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Works (44)

Remember Me by Trezza AzzopardiEnglish, 2005
The Family Tree by Carole Cadwalladr2006
Ice Trap: A Novel of Psychological Suspense by Kitty SewellEnglish, 2006
Climbing Essays by Jim PerrinEnglish, 2007
Growth Rings by Christine EvansEnglish, 2007
Blue Sky July: A Mother's Story of Hope and Healing by Nia WynEnglish, 2008
The Claude Glass by Tom BulloughEnglish, 2008
Blood Etc by Gee WilliamsEnglish, 2009
Not in These Shoes by Samantha Wynne RhydderchEnglish, 2009
Banerog by Hywel GriffithsWelsh, 2010
Carry Me Home: A Novel (Macmillan New Writing) by Terri WiltshireEnglish, 2010
The Oldest British Prose Literature: The Compliation of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi by Nikolai TolstoyEnglish, 2010
Caersaint (Welsh Edition) by Angharad PriceWelsh, 2011
Lladd Duw by Dewi PrysorWelsh, 2011
Terminal World by Alastair ReynoldsFiction, 2011
What the Water Gave Me: Poems After Frida Kahlo by Pascale PetitEnglish, 2011
Catulla Et Al by Tiffany AtkinsonPoetry, 2012
Ghost milk: calling time on the grand project by Iain Sinclaircreative non-fiction, 2012
The Keys of Babylon by Robert MinhinnickFiction, 2012
Sparrow Tree by Gwyneth LewisPoetry, 2012
Wild Abandon by Joe DunthorneFiction, 2012
Banjo by Samantha Wynne-RhydderchPoetry, 2013
Burying the Wren by Deryn Rees-JonesPoetry, 2013
A Girl's Arm by Gee WilliamsEnglish, 2013
Singing a Man to Death: & Other Short Stories by Matthew FrancisEnglish, 2013
Wales at Water's Edge: A Coastal Journey by Jon Gowercreative non-fiction, 2013
And Neither Have I Wings To Fly: Labelled and Locked up in Canada's Oldest Institution by Thelma WheatleyCreative non-fiction, 2014
Clever Girl by Tessa HadleyFiction, 2014
The Drive by Tyler KeevilFiction, 2014
R.S. Thomas: Serial Obsessive by M. Wynn ThomasCreative Non-Fiction, 2014
Rhys Davies : decoding the hare : critical essays to mark the centenary of the writer's birth by Meic StephensCreative Non-Fiction, 2014
Shape of a Forest by Jemma L KingPoetry, 2014
Burrard Inlet by Tyler KeevilFiction, 2015
The Dig by Cynan JonesFiction, 2015
Down To The Sea In Ships: Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men by Horatio ClareCreative Non-Fiction, 2015
My Family and Other Superheroes by Jonathan EdwardsPoetry, 2015
Other People's Countries: A Journey into Memory by Patrick McGuinnessCreative Non-Fiction, 2015
So Many Moving Parts by Tiffany AtkinsonPoetry, 2015
Telling Tales by Patience AgbabiPoetry, 2015
The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer Rhys Davies Fiction Award, 2016
I Saw a Man by Owen SheersRhys Davies Fiction Award, 2016
Wales unchained : literature, politics and identity in the American century by Daniel G. WilliamsCreative Non-Fiction, 2016
Pigeon by Alys ConranRhys Davies Trust Fiction Award, 2017
Sal by Mick KitsonFiction, 2019