Book AwardsVictorian Premier's Literary Award Shortlist

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Works (124)

Queen Kat, Carmel & St Jude Get A Life by Maureen McCarthySchaeffer Pen Prize for Young Adults, 1996
The Amateur Science of Love by Craig SherborneFiction, 2011
Bright and Distant Shores by Dominic SmithFiction, 2011
Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference by Cordelia FineNon-Fiction, 2011
Five Bells by Gail JonesFiction, 2011
Good Living Street: Portrait of a Patron Family, Vienna 1900 by Tim BonyhadyNon-Fiction, 2011
Graffiti Moon by Cath CrowleyYoung Adults, 2011
Into the Woods by Anna KrienNon-Fiction, 2011
The life of a teenage body-snatcher by Doug MacLeodYoung Adults, 2011
My Blood's Country: A Journey Through the Landscape that Inspired Judith Wright's Poetry by Fiona CappNon-Fiction, 2011
Private Empire by Stephen FosterNon-Fiction, 2011
The Roving Party by Rohan WilsonFiction, 2011
Swallow by Claire PotterPoetry, 2011
This Floating World by Libby HartPoetry, 2011
When Colts Ran by Roger McDonaldFiction, 2011
1835: The Founding of Melbourne & the Conquest of Australia by James BoyceNon-Fiction, 2012
Adelaide by Kerryn GoldsworthyNon-Fiction, 2012
All I Ever Wanted by Vikki WakefieldYoung Adults, 2012
All That I Am by Anna FunderFiction, 2012
Cold Light by Frank MoorhouseFiction, 2012
The Cook by Wayne MacauleyFiction, 2012
The Hall of Uselessness by Simon LeysNon-Fiction, 2012
Her Father's Daughter by Alice PungNon-Fiction, 2012
A History of Books by Gerald MurnaneFiction, 2012
Mateship With Birds by Carrie TiffanyFiction, 2012
The Shiny Guys by Doug MacLeodYoung Adults, 2012
Southern Barbarians by John MateerPoetry, 2012
True North: The Story of Mary and Elizabeth Durack by Brenda NiallNon-Fiction, 2012
Vishvarupa by Michelle Cahill(Poetry, 2012
Autoethnographic by Michael BrennanPoetry, 2014
Boy, Lost by Kristina OlssonNon-Fiction, 2014
Burial Rites by Hannah KentFiction, 2014
Calypso Summer by Jared ThomasIndigenous Writing, 2014
Dark Emu by Bruce PascoeIndigenous Writing, 2014
Eyrie by Tim WintonFiction, 2014
Friday Brown by Vikki WakefieldYoung Adults, 2014
Gardens of fire : an investigative memoir by Robert KennyNon-Fiction, 2014
Madeleine: A Life of Madeleine St John by Helen TrincaNon-Fiction, 2014
Mogwie Idan: Stories of the land by Lionel George FogartyIndigenous Writing, 2014
The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard FlanaganFiction, 2014
On Warne by Gideon HaighNon-Fiction, 2014
The Promise by Tony BirchIndigenous Writing, 2014
Questions of Travel by Michelle De KretserFiction, 2014
The Swan Book by Alexis WrightIndigenous Writing, 2014
Traditional Healers of the Central Desert by Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara WomenNon-Fiction, 2014
Travelling Through The Family by Brendan RyanPoetry, 2014
White Beech: The Rainforest Years by Germaine GreerNon-Fiction, 2014
Wildlife by Fiona WoodYoung Adults, 2014
The Cracks in the Kingdom by Jaclyn MoriartyYoung Adults, 2015
Razorhurst by Justine LarbalestierYoung Adults, 2015
Heat and Light (David Unaipon Award Winners Series) by Ellen van NeervenIndigenous Writing, 2016
Inside my mother by Ali Cobby EckermannIndigenous Writing, 2016
A Single Stone by Meg McKinlayYoung Adults, 2016
Sister Heart by Sally MorganYoung Adults, 2016
The Bone Sparrow by Zana FraillonYoung Adults, 2017
The fighter : a true story by Arnold ZableNon-Fiction, 2017
The Hate Race by Maxine Beneba ClarkeNon-Fiction, 2017
The Healing Party by Micheline LeeFiction, 2017
The Killing Season Uncut by Sarah FergusonNon-Fiction, 2017
The Love of a Bad Man by Laura Elizabeth WoollettFiction, 2017
