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For economists of all shapes: the Friedmanities, the Galbraithians, von Misesians, and the Keynesians.

Total members: 129 members

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Tags: economics (2), Keynes (1), von Mises (1), Friedman (1), Disciplines (1), (show all)Galbraith (1)

Administrators: genericface (creator)

Topics messagesLast message 
Self-identified Communist is CEO of Ethereum 1Adaptive_Agent, November 2017ignore
Bloomberg on Venezuela: "We're idiots who understand nothing." 2Adaptive_Agent, August 2017ignore
Kenneth Arrow has died. 1Adaptive_Agent, February 2017ignore
Best working paper title 34Adaptive_Agent, November 2014ignore
Today‚Äôs lesson in supply and demand. 1Carnophile, February 2014ignore
2013 Nobel goes to Fama, Hansen, & Shiller 1Carnophile, October 2013ignore
Ludwig von Mises Legacy Library 1Carnophile, August 2013ignore
Which Famous Economist Are You Most Similar To? 4Carnophile, August 2013ignore
Intrade is shuttered 1Carnophile, March 2013ignore
Proposed image for this group 5Carnophile, March 2013ignore
The Billion Prices Project at MIT 1Adaptive_Agent, February 2013ignore
Robert Lucas and Kickboxing 1Carnophile, February 2013ignore
China's Balance of Trade & U.S.-China Trade 9Bretzky1, January 2013ignore
A Question About Potential GDP 7quartzite, January 2013ignore
The TSA Is Killing Us, Or So Says Matthew Yglesias 3quartzite, December 2012ignore
One Bond to Rule Them All 5Carnophile, May 2012ignore
Top Ten Fastest Growing and Contracting American Industries 5Jesse_wiedinmyer, April 2012ignore
Argentina might be heading off of a cliff... 2lawecon, April 2012ignore
To Manufacture or Not to Manufacture 10Bretzky1, April 2012ignore
$638 Billion Is a Lot of Money 1Bretzky1, April 2012ignore
Incentives and Behavior 3Bretzky1, April 2012ignore
PMI Data for March 1Bretzky1, April 2012ignore
Oil Prices 7Bretzky1, March 2012ignore
History of Monetary Unions 3Carnophile, March 2012ignore
Intelligence makes people think like economists! 1Carnophile, January 2012ignore
Europe 1Carnophile, November 2011ignore
Debt-to-GDP ratio 1Carnophile, November 2011ignore
Persistent rumor that Obama is a Keynesian 3Carnophile, November 2011ignore
SARGENT, BABY!!! 1Carnophile, October 2011ignore
Economics book - member giveaway. 3mickanomics, August 2011ignore
Existence of a Nash Equilibrium in mixed strategies 1Carnophile, August 2011ignore
Stated vs. revealed preference at Match.com 1Carnophile, August 2011ignore
Hayek, Keynes, and two mics 2Carnophile, May 2011ignore
Utah House approves metals as legal tender 1Adaptive_Agent, March 2011ignore
Game Theory Books 10frankclark, March 2011ignore
Incentives and behavior: More smokers quit if paid 3Adaptive_Agent, October 2010ignore
Turkey's economy 2bookmonk8888, June 2010ignore
Equity in individuals 3Carnophile, February 2010ignore
Behavioral Economics 2phknrocket1k, December 2009ignore
Recommend a book... 7Jesse_wiedinmyer, August 2009ignore
Open Shelve Classification System 2ssd7, March 2009ignore
Hayek had inflation by the balls 1Carnophile, March 2009ignore
Is Economics Art or Science? 1Carnophile, January 2009ignore
Reading itinerary for a layman 4Adaptive_Agent, December 2008ignore
Regulation and deregulation: how we got into this mess and how to get out 4Adaptive_Agent, October 2008ignore
2007 Nobel Prize & Related Books 1genericface, October 2007ignore
Economic Blogs 5genericface, October 2006ignore

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