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Why do you read history? What does it mean to you? How do you approach various interpretations of the past? What are the limits in trying to understand past peoples and periods? How do you think about various approaches to history and alternate philosophies of history? Do you have particular interests in history that others might find intriguing? How did you get into this arcane subject in the first place?

Please feel welcome to introduce any other questions, ideas or threads relevant to The Big Picture.

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Big History Online Course 5bernsad, May 17ignore
Nefertiti 17Macumbeira, May 16ignore
Man & Mastodons in Florida 1Rood, May 13ignore
Another Viking site in North America? 4stellarexplorer, April 22ignore
Big History Course 2stellarexplorer, April 22ignore
Another nephew ? 2stellarexplorer, December 2015ignore
Thoughts on metaphors for human evolution 13reading_fox, December 2015ignore
Rich Undisturbed Grave at Pylos from 1500 BCE 5TLCrawford, November 2015ignore
Remarkable revision of human dispersal from Africa 10.Monkey., October 2015ignore
New evidence on oldest hominin DNA 5Muscogulus, September 2015ignore
Rising Star 33stellarexplorer, September 2015ignore
The noble savage ? 7Macumbeira, August 2015ignore
Russian California 8horsediente, August 2015ignore
Earth and Moon from a perspective never before seen 3pmackey, August 2015ignore
The superfluous man in a semi-westernised society 11TLCrawford, July 2015ignore
Malaysian Plane 111clamairy, July 2015ignore
John Julius Norwich? 3John_Vaughan, June 2015ignore
Original site of Dog domestication questioned 68alaudacorax, May 2015ignore
Mass extinctions and annoying journalists ... 1alaudacorax, April 2015ignore
State of debate over spread of PIE 8speaker43, April 2015ignore
Homo mandible said to close gap in paleoanthropological history 2SylviaC, March 2015ignore
The Lost White City of the Monkey God? 1Rood, March 2015ignore
New Neandartal genome findings cause a stir 30TheoClarke, February 2015ignore
"History of modern man unravels as German scholar is exposed as fraud" 7stellarexplorer, February 2015ignore
Universal History 6Doug1943, January 2015ignore
New Influenza Strain H7N9 122PhaedraB, December 2014ignore
Dark Matter? 1Rood, December 2014ignore
540,000 Years Old ... ART? 6BarkingMatt, December 2014ignore
Excavation of Greek Tomb from the Time of Alexander the Great 38thetombofamphipolis, November 2014ignore
Origins of Life on Philae comet? 3timspalding, November 2014ignore
Map Classifying US Counties 8stellarexplorer, November 2014ignore
Native American and Siberian Languages Related 2Diane-bpcb, November 2014ignore
Ebola 195johnthefireman, November 2014ignore
What is History For? 12Phlegethon99, November 2014ignore
Easter Island & Native Americans 2stellarexplorer, October 2014ignore
45,000 Year Old Man's Genome 7razzamajazz, October 2014ignore
Study of Sea Level Fluctuations Over the Past 35,000 years 6TLCrawford, October 2014ignore
Indonesian Cave Art Paints a New Timeline For Human Development 22IreneF, October 2014ignore
This Group Makes the NY Times 17stellarexplorer, September 2014ignore
Big Picture Library Suggestions 39razzamajazz, September 2014ignore
In the middle of Maps of Time 15razzamajazz, September 2014ignore
Earlier Neandertal Extinction Date 6alaudacorax, August 2014ignore
Scientific American Evolution Issue 3alaudacorax, August 2014ignore
Herky Jerky Evolution 3TLCrawford, July 2014ignore
Methane-spewing microbe blamed in Permian extinction 7stellarexplorer, April 2014ignore
A "Big Picture" Question... 5pmackey, March 2014ignore
Bird-Dinosaur from Hell Creek Formation in ND/SD 8pmackey, March 2014ignore
