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Abruptions: 3 Minute Stories to Awaken the Mind by Jack Matthews (Personville Press)

This book is an eBook, not a physical book.

Offered by rjnagle (publisher): This title will be released as an ebook in all the major ebookstores in October, 2017. Any help you can provide this book in terms of reviews or publicity would be appreciated.

Description: "Matthews stories are like friends from small towns: They are honest, warm, occasionally lyrical and as strange and idiosyncratic as the rest of us." (PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER)

During the last decade of his life, author Jack Matthews wrote a series of 1-2 page prose pieces (which he dubbed "Abruptions" or "very short stories that end abruptly"). Matthews had already published over 20 books of fiction with an astonishing variety of characters and plots. This last volume hints at a lot of characters and plots without trying to resolve them. Each abruption — which rarely takes more than 5 minutes to read — sheds light on something unexpected, whether it be a character's view on life or the reader's notions of how the world ought to work. Many episodes read like contemporary fables or sketches of quirky people from small midwest towns. Other stories sound like wild fairy tales. Some stories simply ponder the imponderable. Matthews explains in the book's preface that abruptions "can reach down to dimensions of wonder and speculation that are commonly thought to be the proper domain of poetry." These stories are a fitting coda for Matthew's career as a storyteller. As deep and dark as these abruptions can become, they are told with simple language, flashes of humor and a sage's sense of wonder and irony. (Read more ).

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Request by Aug 12, 2:03PM
On sale Oct 11
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Golf Made Easy: A guide intended to correct common golf mistakes, etc by Nicklas Watson (Vincent St. John)

This book is an eBook, not a physical book.

Recipient is asked to provide a review in exchange for this book.

Offered by VincentSJohn (publisher): This giveaway is intended to spotlight a new author who has used his many years in the golf industry to try and help the recreational player.

In exchange for an honest review, readers will get a behind the scenes look at why players have trouble scoring better. Do you think it's all about practice? Not the case at all as the book will indicate.

Thanking everyone in advance for their consideration.

Description: In golf made easy, readers are given tips, tricks and techniques guaranteed to lower their golf score. Some of these are common sense, but many of them involve the mental aspect of the game and will require some discipline.

For example, do you know the easiest way to lower your score? What is the one big mistake that most players make on the practice green? How about the range? These are just a few of the questions that are answered in this golf book.

By following the advice contained therein, players are virtually guaranteed to shave strokes off their game and break 100 or 90 or even 80 if you are that good.

Loads of insider information gleaned from more than 35 years working in and around golf courses and consulting with golf pros, superintendents, pro shop managers and the general public.

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Request by Aug 03, 8:03PM
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Summary of The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle by CompanionReads

This book is an eBook, not a physical book.

Recipient is asked to provide a review in exchange for this book.

Offered by Electric_Publishing (publisher): Recipient is asked to provide a review on Amazon in exchange for this book.
$25 gift card will be given to a reviewer by a random drawing!

Enhance Your Learning Experience!

Summary of The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

This companion book includes the following tantalizing sections:

• Summary and Book Synopsis that might shed light into juicy tidbits you might have missed!
• An organized chapter by chapter extraction to enrich your reading experience
• Simplified explanations to deepen your relationship and understanding of the context
• All the author’s best tips, tools, websites, and resources
• And much, much more!

This companion book is a perfect supplement to the original book, enhancing your reading experience like you've never thought possible!

Description: Get your CompanionReads Summary of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now today and read it in less than 30 minutes!

Attention: This is a supplementary guide meant to enhance your reading experience of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. It is not the original book nor is it intended to replace the original book. You may purchase the original book here: http://bit.ly/TollePower

In this fast guide, you'll be taken by the hand through a summary and analysis of
● The main points made by the author
● An organized chapter by chapter synopsis
● References to noteworthy people mentioned
● The author’s most important tips, websites, books, and tools

Most CompanionReads may be read in 30 minutes.
This book is meant for anyone who is interested in enhancing their reading experience. It will give you deeper insight, fresher perspectives, and help you squeeze more enjoyment out of your book. Perfect for a quick refresh on the main ideas or when you want to use it as a topic of conversation at your next meeting.
Enjoy this edition instantly on your Kindle device!
Now available in paperback, digital, and audio editions.
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Request by Jul 27, 5:12PM
On sale Jul 29

Invasion by PP Corcoran (Castrum Press)

This book is an eBook, not a physical book.

Recipient is asked to provide a review in exchange for this book.

Offered by PPCorcoran (publisher): Castrum Press are releasing a small, limited number of free copies of Invasion, book 1 of the K'Tai War by PP Corcoran (author of the best selling Saiph series). We gratefully request honest reviews in exchange.

Description: The Carters have a past. A secret past. A past that the K’tai didn’t reckon on.

Humanity, previously dependent on the K'Tai for its Redlazore, discovers vast resources of the most valuable mineral in the galaxy on Agate and are now free to expand across the stars: Redlazore is also the key component to faster-than-light travel.

The planet Agate is, however, the human colony-world which lies perilously close to the K'Tai Imperium and the K'Tai resolve to put the upstart humans back in their place.

The K'Tai Imperium invades Agate.

On the ground, in the midst of the whirlwind conflict is the Carter family: Dave a mid-level exec is working in downtown Gemini City, Sue his wife, a high school teacher and their teenage twins, Jodee and Chris are on a school trip to a Redlazore mine.

In space, the League Border Patrol face overwhelming odds as the K'Tai fleet advance.

The K'Tai soldiers of the infamous Black Legion descend on Agate, opposed by the meagre, poorly-armed militia and a sprinkling of regular marines. The planet and those upon it are engulfed in the flames of war.

The K'Tai, however, did not count on the Carters. For the Carters have a secret. A secret which will cost the K'Tai Imperium dearly.

The Carters are Agate's human population's only hope.

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Request by Aug 13, 10:16AM
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