EventsIranian Revolution

Works (44)

A Bitter Veil by Libby Fischer Hellmann
Daughter of Persia by Sattareh Farman Farmaian
Days of God: The Revolution in Iran and Its Consequences by James Buchan
The Fall of Heaven: The Pahlavis and the Final Days of Imperial Iran by Andrew Scott Cooper
The Fall of the Shah by Fereydoun Hoveyda
Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: Gender and the Seductions of Islamism by Janet Afary
Ghosts of revolution : rekindled memories of imprisonment in Iran by Shahla Talebi
I'm Not a Terrorist, but I've Played One on TV by Maz Jobrani
In Search of A Better World: A Human Rights Odyssey (CBC Massey Lecture) by Payam Akhavan
Iran and The United States: An Insider's View on the Failed Past and the Road to Peace by Seyed Hossein Mousavian
The Lonely War: One Woman’s Account of the Struggle for Modern Iran by Nazila Fathi
October Surprise: America's Hostages in Iran and the Election of Ronald Reagan by Gary Sick
Off the Radar: A Father's Secret, a Mother's Heroism, and a Son's Quest by Cyrus Copeland
Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran
Prelude to Terror: The Rogue CIA and the Legacy of America's Private Intelligence Network by Joseph J. Trento
A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea by Dina Nayeri
Unveiled Threat: A Personal Experience of Fundamentalist Islam and the Roots of Terrorism by Janet M. Tavakoli
44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World (National Geographic) by David Burnett1979
After Khomeini : Iran under His Successors by Saïd Amir Arjomand1979
The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran by Hooman Majd1979
Children of the Jacaranda Tree by Sahar Delijani1979
The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi1979
Death by Video Game: Tales of Obsession from the Virtual Frontline by Simon Parkin1979
Global Salafism: Islam's New Religious Movement by Roel Meijer1979
Guardians of the Revolution: Iran and the World in the Age of the Ayatollahs by Ray Takeyh1979
Houri by Mehrdad Balali1979
House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III1979
The House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah1979
Iran at war, 1500-1988 by Kaveh Farrokh1979
The Iranian Revolution (Milestones in Modern World History) by Heather Lehr Wagner1979
Journey from the Land of No: A Girlhood Caught in Revolutionary Iran by Roya Hakakian1979
The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran by Robin B. Wright1979
The Life and Times of the Shah by Gholam Reza Afkhami1979
MERIP reports, No. 87: Iran's Revolution: The Rural Dimension by Middle East Research & Information Project.1979
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi1979
Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir by Marina Nemat1979
Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books by Azar Nafisi1979
The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer1979
Shah of Shahs by Ryszard Kapuściński1979
The Shah's Last Ride by William Shawcross1979
The Siege of Mecca: The Forgotten Uprising in Islam's Holiest Shrine and the Birth of al-Qaeda by Yaroslav Trofimov1979
Staging a Revolution: The Art of Persuasion in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Peter Chelkowski1979
The Turban for the Crown: The Islamic Revolution in Iran by Saïd Amir Arjomand1979
Whirlwind by James Clavell1979