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Abuela's Weave by Omar S. CastañedaPreschool-Grade 2
All Kinds of Children by Norma SimonPreschool-Grade 2
All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances AlexanderPreschool-Grade 2
Amazing Grace by Mary HoffmanPreschool-Grade 2
Amelia's Road by Linda Jacobs AltmanPreschool-Grade 2
Angel Child, Dragon Child by Michele Maria SuratPreschool-Grade 2
The Animals' Peace Day by Jan WahlPreschool-Grade 2
Apples for immigrants by Lois Thieszen PreheimPreschool-Grade 2
Are You My Friend by Janice DerbyPreschool-Grade 2
Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrierPreschool-Grade 2
Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob BuyeaPreschool-Grade 2
Bein' With You This Way by W. Nikola-LisaPreschool-Grade 2
Best of All by Max LucadoPreschool-Grade 2
Bully Bill by Joy BirkyPreschool-Grade 2
A Castle on Viola Street by DyAnne DiSalvo-RyanPreschool-Grade 2
Chinese Eyes by Marjorie Ann WaybillPreschool-Grade 2
The Color of Home by Mary HoffmanPreschool-Grade 2
Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons by Amy Krouse RosenthalPreschool-Grade 2
The Cornhusk Doll by Evelyn White MinshullPreschool-Grade 2
The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DerolfPreschool-Grade 2
A Crocodile for Aminata by Carol Shenk BornmanPreschool-Grade 2
Cups Held Out by Judith L. RothPreschool-Grade 2
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners by Laurie KellerPreschool-Grade 2
Doorway to the World by Ronald KiddPreschool-Grade 2
Effie's Image by N. L. SharpPreschool-Grade 2
Enemy Pie by Derek MunsonPreschool-Grade 2
Everybody Cooks Rice (Picture Books) by Norah DooleyPreschool-Grade 2
Faith the Cow by Susan Bame HooverPreschool-Grade 2
Families Are Different by Nina PellegriniPreschool-Grade 2
Farm Boy's Year by David McPhailPreschool-Grade 2
Feathers and Fools by Mem FoxPreschool-Grade 2
The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story by Joseph BruchacPreschool-Grade 2
The Folks in the Valley: A Pennsylvania Dutch ABC by Jim AylesworthPreschool-Grade 2
Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn WilliamsPreschool-Grade 2
The Giving Tree by Shel SilversteinPreschool-Grade 2
The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne CherryPreschool-Grade 2
Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois EhlertPreschool-Grade 2
Henry and the Kite Dragon by Bruce Edward HallPreschool-Grade 2
How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids by Tom RathPreschool-Grade 2
It's George by Miriam CohenPreschool-Grade 2
It's Mine! by Leo LionniPreschool-Grade 2
Jamaica's Find by Juanita HavillPreschool-Grade 2
Just Like Us by Hiawyn OramPreschool-Grade 2
The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth WallacePreschool-Grade 2
I Know a Lady by Charlotte ZolotowPreschool-Grade 2
The Legend of the Valentine: An Inspirational Story of Love and Reconciliation by Katherine Grace BondPreschool-Grade 2
Let's Be Enemies by Janice May UdryPreschool-Grade 2
Let's Make a Garden by Tamara Awad LobePreschool-Grade 2
Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea by Greg MortensonPreschool-Grade 2
Make Someone Smile: And 40 More Ways to Be a Peaceful Person by Judy LalliPreschool-Grade 2
Migrant by Maxine TrottierPreschool-Grade 2
Milo and the Magical Stones by Marcus PfisterPreschool-Grade 2
My favorite place by Susan SargentPreschool-Grade 2
Nicolas, Where Have You Been? by Leo LionniPreschool-Grade 2
Not So Fast, Songololo by Niki DalyPreschool-Grade 2
Odd Velvet by Mary WhitcombPreschool-Grade 2
Old Turtle by Douglas WoodPreschool-Grade 2
On Meadowview Street by Henry ColePreschool-Grade 2
One Green Apple by Eve BuntingPreschool-Grade 2
One Smile by Cindy McKinleyPreschool-Grade 2
The Other Side by Jacqueline WoodsonPreschool-Grade 2
A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako MatsunoPreschool-Grade 2
Peace Begins With You by Katherine ScholesPreschool-Grade 2
The Peace Book by Todd ParrPreschool-Grade 2
Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class by Eileen SpinelliPreschool-Grade 2
Peter's Chair by Ezra Jack KeatsPreschool-Grade 2
Planting Seeds: Story, Patricia Quinlan ; Art, Vladyana Krykorka by Patricia QuinlanPreschool-Grade 2
