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'Platonic' Is the Hardest Word by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Avengers Assemble #5 by Brian Michael Bendis
Avengers Forever by Kurt Busiek
Avengers/Defenders War by Steve Englehart
Avengers: Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman by Chuck DixonHawkeye
Avengers: The Big Three by Steve Englehart
Avengers: The Kree-Skrull War by Roy Thomas
Black Widow by Kelly Thompson Vol. 1: The Ties That Bind by Kelly ThompsonHawkeye
Black Widow By Kelly Thompson Vol. 3: Die by the Blade by Kelly ThompsonHawkeye
Civil War: Warzones! by Charles SouleVenom
Dark Avengers, Vol. 1: Assemble by Brian Michael BendisRonin
Essential Avengers, Volume 1 by Stan Lee
Essential Avengers, Volume 2 by Stan Lee
Essential Avengers, Volume 3 by Roy Thomas
Essential Avengers, Volume 5 by Roy Thomas
Essential Doctor Strange, Volume 2 by Roy Thomas
Essential Thor, Volume 2 by Stan Lee
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America by Jeph Loeb
Fantastic Four: Grand Design by Tom ScioliHawkeye
Hawkeye, Vol. 2: Little Hits by Matt Fraction
Hawkeye, Vol. 5: All-New Hawkeye by Jeff Lemire
Hawkeye: Freefall by Matthew RosenbergHawkeye, Ronin
Hawkeye: Kate Bishop by Marieke Nijkamp
Immortal Hulk Vol. 10: Of Hell and Death by Al EwingHawkeye
Immortal Hulk Vol. 3: Hulk in Hell (The Incredible Hulk) by Al Ewing
JLA/Avengers: The Collector's Edition by Kurt BusiekHawkeye
Marvel Zombies 2 by Robert Kirkman
Marvel’s The Avengers [2012 film] by Joss Whedon
The Mighty Avengers (Vol. 1) #29 by Dan Slott
The New Avengers Omnibus, Volume 1 by Brian Michael Bendis
Panthers, Hulks and Ironhearts: Marvel, Diversity and the 21st Century Superhero by Jeffrey A. BrownHawkeye
Secret Wars by Jonathan HickmanHawkeye
Stan Lee presents The Incredible Hulk : Featuring a Classic Tale by Harlan Ellison by Roy Thomas
Stan Lee Presents the Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of the Avengers by Roy Thomas
Tales of Suspense: Hawkeye & the Winter Soldier by Matthew RosenbergHawkeye
Thunderbolts: Marvel's Most Wanted by Stan Lee
The Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 2: Civil War II by Greg Pak
The Ultimates by Mark MillarHawkeye
The Ultimates Volume 2: Homeland Security by Mark Millar
Venomverse by Cullen BunnHawkeye
War Machine Volume 2: Dark Reign by Greg Pak