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Visualization and Healing 5m.belljackson, Today 4:58pmignore
Recent novel set in Russian prison camp 2DugsBooks, Today 4:49pmignore
YA horror book series based in a haunted hotel/inn 2TabbyGOC, Today 3:13pmignore
Fantasy novel from pre-1994 4RowanTribe, Today 2:43pmignore
Female PI 2skullduggery, Yesterday 11:54pmignore
Fiction/Romance. Woman finds her fiancé cheating on her with her cousin 1Annaleigh, Yesterday 11:46pmignore
Contemporary Romance - Second chance 1TNoelle, Yesterday 10:18pmignore
Romance 1SunKissed06, Yesterday 9:02pmignore
Harlequin (I think) Trilogy on Male Triplets 3KimSS, Yesterday 8:27pmignore
ya-teenager girl caught in wildfire 3HollieE, Yesterday 2:52pmignore
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice 38J.Foo, Yesterday 12:41amignore
Man tells the girl he enslaved that she is ugly and no mirrors allowed 4Petroglyph, Sunday 6:44pmignore
Fiction, Magic -please help 3MarieLupo, Sunday 3:03pmignore
regency romance - scarred heroine 3starlightgenie, Sunday 6:15amignore
The name of this book has eluded me for YEARS! 6Caramellunacy, Saturday 4:26pmignore
A romance novel where the love interest's older sister is actually his mother. 1missusjames, Saturday 3:06pmignore
Contemporary Romance 1tunmmy, Friday 9:24pmignore
Need to find this book (Loved it). 1Cassie_Ripley, Friday 9:15pmignore
Spinster lies about a romance in her past 4SylviaC, Friday 9:13pmignore
Romance - magazine reporter heroine lies to hero for story to save magazine 2Carrot123, Friday 3:14pmignore
young adult/teen fiction regarding skiing 2konallis, Friday 10:58amignore
50s/60s Historical fiction about runaway bride 3Audrey_Nipper, Friday 10:55amignore
Diary format, Computer that comes to life, teen book 3Praagles, Friday 10:54amignore
Crime/Mystery 1990's-early 2000's 2Audrey_Nipper, Friday 10:45amignore
YA dystopia 3mememaster69, Thursday 8:05pmignore
Book of children's ghost stories from 70s/80s 3vonshack, Thursday 10:47amignore
Heroine meets hero in Zurich/Le Rosey boarding school 1mirest, Thursday 12:27amignore
I'm pretty sure the word "Passion" is in the title and the book I had was purple,not really much to go on I know. 1Denise44, Wednesday 10:17pmignore
children's chapter book, cover shows boy with big black hat 62wonderY, Wednesday 2:58pmignore
YA book about a failed romance between girl and boy 1Gina_Osiecki, Tuesday 11:23pmignore
All bacteria dies, leading to mass biological failure - adult suspense 7auntmarge64, Tuesday 10:38pmignore
Children's book, butcher's paper to draw on, set in Australia 3bunnikins, Tuesday 8:36pmignore
virgin woman finding out her fiancé is sleeping with her cousin 1Annaleigh, Tuesday 8:18pmignore
Scottish/Irish Romance - Name that Romance! 6BerrieCat1, Tuesday 2:01pmignore
Native American middle grade histocial fiction novel Year of Shad? 4MyriadBooks, Tuesday 1:37pmignore
Romantic erotic book search 4RowanTribe, Tuesday 11:53amignore
Medieval Romance with Kidnapped bride 4Cecrow, Tuesday 8:24amignore
western ?romance woman&Son open hotel 2 brother ranchers one evil one good 1Wraithwrite, January 9ignore
Romance 1callmede, January 9ignore
30+ year old book, short stories, drawing of planets & woman etc. on front cover 2proximity1, January 9ignore
Billionaire Employer/employee romance novel where girl becomes pregnant 4juels, January 9ignore
Romance: couple snowed in cabin 2indybr12, January 9ignore
Name that book? I am desperate 2Cecrow, January 9ignore
Dystopian Future 1donnex, January 8ignore
SF book/short story possibly Asimov - material reduced until only god is left 7humouress, January 7ignore
Older Children's Book 9humouress, January 7ignore
Aliens, genetically engineered monsters, develop language 10humouress, January 7ignore
Old romance novel...title? 9humouress, January 7ignore
Adult Thriller where a girl is kidnapped and it has a big twist about who kidnapped her 1Meedahz, January 7ignore
