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"Farmer" George's black sheep : the lives and loves of George III's siblings by Charles Neilson Gattey
1000 Years of Annoying the French by Stephen Clarke
1776 by David McCullough
1776: The Illustrated Edition by David McCullough
200 Jahre Göttinger Cook-Sammlung by Manfred Urban
Abigail Adams by Woody Holton
The Age of Aristocracy, 1688-1830 by William B. Willcox
The age of caricature : satirical prints in the reign of George III by Diana Donald
The Age of George III by Reginald James White
The Age of Scandal by T. H. White
The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science by Richard Holmes
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
America's Constitution: A Biography by Akhil Reed Amar
America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735–1918 by Richard Brookhiser
America's Last King: An Interpretation of the Madness of George III by Manfred Schanfarber Guttmacher
The American Heritage Book of The Revolution by Bruce Lancaster
American Revolution (Eyewitness Books) by Stuart Murray
Architect King by David Watkin
Aristocrats by Stella Tillyard
Arms and Independence: The Military Character of the American Revolution by Ronald Hoffman
At Home : a short history of private life by Bill Bryson
Bagehot's Historical Essays by Walter Bagehot
Barry Lyndon [1975 film] by Stanley KubrickRoger Booth
Battlefields And Blessings V2-Revolutionary War(Stories of Faith and Courage (Battlefields & Blessings) by Jane Hampton Cook
Bedlam: London and its Mad by Catharine Arnold
Benjamin Franklin by Edmund S. Morgan
Benjamin Franklin
Bis ans Ende der Meere: Die Reise des Malers John Webber mit Captain Cook by Lukas Hartmann
The Black Count: Napoleon's Rival and the Real Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas by Tom Reiss
Blood royal: The illustrious House of Hanover by Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson
Brighton Honeymoon by Sheri Cobb Southas Prince Regent
The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777 by Rick Atkinson
British Legends: The Life and Legacy of King George III by Charles River Editors
Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707–1837 by Linda Colley
Bully: King George III, America's Enemy by Philip Brooks
Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? by Jean Fritz
Caroline and Charlotte: Regency Scandals by Alison Plowden
Caroline, a biography of Caroline of Brunswick by Thea Holme
the common touch - a doctor's diverting look at fourteen famous patients by J. H. Leavesley
A complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours; the fourth edition; commencing with the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard II. And ending with the sixteenth year of the reign of King George III. With two alphabetical tables to the whole. To which is prefixed, a new preface By Francis Hargrave, Esquire. Volume the first [- Volume the eleventh] by Francis] [Hargrave
Constitutional History of the UK by Ann Lyon
Courtesans: Money, Sex and Fame in the Nineteenth Century by Katie Hickman
The Courtiers: Splendor and Intrigue in the Georgian Court at Kensington Palace by Lucy Worsley
Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766 by Fred Anderson
A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab
Death or Liberty: African Americans and Revolutionary America by Douglas R. Egerton
The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson
The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody by Will Cuppy
The diaries of Colonel the Hon. Robert Fulke Greville,: Equerry to His Majesty King George III; by Hon. Robert Fulke Greville
Don't Know Much About the Kings and Queens of England by Kenneth C. Davis
Edward of Kent: The Life Story of Queen Victoria's Father by David Duff
Eighteenth Century England by Dorothy Marshall
The Emerging Nation, V. 2: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789 by S/N 030-000-00269-5
The Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789 (Vol. I) by Mary A. Giunta
The English Humourists / The Four Georges by William Makepeace Thackeray
Faithful Handmaid: Fanny Burney at the Court of King George III by Hester Davenport
Famous Letters: Messages & Thoughts That Shaped Our World by Frank McLynn
Farmer Buckley's Exploding Trousers: and Other Odd Events on the Way to Scientific Discovery by Stephanie Pain
The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream by Kirkpatrick Sale
The First Four Georges by J. H. Plumb
The First Salute: A View of the American Revolution by Barbara W. Tuchman
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph J. Ellis
Founding Fathers: The Fight for Freedom and the Birth of American Liberty by K. M. Kostyal
The Four Georges: Volume III by Justin McCarthy
The Four Georges; Lovel the Widower by W. M. Thackeray
The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America by Walter R. Borneman
From Despotism to Revolution, 1763–1789 by Leo Gershoy
George Canning and his times by Augustus Granville Stapleton
GEORGE III by J. C. Long
George III (British Library Historic Lives (British Library)) by Christopher Wright
George III and Queen Charlotte by Christopher Lloyd
George III and the American Revolution by Frank Arthur Mumby
George III and the Historians by Herbert Butterfield
George III and the Mad-business by Ida Macalpine
George III and the Satirists from Hogarth to Byron by Vincent Carretta
George III as Man, Monarch and Statesman by Beckles Willson
George III at home by Nesta Pain
George III's Children by John Van der Kiste