Potatoes, Potatoes by Anita LobelPreschool-Grade 2
Praying With Our Feet by Lisa D. WeaverPreschool-Grade 2
The Quarreling Book by Charlotte ZolotowPreschool-Grade 2
The Rag Coat by Lauren MillsPreschool-Grade 2
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus PfisterPreschool-Grade 2
Raising Yoder's Barn by Jane YolenPreschool-Grade 2
A Rose for Abby by Donna GuthriePreschool-Grade 2
Say Something by Peggy MossPreschool-Grade 2
Seven Brave Women by Betsy HearnePreschool-Grade 2
Silent Music by James RumfordPreschool-Grade 2
I Sing for the Animals by Paul GoblePreschool-Grade 2
The Skin You Live In by Michael TylerPreschool-Grade 2
Snow in Jerusalem by Deborah da CostaPreschool-Grade 2
Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace by Shelley Moore ThomasPreschool-Grade 2
The Spelling Window by Dawn L. WatkinsPreschool-Grade 2
The Story of Ferdinand by Munro LeafPreschool-Grade 2
The Story of Ruby Bridges: True Story of a Civil Rights Icon by Robert ColesPreschool-Grade 2
Sun and the Wind: An Aesop Fable by Cornelia LehnPreschool-Grade 2
Tap-Tap by Karen Lynn WilliamsPreschool-Grade 2
Thank You, World by Alice McGintyPreschool-Grade 2
This Is the Way We Go to School by Edith BaerPreschool-Grade 2
This Little Light of Mine by Earl B. LewisPreschool-Grade 2
Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat MoraPreschool-Grade 2
Trouble by Jane KurtzPreschool-Grade 2
The Two of Them by AlikiPreschool-Grade 2
Two Sides of the River by David CrippenPreschool-Grade 2
Wake Up, Bertha Bear! by Chad MasonPreschool-Grade 2
Walk in Peace by Ingrid HessPreschool-Grade 2
Wangari's Trees of Peace: A True Story from Africa by Jeanette WinterPreschool-Grade 2
The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants by Priscilla TurnerPreschool-Grade 2
We Can Get Along: A Child's Book of Choices by Lauren Murphy PaynePreschool-Grade 2
We Planted a Tree by Diane MuldrowPreschool-Grade 2
We Share One World by Jane E. HoffeltPreschool-Grade 2
The Wednesday Surprise by Eve BuntingPreschool-Grade 2
What Does Peace Feel Like? by Vladimir RadunskyPreschool-Grade 2
What I Like by Catherine AnholtPreschool-Grade 2
What If the Zebras Lost Their Stripes? by John ReitanoPreschool-Grade 2
Where's Chimpy? by Berniece RabePreschool-Grade 2
Whoever You Are by Mem FoxPreschool-Grade 2
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem FoxPreschool-Grade 2
You're Not My Best Friend Anymore by Charlotte PomerantzPreschool-Grade 2
14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra DeedyGrade 3-5
Abby Takes a Stand (Scraps of Time) by Patricia C. MckissackGrade 3-5
An Angel For Solomon Singer by Cynthia RylantGrade 3-5
Baseball Saved Us by Ken MochizukiGrade 3-5
The Bedford Adventure by Muriel LeesonGrade 3-5
The Big Book for Peace by Ann DurellGrade 3-5
Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan by Mary WilliamsGrade 3-5
The Bully of Barkham Street by Mary StolzGrade 3-5
The Butter Battle Book by Dr. SeussGrade 3-5
The Butterfly by Patricia PolaccoGrade 3-5
Cecil's Story by George Ella LyonGrade 3-5
Chicken Sunday by Patricia PolaccoGrade 3-5
The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate by Janice CohnGrade 3-5
Coals of Fire by Elizabeth Hershberger BaumanGrade 3-5
Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom by Tim TingleGrade 3-5
Dad! Why'd You Leave Me? by Dorothy R. FrostGrade 3-5
Dad, Jackie, and Me by Myron UhlbergGrade 3-5
Desmond Tutu: Bishop of Peace (Picture-Story Biographies) by Carol GreeneGrade 3-5
Extra Credit by Andrew ClementsGrade 3-5
Fire on the Mountain by Jane KurtzGrade 3-5
Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman by Dorothy SterlingGrade 3-5
Gleam and Glow by Eve BuntingGrade 3-5
The Goat Lady by Jane BregoliGrade 3-5
The Great Shalom by Peter J. DyckGrade 3-5
The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor EstesGrade 3-5
I'm Sorry, Almira Ann by Jane KurtzGrade 3-5
If the World Were a Village: A Book about the World’s People by David J. SmithGrade 3-5
The Jacket by Andrew ClementsGrade 3-5
Jacob's Little Giant by Barbara SmuckerGrade 3-5
Jake Drake: Bully Buster by Andrew ClementsGrade 3-5
Julia's Words by Judith L. RothGrade 3-5
Just a Dream by Chris Van AllsburgGrade 3-5
Leagues Apart: The Men and Times of the Negro Baseball Leagues by Lawrence S. RitterGrade 3-5
