderpoolChildren's, 2012-2013
On the Blue Comet by Rosemary WellsChildren's, 2012-2013
Out of My Mind by Sharon M. DraperChildren's, 2012-2013
Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander RamseyChildren's, 2012-2013
Star in the Forest by Laura ResauChildren's, 2012-2013
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom AnglebergerChildren's, 2012-2013
90 Miles to Havana by Enrique Flores-GalbisIntermediate, 2012-2013
Blindsided by Priscilla CummingsIntermediate, 2012-2013
A Crack in the Sky (Greenhouse Chronicles) by Mark Peter HughesIntermediate, 2012-2013
Crunch by Leslie ConnorIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Danger Box by Blue BalliettIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Dead Boys by Royce BuckinghamIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Grimm Legacy by Polly ShulmanIntermediate, 2012-2013
The Nightmarys by Dan PoblockiIntermediate, 2012-2013
One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-GarciaIntermediate, 2012-2013
Saving Sky by Diane StanleyIntermediate, 2012-2013
Scrawl by Mark ShulmanIntermediate, 2012-2013
Sources of Light by Margaret McMullanIntermediate, 2012-2013
Warriors in the Crossfire by Nancy Bo FloodIntermediate, 2012-2013
Woods Runner by Gary PaulsenIntermediate, 2012-2013
Before I Fall by Lauren OliverHigh School, 2012-2013
Bruiser by Neal ShustermanHigh School, 2012-2013
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra ClareHigh School, 2012-2013
Girl, Stolen by April HenryHigh School, 2012-2013
Happyface by Stephen EmondHigh School, 2012-2013
Hunger by Jackie Morse KesslerHigh School, 2012-2013
Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan HydeHigh School, 2012-2013
Matched by Ally CondieHigh School, 2012-2013
The Mockingbirds by Daisy WhitneyHigh School, 2012-2013
Payback Time by Carl DeukerHigh School, 2012-2013
Rot and Ruin by Jonathan MaberryHigh School, 2012-2013
Somebody Everybody Listens To by Suzanne SuppleeHigh School, 2012-2013
Split by Swati AvasthiHigh School, 2012-2013
Two The Hard Way by Travis HunterHigh School, 2012-2013
Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John GreenHigh School, 2012-2013
Beyond Lucky by Sarah AronsonChildren's, 2013-2014
Close to Famous by Joan BauerChildren's, 2013-2014
Dancing Home by Alma Flor AdaChildren's, 2013-2014
Ellray Jakes Is Not a Chicken by Sally WarnerChildren's, 2013-2014
Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans by Kadir NelsonChildren's, 2013-2014
Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha LaiChildren's, 2013-2014
Marty McGuire by Kate MessnerChildren's, 2013-2014
Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second Chance by Dorothy Hinshaw PatentChildren's, 2013-2014
Saving Zasha by Randi BarrowChildren's, 2013-2014
Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Richard JacobsonChildren's, 2013-2014
The Trouble with Chickens: A J.J. Tully Mystery by Doreen CroninChildren's, 2013-2014
Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day GeorgeChildren's, 2013-2014
Wild Life by Cynthia DeFeliceChildren's, 2013-2014
Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku by Lee WardlawChildren's, 2013-2014
You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does) by Ruth WhiteChildren's, 2013-2014
The Absolute Value of Mike by Kathryn ErskineIntermediate, 2013-2014
Addie on the Inside by James HoweIntermediate, 2013-2014
Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading by Tommy GreenwaldIntermediate, 2013-2014
Dead End in Norvelt by Jack GantosIntermediate, 2013-2014
Icefall by Matthew J. KirbyIntermediate, 2013-2014
Jefferson's Sons by Kimberly Brubaker BradleyIntermediate, 2013-2014
Okay for Now by Gary D. SchmidtIntermediate, 2013-2014
Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan AuxierIntermediate, 2013-2014
The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul EvansIntermediate, 2013-2014
The Revenant by Sonia GenslerIntermediate, 2013-2014
The Running Dream by Wendelin Van DraanenIntermediate, 2013-2014
The Scorpio Races by Maggie StiefvaterIntermediate, 2013-2014
The Summer I Learned to Fly by Dana ReinhardtIntermediate, 2013-2014
Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCallIntermediate, 2013-2014
Across the Universe by Beth RevisHigh School, 2013-2014
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare BlakeHigh School, 2013-2014
Ashes by Ilsa J. BickHigh School, 2013-2014
Ashfall by Mike MullinHigh School, 2013-2014
Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe SchreiberHigh School, 2013-2014
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta SepetysIntermediate, 2013-2014; High School, 2013-2014
Divergent by Veronica RothHigh School, 2013-2014
The Girl Is Murder by Kathryn Miller HainesHigh School, 2013-2014
