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Works (188)

Bindi by Kirli Saunders
The Day of the Dog by Archie WellerFiction, 1982
Nothing to spare : recollections of Australian pioneering women by Jan CarterNon-fiction, 1982
Lords of Death by SUZANNE WELBORNNon-fiction, 1983
Mr. Scobie's Riddle by Elizabeth JolleyFiction, 1983
Nyungar Tradition: Glimpses of Aborigines of South-Western Australia, 1829-1914 by Lois TilbrookNon-fiction, 1983
Scarpdancer by Alan AlexanderPoetry, 1983
Port of Pearls by Hugh EdwardsNon-fiction, 1984
The Projectionist by Philip SalomPoetry, 1984
Stories from suburban road : an autobiographical collection, 1920-1939 by T. A. G. HungerfordFiction, 1984
The Conscious stone: the life of Edward Wiliam Godwin by Dudley HarbronNon-fiction, 1985
Reading the country : introduction to nomadology by Krim BenterrakNon-fiction, 1985
Scission by Tim WintonFiction, 1985
Shallows by Tim WintonFiction, 1985
Windfalls : poems by Andrew LansdownPoetry, 1985
The color of the sky : a novel by Peter CowanFiction, 1986
Dial Marina : poems by Lee KnowlesPoetry, 1987
The lyre in the pawnshop : essays on literature and survival 1974-1984 by Fay ZwickyNon-fiction, 1987
No Sugar by Jack DavisSpecial, 1987
Sister Ships and other stories by Joan LondonFiction, 1987
Women, Marriage, and Politics, 1860-1914 by Patricia JallandNon-fiction, 1987
Kathleen O'Connor: artist in exile by Patrick HutchingsSpecial, 1988
Minimum of Two by Tim WintonFiction, 1988
My Place by Sally MorganNon-fiction, 1988
Sky poems by Philip SalomPoetry, 1988
Approaching Elise by Carolyn PolizzottoNon-fiction, 1989
For their own good : aborigines and government in the southwest of Western Australia, 1900-1940 by Anna HaebichNon-fiction, 1989
Not Being Miriam by Marion CampbellFiction, 1989
Raparapa kularr martuwarra: all right, now we go 'side the river, along that sundown way: stories from the Fitzroy River drovers by Paul MarshallSpecial, 1989
Dying inside by Duncan GrahamSpecial, 1990
Emma: A translated life by Emma CiccotostoNon-fiction, 1990
Jesse (Picture Puffin) by Tim WintonChildren's Book, 1990
Noonkanbah : whose land, whose law by Stephen HawkeSpecial, 1990
The Same Light by Vasso KalamarasFiction, 1990
Wanamurraganya: The story of Jack McPhee by Sally MorganNon-fiction, 1990
Ask Me (Uqp Poetry) by Fay ZwickyPoetry, 1991
Bran Nue Dae (Plays) by Jimmy ChiSpecial, 1991
Cloudstreet by Tim WintonFiction, 1991
The country without music by Nicholas HasluckFiction, 1991
The Devil's Own by Deborah LissonChildren's Book ∙ 1991
Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo by Tim WintonChildren's Book, 1991
Wild Card: An Autobiography, 1923-1958 by Dorothy HewettHistorical & Critical Studies, 1991
Writing from the Fringe: A Study of Modern Aboriginal Literature by MudroorooHistorical & Critical Studies, 1991
Dear Mr SPROUTS by Errol BroomeChildren's Book, 1992
The Garden of Gethsemane: Poems from the Lost Decade by MudroorooPoetry, 1992
Playback by Philip SalomFiction, 1992
Central Mischief: Elizabeth Jolley on Writing, Her Past and Herself by Elizabeth JolleyHistorical & Critical Studies, 1993
Full fathom five by John KinsellaPoetry, 1993
The House of Breathing by Gail JonesFiction, 1993
One small step; Witchplay by Heather NimmoSpecial, 1993
Tjarany Roughtail: The Dreaming of the Roughtail Lizard and Other Stories told by the Kukatja by Gracie GreenChildren's Book, 1993
The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, society and culture by David HortonHistorical & Critical Studies, 1994
Letter to Constantine by Joan LondonFiction, 1994
Peninsula by Dorothy HewettPoetry, 1994
Summer shorts : stories-poems-articles-images by Peter HollandSpecial, 1994
The World Waiting to Be Made by Simone LazarooFiction, 1995
City of Light by Dave WarnerFiction, 1996
Collected poems 1940-1995 by Dorothy HewettPoetry, 1996
Idjhil by Helen BellChildren's Book, 1996
Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance by Howard PedersenHistorical & Critical Studies, 1996
The Kimberley : a journey through northwest Australia by Mike LeonardSpecial, 1996
Lighthouse Spark by Heather GraceFiction, 1996
The Drowner by Robert DreweFiction, 1997
