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Juvenile/YA: pub 1940?-1975 era, horse pulls fire engine, arsonist puts log in road 23MajorKira, Today 5:47amignore
Book set in America about a young boy 5AWicke, Today 3:25amignore
Historical romance with a wife that does a scarf dance... 4agapikay, Yesterday 10:16pmignore
Melbourne lawyer during the 1960s becomes homeless 4BarbaraK, Yesterday 10:07pmignore
Girl called Strawberry becomes famous Model 3Lulu_Love, Yesterday 6:59pmignore
Scary Stories book from the Elementary school library, Taily-po + others 13RowanTribe, Yesterday 6:49pmignore
Book turned into mini series about a family 5juels, Yesterday 5:28pmignore
Non-fiction: dr or scientist describes personal heart attack 5lesmel, Yesterday 4:13pmignore
paranormal anthology 8JenJen35750, Yesterday 2:22pmignore
Romance book: California teacher goes to Austrilia 3lesmel, Yesterday 1:54pmignore
Contemporary Romance : Twins 1Goukanatokoro, Yesterday 6:47amignore
Help ghost romance 1Capitanmamawolf, Yesterday 3:21amignore
historical-romance (nanny, widower, murderer) 1KTStev51714, Wednesday 10:56pmignore
Historical Romance: Forced to marry old man who dies on wedding night 30MyriadBooks, Tuesday 1:14pmignore
Historical Romance - Civil War era - Time Travel 1kismetchi, Tuesday 11:12amignore
Romance novel with Southern Belle and Native American 2rarm, Sunday 6:59pmignore
Realistic fiction town in chaos over a book 1helpme02, Saturday 6:19pmignore
harlequin blaze 2morwen04, Saturday 3:03pmignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 96LeeAnn725, Saturday 8:38amignore
highlands medieval romance 1stavroulakyr, Friday 4:04pmignore
Contemporary Romance 1Castle89, May 19ignore
Harlequin/mills & boon contemporary romance 2robertsmom, May 19ignore
MC Romance Series - please help 2Barkybean, May 18ignore
British mystery WW2 2indybr12, May 18ignore
Juvenile/YA, children on island 13MajorKira, May 18ignore
Kids, mystery, break in at museum?, old professor?, bridge 23MajorKira, May 18ignore
2 young sisters taking care of themselves? living by lake? 10MajorKira, May 17ignore
Science fiction - environmental disasters 5Cecrow, May 17ignore
Christian Juv/teen: family of kids. Canada? Suspense? Peabody? 6RowanTribe, May 17ignore
historical, hunting in British Columbia 3RowanTribe, May 16ignore
Cinderella retelling 52wonderY, May 16ignore
Romance about a Irish/black man and art major woman 1Avaniwilks, May 15ignore
English boy on a bicycle adventure, late 1940s-1950s, juvenile lit 1gilbertine, May 15ignore
YA that involved a valuable stamp 4bookel, May 15ignore
Man goes into Bookstore 8macbookwyrn, May 15ignore
Novel in Good Housekeeping mag in mid 1970's 1macbookwyrn, May 15ignore
phenomenal romance lost and searching 2sueelleker, May 15ignore
YA/Children Danish Resistance WWII 262wonderY, May 15ignore
Historical mystery 2DemetriosX, May 15ignore
Ranch setting, romance, contemporary, hero withholds certain information from heroine regarding history of ranch/family 7aviddiva, May 14ignore
Philadelphia B and E true story-I think in the 1960's 3brian_14, May 14ignore
YA/Chapter book with scene of main character turning into a bird, maybe swan? 6sparemethecensor, May 14ignore
YA Creepy story in Helen Hoke anthology 4lesmel, May 13ignore
Romance set in late 1800s, deals with Chinese racism and stereotypes 4lilithcat, May 13ignore
Late 80s/early 90s Harlequin (?) title - drunken celebrity thinks he has been kidnapped... 3Nerilka, May 12ignore
Killer doll bought chained to board 3btuckertx, May 12ignore
Sister planet to earth created by humans. Story set on second planet, the humans are gods. 3RowanTribe, May 12ignore
YA romance from 1980s, court testimony against a classmate 3joanna47, May 12ignore