The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae CarsonHigh School, 2013-2014
Leverage by Joshua C. CohenHigh School, 2013-2014
Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie PerkinsHigh School, 2013-2014
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom RiggsHigh School, 2013-2014
The Name of the Star by Maureen JohnsonHigh School, 2013-2014
Shine by Lauren MyracleHigh School, 2013-2014
Stick by Andrew SmithHigh School, 2013-2014
The Adventures of Beanboy by Lisa HarkraderChildren's, 2014-2015
Alex the Parrot: No Ordinary Bird: A True Story by Stephanie SpinnerChildren's, 2014-2015
Brothers at Bat: The True Story of an Amazing All-Brother Baseball Team by Audrey VernickChildren's, 2014-2015
Capture the Flag by Kate MessnerChildren's, 2014-2015
Double Dog Dare by Lisa GraffChildren's, 2014-2015
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia CliftonChildren's, 2014-2015
Hiss-s-s-s! by Eric A. KimmelChildren's, 2014-2015
King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige by Wes TookeChildren's, 2014-2015
Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri WattsChildren's, 2014-2015; Intermediate, 2014-2015
Little Dog, Lost by Marion Dane BauerChildren's, 2014-2015
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine ApplegateChildren's, 2014-2015
Sailing to Freedom by Martha Bennett StilesChildren's, 2014-2015
The Secret Chicken Society by Judy CoxChildren's, 2014-2015
The Seven Tales of Trinket by Shelley Moore ThomasChildren's, 2014-2015
The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy by Nikki LoftinChildren's, 2014-2015
Bomb: The Race to Build - and Steal - the World's Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve SheinkinIntermediate, 2014-2015
Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip by Jordan SonnenblickIntermediate, 2014-2015
Drama by Raina TelgemeierIntermediate, 2014-2015
The False Prince by Jennifer A. NielsenIntermediate, 2014-2015
Insignia by S. J. KincaidIntermediate, 2014-2015
Laugh with the Moon by Shana BurgIntermediate, 2014-2015
The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin LevineIntermediate, 2014-2015
One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly HuntIntermediate, 2014-2015
Second Chance Summer by Morgan MatsonIntermediate, 2014-2015
Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoIntermediate, 2014-2015
Stolen Into Slavery: The True Story of Solomon Northup, Free Black Man by Judith Bloom FradinIntermediate, 2014-2015
Boy21 by Matthew QuickHigh School, 2014-2015
Break My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel WatersHigh School, 2014-2015
Burning Blue by Paul GriffinHigh School, 2014-2015
Butter by Erin Jade LangeHigh School, 2014-2015
Cinder by Marissa MeyerIntermediate, 2014-2015; High School, 2014-2015
The Crown of Embers by Rae CarsonHigh School, 2014-2015
Eve and Adam by Michael GrantHigh School, 2014-2015
I Hunt Killers by Barry LygaHigh School, 2014-2015
Insurgent by Veronica RothHigh School, 2014-2015
My Life Next Door by Huntley FitzpatrickHigh School, 2014-2015
The Night She Disappeared by April HenryHigh School, 2014-2015
The Raven Boys by Maggie StiefvaterIntermediate, 2014-2015; High School, 2014-2015
I Swear by Lane DavisHigh School, 2014-2015
Throne of Glass by Sarah J. MaasHigh School, 2014-2015
UnWholly (Unwind Dystology) by Neal ShustermanHigh School, 2014-2015
Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman2015-2016
The Adventures of a South Pole Pig: A novel of snow and courage by Chris KurtzChildren's, 2015-2016
Becoming Babe Ruth by Matt TavaresChildren's, 2015-2016
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year by Bill HarleyChildren's, 2015-2016
Elvis and the Underdogs by Jenny LeeChildren's, 2015-2016
Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse by Tamera Will WissingerChildren's, 2015-2016
The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel by Deborah HopkinsonChildren's, 2015-2016
The Gumazing Gum Girl! Book 1 Chews Your Destiny (Gum Girl Novel, A) by Rhode MontijoChildren's, 2015-2016
Mountain Dog by Margarita EngleChildren's, 2015-2016
Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin by Liesl ShurtliffChildren's, 2015-2016
Sugar by Jewell Parker RhodesChildren's, 2015-2016
To Dare Mighty Things: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt by Doreen RappaportChildren's, 2015-2016
White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlanChildren's, 2015-2016
Words with Wings by Nikki GrimesChildren's, 2015-2016
The Worm Whisperer by Betty HicksChildren's, 2015-2016
Doll Bones by Holly BlackIntermediate, 2015-2016
Dragonswood by Janet Lee CareyIntermediate, 2015-2016
Far Far Away by Tom McNealIntermediate, 2015-2016
Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design by Chip KiddIntermediate, 2015-2016
