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Advance and Destroy: Patton as Commander in the Bulge (American Warriors Series) by John Nelson Rickard
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Bitter Victory: The Battle for Sicily, 1943 by Carlo D'Este
Black Hollywood: Reimagining Iconic Movie Moments by Carell Augustusportrayed by Aisha Hinds
Blood and Guts: The True Story of General George S. Patton, USA by John Devaney
Bodyguard of Lies by Anthony Cave Brown
Brothers, Rivals, Victors: Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and the Partnership that Drove the Allied Conquest in Europe by Jonathan W. Jordan
C: The Secret Life of Sir Stewart Graham Menzies, Spymaster to Winston Churchill by Anthony Cave Brown
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The Hinge of Fate by Winston S. Churchill
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Historical: Wars of the Republic Era by Catalyst Game Labs
The Hunt for Pancho Villa - The Columbus Raid and Pershing's Punitive Expedition 1916-17 by Alejandro de Quesada
Ijzeren Patton by Jan Bauwens
Ike at the mike (short story) by Howard Waldrop
An Interactive Biography of Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton by Charles River Editors
An Interactive Biography of George Patton by Charles River Editors
It's How You Play the Game: The Powerful Sports Moments That Taught Lasting Values to America's Finest by Brian Kilmeadegeneral
Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II's Most Audacious General by Bill O'Reilly
The Last Days of Patton by Ladislas Farago
Liberation of Paris 1944 : Patton's race for the Seine by Steven J. Zaloga
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Lucky Forward by Robert S. Allen
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A Soldier's Story by Omar N. Bradley
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I Was With Patton: First-Person Accounts of WWII In George S. Patton's Command by D. A. Lande
The Way It Wasn't : Great Science Fiction Stories of Alternate History by Martin Harry Greenberg
When the Third cracked Europe; the story of Patton's incredible army by Paul D Harkins
Worldwar: Striking the Balance by Harry Turtledove