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A small German book about ancient Greek vase paintings, 1960s 8spiphany, Today 12:50pmignore
Book series – Starts as a Marriage of Convenience 5MyriadBooks, Today 11:37amignore
Child goes up hill and is frightened by owl screeching 5bookel, Thursday 11:03pmignore
Early 80s Romance / Thriller Rich Family Held Hostage at Sea 4Mary_76, Thursday 7:43pmignore
mystery from the early 90s(?) about ghostwriters at a conference 3beesocks, Thursday 12:13amignore
Historical romance heroine marries duke 5psasha, Wednesday 12:05pmignore
Romance+Female Chef+Onions Restaurant+Fiance 5KarVip, Wednesday 10:59amignore
Harlequin- childhood friends, leads to marriage- unrequited love 1Lynne100, Wednesday 10:32amignore
British YA fiction about a girl in London who gets captured by super humans 2beichst, Tuesday 9:18pmignore
Fantasy Novel with black dragon and lady in white. 3Hallidorz, Tuesday 8:50pmignore
Pre-90s YA/Juv Fic - Girl hides under front porch (might be historical fic) 7SJaneDoe, Tuesday 10:44amignore
Scifi/fantasy archeology reincarnation novel (YA?) 3dupesparx, Monday 9:04pmignore
Children's book about troubled boy artist 32wonderY, Monday 12:48pmignore
YA Fantasy SCIFI adventure Silver Blooded Young adults 5J.Foo, Sunday 5:28pmignore
Children's book-woman trains birds-no one likes her at work until she's on tv 4scribble_weeble, Sunday 12:19pmignore
YA 1980's fiction romance paperback 1anteturner, Saturday 11:08pmignore
YA about a girl finding an underground city or underground prison 4konallis, January 29ignore
Romance book 1karinita, January 29ignore
Short story about cursed immortal sailors 3MyriadBooks, January 29ignore
Massachussetts (Witches) in the 1600s series for young women 2Timelapse, January 27ignore
Magic sisters 3lesmel, January 27ignore
historical romance 3booksnmusic, January 26ignore
Short story: A prisoner learns a new language 24ChocolateMuse, January 26ignore
burned monk monestary becomes a bed & breakfast 5JoLynnsbooks, January 25ignore
Fiction (Romance/Historical) Heroine's name is Catriona 5nod5687, January 25ignore
Avon Published Romance Book 3ranb, January 24ignore
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice 28J.Foo, January 24ignore
Help me find my book? please? 7Rae44, January 24ignore
1990s YA Horror Virus Book 5AnnieHidalgo, January 24ignore
Historical romance, noblewoman thought dead is maid 4MyriadBooks, January 22ignore
Romantic Suspense 2000's? 3lesmel, January 22ignore
Tudor/Historical Romance forced marriage 4MyriadBooks, January 22ignore
help please!! Medieval Romance mistaken man takes heroine for slave as revenge 5pjfarm, January 22ignore
Little Girl Lost in Park 1BobABQ, January 21ignore
YA teen romance 70s-80s winter girl dressed in wool skirts, curled hair, boy disappoints her 4lesmel, January 21ignore
90s/2000s drama? 6Hinal23431, January 20ignore
Looking for a book for a patron 2Jenni_Canuck, January 20ignore
short story / Cat hybrid wants none of your vainglorious affection, thanks. 4DemetriosX, January 20ignore
Kidnapping Wealthy Daughter 1xymon81, January 19ignore
Contemporary romance 4Barkybean, January 18ignore
romance /thriller book by Harlequin or similar publisher 3robbiec12, January 18ignore
Time traveling Lord 5btuckertx, January 18ignore
historical romance novel 90’s brother throws sister ball no on shows, hero bankrupts London society, uncle throws niece 3juels, January 18ignore
Wife who leads a double life- Owns her own cottage without husband knowing 6bluepiano, January 18ignore
80s-90s scifi, Earth heroine accidentally swept up with team of arbiters on other planet 3beesocks, January 18ignore
B&W Sci-Fi Graphic Novel (about Phaethon and Worm???) 4rarm, January 18ignore
Craziest romance novel plot 1nabby93, January 18ignore
Fantasy Short Story Cat Shapeshifter 1The_Mannered_Bear, January 17ignore
