Book AwardsThriller Award Nominee

Works (290)

Beneath a Panamanian Moon (John Harper) by David TerrenoireFirst Novel, 2006
Citizen Vince by Jess WalterNovel, 2006
Cold Granite by Stuart MacBrideFirst Novel, 2006
The Color of Law by Mark GimenezFirst Novel, 2006
Consent to Kill by Vince FlynnNovel, 2006
The Dying Hour by Rick MofinaPaperback Original, 2006
Exit Strategy by Michael WiecekPaperback Original, 2006
Painkiller by Will StaegerFirst Novel, 2006
Panic by Jeff AbbottNovel, 2006
Sleeper Cell by Jeffrey AndersonPaperback Original, 2006
Upside Down by John Ramsey MillerPaperback Original, 2006
Velocity by Dean KoontzNovel, 2006
18 Seconds by George D. ShumanFirst Novel, 2007
Beautiful Lies by Lisa UngerNovel, 2007
Cold Kill by Stephen LeatherNovel, 2007
The Deep Blue Alibi by Paul LevinePaperback Original, 2007
False Impression by Jeffrey ArcherNovel, 2007
Headstone City by Tom PiccirilliPaperback Original, 2007
The Messenger by Daniel SilvaNovel, 2007
Mortal Faults by Michael PrescottPaperback Original, 2007
Shadow of Death by Patricia GussinFirst Novel, 2007
Skeleton Coast by Clive CusslerPaperback Original, 2007
Switchback by Matthew KleinFirst Novel, 2007
A Thousand Suns by Alex ScarrowFirst Novel, 2007
Big City, Bad Blood by Sean ChercoverFirst Novel, 2008
The Crime Writer by Gregg HurwitzNovel, 2008
From the Depths by Gerry DoyleFirst Novel, 2008
Interred with Their Bones by Jennifer Lee CarrellFirst Novel, 2008
The Last Nightingale by Anthony FlaccoPaperback Original, 2008
No Time for Goodbye by Linwood BarclayNovel, 2008
The Queen of Bedlam by Robert R. McCammonPaperback Original, 2008
Shattered by Jay BonansingaPaperback Original, 2008
A Thousand Bones by P. J. ParrishPaperback Original, 2008
Trouble by Jesse KellermanNovel, 2008
Volk's Game by Brent GhelfiFirst Novel, 2008
The Watchman by Robert CraisNovel, 2008
The Broken Window by Jeffery DeaverBest Thriller of the Year, 2009
Calumet City: A Novel by Charlie NewtonBest First Novel, 2009
Criminal Paradise by Steven M. ThomasBest First Novel, 2009
The Dark Tide by Andrew GrossBest Thriller of the Year, 2009
Hold Tight by Harlan CobenBest Thriller of the Year, 2009
The Killer's Wife: A Novel by Bill FloydBest First Novel, 2009
The Last Patriot by Brad ThorBest Thriller of the Year, 2009
Sacrifice by Sharon BoltonBest First Novel, 2009
Collision of Evil by John J. Le BeauFirst Novel, 2010
Dead Men's Dust by Matt HiltonFirst Novel 2010
Dracula the Un-Dead by Dacre StokerFirst Novel, 2010
Fear the Worst by Linwood BarclayHardcover Novel 2010
Fragment by Warren FahyFirst Novel 2010
Long Lost by Harlan CobenHardcover Novel 2010
No Mercy by John GilstrapPaperback Original 2010
The Renegades by T. Jefferson ParkerHardcover Novel 2010
Shadow Season by Tom PiccirilliPaperback Original 2010
Urge To Kill by John LutzPaperback Original 2010
Vanished by Joseph FinderHardcover Novel 2010
Vengeance Road by Rick MofinaPaperback Original 2010
The Burying Place by Brian FreemanHardcover Novel 2011
Down Among the Dead Men by Robert Gregory BrownePaperback Original 2011
Drink the Tea by Thomas KaufmanFirst Novel 2011
Edge by Jeffery DeaverHardcover Novel 2011