A Leap of Faith: True Stories for Young and Old by Peter J. DyckGrade 3-5
The Lemonade War (The Lemonade War Series) by Jacqueline DaviesGrade 3-5
Lenka of Emma Creek by Sophia UnruhGrade 3-5
The Liberation of Gabriel King by K. L. GoingGrade 3-5
The Lily Cupboard by Shulamith Levey OppenheimGrade 3-5
The Long March: The Choctaw's Gift to Irish Famine Relief by Marie-Louise FitzpatrickGrade 3-5
A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story by Linda Sue ParkGrade 3-5
The Lotus Seed by Sherry GarlandGrade 3-5
The Mangrove Tree: Planting Trees to Feed Families by Susan L. RothGrade 3-5
Martha Berry - A Woman of Courageous Spirit and Bold Dreams by Joyce BlackburnGrade 3-5
Martin Luther King: The Peaceful Warrior by Ed ClaytonGrade 3-5
Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Doreen RappaportGrade 3-5
Mayfield Crossing by Vaunda Micheaux NelsonGrade 3-5
The Miracle Tree by Christobel MattingleyGrade 3-5
Mockingbird by Kathryn ErskineGrade 3-5
Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara CohenGrade 3-5
Mother Teresa: Sister to the Poor by Patricia Reilly GiffGrade 3-5
Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia PolaccoGrade 3-5
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale by John SteptoeGrade 3-5
My Name is María Isabel by Alma Flor AdaGrade 3-5
Nathan's Secret by N. Geraldine PlunkettGrade 3-5
Navajo Long Walk by Nancy M ArmstrongGrade 3-5
One Grain Of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale by DemiGrade 3-5
Peace Be With You by Cornelia LehnGrade 3-5
Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About by Margaret Read MacDonaldGrade 3-5
Peace, Locomotion by Jacqueline WoodsonGrade 3-5
Peaceful Protest: The Life of Nelson Mandela by Yona Zeldis McDonoughGrade 3-5
A Penny and Two Fried Eggs and Other Stories by Geraldine Gross HarderGrade 3-5
People by Peter SpierGrade 3-5
A Picture Book of Anne Frank by David A. AdlerGrade 3-5
Pink and Say by Patricia PolaccoGrade 3-5
Pink Paper Swans by Virginia L. KrollGrade 3-5
Playing War by Kathy BeckwithGrade 3-5
The Poppy Seeds by Clyde Robert BullaGrade 3-5
The Pushcart War by Jean MerrillGrade 3-5
The Queen's Smuggler: William Tyndale by Dave JacksonGrade 3-5
A Quiet Strength : The Susanna Ruth Krehbiel Story by Amelia MuellerGrade 3-5
The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff BrumbeauGrade 3-5
The Quiltmaker's Journey by Jeff BrumbeauGrade 3-5
A Race for Land by Esther Loewen VogtGrade 3-5
Remember: The Journey to School Integration by Toni MorrisonGrade 3-5
Rosa Parks: My Story by Rosa ParksGrade 3-5
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor CoerrGrade 3-5
Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlanGrade 3-5
Saving Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorGrade 3-5
Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt by Barbara SmuckerGrade 3-5
Shalom at Last by Peter J. DyckGrade 3-5
Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorGrade 3-5
Shiloh Season by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorGrade 3-5
Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down by Andrea Davis PinkneyGrade 3-5
Smoky Night by Eve BuntingGrade 3-5
Spy for the Night Riders: Martin Luther by Dave JacksonGrade 3-5
Starting School with an Enemy by Elisa CarboneGrade 3-5
Storytime Jamboree by Peter J. DyckGrade 3-5
Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah HopkinsonGrade 3-5
Sylvia & Aki by Winifred ConklingGrade 3-5
The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd BaylorGrade 3-5
Talking Walls by Margy Burns KnightGrade 3-5
Ted Studebaker: A Man Who Loved Peace by Joy Hofacker MooreGrade 3-5
A Toad for Tuesday by Russell E. EricksonGrade 3-5
Treasure Hunt: A Shenandoah Valley Mystery by Eunice Geil SmithGrade 3-5
Troublemaker by Andrew ClementsGrade 3-5
Uncle Jed's Barbershop by Margaree King MitchellGrade 3-5
Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by Dyanne Disalvo-ryanGrade 3-5
Walking With Jesus: Stories About Real People Who Return Good for Evil by Mary MeyerGrade 3-5
The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books) by Eve BuntingGrade 3-5
The War (Carolrhoda Picture Books) by Anais VaugeladeGrade 3-5
The White Feather by Ruth EitzenGrade 3-5
