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All the Queen's Men by Peter Brimacombe
All the Queen's Men: Elizabeth I and Her Courtiers by Neville Williams
Aly, Michelangelo's Son by Peter Cane
The Battle of Bosworth by Michael Bennett
Battle of Bosworth Field by William Hutton
Blood Royal: The Wars of the Roses: 1462-1485 by Hugh Bicheno
Book Production and Publishing in Britain 1375-1475 (Cambridge Studies in Publishing and Printing History) by Jeremy Griffiths
Bosworth 1485: The Battle that Transformed England by Michael K. Jones
Bosworth Field and the Wars of the Roses by A. L. Rowse
Bosworth: The Birth of the Tudors by Chris Skidmore
A Brief History of Medieval Warfare by Peter Reid
Catherine of Aragon by Garrett Mattingly
Caxton's Own Prose by N. F. Blake
Caxton's Trace: Studies in the History of English Printing by William Kuskin
Chronicles of the Tudor Kings by David Loades
The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory
Constitutional History of the UK by Ann Lyon
The Crisis of Parliaments: English History, 1509-1660 by Conrad Russell
A Dark History: Tudors Murder, Adultery, Incest, Witchcraft, Wars, Religious Persection, Piracy by Judith John
The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey
The Death of Kings : Royal Deaths in Medieval England by Michael Evans
Destiny's Child by Iris Gower
The Dragon and the Rose by Roberta Gellisas Duke of Richmond
The Dragon Waiting by John M. Fordas Henry Tudor
The Dragon's Trail: The Biography of Raphael's Masterpiece by Joanna Pitman
The Earlier Tudors, 1485-1558 by J. D. Mackieas Henry Tudor
Edward IV by Charles Ross
Edward V: The Prince in the Tower by Michael Hicks
Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World by Alison Weir
Elizabeth Wydeville: The Slandered Queen by Arlene Okerlund
The Elizabethan Renaissance: The Life of the Society by A. L. Rowse
Eminent Elizabethans by A. L. Rowse
England in the Late Middle Ages by A. R. Myers
England in the Later Middle Ages: A Political History by M.H. Keen
England Under the Tudors by G. R. Elton
England: 1000 Things You Need to Know by Nicholas Hobbes
England: A Concise History by F. E. Halliday
English history for the use of public schools ... Period 11 : Personal monarchy ... by J. Franck Bright
English Monarchs: William The Conqueror, Henry VIII, Edward The Confessor, Henry VII, Henry II, Edward IV, Richard III (7 Volume Set Complete) by Charles Ross
Good King Richard? by Jeremy Potter
Great Britain to 1688, a modern history by Maurice Ashley
Great Tales from English History Omnibus by Robert Lacey
Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeareearl of Richmond
Henry VII by S. B. Chrimes
Henry VII by Sean Cunningham
Henry VII: The First Tudor King by Bryan Beavan
Henry VIII's Wives: History in an Hour by Julie Wheeler
A History of England by David Harris Willson
The History of England, from the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of Henry VIII. (1485-1547) by H. A. L. Fisher
History of Two Queens. Catharine of Aragon. Anne Boleyn: Volume 2. Volume 2 by William Hepworth Dixon
The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World by Lacey Baldwin SmithHenry Tudor
Imagining Robin Hood: The Late Medieval Stories in Historical Context by A.J. Pollard
Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen by Alison Weir
Keepers of the Kingdom: The Ancient Offices of Britain by Alastair Bruce
The King's Grace: A Novel by Anne Easter Smith
The King's Curse by Philippa Gregory
The King's Daughter by Sandra Worth
The King's Grave: The Search for Richard III by Philippa Langley
The King's Mother: Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby by Michael K. Jones
Lancaster against York by Trevor Royle
Lancastrians and Yorkists: The Wars of the Roses by David R. Cook
Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII by S. B. Chrimes
The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of His DNA by John Ashdown-Hill
The Last Medieval Queens: English Queenship 1445-1503 by J. L. Laynesmith
The Last White Rose by Alison Weir
The Last White Rose: The Secret Wars of the Tudors by Desmond Seward
The Life and Times of Henry VII by Neville Williams
The Life and Times of Henry VII - an Illustrated Guide to Places of Interest by George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd and Book Club A
Life in Elizabethan England by A. H. Dodd
The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir
Lion Invincible by Carol Wensby-Scott
Loyaultie Me Lie: Bosworth Field, August 22, 1485 by Michael W. Kennedy
Making Martyrs: Political Martyrdom in Late Medieval England by D. Piroyansky
The Making of the Tudor Dynasty by Ralph A. Griffiths
Margaret of York: The Diabolical Duchess by Christine Weightman
Mary Queen of Scots by Retha Warnicke
Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Stefan Zweig
The Measly Middle Ages by Terry Deary
The Military Campaigns of the Wars of the Roses by Philip A. Haigh