The Insider by Reece HirschFirst Novel 2011
The Poacher's Son by Paul DoironFirst Novel, 2011
The Reversal by Michael ConnellyHardcover Novel 2011
Skin by Mo HayderHardcover Novel 2011
The Things That Keep Us Here by Carla BuckleyFirst Novel 2011
Torn Apart by Shane GerickePaperback Original 2011
The Venice Conspiracy by Jon TracePaperback Original 2011
You Can't Stop Me by Max Allan CollinsPaperback Original 2011
Already Gone by John RectorPaperback Original 2012
Buried Secrets (Nick Heller) by Joseph FinderHardcover Novel 2012
The Fund by H.T. NareaFirst Novel 2012
The Genesis Key by James BarneyFirst Novel 2012
The Glass Demon: A Novel by Helen GrantPaperback Original 2012
A Hard Death: A Novel by Jonathan HayesHardcover Novel 2012
Midnight Caller by Leslie TentlerFirst Novel 2012
The Queen by Steven JamesPaperback Original 2012
The Ridge by Michael KorytaHardcover Novel 2012
She Can Run by Melinda LeighFirst Novel 2012
Threat Warning by John GilstrapPaperback Original 2012
The Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes by Marcus SakeyHardcover Novel 2012
And She Was by Alison GaylinPaperback Original 2013
Black Fridays by Michael SearsFirst Novel 2013
Catch Me by Lisa GardnerHardcover Novel 2013
Crusher by Niall LeonardYA Novel 2013
Dark Eyes by William RichterYA Novel 2013
Dead End Deal by Allen WylerE-Book Original 2013
Dead Wrong by Allen WylerE-Book Original 2013
Defending Jacob by William LandayHardcover novel 2013
Don't Ever Get Old by Daniel FriedmanFirst Novel 2013
Don't Turn Around by Michelle GagnonYA Novel 2013
The Expats by Chris PavoneFirst Novel 2013
Huntress Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers) by Alexandra SokoloffE-Book Original 2013
If We Survive by Andrew KlavanYA Novel 2013
Night Blind by Michael W. ShererPaperback Original 2013
Pandora's Temple by Jon LandE-Book Original 2013
Pines by Blake CrouchPaperback Original 2013
The Professionals by Owen LaukkanenFirst Novel 2013
The Survivor: A Novel by Gregg HurwitzHardcover Novel 2013
The Trinity Game by Sean ChercoverHardcover novel 2013
The Wicked Girls by Alex MarwoodPaperback Original 2013
Boy Nobody by Allen ZadoffYoung Adult, 2014
Buried by Kendra ElliotPaperback, 2014
The Burning Time by JG FahertyE-book Original, 2014
Cold Snap by Allison BrennanPaperback, 2014
Criminal Enterprise by Owen LaukkanenHardcover, 2014
Deadly Harvest by Michael StanleyPaperback, 2014
Doctor Sleep by Stephen KingHardcover, 2014
The Edge of Normal by Carla NortonFirst Novel, 2014
Escape from Eden by Elisa NaderYoung Adult, 2014
Her Last Breath by Linda CastilloHardcover, 2014
His Majesty's Hope by Susan Elia MacNealPaperback, 2014
The Intercept by Dick WolfFirst Novel, 2014
Montana by Gwen FlorioFirst Novel, 2014
Never Go Back by Lee ChildHardcover, 2014
No Dawn for Men by James LePoree-book Original, 2014
Out of Exile: A Tom Bishop Rampage by Luke Prestone-book Original, 2014
Out of Range by Hank SteinbergFirst Novel, 2014
Rage Against the Dying by Becky MastermanFirst Novel, 2014
Resolve by J. J. HensleyFirst Novel, 2014
The Rules for Disappearing (Rules, The) by Ashley ElstonYoung Adult, 2014
Scorched (Scorched series) by Mari MancusiYoung Adult, 2014
