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Manga and Anime Addicts

For all those who like to read manga and watch anime.

Welcome to all new members, I hope that you'll enjoy the group. Please, feel free to join in a conversation or start your own.

I'd definitely like seeing the group grow, so please invite your friends.

Total members: 600 members

Recent members: Minetalover, SkiaEsh, emptystillness, Bornout, SoccerMomKnits, Elyssa523, HeyToki, hashtagsenpai, ecwilliams, AKA_Kira2, KaworuPL, OROE, Mikayla98, LolaWalser, GirlskissGirls36, homegamer, bluebellsbooks, LindaVictoria95, Lucianna-AU, usageunit, fabaceae, R3B0rn, ChristianeN.B4, ToasterFaerie, Cerisewood, AnethystDragon, lyn9060, KionaWilloughby, LocusAmoenus, mce3aces

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Administrators: novelandmangacrazy (creator)

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Topics messagesLast message 
My school has everything blocked :( and i cant find either a manga ebook site or animesite Help? 33Minetalover, May 26ignore
Anime Architecture- Stefan Riekeles 2Sakerfalcon, May 11ignore
your first manga 101Big_D1ck_Eugene, November 2019ignore
Manga ebooks 19aspirit, November 2019ignore
Who´s best girl 4OROE, October 2019ignore
November featured manga: Land of the Blindfolded 7OROE, October 2019ignore
My Anime Site 3OROE, October 2019ignore
The Classics 2OROE, October 2019ignore
Manga or Comic i forgot the name of but really loved and want to read again 370Young, February 2019ignore
Manga Titles Worth Collecting 15mr.muffin, July 2017ignore
Food in Anime/Manga - A Slightly Strage Request... 38animejelly, May 2017ignore
Favorite/least pokemon you like 4Strattegif, October 2016ignore
Suggestions on collection and cataloging 2kuuderes_shadow, April 2016ignore
Recommend meh some good animes 3Kasaki_Yuto, February 2016ignore
Battle Royale question 4Kasaki_Yuto, February 2016ignore
Manga Titles You Always Anticipate 18hayori, September 2015ignore
Summer 2015 reading list 12Helcura, September 2015ignore
2 Years Of Anime Gashapon Capsule Toys 2000+ Yeeey! ^_^ 2novelandmangacrazy, August 2015ignore
can't remember the name of a book 2novelandmangacrazy, August 2015ignore
Series of 10-20 volumes 1novelandmangacrazy, August 2015ignore
What are good manga/anime related websites? 33kuuderes_shadow, June 2014ignore
Leeds Film Festival - Anime Day 7AHS-Wolfy, October 2013ignore
Your Favorite Anime/Manga Couple 23seldombites, October 2013ignore
manga or anime? 17seldombites, October 2013ignore
Your Favorite BL Manga Title 35Tory_M, August 2013ignore
learning to draw Manga... 5brianjungwi, July 2013ignore
Manga Giveaway 42PhoenixTerran, June 2013ignore
Valentine's Day is almost here 12Shadowgrey, May 2013ignore
Americans/Brits in Anime? 15norways-troll1, April 2013ignore
What manga series would your friends be most surprised that you own/have read? 41Sakerfalcon, April 2013ignore
How do you get your manga? (online, library, purchase, friends, etc.) 84novelandmangacrazy, March 2013ignore
Your most recent manga/anime purchase 259Shalashaska, October 2012ignore
Pocky: Whats your favorite flavor? 43destiny13, October 2012ignore
Worst Manga/Anime 21Literate.Ninja, September 2012ignore
I NEED NEW MANGA!!!! 10Shadowgrey, September 2012ignore
Favorite Manga Published 2012/11/10? 3bakabaka84, August 2012ignore
A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori 15Sakerfalcon, June 2012ignore
Manga for Morons (me) 11jambavat, May 2012ignore
Kimi ni Todoke (May contain spoilers) 10zierli, May 2012ignore
Trivia 18StardustLuna, April 2012ignore
Battle Royale 5novelandmangacrazy, March 2012ignore
Manga on E-readers: IPad/Kindle/Computer/Etc 1AmyLynn, March 2012ignore
Stan Lee Excelsior Award for graphic novels and manga 1Echobrain, March 2012ignore
Manga guide by No Starch Press 6novelandmangacrazy, February 2012ignore
Read any good Manga's recently? 48novelandmangacrazy, December 2011ignore
Help! 10novelandmangacrazy, December 2011ignore