George III, collector & patron : an exhibition of paintings, drawings, furniture, clocks, porcelain, silver, scientific instruments, books, miniatures, gems : the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, 1974-5 by Queen's Gallery.,
George III, tyrant or constitutional monarch? by E. A. Reitan
George III: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert
George III: America's Last King by Jeremy Black
George IV by E. A. Smith
George IV, Prince of Wales, 1762-1811 by Christopher Hibbert
George the Third by Stanley Edward Ayling
George the Third and Charles Fox, the concluding part of The American revolution by George Otto Trevelyan
George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides by Rosalyn Schanzer
George Washington by Marian Leighton
George Washington's World by Genevieve Foster
George Washington, the image and the man by William E. Woodward
The Georgian Princesses by John Van der Kiste
The Georgian Star: How William and Caroline Herschel Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Cosmos by Michael Lemonick
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman
The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 by Robert Middlekauff
The Good Americans: The Loyalists In the American Revolution by Wallace Brown
The Gorgeous Georgians by Terry Deary
A Great and Necessary Measure: George Grenville and the Genesis of the Stamp Act, 1763-1765 by John L. Bullion
Great Britain since 1688; a modern history by K. B. Smellie
The Great Mutiny by James Dugan
The Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made It Into the Twenty-First Century by Peter Conradi
Great Tales from English History Omnibus by Robert Lacey
Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda
The Hanoverians: The History of a Dynasty by Jeremy Black
High Society in Regency Period, 1788-1830 by Venetia Murray
A History of England by David Harris Willson
A History of England: Constitutional Monarchy : William and Mary to William IV 1689-1837 by J. Franck Bright
A History of the American Revolution by John R. Alden
A History of the Four Georges by Justin McCarthy
A History of the Four Georges, Volume II by Justin McCarthy
The Horizon Concise History of England by Reginald James White
The House of Lords in the Age George III (1760-1811) (Parliamentary History Book Series) by Michael W. McCahill
How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein
Immortal Last Words: History's Most Memorable Dying Remarks, Deathbed Statements and Final Farewells by Terry Breverton
In Defiance of the Law: The Standing-Army Controversy, the Two Constitutions, and the Coming of the American Revolution by John Phillip Reid
Iron Tears: America's Battle for Freedom, Britain's Quagmire: 1775-1783 by Stanley Weintraub
Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware
Israel Potter: His Fifty Years of Exile by Herman Melville
John Adams by David McCullough
John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy by Evan Thomas
John the Painter: Terrorist of the American Revolution by Jessica Warner
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Journals and Letters by Frances Burney by Fanny Burney
Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain by Alastair Bruce
Kew: A History by Ray Desmond
The King and the Catholics: England, Ireland, and the Fight for Religious Freedom, 1780-1829 by Antonia Fraser
King George III by John Brooke
King George III (First Book) by Robert Green
King George III (Revolutionary War Leaders) by Ann Gaines
King Richard III and the Politicians by Richard Pares
The King Who Lost America. George III and Independence by Allen Andrews
The King Who Lost America: A Portrait of the Life and Times of George III by Alan Lloyd
King William IV by Philip Ziegler
King's Astronomer: William Herschel by Deborah Crawford
The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery by Wendy Moore
The Last King of America: The Misunderstood Reign of George III by Andrew Roberts
THE LATER CORRESPONDENCE OF GEORGE III (THREE VOLUMES) VOL. I, 1783 - 1793. VOL. II, 1793 - 1797. VOL. III, 1798 - 1801 by A. Aspinall
The Letters of King George III by Bonamy Dobree
Letters to My Grandchildren by Tony Benn
The Life and Major Works of Thomas Paine by Philip S. Foner
The life and times of George III by John Clarke
Life and times of Her Majesty Caroline Matilda, queen of Denmark and Norway, and sister of H. M. George III. of England, by Lascelles Wraxall
The Life and Times of William IV by Anne Somerset
A Life Everlasting by Miranda Hearn
Life in Regency England by Reginald James White
Life Mask by Emma Donoghue
The Line Upon a Wind: The Great War at Sea, 1793-1815 by Noel Mostert
The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England by Antonia Fraser
The London Encyclopedia by Ben Weinreb
The Longitude Prize by Joan Dash
The Longman history of the United States of America by Hugh Brogan
The Loyalists: Revolution Exile Settlement by Christopher Moore
Madness In Power by Francois Ribadeau Dumas
The Madness of George III by Alan Bennett
The Madness of George III : 1993 [theatre programme] by Royal National Theatre
The Madness of King George [1994 film] by Nicholas HytnerNigel Hawthorne
Map Of A Nation: A Biography Of The Ordnance Survey by Rachel Hewitt
Maria Fitzherbert: The Secret Wife of George IV by James Munson
Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography by Jean H. Bakermentioned
The Men Who Lost America: British Leadership, the American Revolution, and the Fate of the Empire (The Lewis Walpole Series in Eighteenth-Century Culture and History) by Andrew Jackson O'Shaughnessy