Snow White Must Die by Nele NeuhausPaperback, 2014
Terminus by Joshua GrahamE-book Original, 2014
Touch & Go by Lisa GardnerHardcover, 2014
White Fire by Douglas PrestonHardcover, 2014
The Axeman's Jazz by Ray CelestinFirst Novel, 2015
Broken Monsters by Lauren BeukesHardcover, 2015
The Buried (The Apostles) by Shelley CoriellPaperback, 2015
The Eighth Guardian by Meredith McCardleYoung Adult, 2015
Invisible City by Julia DahlFirst Novel, 2015
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens(First Novel, 2015
The Martian by Andy WeirFirst Novel, 2015
The Metaxy Project by Layton GreenE-Book, 2015
My Sister's Grave by Robert DugoniPaperback, 2015
Natchez Burning by Greg IlesHardcover, 2015
Post by Sean BlackE-Book, 2015
Shadow Maker by James R. HannibalPaperback, 2015
Suspicion by Joseph FinderHardcover, 2015
Tabula Rasa by Kristen Lippert-MartinYoung Adult, 2015
That Night by Chevy StevensHardcover, 2015
The Unbound by V. E. SchwabYoung Adult, 2015
The Weight of Blood by Laura McHughnot in English Common KnowledgeFirst Novel, 2015
Whirlwind by Rick MofinaPaperback, 2015
Wicked Little Secrets: A Prep School Confidential Novel by Kara TaylorYoung Adult, 2015
The Angel of Eden: Book Three in the Mesopotamian Trilogy by D J McIntoshPaperback, 2016
Code of Honor by Alan GratzYoung Adult, 2016
Day Zero by Marc CameronPaperback, 2016
Deadly Lullaby: A Thriller by Robert McClureE-Book, 2016
The Dogs by Allan StrattonYoung Adult, 2016
The Drowning Game by LS HawkerFirst Novel, 2016
The Forgetting by Nicole MaggiYoung Adult, 2016
The Gates of Evangeline by Hester YoungFirst Novel, 2016
The Girl on the Train by Paula HawkinsHard Cover Novel, 2016
Half In Love With Death by Emily RossYoung Adult, 2016
Inspector of the Dead by David MorrellHard Cover Novel, 2016
Ivory Ghosts: A Catherine Sohon Elephant Mystery by Caitlin O'ConnellE-Book, 2016
Jack and Joe by Diane CapriE-Book, 2016
Lie In Wait by Eric RickstadE-Book, 2016
Little Black Lies: A Novel by Sharon BoltonFirst Novel, 2016
Name of the Devil by Andrew MaynePaperback, 2016
Playing With Fire by Tess GerritsenHard Cover Novel, 2016
Pretty Girls by Karin SlaughterHard Cover Novel, 2016
What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan 2016
Arrowood by Laura McHughHard Cover Novel, 2017
The Darkest Corners by Kara ThomasYoung Adult, 2017
Deadly Kiss by Bob BickfordFirst Novel, 2017
Destroyer of Worlds (Arkane, #8) by J. F. PennE-Book, 2017
The Edge of Alone by Sean BlackE-Book, 2017
Holding Smoke by Elle CosimanoYoung Adult, 2017
In the Clearing by Robert DugoniPaperback, 2017
Kill Switch by Jonathan MaberryPaperback, 2017
The Minoan Cipher by Paul KemprecosPaperback, 2017
Morning Star by Pierce BrownYoung Adult, 2017
Palindrome by E. Z. RinskyFirst Novel, 2017
Recall (A Red Ops Thriller) by David McCalebFirst Novel, 2017
Salvage by Stephen MaherPaperback, 2017
Thieving Weasels by Billy TaylorYoung Adult, 2017
Type and Cross by J. L. DelozierFirst Novel, 2017
Untouchable by Sibel HodgeE-Book, 2017
Where It Hurts by Reed Farrel ColemanHard Cover Novel, 2017
You Will Know Me by Megan AbbottHard Cover Novel, 2017
The Boy She Left Behind by Gregg OlsenYoung Adult, 2018