Golden Boy by Tara SullivanIntermediate, 2015-2016
Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley CoriellIntermediate, 2015-2016
How I Became A Ghost by Tim TingleIntermediate, 2015-2016
A Matter of Days by Amber KizerIntermediate, 2015-2016
The President Has Been Shot!: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by James L. SwansonIntermediate, 2015-2016
Proxy by Alex LondonIntermediate, 2015-2016
The Rithmatist by Brandon SandersonIntermediate, 2015-2016
Steelheart by Brandon SandersonIntermediate, 2015-2016
This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila SalesIntermediate, 2015-2016
Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg MedinaIntermediate, 2015-2016
Zebra Forest by Adina Rishe GewirtzIntermediate, 2015-2016
The 5th Wave by Rick YanceyHigh School, 2015-2016
Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell High School, 2015-2016
Fangirl by Rainbow RowellHigh School, 2015-2016
The Fire Horse Girl by Kay HoneymanIntermediate, 2015-2016; High School, 2015-2016
Gated by Amy Christine ParkerHigh School, 2015-2016
If You Find Me by Emily E K MurdochHigh School, 2015-2016
The Living by Matt de la PeñaHigh School, 2015-2016
March: Book One by John LewisHigh School, 2015-2016
The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Spies and Survivors Captured the World's Most Notorious Nazi by Neal BascombHigh School, 2015-2016
Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnisHigh School, 2015-2016
Out of the Easy by Ruta SepetysHigh School, 2015-2016
The Waking Dark by Robin WassermanHigh School, 2015-2016
Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish DollerHigh School, 2015-2016
Arcady's Goal by Eugene YelchinChildren's, 2016-2017
The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond by Brenda WoodsChildren's, 2016-2017
Dash by Kirby LarsonChildren's, 2016-2017
The Doll Graveyard: (a Hauntings novel) by Lois RubyChildren's, 2016-2017
Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter by Carmella Van VleetChildren's, 2016-2017
Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas by Lynne CoxChildren's, 2016-2017
The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. HolmChildren's, 2016-2017
Half a Chance by Cynthia LordChildren's, 2016-2017
The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky by Holly SchindlerChildren's, 2016-2017
Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Gibbs DavisChildren's, 2016-2017
The Night Gardener by Jonathan AuxierChildren's, 2016-2017; Intermediate, 2016-2017
Quinny & Hopper by Adriana Brad SchanenChildren's, 2016-2017
Rain Reign by Ann M. MartinChildren's, 2016-2017
Super Sniffers: Dog Detectives on the Job by Dorothy Hinshaw PatentChildren's, 2016-2017
Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina by Rodman PhilbrickChildren's, 2016-2017
The Crossover by Kwame AlexanderIntermediate, 2016-2017
El Deafo by Cece BellIntermediate, 2016-2017
Girl on a Wire by Gwenda BondIntermediate, 2016-2017
Gracefully Grayson by Ami PolonskyIntermediate, 2016-2017
Jackaby by William RitterIntermediate, 2016-2017
Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahanIntermediate, 2016-2017
Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood by Nathan HaleIntermediate, 2016-2017
The Port Chicago 50: Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights by Steve SheinkinIntermediate, 2016-2017
Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne BlankmanIntermediate, 2016-2017
Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los SantosIntermediate, 2016-2017
The Secret Hum of a Daisy by Tracy HolczerIntermediate, 2016-2017
Stitching Snow by R. C. LewisIntermediate, 2016-2017
There Will Be Bears by Ryan GebhartIntermediate, 2016-2017
A Time to Dance by Padma VenkatramanIntermediate, 2016-2017
All American Boys by Jason ReynoldsHigh School, 2016-2017
All the Bright Places by Jennifer NivenHigh School, 2016-2017
The Bargaining by Carly Anne WestHigh School, 2016-2017
Bone Gap by Laura RubyHigh School, 2016-2017
The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason ReynoldsHigh School, 2016-2017
Challenger Deep by Neal ShustermanHigh School, 2016-2017
The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly BlackHigh School, 2016-2017
Dumplin' by Julie MurphyHigh School, 2016-2017
Eden West by Pete HautmanHigh School, 2016-2017
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. SmithHigh School, 2016-2017
Hold Tight, Don't Let Go: A Novel of Haiti by Laura Rose WagnerHigh School, 2016-2017
Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Pérez High School, 2016-2017
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky AlbertalliHigh School, 2016-2017
Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae CarsonHigh School, 2016-2017
Wolf by Wolf by Ryan GraudinHigh School, 2016-2017