The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. BirneyGrade 3-5
The Wump World by Bill PeetGrade 3-5
The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark by Carmen Agra DeedyGrade 3-5
After Ever After by Jordan SonnenblickGrade 6-8
Aleutian Sparrow by Karen HesseGrade 6-8
Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh BaskinGrade 6-8
Assassins in the Cathedral by Dave JacksonGrade 6-8
Belle Teal by Ann M. MartinGrade 6-8
The Betrayer's Fortune by Dave JacksonGrade 6-8
Blizzard's Wake by Phyllis Reynolds NaylorGrade 6-8
Blue Jasmine by Kashmira ShethGrade 6-8
Breaking Through by Francisco JimenezGrade 6-8
The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George SpeareGrade 6-8
The Christmas Surprise by Ruth Nulton MooreGrade 6-8
The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child by Francisco JimenezGrade 6-8
Color Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love, the Great Migration North, Chicago, Illinois, 1919 by Patricia C. MckissackGrade 6-8
Crash by Jerry SpinelliGrade 6-8
Dakota sons by Audree DistadGrade 6-8
Darby by Jonathon Scott FuquaGrade 6-8
The Day Pearl Harbor Was Bombed: A Photo History of World War II by George SullivanGrade 6-8
Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz RyanGrade 6-8
The Fighting Ground by AviGrade 6-8
Finding Anna Bee by Cindy Gay SniderGrade 6-8
Fish by L. S. MatthewsGrade 6-8
The Fragile Flag by Jane LangtonGrade 6-8
Friends and Enemies by LouAnn GaeddertGrade 6-8
Gideon's People by Carolyn MeyerGrade 6-8
Grab Hands and Run by Frances TempleGrade 6-8
Hattie Big Sky by Kirby LarsonGrade 6-8
Henry's Red Sea by Barbara SmuckerGrade 6-8
How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story by Eve BuntingGrade 6-8
Jim Thorpe: 20Th-Century Jock (Superstar Lineup) by Robert LipsyteGrade 6-8
Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley NaidooGrade 6-8
The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam by Quang Nhuong HuynhGrade 3-8
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy by Gary D. SchmidtGrade 6-8
A Long Way from Home (Signet) by Maureen Crane WartskiGrade 6-8
A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy MassGrade 6-8
Maniac Magee by Jerry SpinelliGrade 6-8
My Hiroshima by Junko MorimotoGrade 3-8
Neve Shalom Wahat Al-Salam: Oasis of Peace by Laurie DolphinGrade 6-8
Number the Stars by Lois LowryGrade 6-8
Off to War: Voices of Soldiers' Children by Deborah EllisGrade 6-8
On Fire for Christ: Stories of Anabaptist Martyrs, Retold from Martyrs Mirror by Dave JacksonGrade 6-8
Petey by Ben MikaelsenGrade 6-8
Plant a Seed of Peace by Rebecca SeilingGrade 6-8
Project Mulberry by Linda Sue ParkGrade 6-8
The Ramsay Scallop by Frances TempleGrade 6-8
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. TaylorGrade 6-8
Rules by Cynthia LordGrade 6-8
Running on Eggs by Anna LevineGrade 6-8
Sara's Summer by Naomi R. StuckyGrade 6-8
The Second Bend in the River by Ann RinaldiGrade 6-8
Shades of Gray by Carolyn ReederGrade 6-8
The Shepherd's Granddaughter by Anne Laurel CarterGrade 6-8
So B. It by Sarah WeeksGrade 6-8
Sounder by William H. ArmstrongGrade 6-8
Stargirl by Jerry SpinelliGrade 6-8
The Story of My Life: An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky by Farah AhmediGrade 6-8
The Storyteller's Beads by Jane KurtzGrade 6-8
Summer of My German Soldier by Bette GreeneGrade 6-8
Taste of Salt: A Story of Modern Haiti by Frances TempleGrade 6-8
Thin Wood Walls by David PatneaudeGrade 6-8
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... One Child at a Time (Young Reader's Edition) by Greg MortensonGrade 6-8
To Life by Ruth Minsky SenderGrade 6-8
Tree Tall and the Whiteskins by Shirlee EvansGrade 6-8
Trouble by Gary D. SchmidtGrade 6-8
Under the Same Sky by Cynthia DeFeliceGrade 6-8
Underground to Canada by Barbara SmuckerGrade 6-8
The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights by Russell FreedmanGrade 6-8
Waiting for the Rain by Sheila GordonGrade 6-8
War Game by Michael ForemanGrade 6-8
The Well by Mildred D. TaylorGrade 6-8
Winnie Mandela: The Soul of South Africa by Milton MeltzerGrade 6-8
Witness by Karen HesseGrade 6-8
Wonder by R. J. PalacioGrade 6-8
Words by Heart by Ouida SebestyenGrade 6-8
Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo by Zlata FilipovićGrade 6-8