The Breakdown by B.A. ParisHard Cover Novel, 2018
The Day I Died by Lori Rader-DayPaperback Original, 2018
Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson) by Steph BroadribbFirst Novel, 2018
The Delphi Effect by Rysa WalkerYoung Adult, 2018
Fierce Kingdom by Gin PhillipsHard Cover Novel, 2018
A Fragile Thing by Kevin WignallE-Book Original, 2018
Ill Will by Dan ChaonHard Cover Novel, 2018
The Long Drop by Denise MinaHard Cover Novel, 2018
The Lost Ones by Sheena KamalFirst Novel, 2018
Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly by Adrian McKintyPaperback Original, 2018
Proof of Lies by Diana Rodriguez WallachYoung Adult, 2018
Ragdoll by Daniel ColeFirst Novel, 2018
The Red Line by Walt GraggFirst Novel, 2018
Resurrection America by Jeff GunhusE-Book Original, 2018
The Resurrector (The Dominic Grey Series) by Layton GreenPaperback Original, 2018
Stillhouse Lake by Rachel CainePaperback Original, 2018
To Catch a Killer: A Novel by Sheryl ScarboroughYoung Adult, 2018
Trojan by Alan McDermottE-Book Original, 2018
Witness by Caroline MitchellE-Book Original, 2018
The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul TremblayHard Cover Novel, 2019
Caged: A Novel by Ellison CooperFirst Novel, 2019
Executive Force by Gary GrossmanE-Book Original, 2019
Gone Dark by Kirk RussellPaperback Original, 2019
The Good Samaritan by John MarrsPaperback Original, 2019
The Lies They Tell by Gillian FrenchYoung Adult, 2019
The Memory Detective by T. S. NicholsE-Book Original, 2019
Mister Tender's Girl: A Novel by Carter WilsonPaperback Original, 2019
Murder on the Marshes by Clare ChaseE-Book Original, 2019
The Naturalist by Andrew MaynePaperback Original, 2019
Need to Know by Karen ClevelandFirst Novel, 2019
November Road: A Novel by Lou BerneyHard Cover Novel, 2019
Paper Ghosts by Julia HeaberlinHard Cover Novel, 2019
People Like Us by Dana MeleYoung Adult, 2019
The Perfect Candidate by Peter StoneYoung Adult, 2019
Pieces of Her by Karin SlaughterHard Cover Novel, 2019
The Reunion by Samantha HayesE-Book Original, 2019
Something in the Water by Catherine SteadmanFirst Novel, 2019
The Terminal List by Jack CarrFirst Novel, 2019
Warcross by Marie LuYoung Adult, 2019
American Spy by Lauren WilkinsonFirst Novel, 2020
The Bird Boys (A Delpha Wade and Tom Phelan Mystery) by Lisa SandlinPaperback Original, 2020
Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi KritzerYoung Adult, 2020
Close to You: A completely gripping psychological thriller by Kerry WilkinsonE-Book Original, 2020
Conviction by Denise MinaHard Cover Novel, 2020
The Deep Abiding by Sean BlackE-Book Original, 2020
Girl Most Likely by Max Allan CollinsPaperback Original, 2020
The Good Detective by John McMahonFirst Novel, 2020
Jihadi Bride by Alastair LuftPaperback Original, 2020
Murder Board by Brian SheaE-Book Original, 2020
My Lovely Wife by Samantha DowningFirst Novel, 2020
Never Look Back by Alison GaylinPaperback Original, 2020
Night Man by Brett BattlesE-Book Original, 2020
One Good Deed by David BaldacciHard Cover Novel, 2020
Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy RibayYoung Adult, 2020