Music and Monarchy by David Starkey
Mysteries of History by Robert Stewart
Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Lafayette!: A Revolutionary War Tale by Nathan Hale
The Natural History Museum: Nature's Treasurehouse by John Thackray
New light on the tyrant George III by J. H. Plumb
Not in Front of the Corgis by Brian Hoey
On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry Into Some Strangely Related Families by Jeremy Paxman
Origins of the American Revolution by John C. Miller
Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls by H. E. Marshall
The Oxford History of the American People by Samuel Eliot Morison
Party Ideology and Popular Politics at the Accession of George III by John Brewer
Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer
Peace and the peacemakers : the treaty of 1783 by Ronald Hoffman
The Perils of Peace: America's Struggle for Survival After Yorktown by Thomas J. Fleming
Phantom Terror: Political Paranoia and the Creation of the Modern State, 1789-1848 by Adam Zamoyski
Phillis Wheatley: America's First Black Poetess by Miriam Morris Fuller
The Prince and the Quakeress by Jean Plaidy
Prince of Pleasure: The Prince of Wales and the Making of the Regency by Saul David
Princesses: The Six Daughters of George III by Flora Fraser
Profiles in Folly: History's Worst Decisions and Why They Went Wrong by Alan Axelrod
Purple Secret by John C.G. Rohl
Queen Charlotte by Olwen Hedley
Queen of Bedlam by Laura Purcell
Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart by John Guyin reference to porphyria
Queen of Tears: Caroline Matilda, Queen of Denmark and Norway and Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, A (two volumes) by W.H. Wilkins
Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey
Queen Victoria: From Her Birth to the Death of the Prince Consort by Cecil Woodham-Smith
A Radical History of Britain: Visionaries, Rebels and Revolutionaries - The Men and Women Who Fought for Our Freedoms by Edward Vallance
Redcoats and Rebels: The American Revolution Through British Eyes by Christopher Hibbert
The Reign of George III, 1760-1815 by J. Steven Watson
Revolution on the Hudson: New York City and the Hudson River Valley in the American War of Independence by George C. Daughan
The Ring and the Crown: A History of Royal Weddings, 1066-2011 by Alison Weir
A Royal Affair: George III and His Scandalous Siblings by Stella Tillyard
The royal dukes and princesses of the family of George III: a view of court life and manners for seventy years, 1760-1830 (2 volumes) by Percy Fitzgerald
The royal malady by Charles Chenevix Trench
The Royal Navy 1793-1815 by Gregory Fremont-Barnes
Royal Poxes & Potions: The Lives of Court Physicians, Surgeons & Apothecaries by Raymond Lamont-Brown
Sacred and Profane a Novel of the Life and Times of Mozart by David Weiss
Sam Adams's Revolution, 1765-1776: With the Assistance of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Iii, and the People of Boston by Cass Canfield
Samuel Johnson by Francis Richard Charles Grant
Scars of Independence: America's Violent Birth by Holger Hoock
Schoolhouse Rock! America Rock by David B. McCall
The Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America by Colin G. Calloway
Secret history of the court of England : from the accession of George the Third to the death of George the Fourth ... by Lady Anne Hamilton
A Short History of the American Revolution by James L. Stokesbury
Silver from a Gilded Age: George III to Queen Victoria by John Adamson
Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy by Ian W. Toll
Six Royal Sisters by Morris Marples
A Social History of Madness: The World Through the Eyes of the Insane by Roy Porter
Sonata Mulattica: Poems by Rita Dove
Sophie de Tott: Artist in a Time of Revolution by Julia GasperKing of England
Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-1788: and the Formation of the Federal Constitution by Samuel Eliot Morison
St James' Palace: A History by Kenneth Scott
The Story of the Declaration of Independence by Dumas Malone
The Strangest Family by Janice Hadlow
The structure of politics at the accession of George III by Lewis Namier
Sugar: A Bittersweet History by Elizabeth Abbott
Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill by Jean Plaidy
The Temptation of the Night Jasmine by Lauren Willig
The Third George by Jean Plaidy
Thomas Jefferson by Inc. Academic Industries
Three Blind Mice: The Dark History of Nursery Rhymes by Albert Jack
The Tower of London in the History of England by A. L. Rowse
Triangle Histories of the Revolutionary War: Leaders - King George III by Scott Ingram
Turn: Washington's Spies - The Complete Second Season by Craig Silverstein (creator)
Understanding the Bill of Rights by Sally Senzell Isaacs
The Union Jack: The Story of the British Flag by Nick Groomnot in English Common Knowledge
The Unruly Queen by Flora Fraser
An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: (or 2000 Years of Upper Class Idiots in Charge) by John O'Farrell
La Vie quotidienne en Angleterre au temps de George III by André Parreaux
The War That Made America: A Short History of the French and Indian War by Fred Anderson
Who's Who in Early Hanoverian Britain, 1714-89 by G. R. R. Treasure
William Pitt the Younger by William Hague
William Pitt, the Younger by P. W. Wilson
Women of the Sea: Ten Pirate Stories by Myra Weatherly
The Year of Liberty: The Great Irish Rebellion of 1798 by Thomas Pakenham