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10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others That Didn't Help by Benjamin Wiker
Acid Tongues and Tranquil Dreamers: Eight Scientific Rivalries That Changed the World by Michael White
After Alice by Gregory Maguire
The Age of Revolution, 1789-1848 by Eric Hobsbawmnot in English Common Knowledge
The Altruism Equation: Seven Scientists Search for the Origins of Goodness by Lee Alan Dugatkin
Asperger's and Self-Esteem: Insight and Hope through Famous Role Models by Norm Ledgin
At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson
Den blinde skaparen : en essä om Darwin och livets sammanhang by Sverker Sörlinnot in English Common Knowledge
Bournemouth's Founders and Famous Visitors by Andrew Normannot in English Common Knowledge
A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through Our Genes by Adam Rutherford
Burn by Herman Pontzer PhD
The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy by Michael F. Patton
Charles Darwin by David C. Kingnot in English Common Knowledge
Charles Darwin by L. Robert Stevens
Charles Darwin - hädare eller hedersman? : en bok om evolutionism och kreationism samt livets ursprung och mening by Stefan Nordströmnot in English Common Knowledge
Charles Darwin : herinneringen by Alfred Russel Wallacenot in English Common Knowledge
Charles Darwin : Leben, Werk, Wirkung by Siegfried Schmitz
Charles Darwin and Evolution by Bernard Stonehousenot in English Common Knowledge
Charles Darwin. Mit Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten. by Johannes Hemlebennot in English Common Knowledge
Charles Darwin: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History
Charles Darwin: The Naturalist Who Started a Scientific Revolution by Cyril Aydonnot in English Common Knowledge
Charles Darwin: The Scholar Who Changed Human History by Patrick Tortnot in English Common Knowledge
Darwin (The Routledge Philosophers) by Tim Lewensnot in English Common Knowledge
Darwin : den försynte revolutionären by Stellan Ottossonnot in English Common Knowledge
Darwin and the Beagle by Alan Mooreheadnot in English Common Knowledge
Darwin Comes to Town: How the Urban Jungle Drives Evolution by Menno Schilthuizen
Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnsonnot in English Common Knowledge
Darwin: A Graphic Biography by Eugene Byrne
Darwin’s werk en persoonlijkheid by Abraham Schierbeeknot in English Common Knowledge
Department of Mind-Blowing Theories by Tom Gauld
The Dragon Seekers: How an Extraordinary Circle of Fossilists Discovered the Dinosaurs and Paved the Way for Darwin by Christopher McGowan
Evolutionair denken : de invloed van Darwin op ons wereldbeeld by Chris Buskesnot in English Common Knowledge
Explor-a-maze by Robert Snedden
Extracts from letters addressed to Professor Henslow by C. Darwin, Esq by Charles Darwin
Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism by Susan JacobyCharles Robert: 1809-1882
The Ghost in the Garden: In Search of Darwin's Lost Garden by Jude Piesse
Godless Citizens in a Godly Republic: Atheists in American Public Life by Isaac Kramnick
Great Tales from English History Omnibus by Robert Lacey
Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet by Tim Flannerynot in English Common Knowledge
How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
Letters of Note: Volume 1: An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience by Shaun Usher
Lucy's Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins by Donald C. Johanson
Na de Amazone by Redmond O'Hanlonnot in English Common Knowledge
Naming Nature: The Clash Between Instinct and Science by Carol Kaesuk Yoon
Neue Sternstunden der Philosophie. Schlüsselerlebnisse großer Denker von Platon bis Adorno by Otto A. Böhmernot in English Common Knowledge
New Scientist, 23 January 1964 by New Scientistnot in English Common Knowledge
The Origin of the Species [short story] by Viktor Pelevin
The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History by Stephen Jay Gould
The Reason for the Darkness of the Night by John Tresch
Rebel Giants: The Revolutionary Lives of Abraham Lincoln & Charles Darwin by David R. Contosta
Los retos actuales del darwinismo ¿una teoría en crisis? by Juan Moreno Klemmingnot in English Common Knowledge
Russinkungen by Fredrik Sjöbergnot in English Common Knowledge
Saddled with Darwin: A Journey Through South America by Toby Greennot in English Common Knowledge
Sapiens: A Graphic History, The Birth of Humankind (Vol. 1) by Yuval Noah Harari
Science Comics: Dogs: From Predator to Protector by Andy Hirsch
Slightly Foxed 29: An Editorial Peacock by Gail Pirkis'On the origin of species'
Sophie's World by Jostein Gaardernot in English Common Knowledge
The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack by Mark Hodder
Super Quiz Book For Boys by David Robertsnot in English Common Knowledge
An Unconventional Wife: the life of Julia Sorell Arnold by Mary Hoban
Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver
The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos by Leonard Mlodinow
The Victorians by A. N. Wilsonnot in English Common Knowledge
Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnsonnot in English Common Knowledge
The Woman Who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America's Enemies by Jason Fagone