Are These Spoof Requests? 37alco261, May 12ignore
Harlequin from 1990s? Arranged marriage scenario 5starlightgenie, May 12ignore
Medieval romance 7juels, May 11ignore
YA fantasy series from late 80s with a group of young people on a quest 13lohengrin, May 11ignore
Wild West Romance/Mythological Family Names 3jillbone, May 10ignore
Trying to find book???? 2lilithcat, May 10ignore
wondering if anyone can help 21justifiedsinner, May 10ignore
Children's book set in France during the Occupation 6overthemoon, May 9ignore
Bloodhound/Wolves Children's Book from 1970s/80s? 5isabelx, May 9ignore
Horror/ mystery. 80s or 90s. Mansion 3liliken, May 8ignore
Need help finding a book!!! 3Catkins1425, May 7ignore
Romance, married woman with undercover investigator, husbands hired invest. To accuse her of cheating. 5MeganAlexis, May 7ignore
Romance Novel set in Hawaii 3Terry333, May 7ignore
YA 1980's fiction romance paperback 2daelinya, May 6ignore
Romance, Contemporary, Harlequin/Mills and Books-esq 1daelinya, May 6ignore
Contemporary romance -- everyone drowns (backstory) 5MyriadBooks, May 6ignore
Looking for fiction/romance book from mid 1960's to mid 1970's set during French Revolution 4rarm, May 5ignore
Short paranormal romance story in an anthology, female main character jumping through worlds 10MyriadBooks, May 5ignore
need help finding a title/fiction/pregnant girl miscarries/becomes prostitute/PLEASE HELP 3Foretopman, May 4ignore
need a book title, please help. 5tottman, May 4ignore
Romance Novel from the 80s, featured Charles and Diana's Royal Wedding 5MyriadBooks, May 4ignore
Looking for two books: 1. Hospital/medical romance between a doctor and nurse. 2. Adult romance setting on a lake. 1JessiGal, May 3ignore
historical romance 2Jarandel, May 3ignore
YA girl goes home to fishing island/community 6amysisson, May 3ignore
Old British styled book can't find the name!! 1Dannielle_Leaves, May 3ignore
YA/Teen Romance 2rarm, May 3ignore
sick grandparent gets well on family owned mysterious island 7JuneLynne, May 2ignore
Science Fiction semi romance with war torn planet 2lorax, May 2ignore
Mystery thriller about data encryption 4indybr12, May 1ignore
romance novel 1Annslib, May 1ignore
Contemporary Romance about teenage sweethearts (and unknown pregnancy) coming together again 1MConstant, May 1ignore
Sci Fi with "crystal" in the title 4Sneakerfox, May 1ignore
Can't remember the name of a young adult novel my daughter read.. 1SabrinaWhite, April 30ignore
Youth of Fagin from Oliver Twist; NOT the Eisner Graphic Novel 5Jarandel, April 30ignore
boy's brain put in dog 4justifiedsinner, April 30ignore
Paranormal/Vampire Romance: Heroine w/ tattoo under her eye. 3Eli_G, April 29ignore
Name That Book: Collection of Children's Horror Stories 1970s/80s 3MyriadBooks, April 29ignore
HISTORICAL ROMANCE set in Recency England. 8Mamman6_Nimsleo, April 26ignore
Book titles and authors 9MyriadBooks, April 26ignore
Heinlein lonely planet inn 8dukedom_enough, April 25ignore
young adult/teen series from early 2000's last book about a boat crash? HELP PLEASE! 3MyriadBooks, April 25ignore
ya/teen series from 21st cent. 3MyriadBooks, April 25ignore
old Harlequin Presents Book early 1980's 1Enelrac, April 23ignore
historical romance 5lesmel, April 23ignore
Historical Romance 3lesmel, April 23ignore
Regency book 1NiaT, April 22ignore
Romance novel cover 1LynnMunroe, April 22ignore
Girls ages 9-12 book series I read 1962-1969? 1MillieC, April 21ignore
Physically small mystery/murder book about a rose 5JoLynnsbooks, April 21ignore
Mystery about thief who has regular "clients" he steals from 2jldarden, April 20ignore
children's picture books -- red sports car/ bird who refuses to migrate 16aviddiva, April 20ignore

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