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Please help, woman raped, married to rapest, ends out with rapest cousin 3seneal, Yesterday 10:14pmignore
Christian Fiction 1NMoreneF, Yesterday 2:22pmignore
PRINCESS MARRIED REVOLUTIONARY LEADER 1Stacey_Digi, Saturday 10:50pmignore
A Hebrew children's book about Hannah Senesh 3Parpar1836, Saturday 9:32pmignore
Disfigured faces later change to reflect a persons heart 2yoyogod, Saturday 4:55pmignore
Contemporary? Blaze is Barowner 6lesmel, Saturday 1:07pmignore
Harlequin Contemporary 2beesocks, Saturday 4:29amignore
Children's Fiction Sewing a Dress to Marry Princess 4RosieDawn, Friday 10:19pmignore
Christmas Treasury for Children 7skullduggery, Friday 8:48pmignore
Scifi or fantasy 4RowanTribe, Friday 10:08amignore
ww1 young adult fiction 3maria_2014, Friday 7:32amignore
Possessed Doll Book published in 80s possibly 1TTRENEET, Friday 2:03amignore
90s fiction book written by Chinese-American female author 4lilithcat, Thursday 11:48pmignore
Historical 4diana.n, Thursday 11:35pmignore
80s or 90s SF young urchin girl rescued by spacers 9beesocks, Thursday 10:53pmignore
Paranormal 4MyriadBooks, Thursday 7:32amignore
Woman "inherits" auction house, fights step sister, falls in love with lawyer 6wvmom, Wednesday 7:40pmignore
YA Castle Mystery 3lesmel, Wednesday 5:41pmignore
YA written in 50's/60's, teen girl lives with family friends during school yr in CA 6amysisson, Wednesday 2:24pmignore
Historical Romance about a Breton lord who married the wrong sister 1OriginalMuls, Wednesday 2:31amignore
historical civil war romance in new orleans 1lisafar1, Tuesday 7:57pmignore
YA Creepy story in Helen Hoke anthology 2MyriadBooks, Tuesday 3:18pmignore
A history textbook used in the 1920s 3Parpar1836, Tuesday 1:08pmignore
1950's children's chinese folklore beautiful illustrations 8Parpar1836, Tuesday 1:07pmignore
Title identification 2lilithcat, Tuesday 8:03amignore
Fictional survival book 3Moomin_Mama, Monday 7:18pmignore
YA, teen girl comes out as Lesbian 4MyriadBooks, Monday 5:48pmignore
YA realistic fiction girl with a troubled past joins a gang, goes to jail... Turns life around 1blindassassin, Monday 5:45pmignore
Getting LT's attention re adding a "Book Found" marker for this group. 22Moomin_Mama, Monday 3:57pmignore
a book about a widowed delegate 1somatil, Monday 1:05pmignore
Fantasy/historical novel about prostitute favoured by prince published pre-2000 4renka82, Monday 6:19amignore
Oversized Golden Book about scientists in history 13lesmel, July 26ignore
Romance ghost love 1jaime55, July 24ignore
Borges(?) Story - Would-be Assassin in Buenos Aires 3redhand, July 24ignore
Late 80s female fiction? female musician, issues with daughter & friend. Book had a music CD 3Jarandel, July 24ignore
romance novel with 3 stories in one book about female secret agents?? 1jalenaem, July 24ignore
Strange Pet Shop Book, 1980's 10bookel, July 23ignore
Help me find this book about a gambler and strangling bed 2MyriadBooks, July 22ignore
history 2JoLynnsbooks, July 22ignore
1980's? YA? Romantic Novel 4iamaj1, July 22ignore
YA Victorian time travel house story 6Harry_Vincent, July 21ignore
romance novel 1htrull93, July 21ignore
please help me with this historical romance title 1hamnazk, July 21ignore
Please, help me find this historical romance novel. 5MyriadBooks, July 21ignore
Contemporary Romance Novel about a small town sherif and a woman running from her ex 4MyriadBooks, July 21ignore
Drama - South American girl escapes to USA 1blindassassin, July 21ignore