Greek and Roman geography 4stellarexplorer, March 2014ignore
True for me, anyway ... 8Sandydog1, March 2014ignore
Elephants distinguish speech of enemy from friendly human groups 5Bookmarque, March 2014ignore
The World's Largest Virus Was Just Resurrected From 34,000-Year-Old Permafrost 16TLCrawford, March 2014ignore
Oldest known star 8clamairy, March 2014ignore
Montana Clovis Era DNA 6stellarexplorer, March 2014ignore
Kepler Observatory Discovers 715 New Planets 2stellarexplorer, February 2014ignore
Earliest footprints outside Africa discovered in Norfolk, England 6stellarexplorer, February 2014ignore
Must have looked rather striking ... 12stellarexplorer, February 2014ignore
The Official "I Spend Too Much Money On Books" Thread 371alaudacorax, January 2014ignore
I am excited by John Hawks upcoming Coursera human evolution course 3stellarexplorer, December 2013ignore
Garbo Speaks! Er ... Neanderthals, that is 3stellarexplorer, December 2013ignore
Elephants Understand Pointing 24.Monkey., December 2013ignore
1.4 million year-old hand fossile closes evolution gap 2stellarexplorer, December 2013ignore
First Human/Neanderthal Hybrid Found (Possibly) 10stellarexplorer, December 2013ignore
Drinking Water on Mars: Once Upon A Time 4stellarexplorer, December 2013ignore
New Discovery of Oldest Human DNA 2PossMan, December 2013ignore
Not the first species to chuck a spear? 2stellarexplorer, December 2013ignore
Earliest Budddhist Shrine discovered 8pmackey, November 2013ignore
David Christian Big History class offered for free online. 5stellarexplorer, November 2013ignore
Bronze Age Collapse Explained? 6PossMan, October 2013ignore
My Historical Alienation 45varielle, October 2013ignore
Oldest extant human brain 3Helcura, October 2013ignore
A Presentation of the a World's Oldest Alcoholic Beverages 2clamairy, October 2013ignore
Telling Tales in Proto-Indo-European (AUDIO) 5Helcura, October 2013ignore
Stunning new pics of Earth at night 43Rood, August 2013ignore
Genetic Support for Greenberg's hypothesis of origins of N Americans 12Rood, August 2013ignore
Climate Change and Violence Linked 10Rood, August 2013ignore
Todays Haul 116Garp83, June 2013ignore
Roman mosaic found in Turkey 12Macumbeira, May 2013ignore
Has anyone particpated in Spencel Well's Genographic Project? 8Macumbeira, April 2013ignore
New analysis of ancient European DNA patterns 15zenomax, April 2013ignore
Atherosclerosis common in ancient mummies around the world 86stellarexplorer, April 2013ignore
Historiographic Question 5Torikton, April 2013ignore
This piece on remote Siberian people grabbed me 19bunwat, April 2013ignore
Excavations may have unearthed bodies from the Black Death 34bunwat, April 2013ignore
Two new old findings bearing on Big History 2Garp83, February 2013ignore
Newsflash: Ancestor of Placental Mammals 1stellarexplorer, February 2013ignore
First evidence of cheese making 10Osbaldistone, December 2012ignore
New source of info about early Earth 4Garp83, December 2012ignore
Big History of the World in 1 minute 16andejons, November 2012ignore
What we're reading now 343Garp83, October 2012ignore
Are "new teaching styles" making us stupider? 31pre20cenbooks, October 2012ignore
Free Course: A History of the World Since 1300 5JimThomson, September 2012ignore
Crash Course World History 3stellarexplorer, August 2012ignore
Misc Thread - mach 2 322Feicht, July 2012ignore
Scotland's Mummies 2Feicht, July 2012ignore
What is your "book attrition" rate? 28aulsmith, July 2012ignore
Our Earliest History 309stellarexplorer, June 2012ignore
Easter Island statues have bodies 23stellarexplorer, June 2012ignore
Sitchin and deciphering ancient texts 16vy0123, May 2012ignore
The Kind-Of-Big Picture-- Depths on Earth 19vy0123, May 2012ignore

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