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From Mary Wollstonecraft and Simone de Beauvoir to Judith Butler and bell hooks: a group for people who like thinking about the history, philosophy and politics of what it means to 'be' a 'woman'.

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Most Misogynist Book You've Ever Read. 29aulsmith, Monday 12:50pmignore
Female fighters against the Islamic State 2LolaWalser, Friday 5:04pmignore
Representation of women in the media, stage back and front 13southernbooklady, March 4ignore
Rape and other physical violence: is it better to resist or endure? 3LolaWalser, March 3ignore
Maid of the North / Feminist Fairy Tales 8aulsmith, March 2ignore
Women arrested on charges of "fetal homicide" 59southernbooklady, March 2ignore
Turkish President Says Women Shouldn’t Be Considered Equals 30LolaWalser, February 25ignore
Not the usual fashion models: acid attack survivors and others 3LolaWalser, February 20ignore
The Story of O 16aulsmith, February 15ignore
Does misogyny diminish a work of art? 13LolaWalser, February 9ignore
Erasing the comfort women 7Nickelini, February 6ignore
Street harassment 42Rozax, February 3ignore
The answer to violence against women 45southernbooklady, February 1ignore
Bad Feminist 11avaland, January 28ignore
Remember Montreal 6LolaWalser, December 2014ignore
The "average" female body (possibly Not Safe For Work) 8elisa.saphier, November 2014ignore
"Personality" judgements of women vs. men 7LolaWalser, October 2014ignore
San Jose Sharks (hockey) fans react to proposed "Ice Girls" 5Rozax, October 2014ignore
Trigger warnings and feminism 66Helcura, June 2014ignore
Reading bell hooks for the first time 2susanbooks, May 2014ignore
Literary Ageism 16LolaWalser, May 2014ignore
Tropes vs. Women in Video Games 12Rozax, April 2014ignore
Sexual Assault 101 or Foundational Rape Culture Books 1elisa.saphier, April 2014ignore
Luce Irigaray 2LyzzyBee, April 2014ignore
Audre Lorde 11susanbooks, March 2014ignore
Women and Islamic law 47sistersapphist, March 2014ignore
American Gods (OLTOB)? 9LucindaLibri, March 2014ignore
The female condition, illustrated in letter and example 30elisa.saphier, March 2014ignore
Short Film: "The Oppressed Majority" (NSFW) 1Rozax, February 2014ignore
Theory/reading to explain why equality is necessary in an environment with strong gender roles 28knownever, February 2014ignore
Introduction: A Syllabus 19knownever, February 2014ignore
How do you deal with antifeminists? 2Booksloth, January 2014ignore
GD Brianna Wu explains why women won’t be part of voting for 2013's best video game. 6Rozax, January 2014ignore
Dudebro thinks "muddy people" picture disproves objectification 3PolymathicMonkey, December 2013ignore
The feminists are taking over 9PolymathicMonkey, December 2013ignore
Blog: "Men Want A Woman That Can Sell" 35Jesse_wiedinmyer, November 2013ignore
3 women graduate Marine infantry course; will be assigned to non-infantry jobs 2elisa.saphier, November 2013ignore
Feminism, Disney style 10eromsted, November 2013ignore
"Can the Marines Survive Girly Hats?" 21Jesse_wiedinmyer, October 2013ignore
David Gilmour only teaches books by straight white guys 14HarryMacDonald, October 2013ignore
'Real Housewife' Melissa Gorga's New Book Advocates Marital Rape 9Booksloth, October 2013ignore
Veet posts sexist ad on facebook; backlash ensues 11susanbooks, September 2013ignore
Neck rings as a woman-hating practice 34avaland, September 2013ignore
What is "Feminist Fiction"? 16avaland, September 2013ignore
Second Sex--thoughts? 8LucindaLibri, August 2013ignore
Coming of Age / Social Construction of Femininity Novels and Stories 13sparemethecensor, August 2013ignore
sex vs rape 30elisa.saphier, June 2013ignore