Rag and Bone (The Jay Porter Series) by Joe CliffordHard Cover Novel, 2020
Recursion by Blake CrouchHard Cover Novel, 2020
The Scholar by Dervla McTiernannot in English Common KnowledgePaperback Original, 2020
The Silent Patient by Alex MichaelidesFirst Novel, 2020
Such a Perfect Wife by Kate WhitePaperback Original, 2020
They All Fall Down: A Thriller by Rachel Howzell HallHard Cover Novel, 2020
We Speak in Storms by Natalie LundYoung Adult, 2020
Avenue of Thieves (Ryan Lock & Ty Johnson #11) by Sean BlackE-Book Original, 2021
The Bluffs by Kyle PerryFirst Novel, 2021
Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa UngerHard Cover Novel, 2021
The Distant Dead by Heather YoungYoung Adult, 2021
Either side of midnight by Benjamin StevensonPaperback Original, 2021
Full Metal Jack by Diane CapriE-Book Original, 2021
Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca SerritellaFirst Novel, 2021
The Girl Beneath the Sea by Andrew MaynePaperback Original, 2021
Hi Five by Joe IdeHard Cover Novel, 2021
I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit FrickYoung Adult, 2021
Last Girls by Demetra BrodskyYoung Adult, 2021
No Hesitation (A Grale Thriller Book 3) by Kirk RussellE-Book Original, 2021
The Opium Prince by Jasmine AimaqFirst Novel, 2021
Teen Killers Club: A Novel by Lily SparksYoung Adult, 2021
These Women: A Novel by Ivy PochodaHard Cover Novel, 2021
The Thursday Murder Club by Richard OsmanHard Cover Novel, 2021
Unknown 9: Genesis: Book One of the Genesis Trilogy by Layton GreenPaperback Original, 2021
When No One Is Watching by Alyssa ColePaperback Original, 2021
Without Sanction by Don BentleyFirst Novel, 2021
I Am Not Who You Think I Am by Eric RickstadHard Cover Novel, 2022
Blood Parish by E. J. FindorffE-Book Original, 2022
Bloodline by Jess LoureyPaperback Original, 2022
Blue Madagascar by Andrew KaplanE-Book Original, 2022
Bones of Hilo: A Novel by Eric RedmanFirst Novel, 2022
The Box in the Woods by Maureen JohnsonYoung Adult, 2022
Calculated by Nova McBeeYoung Adult, 2022
Damascus Stones by David McCloskeyFirst Novel, 2022
Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers SainYoung Adult, 2022
The Dark Side by Greig BeckE-Book Original, 2022
Flight Risk: A Novel by Joy CastroPaperback Original, 2022
Girl A by Abigail DeanFirst Novel, 2022
House of Hollow by Krystal SutherlandYoung Adult, 2022
Last One Alive by Karin NordinE-Book Original, 2022
The Lighthouse Witches by C. J. CookePaperback Original, 2022
Little Girl Taken: Detective Madison Harper, Book 3 by Wendy DranfieldE-Book Original, 2022
Mother May I by S.E. GreenE-Book Original, 2022
My Mistress' Eyes are Raven Black by Terry RobertsPaperback Original, 2022
My Sweet Girl by Amanda JayatissaFirst Novel, 2022
The Project by Courtney SummersYoung Adult, 2022
Razorblade Tears by S.A. CosbyHard Cover Novel, 2022
Red Widow by Alma KatsuHard Cover Novel, 2022
Repentance by Eloísa DíazFirst Novel, 2022
Rock Paper Scissors by Alice FeeneyHard Cover Novel, 2022
These Toxic Things: A Thriller by Rachel Howzell HallHard Cover Novel, 2022
The Turnout by Megan AbbottHard Cover Novel, 2022
Under Color of Law by Aaron Philip ClarkPaperback Original, 2022