EventsPapal Election

Works (22)

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Behind Locked Doors: A History of the Papal Elections by Frederic J. Baumgartner
Conclave by Roberto Pazzi
Conclave by Robert Harris
Habemus Papam: le elezioni pontificie da san Pietro a Benedetto 16. by Francesco Buranelli
The People's Pope; The Story of Karol Wojtyla of Poland by James Oram
Pro eligendo Romano Pontifice: le elezioni papali a Perugia by Franco Bozzi
The Remnant by Christy Kenneally
Romano Pontifici Eligendo: On the Vacancy of the Apostolic See and the Election of the Roman Pontiff by Paul VI
Selecting the Pope: Uncovering the Mysteries of Papal Elections by Greg Tobin
Universi Dominici Gregis: On the Vacancy of the Apostolic See and the Election of the Roman Pontiff by John Paul II
White Smoke: A Novel of Papal Election by Andrew M. Greeleyfictional
The Making of the Popes 1978: The Politics of Intrigue in the Vatican by Andrew M. Greeley1978
The Year of Three Popes by Peter Hebblethwaite1978
Conclave: The Politics, Personalities, and Process of the Next Papal Election by John L. Allen Jr.2005
Heirs of the Fisherman: Behind the Scenes of Papal Death and Succession by John-Peter Pham2005
The Making of the Pope 2005 by Andrew M. Greeley2005
The Next Pope: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Forces That Will Choose the Successor to John Paul II and Decide the Future of the Catholic Church by Peter Hebblethwaite2005
The Rise of Benedict XVI: The Inside Story of How the Pope was Elected and Where He Will Take the Catholic Church by John L. Allen Jr.2005
The Rule of Benedict: Pope Benedict XVI and His Battle with the Modern World by David Gibson2005
The Vatican Diaries: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Power, Personalities and Politics at the Heart of the Catholic Church by John Thavis2005
We Have a Pope! Benedict XVI by Matthew E. Bunson2005