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Ante-Nicene Fathers. Volume 1. The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus by Alexander Roberts
The Apostolic fathers : Clement, Ignatius, and Polycarp : revised texts with introductions, notes, dissertations, and translations by J. B. Lightfoot
The Apostolic Fathers, Part II, Vol. II: S. Ignatius, S. Polycarp: Revised Texts by J. B. Lightfoot
The Apostolic Fathers, Part II, Vol. III: S. Ignatius, S. Polycarp: Revised Texts by J. B. Lightfoot
Biblical Essays by J. B. Lightfoot
Canon and Text of the New Testament by Caspar René Gregory
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Lives of the Saints by Paul L. Williams
The Didache: The Epistle of Barnabus, the Epistles and the Martyrdom of St. Polycarp, the Fragments of Papias, the Epistle to Diogn (Ancient Christian Writers) by James A. Kleist
Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers by Maxwell Staniforth
Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics IV by Adolf Hoeneckep 100
Faith of the Early Fathers [3-volume set] by William A. Jurgens
Faith of the Early Fathers, Volume 1 by William A. Jurgens
The Fathers of the Church: An Introduction to the First Christian Teachers by Mike Aquilina
A General Survey of the History of the Canon of the New Testament by Brooke Foss Westcott
The genuine epistles of the Apostolical Fathers, St. Barnabas, St. Clement, St. Ignatius, St. Polycarp; the Shepherd of Hermas, and the martyrdoms of St. Ignatius and St. Polycarp, written by those who were present at their sufferings by William Wake
The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine by Eusebius
The Human Bible New Testament by Robert M. Price
Ignatius of Antioch & Polycarp of Smyrna (Early Christian Fathers) by Ignatius of Antioch
In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000 by Michelle Brown
The Johannine Epistles by C. H. Dodd
Killing History: Jesus in the No-Spin Zone by Robert M. Price
The life of Polycarp : an anonymous vita from third-century Smyrna by Alistair Stewart-Sykes
Marcion: The Gospel of the Alien God by Adolf von Harnack
Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why by Bart D. Ehrman
The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom by Candida Moss
Our Great Heritage Volume 2 by Lyle W. Langep 584
Our Great Heritage Volume 3 by Lyle W. Lange 686
Polycarp and Paul : an analysis of their literary & theological relationship in light of Polycarp's use of biblical & extra-biblical literature by Kenneth Berding
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Polycarp of Smyrna: The Man Whose Faith Lasted by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
Polycarp's epistle to the Philippians and the martyrdom of Polycarp : introduction, text, and commentary by Paul Hartog
Polycarp's Letter to the Philippians & His Martyrdom: The Early Christians by St. Polycarp
Polycarp's Progress by Victor Canning
Polycarp, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Fragments of Papias by William R. Schoedel
Polycarp: The Crown of Fire (Torchbearers) by William Chad Newsom
The Pre-Nicene New Testament: Fifty-four Formative Texts by Robert M. Price
Sourcebook of texts for the comparative study of the Gospels: Literature of the Hellenistic and Roman period illuminating the milieu and character of the Gospels (Sources for Biblical study) by David L. Dungan
The Wauwatosa Theology, Volume 3 by John Philipp KoehlerVol III, p 163