Romance, Alaska,very sheltered girl 2robbiec12, January 17ignore
A portal in a rock or barn?? 3Lindseymarie, January 17ignore
I am trying to find the title of a romance novel that I read in the late 90's. 1Jemamai, January 16ignore
Thriller like Dexter but not Dexter 4SJaneDoe, January 15ignore
Characters finding information on folklore creatures 3tinymouse2, January 15ignore
Fiction Murder Victims linked by Kennedy Funeral procession 7Caramellunacy, January 15ignore
1970s YA fiction girl friendship poem 2aviddiva, January 15ignore
Boy and a literal Watchdog explore in a kind of crazy world 4-Eva-, January 14ignore
Vintage Harlequin 5Caramellunacy, January 14ignore
Short story set in china with mathematicians and a salesman 3MyriadBooks, January 13ignore
Indian Romance 1tkhurley, January 13ignore
Early pioneer rancher family 1dennie31, January 13ignore
I've been looking for this book since my freshman year!!!! 2MyriadBooks, January 13ignore
Female character travels to France to apprentice in bakery 1LynR, January 13ignore
o(╥﹏╥)o "HELP!" I can't remember! Historical Romance! The heroine runs away from fate and the villain is vile. 2RowanTribe, January 13ignore
romance with a dark twist/drama 7MyriadBooks, January 13ignore
contemporary girl reunites with boy 5quenepas, January 12ignore
SciFi: Omnipotent Being Creates Universes, Stories of People Within 19fuzzi, January 12ignore
Fantasy short story involving two women called the Sword & the Staff (I think) 5MyriadBooks, January 11ignore
historical romantic book 2aviddiva, January 10ignore
1970s kids' sci-fi book series TITLES? 5Timelapse, January 8ignore
Mystery book of which I only have the plot 2SJaneDoe, January 8ignore
Historical romance, possibly set in the medieval era involving an arranged marriage. 9Jessica_84, January 7ignore
Name this Historical Romance 6MyriadBooks, January 6ignore
YA ghost/haunting book from possibly the late 90s/early 2000s 24Laina1312, January 6ignore
medieval romance novel possibly series 3tc88, January 6ignore
Romance book 1chancellor12, January 6ignore
A romance book that I can't remeber the title or author 1EmilyHanna, January 5ignore
NEED HELP! Two teen novels from the 80's (?) 11MarkNoga, January 5ignore
thriller,drama,suspense possible horror 1bumbledbunny, January 5ignore
sci fi fantasy book series with a follow on series daughter of a a seer and angel 4bestem, January 5ignore
Victorian romance 1Abbygail.E, January 4ignore
American military romance 1meegy08, January 4ignore
Medieval Romance 1phiranghi, January 3ignore
80's or 90's Texan Romance 1ty711995, January 2ignore
YA fantasy series 1990s-2000s male protagonist 1Catdog31, January 2ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 94molliek, January 2ignore
80s romance accidental marriage 1tamtamm71, January 2ignore
Mojave desert 1frandou5, January 1ignore
Bear shifter romance, witness protection 1JessicaSchwarz, January 1ignore
Contemporary Romance with a Model and Bodyguard 1CarlaS., December 31, 2015ignore
help !!!! 5Clara9, December 31, 2015ignore
Girl who us best friends with a guy named Cole 1taraghy, December 30, 2015ignore
FICTION 1Tifscott, December 30, 2015ignore
Contemporary Romance novella or anthology part of 3wendyburd1, December 30, 2015ignore
African American Romance in Spain & U.S 1sookieindigo, December 29, 2015ignore
wealthy new york socialite, husband has affair, mistress ruins her, marie antoinette's necklace 2rarm, December 29, 2015ignore
Seeking SF Short Story about Alien trying to stop wars 1beichst, December 29, 2015ignore
novel/saga about leaving Ireland for America as early settlers 3thebarbers, December 29, 2015ignore
Seeking 70s or earlier Novel - Psionic society wearing numbered shirts 1beichst, December 28, 2015ignore
SFBook70s-80s - Accidental Brain Transplant of vacationer into assassin's body 1beichst, December 28, 2015ignore

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