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Works (51)

Atheism: A Reader by S. T. Joshi
The Beggar's Secret by J Bout
The Breaks by Eden Sharp
Choke Point by Ridley Pearson
The Church in History by B. K. Kuiper
Familiar Studies of Men and Books by Robert Louis Stevenson
The First Blast of the Trumpet by Marie Macpherson
For Kirk and Covenant: The Stalwart Courage of John Knox by Douglas Wilson
The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression by Amity Shlaes
Friends of Calvin by Machiel A. Van Den Berg
From Gileskirk to Greyfriars: Knox, Buchanan, and the Heroes of Scotland's Reformation (Tales of a Scottish Grandfather) by Walter Scott
Great Tales from English History Omnibus by Robert Lacey
John is Not Afraid by Cor Van Rijswijk
John Knox by Rosalind K. Marshall
John Knox by Roderick Graham
John Knox by John J. Murray
John Knox and the Reformation by D.M. Lloyd-Jones
John Knox and the Scottish Reformation by G. Barnett Smith
John Knox: A Biography (1895, 2 volumes) by P. Hume Brown
John Knox: Apostle of the Scottish Reformation by G. Barnett Smith
John Knox: portrait of a Calvinist by Edwin Muir
Life in Elizabethan England by A. H. Dodd
The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir
The Life of John Knox by Thomas M'Crie
Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Reformers: John Knox by Elbert Hubbard
Maria R: Mary Queen of Scots : The Crucial Years by Angus Alan Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton
Mary Queen of Scotland & The Isles: A Novel by Margaret George
Mary Queen of Scots by N. Brysson Morrison
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots by Alexandre Dumas
The Mighty Weakness of John Knox by Douglas Bond
Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist by Walter Arnold Kaufmann
Plain Mr. Knox by Elizabeth Whitley
The preacher of St. Andrews by P. de Zeeuw
Queen of Scots by Rosalind K. Marshall
Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart by John Guy
The Queen's Maries by G. J. Whyte-Melville
The Red Room (A Risk Agent Novel) by Ridley Pearson
The Reformation by Edith Simon
Reformation : Europe's house divided : 1490-1700 by Diarmaid MacCulloch
The Risk Agent by Ridley Pearson
Royal Edinburgh: Her Saints, Kings, Prophets, and Poets by Margaret Oliphant
Scotland's Books: A History of Scottish Literature by Robert Crawford
Scotland, historic and romantic by Maria Hornor Lansdale
Scotland: A Concise History (Illustrated National Histories) by Fitzroy Maclean
A Short History of Scotland by P. Hume Brown
Swiss watching by Diccon Bewes
Three Blind Mice: The Dark History of Nursery Rhymes by Albert Jack
The Thunder: A Novel on John Knox by Douglas Bond
Trailblazer Reformers & Activists Box Set 4 (Trailblazers) by Various
Treasury of Evangelical Writings by David Otis Fuller
Trumpeter of God: A Biography of John Knox by W. Stanford Reid