Mistress of Mourning by Karen Harper
The Mystery of the Princes by Audrey Williamson
The New World by Winston S. Churchill
On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry Into Some Strangely Related Families by Jeremy Paxman
Our Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls by H. E. Marshall
The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume I: The Origins of Empire: British Overseas Enterprise to the Close of the Seventeenth Century by Nicholas P. Canny
Pale Rose of England: A Novel of the Tudors by Sandra Worth
The Perfect Prince: Truth and Deception in Renaissance Europe by Ann Wroe
The Perkin Warbeck Conspiracy 1491-1499 by Ian Arthurson
Plantagenet Encyclopedia: An Alphabetic Guide to 400 Years of English History by Elizabeth Hallam
Plantagenet Princess by Hilda Brookman Stanier
The Player King by Avi
The Princes in the Tower by Elizabeth Jenkins
The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir
The Private Lives of the Tudors: Uncovering the Secrets of Britain's Greatest Dynasty by Tracy Borman
Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart by John Guy
The Queen's Orders of Chivalry by Sir. Ivan De la Bere
The Queen's Sister by Sandra Wilson
The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
The reign of Henry VII from contemporary sources (v.1) by A. F. Pollard
The Reign of Henry VII from Contemporary Sources (v.2) by A. F. Pollard
The reign of Henry VII from contemporary sources (v.3) by A. F. Pollard
The reign of Henry VII from contemporary sources 3 VOLS. by A. F. Pollard
Richard : The Young King To Be by Josephine Wilkinson
Richard III by Charles Derek Ross
Richard III and the Bosworth Campaign by Peter Hammond
Richard III and the Princes in the Tower by A.J. Pollard
Richard III: A Royal Enigma by Sean Cunningham
Richard III: The Road to Bosworth Field by P. W. Hammond
Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall
Richmond & Elizabeth by Brenda Honeyman
The Ring and the Crown: A History of Royal Weddings, 1066-2011 by Alison Weir
The Rose at Twilight by Amanda Scott
Royal Blood: King Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes by Bertram Fields
Royal Witches: Witchcraft and the Nobility in Fifteenth-Century England by Gemma Hollman
The Secret Bride by Diane Haeger
The Shadow of the Tower [1972 TV mini series] by Prudence Fitzgerald
The Shadow Prince by Terence Morgan
The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser
The Son of Prophecy: Henry Tudor's Road to Bosworth by David Rees
Das Spiel der Könige by Rebecca Gablé Henry Tudor
The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penmanas Henry Tudor
The Survival of the Princes in the Tower: Murder, Mystery and Myth by Matthew Lewis
The Terrible Tudors by Terry Deary
The Third Plantagenet: George, Duke of Clarence, Richard III's Brother by John Ashdown-Hill
This Realm of England 1399-1688 by Lacey Baldwin Smith
The Thistle and the Rose by Jean Plaidy
The Three Richards: Richard I, Richard II and Richard III by Nigel Saul
To Hold the Crown: The Story of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York (A Novel of the Tudors) by Jean Plaidy
The Tower of London in the History of England by A. L. Rowse
The Tragedy of Richard the Third by William Shakespeare
The Tudor Age by James A. Williamson
Tudor England by John Guy
The Tudor Rose by Margaret Campbell Barnes
Tudor: The Family Story by Leanda De Lisle
The Tudors by Neville Williams
The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction by John A. Guy
The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty by G. J. Meyer
The Uncrowned Kings of England: The Black History of the Dudleys and the Tudor Throne by Derek Wilson
Uncrowned Queen: The Life of Margaret Beaufort, Mother of the Tudors by Nicola Tallis
The Union Jack: The Story of the British Flag by Nick Groom
VIII by H. M. Castor
Wales and the Wars of the Roses by H. T. EvansHenry Tudor
The Wars of the Roses by John Gillingham
The Wars of the Roses by J. R. Lander
The Wars of the Roses by Anthony Cheetham
The Wars of the Roses by Robin Neillands
The Wars of the Roses: A Concise History by Charles Derek Ross
The Wars of the Roses: The Fall of the Plantagenets and the Rise of the Tudors by Dan Jones
Welsh history review, vol. 10, no. 3, June 1981 by Kenneth O. Morgan
Welsh history review, vol. 2, no. 2, 1964 by Glanmor Williamslanding place, 1485
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Jodi Taylor
The White Princess by Philippa Gregory
The White Princess [2017 TV Mini Series] by Alex Kalymnios
Winter King: The Dawn of Tudor England by Thomas Penn
With the Heart of a King: Elizabeth I of England, Philip II of Spain, and the Fight for a Nation's Soul and Crown by Benton Rain Patterson
The Women of the Cousins' War: The Duchess, the Queen, and the King's Mother by Philippa Gregory
The Year of Three Kings by Giles St. Aubyn
Young Henry: The Rise of Henry VIII by Robert Hutchinson