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The Acentric Labyrinth: Giordano Bruno's Prelude to Contemporary Cosmology by Ramon G. Mendoza
Aegypt by John Crowley
Alchemy by S. J. Parris
All the Queen's Men by Peter Brimacombe
Atheism: A Reader by S. T. Joshi
The Barmaid's Brain: And Other Strange Tales from Science by Jay Ingram
Black Lies as Evangelic Aids: Defamation as an Ingredient of Evangelism by Frank Swancara
The book collector, vol. 5, no. 2, Summer 1956 by Christopher Dobsonfirst editions, incl. check-list
The book collector, vol. 5, no. 4, Winter 1956 by Ian Flemingaddendum
Cause, Principle and Unity by Giordano Bruno
Cities of light and sons of the morning; a cultural psychology for an age of revolution by Martin Burgess Green
A Concise History of Italy by Christopher Duggan
Conspiracy by S. J. Parris
The Cosmology of Giordano Bruno by Paul-Henri Michel
Cosmos: The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science and Civilisation by Carl Sagan
Doctor Sleep by Madison Smartt Bell
Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson by Jennifer Michael Hecht
Elizabeth's Spymaster: Francis Walsingham and the Secret War That Saved England by Robert Hutchinson
Execution by S. J. Parris
Filosofia e religione nel Cinquecento italiano by Alfonso Ingegno
Giordano Bruno by Michele Ciliberto
Giordano Bruno by Anna Foa
Giordano Bruno by McIntyre J. Lewis
Giordano Bruno by Walter Pater
Giordano Bruno by Leopoldo Schefer
Giordano Bruno by Enzo Mazzi
Giordano Bruno by Bertrand Levergeoisnot in English Common Knowledge1548-1600
Giordano Bruno : mit selbstzeugnissen und bilddokumenten by Jochen Kirchhoff
Giordano Bruno and Renaissance Science by Hilary Gatti
Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair by John Bossy
Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition by Frances A. Yates
Giordano Bruno and the Logic of Coincidence: Unity and Multiplicity in the Philosophical Thought of Giordano Bruno by Antonio Calcagno
Giordano Bruno, his life and thought: With annotated translation of his work ; On the infinite universe and worlds by Dorothea Waley Singer
Giordano Bruno, Mystic Martyr by J. Lewis McIntyre
Giordano Bruno. by Gerhard Wehrnot in English Common Knowledge
Giordano Bruno: Philosopher/Heretic by Ingrid D. Rowland
Giordano Bruno: Theosophy's Apostle in the Sixteenth Century by Annie Besant
La gran aventura de la humanidad Historia de la evolución del concepto físico-natural del universo by Claus Eigknot in English Common Knowledge
Her Majesty's Spymaster: Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Walsingham, and the Birth of Modern Espionage by Stephen Budiansky
Heresy by S. J. Parris
Heretics!: The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy by Steven Nadler
The Heretics: Heresy Through the Ages by Walter Nigg
Hidden Intercourse: Eros and Sexuality in the History of Western Esotericism by Wouter J. Hanegraaff
The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World by Lacey Baldwin Smith
How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age by Theodore Schick
Ideas of liberty in early modern Europe: from Machiavelli to Milton by Hilary Gatti
The Infinite Worlds of Giordano Bruno by Antoinette Mann Paterson
I Know What I Am: The Life and Times of Artemisia Gentileschi by Gina Siciliano
Lives of the Great Occultists by Kevin Jackson
Love & Sleep by John Crowley
Lull & Bruno by Frances A. Yatesnot in English Common Knowledge
Modern Thinkers and Present Problems by Jr. Singer, Ph.D. Edgar A.
More Light: Play About the Heretic Giordano Bruno by Snoo Wilson
New Worlds, Lost Worlds: The Rule of the Tudors, 1485-1603 by Susan Brigden
The Occult Mind: Magic in Theory and Practice by Christopher I. Lehrich
The persistent problems of philosophy : an introduction to metaphysics through the study of modern systems by Mary Whiton Calkins
The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained by Will Buckingham
Pilgrims Of The Night: Pathfinders of the Magical Way by Lars B. Lindholm
The Pope and the Heretic: The True Story of Giordano Bruno, the Man Who Dared to Defy the Roman Inquisition by Michael White
Prophecy by S. J. Parris
Pythagoras' Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars by Margaret Wertheim
Sacrilege by S. J. Parris
The Secret Dead by S. J. Parris
Theological-Political Treatise by Baruch Spinoza
Treachery by S. J. Parris
Under the Molehill: An Elizabethan Spy Story by John Bossy
The Value of Freethought: How to Become a Truth-Seeker and Break the Chain of Mental Slavery by Bertrand Russell
The Venetians: A New History: From Marco Polo to Casanova by Paul Strathern
What Great Infidels Have Done to Advance Civilization by Robert G. Ingersoll
Τζιορντάνο Μπρούνο : Η θέση του στην ιστορία της φιλοσοφίας και των ιδεών by Ιωάννης Φίκας1548-1600