Contemporary Romance Novel about a small town sherif and a woman running from her ex 1hayaalhafez, July 21ignore
Romance/drama 3TJ25, July 21ignore
YA SciFi - Boy searching for Father in space 5KevinD, July 21ignore
help! Magdelena - the bull fighter! 3diana.n, July 20ignore
Romance Novel about artist and dog trainer 1willow86, July 20ignore
Medieval Romance 5juels, July 20ignore
YA post-apocalyptic sci-fi, living in a walled city with "breather" machines 15bookel, July 20ignore
YA/A Romance Novel 3Fawna89, July 20ignore
Looking for a book published by Harlequin Presents I forgot the author 3medicole, July 19ignore
Mystery about drowned girl 4Stuck-in-a-Book, July 19ignore
Victorian Ironic/Satire on Marriage Short Story 4diana.n, July 18ignore
Name of Book that is similar to I Capture the Castle? 6diana.n, July 18ignore
Looking for a historical romance novel set in Pacific NW 2AddictedToMorphemes, July 18ignore
contemporary romance 2AddictedToMorphemes, July 18ignore
Teen fiction (Only know the plot) 2lesmel, July 18ignore
YA/Children Fiction. Enemy race wants to still time. 1simster, July 18ignore
Teen fiction 6kitkatxxx, July 16ignore
70's children's book about a nanny NOT Mary Poppins 10Parpar1836, July 16ignore
Romance - Mills & Boon/Harlequin 9Jenni_Canuck, July 16ignore
hopefull you all can help me find this book maybe Avon Romance 2juels, July 15ignore
A particular paperback edition of "Princess Bride" 4Parpar1836, July 15ignore
Fiction surviving plane crash and armed men in the woods 1vgalore, July 15ignore
Southern Historical Romance 1Telisha, July 15ignore
Fiction woman loses weight plastic surgery 6katieculpepper, July 14ignore
Venusian voyage 2Foretopman, July 14ignore
A small German book about ancient Greek vase paintings, 1960s 4Parpar1836, July 14ignore
strange book i cant remember! 3weener, July 14ignore
fiction plane crash survival 1MikeP300, July 13ignore
Older YA Revolutionary War 2MotherVS, July 13ignore
WW2 Fiction: Set on an RAF base during the Battle of Britain 22wonderY, July 13ignore
Historical Romance , mistaken identity and revenge 3MyriadBooks, July 13ignore
A dictionary of symbols with Caravaggio's "Magdalen" on cover 2Parpar1836, July 12ignore
Boy with strange body 2MissSquish, July 12ignore
Juvenile Mystery 4MissSquish, July 12ignore
Juvenile Science fiction: VENUS 2lorax, July 11ignore
Fiction:Juvenile Mystery,possible 50-60's 3amysisson, July 11ignore
Western Romance 1TheFoxRox, July 11ignore
Romance Novel from early 2000's (i think) 3Barkybean, July 10ignore
Novel, Channel Islands, WWII, Humorous, 35LesMiserables, July 10ignore
Searching for Historical Romance 5MDriggs, July 10ignore
Secret room mysterious board game with castle 2lesmel, July 10ignore
Trip to Venus 2lorax, July 10ignore
Late '90s/early '00s literary fantasy 3RowanTribe, July 10ignore
Middle Grade boy fireworks cherry bomb 2rlwelt, July 9ignore
YA or children's fantasy, child walks through water and changes size, goes to another realm 1joginsberg, July 9ignore
Cover of clown and circus tent black and white adolescent book 4mccin68, July 9ignore
Sci fi: computer guy develops lie detector (called SCIP?) / cloning Neanderthals 5amysisson, July 9ignore
Mid 80's YA girl horror series- maybe book club? 1hprime, July 8ignore
1990s romance 2MyriadBooks, July 8ignore
6 years and still searching - Historical Romance 2MyriadBooks, July 8ignore
Sci Fi: Mini Black Holes 6lorax, July 8ignore
1980s womens fiction 4bookdesk, July 8ignore
Motorcycle club Romance 2bford01, July 7ignore

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