Patrick Stewart Gives Passionate Response to Question At Comicpalooza 2013 3Rozax, May 2013ignore
Wikipedia's separating women out of "American novelists" 17Rozax, May 2013ignore
Not meaning "feline"... 8Rozax, May 2013ignore
Coverflip: Maureen Johnson Calls For An End To Gendered Book Covers With An Amazing Challenge 3Helcura, May 2013ignore
If Only We Could Talk About Abusing Women Like We Do Abusing Cats 7Rozax, April 2013ignore
The Client List 1Rozax, March 2013ignore
Charlotte Allen blames Sandy Hook tragedy on lack of male presence 17nandadevi, February 2013ignore
7-yr-old Zora Ball, youngest person to create mobile app video game 1Rozax, February 2013ignore
Goodbye, Julia Penelope 17sistersapphist, January 2013ignore
World time-line of feminists 10quicksiva, January 2013ignore
Distributor Censorship of The MILF Diet 30southernbooklady, January 2013ignore
"Bosses Can Fire Hot Workers For Being 'Irresistible': All-Male Court" 33Booksloth, January 2013ignore
The mother of women's studies, Gerda Lerner, has died at 92 2janeajones, January 2013ignore
"Rudolph the Sexist Reindeer" 7Rozax, December 2012ignore
[Women on Top] 2LolaWalser, December 2012ignore
Barneys and Disney have decided that Minnie Mouse is too fat 30Rozax, November 2012ignore
[The End of Men and the Rise of Women] 4LolaWalser, October 2012ignore
Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women 8Rozax, October 2012ignore
"Science! It's a girl thing!" 7PedrBran, October 2012ignore
50 shades of grey (it was inevitable)... 8Rozax, October 2012ignore
Lady Ada Day 1Rozax, October 2012ignore
Ms. Magazine Blog's Readers 100 Best Nonfiction Books of All Time 7Periodista, September 2012ignore
"Science! It's a girl thing!" 1Rozax, August 2012ignore
2012 Interesting Articles 6sweetiegherkin, July 2012ignore
Are fallen women always punished in literature? What about men? 20goonergirl1982, July 2012ignore
Best 100 Nonfiction books on Women 44MissTrudy, June 2012ignore
Boston API Jam loses sponsors over sexist langauage 13Rozax, June 2012ignore
Arizona bill declares women pregnant two weeks before conception 6avaland, May 2012ignore
Marketing and misogyny 11FrancoisTremblay, May 2012ignore
What would Jesus do at the Masters? 5Nickelini, April 2012ignore
A Comedy Showrunner's Lament And The Status Of Lady Jokes - NPR 1Rozax, April 2012ignore
Books that pass the "Bechdel Test" 16knownever, March 2012ignore
2011 Interesting Articles 40avaland, January 2012ignore
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 5HanGerg, January 2012ignore
Contemporary Nonfiction 54Nickelini, November 2011ignore
new book - fictionalized women's history 1chriswind, November 2011ignore
Feminism - out of date? 42Nickelini, October 2011ignore
Lesbian Heroes Ignored 2royallthefourth, September 2011ignore
Horrified by rape titilation scenes in silly epic film I saw recently... 10MaryLou0, August 2011ignore
Concerned About Women Readers Lack of Indignation about Foul Treatment of Women in Novels 9MaryLou0, August 2011ignore
Oh pshaw, women get too upset about rape 19MaryLou0, July 2011ignore
Feminist Movies Owned 82wonderY, July 2011ignore
Female Genital Mutilation 72Citizenjoyce, June 2011ignore
A new blog on Mary Wollstonecraft I thought some might be interested in 1philosojerk, April 2011ignore
Mary Renault's Theseus novels and internalised misogyny 8MaryLou0, February 2011ignore
Can a man be a feminist? 14Essa, January 2011ignore
610 total - who are you? 7bookwoman247, January 2011ignore
Vagina Dentata 6Rozax, January 2011ignore
Stripping 7Jesse_wiedinmyer, January 2011ignore
Explicitly feminist children's and YA lit 25amandaink, January 2011ignore
Men Are Not From Mars 39Rozax, January 2011ignore
Murakami's books 5perlle, January 2011ignore

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