Your most recent manga/anime purchase - Thread #2 99novelandmangacrazy, December 2011ignore
Any series you wish was more popular/licensed? 43heatherheartsbooks, December 2011ignore
Hanasaku Iroha 6TsubasaHime, December 2011ignore
Halloween: Any manga/anime character costumes? 12Leixym, November 2011ignore
New Series 1novelandmangacrazy, October 2011ignore
Mangas in French 7novelandmangacrazy, September 2011ignore
Manga Recommendations. 14yootah, July 2011ignore
What Anime Are You Currently Watching? 35einy69, July 2011ignore
APAs 6NineTiger, June 2011ignore
talkin' about manga packaging and target audience 13keristars, June 2011ignore
What do I do with these books? 6novelandmangacrazy, June 2011ignore
Scammers take over Go Comi's former website 3novelandmangacrazy, June 2011ignore
Your thoughts on Hetalia Axis Powers 6koopa752, June 2011ignore
Tokyopop shutting down (USA) 16keristars, April 2011ignore
8.9 Earthquake in Japan 7novelandmangacrazy, April 2011ignore
Clannad! 1olivia-love, April 2011ignore
Created a group for Light ovels 1einhorn303, March 2011ignore
Manga Titles You Dropped 20Sakerfalcon, January 2011ignore
Whats your favorite manga cover art? 39novelandmangacrazy, January 2011ignore
Favorite manga that hasn't been officially published in english? 20Taigamimi, January 2011ignore
Chiro Star Project 2novelandmangacrazy, January 2011ignore
Christmas 2010: What anime/manga are you asking for? 11novelandmangacrazy, December 2010ignore
Good Manga Series That Are Only 1-3 Volumes Long? 53novelandmangacrazy, December 2010ignore
Whistle!!!!! 8novelandmangacrazy, December 2010ignore
Anime/manga that everyone else seems to LOVE, but you REALLY hate? 56novelandmangacrazy, December 2010ignore
What anime soundtracks do you own? 25novelandmangacrazy, December 2010ignore
i cant look at Sosuke Aizen without laughing anymore 4crazygemtrees, December 2010ignore
What manga/anime magazines do you read? 16Taigamimi, December 2010ignore
favorite authors and/or authors whose works you impulse buy 16novelandmangacrazy, November 2010ignore
Any suggestions on what we should stock that we don't currently please... 2novelandmangacrazy, November 2010ignore
Your Favorite Shoujo Manga 68HatsumiShinogu, November 2010ignore
Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume 3neonazu, November 2010ignore
do you write manga reviews on lt? 6k00kaburra, November 2010ignore
Halloween night for the otakus 3novelandmangacrazy, November 2010ignore
What is your next manga that you would like to purchase? 68bookwormelf, October 2010ignore
Halloween Costume? 5novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
December featured manga: Ghost Hunt 21novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
Best Manga You're Not Reading 11novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
New to you anime 1novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
Your Favorite Publishing Company 10novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
Who are your favorite characters from manga and anime? 24novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
What is your favorite manga series? 96novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
How Much Manga Do You Buy? 34novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
Recommendations needed 8Taigamimi, October 2010ignore
Your Favorite CLAMP Anime/Manga 13MaSucree, October 2010ignore
New to the Manga World 14novelandmangacrazy, October 2010ignore
Subtitle Woes 19riddleraven, October 2010ignore
Anime Questions 16Taigamimi, September 2010ignore
unfinished series 3novelandmangacrazy, September 2010ignore
Satoshi Kon 1963 - 2010 5novelandmangacrazy, September 2010ignore
What Kind of Stereotypical Anime/Manga Character Annoys You the Most? 7novelandmangacrazy, August 2010ignore
365 Days of Manga Contest 7PhoenixTerran, August 2010ignore
How do you generally discover new manga titles? 76novelandmangacrazy, August 2010ignore

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