Fetish Lives by Gail JonesFiction joint-winner, Premier's Prize joint-winner, 1997
The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea - The Play by Dickon OxenburghScript, 1997
A place of safety by Deborah LissonChildren's Book, 1997
Songs of Strength - Sixteen Women Talk About Cancer by Women's Cancer GroupSpecial, 1997
The Wreck Of The Zuytdorp On The Western Australian Coast In 1712 by Phillip E. PlayfordHistorical & Critical Studies, 1997
Desert Dog by Pat LoweChildren's Book, 1998
The gatekeeper's wife by Fay ZwickyPoetry, 1998
Going Inland by Pat JacobsFiction, 1998
Hunt by John KinsellaPoetry, 1998
Our State of Mind: Racial Planning & the Stolen Generations by Quentin BeresfordHistorical & Critical Studies, 1998
Pomegranate season by Carolyn PolizzottoOverall, 1998
Red Hugh by Deborah LissonWriting for Young Adults, 1998
Abrolhos islands : conversations by Victor FranceSpecial, 1999
Benang: From the Heart by Kim ScottFiction, 1999
Broken Lives by Estelle BlackburnHistorical & Critical Studies, 1999
Scooterboy by Glyn ParryWriting for Young Adults, 1999
Showtime! 75 Ways to Put on A Show by Reg BoltonChildren's Book, 1999
The Willing Eye by Tracy RyanPoetry, 1999
The Australian Fiance by Simone LazarooFiction, 2000
Darkness by Anthony EatonWriting for Young Adults, 2000
Into the Wadi by Michele DrouartNon-fiction, 2000
The Shark Net by Robert DreweNon-fiction, 2000
Zarconi's Magic Flying Fish by Kirsty MurrayChildren's Book, 2000
Blue China: Single Female Migration to Colonial Australia by Jan GothardNon-fiction, 2001
Dirt Music by Tim WintonFiction, 2001
Halfway Up the Mountain by Dorothy HewettPoetry, 2001
Obsession by Julia LawrinsonWriting for Young Adults, 2001
The White Divers of Broome. The true story of a fatal experiment by John BaileyNon-fiction, 2001
The Yankee whaler : the diary of Thomas Morris, Bunbury W.A. 1876 by Deborah LissonChildren's Book, 2001
Black Mirror by Gail JonesFiction, 2002
Feeling the Heat by Pat LoweWriting for Young Adults, 2002
Going feral by Barbara TempertonPoetry, 2002
In Flanders Fields by Norman Jorgensenshortlist, 2002
The Legend Of Moondyne Joe by Mark GreenwoodChildren's Book, 2002
Mussolini by R. J. B. BosworthNon-fiction, 2002
The Legend of Lasseter's Reef by Mark GreenwoodChildren's Book, 2003
The mindless ferocity of sharks : a novel by Brett D'ArcyFiction, 2003
Nights in the Sun by Colin BowlesWriting for Young Adults, 2003
Old Fremantle: Photographs 1850-1950 (Revised Edition) by John DowsonNon-fiction, 2003
Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems by John KinsellaPoetry, 2003
Shadow Lines by Stephen KinnaneNon-fiction, 2003
Conversations with the Constitution: Not Just a Piece of Paper (Law at Large) by Greg CravenNon-fiction, 2004
Fireshadow by Anthony EatonWriting for Young Adults, 2004
A Home For Bilby by Joanne CrawfordChildren's Book, 2004
Redbill: From Pearls to Peace - The Life and Times of a Remarkable Lugger by Kate LanceNon-fiction, 2004
Sixty Lights by Gail JonesFiction, Premier's Prize, 2004
Cleared Out: First Contact in the Western Desert by Sue DavenportWestern Australian History, 2005
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living by Carrie TiffanyFiction, 2005
Mussolini's Italy: Life Under the Fascist Dictatorship, 1915-1945 by R. J. B. BosworthNon-fiction, 2005
The Paradoxes of Water (Salt Modern Poets) by Rod MoranPoetry, 2005
A Prayer for Blue Delaney by Kirsty MurrayWriting for Young Adults, 2005
Soul of the Desert by Philippa NikulinskyNon-fiction, 2005
Where's Stripey? by Wendy BinksChildren's Book, 2005
'The Last Mandarin: reflections on the career of Sir Arthur Tange' in Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration 94, Dec 1999 by Peter EdwardsNon-fiction, 2006
The Arrival by Shaun TanChildren's Books, Premier's Prize, 2006
Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffreyWriting for Young Adults, 2006
Rob Riley: An Aboriginal Leader's Quest for Justice by Quentin BeresfordNon-fiction, 2006
The travel writer by Simone LazarooFiction, 2006
The Workshops: A History of the Midland Government Railway Workshops by Patrick BertolaWestern Australian History, 2006
The Black Balloon [2008 film] by Elissa DownScript, 2007
