EventsWorld War II, German Occupation of the Channel Islands

Works (35)

WWII The Ultimate Collection: 30 Films by Frank Capra
Achtung Minen! Guernsey - the History of the German Minefields on Guernsey 1940-45 by Henry Beckingham1945
Alderney Story, 1939-49 by Michael St. John Packe1945
Arrival Of Guernsey Evacuees In Stockport 1940 - 1945 by Gillian Mawson1945
Der Atlantikwall, Bd.2, Von Cherbourg Bis Brest Mit Den Kanalinseln Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney by R.H. ZIMMERMANN1945
I Beg to Report...Policing in Guernsey During the German Occupation by William M Bell1945
Channel Islands Occupied by Richard Mayne1945
The Channel Islands: Occupation and Liberation 1940-1945 by Asa Briggs1945
A Child of Bliss: Growing Up With Mervyn Peake by Sebastian Peake1945
A Child's War: the German Occupation of Guernsey as Seen through Young Eyes by Molly Bihet1945
Dame of Sark, an autobiography by Sibyl Collings Hathaway1945
The First casualty : the German Underground Hospital by Jack Higgins1945
The German fortifications in Jersey by Michael Ginns1945
The German Occupation of the Channel Islands by Charles Cruickshank1945
Guernsey Green: Life and Times of Guernseyman Bill Green by William Mather Bell1945
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer1945
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society [abridged audiobook] by Mary Ann Shaffer1945
Guernsey Occupied but Never Conquerered by William M Bell1945
Hitler's Fortress Islands by Carel Toms1945
Islands in Danger: Story of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, 1940-45 by Alan Wood1945
Jersey Occupied: The German Armed Forces in Jersey 1940-1945 by Michael Ginns1945
Jersey Under the Jackboot by R. C. F. Maugham1945
The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands Under German Rule 1940-1945 by Madeleine Bunting1945
Never to be Forgotten by Joe Mière1945
The Occupation by Guy Walters1945
An Occupational hazard by Sheila Parker1945
One Man's War by Frank Stroobant1945
Operation Neptune by Christopher Nicole1945
Outpost of Occupation: How the Channel Islands Survived Nazi Rule 1940-1945 by Barry Turner1945
Raise the White Flag: Life in Occupied Jersey by Donald P. Journeaux1945
The Silent War by Frank Falla1945
A Sound Like Thunder by Diana Bachmann1945
The Von Aufsess Occupation Diary by K. Nowlan1945
The War in the Channel Islands Then and Now (After the Battle) by Winston G Ramsey1945
War on Sark the secret letters of Julia Tremayne ; foreword by Michael Beaumont, Seigneur of Sark by Julia Tremayne1945