A romance set in the time of the Norman conquest. 2Margaret99, January 7ignore
A romance set in the time of the Norman conquest. 1Margaret99, January 7ignore
Wendell Barry story about taking relative from Cincinnati hospital 3MarthaJeanne, January 7ignore
hero deceived by his family members into thinking that heroine cheated with his brother 5Barkybean, January 6ignore
husband is blackmailed to marry wife by his father in law 2beesocks, January 6ignore
Mystery romance 2lesmel, January 5ignore
picture book about animals having a sleepover/hearing noises 22vonshack, January 5ignore
Older Contemporary Romance Injured Female Diver takes job as cook on a ranch 4keeter1967, January 4ignore
Contemporary Romance book searching 3Polym78, January 4ignore
Possible Children's Story From Horse's Perspective 5justmum, January 4ignore
Romance with royalty? 1mmw123, January 4ignore
Children born deformed by radiation raised in protective village where they don't know they're different 5auntmarge64, January 4ignore
This book was written by a liberal-leaning Bostonian whose son join the USMC a some months before 9/11, 1Greg_in_Baltimore, January 3ignore
Dams at head of major river system blown up leading to end of modern infrastructure 1auntmarge64, January 3ignore
find the book 4MyriadBooks, January 3ignore
Identifying a paranormal series 2MyriadBooks, January 3ignore
Romance time of William the conqueror 3indybr12, January 3ignore
Chick lit/ YA romance 1starsintheocean, January 3ignore
Romance/Revenge-old flame plot 1PNAG, January 2ignore
YA/Juvenile SF race in space 8ThomasHarrington, January 2ignore
Romance about woman who opens a bed and breakfast 2indybr12, January 2ignore
Romance, fiction, only people wearing a charm bracelet go in the back 2rlwelt, January 2ignore
Pirate /Romance 70'so or 80's 192Jeep, January 2ignore
Regency /historical genre. Looking for a book 1vivferro, January 1ignore
stories of a boy who became a cop and a girl who became an expensive call girl 3MyriadBooks, January 1ignore
Civil War romance 2Jkuy, January 1ignore
Civil war era romance 2Jkuy, January 1ignore
Serious non-fiction - circa 2011 about the economic melt-down 4margaretbartley, January 1ignore
Historical Romance in the Northwest Mountains 1JulieAndrewsLewis, December 31, 2016ignore
Historical fiction or something, World War, Kid Sent away, ghosts at ruin castle 4konallis, December 31, 2016ignore
YA SciFi/Fantasy/Romance 5DisassemblyOfReason, December 31, 2016ignore
Looking for the name of a romance book 1callmede, December 31, 2016ignore
English novel involving a boy who solves a theft using a camera with his Native f 1abhiroop_de, December 30, 2016ignore
historical romance 3juels, December 30, 2016ignore
YA Historical Romance 4MyriadBooks, December 30, 2016ignore
Albert Camus novel(maybe?) about two lovers meeting in a motel room 11blahme, December 30, 2016ignore
Historical romance 6juels, December 29, 2016ignore
violent story 1bessboo, December 29, 2016ignore
Victorian England Romance 1StillSearching0226, December 29, 2016ignore
Name That Book: YA historical fiction 2MyriadBooks, December 29, 2016ignore
Juvenile Series - 50/60s - Original St. Andrew’s Golf Ball 6MyriadBooks, December 29, 2016ignore
children's book, rearrange EVIL to LIVE, boy, ogre?, troll? 1EerierIdyllMeme, December 28, 2016ignore
YA Romance Fiction. 2weener, December 28, 2016ignore
Fantasy: Five magical sisters 6LibraryHungry, December 28, 2016ignore
SFR 4Alice01, December 28, 2016ignore
Looking for the title of a romance book 2Alice01, December 27, 2016ignore
Mystery/adventure- Greek tycoon hires young CEO to run company 1mkbrower, December 26, 2016ignore
Harlequin/silhouette romance from 80's 5Barkybean, December 26, 2016ignore
a girl shiwrecked on an island and later kidnapped by a handsome brit 2Inishowen_Cailin, December 26, 2016ignore
Can't remember the name of a text book fr Penn State in 1980 9.Monkey., December 24, 2016ignore

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