The Other Side of Summer by Emily GaleYoung Adults, 2017
Painting Red Orchids by Eileen ChongPoetry, 2017
Position doubtful : mapping landscapes and memories by Kim MahoodNon-Fiction, 2017
The Rules of Backyard Cricket by Jock SerongFiction, 2017
Songs of a War Boy by Deng Thiak AdutNon-Fiction, 2017
Waiting by Philip SalomFiction, 2017
Wood Green by Sean RabinFiction, 2017
Anesthesia: The Gift of Oblivion and the Mystery of Consciousness by Kate Cole-AdamsNon-fiction, 2018
Because of you by Pip HarryYoung Adults,2018
The Choke by Sofie LagunaFiction,2018
For a Girl: A True Story of Secrets, Motherhood and Hope by Mary-Rose MacCollNon-fiction, 2018
Ida by Alison EvansYoung Adults,2018
The Life to Come by Michelle De KretserFiction,2018
The metronome by Jennifer MaidenPoetry, 2018
The Museum of Words: a memoir of language, writing, and mortality by Georgia BlainNon-fiction, 2018
A New England Affair by Steven CarrollFiction,2018
No Way But This: in search of Paul Robeson by Jeff SparrowNon-fiction, 2018
Redactor by Eddie PatersonPoetry, 2018
The Restorer by Michael SalaFiction,2018
Taboo by Kim ScottFiction,2018
Tracker: Stories of Tracker Tilmouth by Alexis WrightNon-fiction, 2018
Amelia Westlake by Erin GoughYoung Adults, 2019
The Arsonist by Chloe HooperNonfiction, 2019
Axiomatic by Maria TumarkinNonfiction, 2019
Between Us by Clare AtkinsYoung Adults, 2019
Blakwork by Alison WhittakerIndigenous Writing, 2019
Common People by Tony BirchIndigenous Writing, 2019
The Death of Noah Glass by Gail JonesFiction, 2019
Eggshell Skull by Bri LeeNonfiction, 2019
The Fireflies of Autumn: And Other Tales of San Ginese by Moreno GiovannoniFiction, 2019
Flames by Robbie ArnottFiction, 2019
Flood Damages by Eunice AndradaPoetry, 2019
Ironbark by Jay CarmichaelFiction, 2019
Milk teeth by Rae WhitePoetry, 2019
Miss Ex-Yugoslavia: A Memoir by Sofija StefanovicNonfiction, 2019
Staying : a memoir by Jessie ColeNonfiction, 2019
Too Much Lip by Melissa LucashenkoFiction, Indigenous Writing, 2019
Act of Grace by Anna KrienFiction, 2020
Birth plan by L. K. HoltPoetry, 2020
Future Histories: What Ada Lovelace, Tom Paine, and the Paris Commune Can Teach Us About Digital Technology by Lizzie O'SheaNon-Fiction, 2020
The Girls by Chloe HigginsNon-Fiction, 2020
The House of Youssef by Yumna KassabFiction, 2020
Invisible Boys by Holden SheppardYoung Adults, 2020
See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Violence by Jess HillNon-Fiction, 2020
Simpson Returns by Wayne MacauleyFiction, 2020
Songspirals: Sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines by Gay'wu Group of WomenNon-Fiction, 2020
Tell Me Why: The Story of My Life and My Music by Archie RoachNon-Fiction, 2020
This Is How We Change the Ending by Vikki WakefieldYoung Adults, 2020
The Yield by Tara June WinchFiction, 2020
Yuiquimbiang by Louise CrispPoetry, 2020
Ask me about the future by Rebecca JessenPoetry, 2021
Blueberries by Ellena SavageNon-Fiction, 2021
The Coconut Children by Vivian PhamFiction, 2021
The F team by Rawah ArjaYoung Adults, 2021
Kindred by Kirli SaundersIndigenous Writing, 2021
The Living Sea of Waking Dreams by Richard FlanaganFiction, 2021
Our Shadows by Gail JonesFiction, 2021
Show Me Where it Hurts : Living with Invisible Illness by Kylie MaslenNon-Fiction, 2021
Song of the Crocodile by Nardi SimpsonIndigenous Writing, 2021
Songlines: The Power and Promise by Margo NealeNon-Fiction, 2021
Throat by Ellen van NeervenPoetry, 2021
Where The Fruit Falls by Karen WyldIndigenous Writing, 2021
Where We Begin by Christie NiemanYoung Adults, 2021
Witness by Louise MilliganNon-Fiction, 2021