Cottesloe : a town of distinction by Ruth Marchant JamesWestern Australian History, 2007
The light river by Hal ColebatchPoetry, 2007
Love is a UFO : or Oscar Updike's incredibly intelligent observations of life, death and other freaky phenomena by Ken SpillmanWriting for Young Adults, 2007
A Matter of Conscience by Antonio ButiNon-fiction, 2007
Other Country by Stephen ScourfieldFiction, 2007
Ziba Came on a Boat by Liz LofthouseChildren's Book, 2007
Doing Life: A Biography of Elizabeth Jolley by Brian DibbleWestern Australian History, 2008
How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob GrahamChildren's Book, 2008
Modern International Dead by Damien MillarScript, 2008
The other way out by Bronwyn LeaPoetry, 2008
Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun TanWriting for Young Adults, 2008
Tall Man: The Death of Doomadgee by Chloe HooperNon-fiction, 2008
Wanting by Richard FlanaganFiction, 2008
Darwin's Armada: Four Voyages and the Battle for the Theory of Evolution by Iain McCalmanNon-fiction, 2009
Harry & Hopper by Margaret WildChildren's Book, 2009
Jasper Jones by Craig SilveyFiction, 2009
Liar by Justine LarbalestierWriting for Young Adults, 2009
Paupers, Poor Relief & Poor Houses in Western Australia 1829 - 1910 by Penelope HetheringtonWestern Australian History, 2009
Summertime: Scenes from Provincial Life by J. M. CoetzeeFiction, 2009
Anonymity Jones by James RoyWriting for Young Adults, 2010
Fire diary by Mark TredinnickPoetry, 2010
The Garden by Robin Craig ClarkDigital Narrative, 2010
Gwen in purgatory by Tommy MurphyScript, 2010
Happy as Larry by Scot GardnerWriting for Young Adults, 2010
That Deadman Dance by Kim ScottFiction, 2010
A Three-cornered Life: The Historian W.K. Hancock by Jim DavidsonNon-fiction, 2010
Toppling by Sally MurphyChildren's Book, 2010
Utopian Man by Lisa LangPeople's Choice, 2010
All That I Am by Anna FunderFiction, 2011
Cloudstreet : the screenplay by Tim WintonScript, 2011
Five Bells by Gail JonesFiction, 2011
Her Father's Daughter by Alice PungNon-fiction, 2011
Justice: A History of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia by Fiona SkyringWestern Australian History, 2011
Machine Man by Max BarryDigital Narrative, 2011
Only Ever Always by Penni RussonWriting for Young Adults, 2011
Sam, Grace and the Shipwreck by Michelle GillespieChildren's Book, 2011
Australian backyard naturalist by Peter MacinnisChildren's Book, 2012
The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo LanaganWriting for Young Adults, 2012
Cumulus: Collected Poems by Robert GrayPoetry, 2012
Kurlumarniny: We Come from the Desert by Monty (Minyjun) HaleWestern Australian History, 2012
Pookie Aleera is Not My Boyfriend by Steven HerrickChildren's Book, 2012
Questions of Travel by Michelle De KretserFiction, 2012
Alex As Well by Alyssa BrugmanYoung Adults ∙ 2014
The Baby Swap by Jan OrmerodChildren’s Books ∙ 2014
Boy, Lost by Kristina OlssonNon-Fiction, 2014
Kerry Stokes: Self-Made Man by Margaret SimonsWestern Australia History ∙ 2014
Light Horse Boy by Dianne WolferChildren's Books, 2014
The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard FlanaganPremier's Prize, 2014
Six different windows by Paul HetheringtonPoetry ∙ 2014
The Duck and the Darklings by Glenda MillardChildren’s, 2016
Fever of animals by Miles AllinsonPeople’s Choice, 2016
The Golden Age by Joan LondonFiction, 2016
The guardians by Lucy DouganPoetry, 2016
Lost & Found by Brooke DavisEmerging Writers, 2016
The Protected by Claire ZornYoung Adult, 2016
Running Out?: Water in Western Australia by Ruth A. MorganWestern Australian History ∙ 2016
This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial by Helen GarnerPremier's Prize, Premier's Prize ∙ 2016
Timelord dreaming : tweetems from ward 8b by David P. ReiterDigital Narrative ∙ 2016
Catch a Falling Star by Meg McKinlayWriting for Children, 2019
Invisible Boys by Holden SheppardEmerging Writer, 2019
Homecoming by Elfie ShiosakiEmerging Writer, 2021
A Glasshouse of Stars by Shirley MarrWriting for Children, 2022
Banjawarn by Josh KempEmerging Writer, 2023
The Red Witch: A Biography of Katharine Susannah Prichard by Nathan HobbyBook of the Year, 2023
Wild Australian Life by Leonard CroninWriting for Children, 2023