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Fiction book about war between angels 11AddictedToMorphemes, Today 1:38pmignore
Children's Book - Leaf looks like hand 2MyriadBooks, Today 8:11amignore
"Peacock Throne" maybe? Fiction, set in India, read in 1980s 6juels, Yesterday 1:28pmignore
Contemporary Western Romance 9Stephaniestewart, Yesterday 10:08amignore
Romance Novel - Undercover FBI heroine and Casino CEO hero 2AddictedToMorphemes, Yesterday 2:58amignore
Help! Teen romance set in Spain 80's/90's 1Kitty69, Saturday 7:09amignore
Romance Regency 1sandiecandies, Saturday 2:25amignore
assassins 1LouiseAlbanese, Thursday 10:24pmignore
Romance:Ex Beauty Contestant Poses for Painting 1dazed910, Thursday 10:26amignore
Regency (?) Romance, Daughter marries Hero, Her mother marries his uncle(?) 4Shadeplant, Wednesday 8:09pmignore
Short Story / "Send more turkey immediately!" 6MyriadBooks, Wednesday 5:56pmignore
I'm New And I Need Help Finding A Book Title 3lesmel, Wednesday 3:53pmignore
looking for a harlequin romance published before 1980 1nmkiel, Wednesday 3:17pmignore
Fiction book about a woman read in late 90s or early 2000's 1michelemicek, Wednesday 11:15amignore
Fictional book: Protagonist is taken from a tragic background, has special power 5MyriadBooks, Tuesday 6:36pmignore
Romance 2juels, Tuesday 12:34pmignore
Regency novel- overweight wallflower & rake 13Combsaj, August 24ignore
Rich boy and poor boy in Rome compare their lives 1Cynfelyn, August 24ignore
Young Reader or YA book from the 1990's 5bookel, August 24ignore
YA fiction set in Carmel, CA 1980-1990's maybe part of girls book club?? 4amysisson, August 24ignore
short horror story 1tinymouse2, August 24ignore
Children's book, rhododendrons, pre 2005 1MissMurder, August 24ignore
scottish or welsh village girl marries englishman instead of village soul mate 1scottishthistle, August 23ignore
Santos half breed indian 1LaChelle73, August 22ignore
Romance with a twist surprise ending 5Kimberlyn176, August 22ignore
Romance 1Ballew4096, August 22ignore
erotic romance, woman picks up stuff dead cousin, falls in love with best friend 1Dubhe, August 22ignore
Romance 3Kimberlyn176, August 21ignore
Woman "inherits" auction house, fights step sister, falls in love with lawyer 7wvmom, August 21ignore
19th century London romance 4fuzzi, August 21ignore
1950's children's chinese folklore beautiful illustrations 9skullduggery, August 21ignore
Creepy lodger and young girl Student 4skullduggery, August 21ignore
scifi adventure semi medieval swamps black pearl 4seltzer, August 20ignore
short story w/ twist ending 14oceanstewart, August 20ignore
Going crazy 3MyriadBooks, August 20ignore
Historical Romance where two lovers reunite 5Tashina-Knight, August 19ignore
Sci-Fi Story people are Cyclopes, one person (hero) has two eyes 6MyriadBooks, August 18ignore
Cleft-palate-operation, patient died, but surgeon finished job 4Parpar1836, August 18ignore
Pleeease help me find YA book...I think. 5amysisson, August 18ignore
Faery v. Elizabeth I 5lynnoconnacht, August 18ignore
About slavery but not 1Ronese, August 17ignore
YA Horror/Ghost story 1Dogmaticism55, August 17ignore
YA set Germany? group of teens - Leonard Cohen 4Truckherder, August 17ignore
Contemporary Romance 1Hollythyme, August 17ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 91indybr12, August 16ignore
Childrens fiction, gymnastics 1TeryKayBailey-Holly, August 15ignore
Mystery Audiobook party girl haunted by grandmother 3PsibrReadHead, August 15ignore
Fiction. Vietnam vet who fixes a horse race to ransom his twin 4MyriadBooks, August 15ignore
A woman suffered amnesiac and saw painting of hers in a gallery 2diana.n, August 15ignore
Harlequin Historical Romance, western 1Aleonora, August 15ignore
Historical romance.husband finds wife on street repeating "they took my ribbons" 2Marie79, August 15ignore
picture book about animals having a sleepover/hearing noises 11foggidawn, August 14ignore
romance, intrigue, treasure hunting 1LMStones, August 14ignore
Romance Novel set in the South 1rosevillalobos, August 14ignore
Historical Romance 1fleagal, August 14ignore
Wild West Erotic Romance Fiction 2Marie79, August 14ignore
Arts and crafts project workbook, early-to-mid-1960-ish 3Parpar1836, August 13ignore
Chad Gadya/One Little Goat 7Parpar1836, August 12ignore
YA ghost/haunting book from possibly the late 90s/early 2000s 21Laina1312, August 12ignore
Recent American novel, two word title, first word "But" 9tottman, August 12ignore
detective story about an ugly gold statue 4saranya_karthik, August 12ignore
A harlequin romance with deceptively shy professor and his men shy secretary 6MyriadBooks, August 11ignore
Old short obscure sci-fi book 20MarthaJeanne, August 10ignore
Crime novel: Missing woman's body found on farm 1Nac12, August 10ignore
book characters come alive 3hailelib, August 10ignore
Stones and a young girl 11Lexchiz, August 9ignore
Boy with strange body 4Andr3w, August 9ignore
Her name is Jo and she loves French antiques 2rarm, August 9ignore
Contemporary -- Harlequin?? 2Love_my_books, August 9ignore
What if?-type thought experiments, physics, NF 5Meredy, August 8ignore
Humorous children's book about traps for worms 5Shimmin, August 7ignore
Contemporary romance. Woman dies in fire and her spirit goes into boyfriend's old girlfriend 1jnhn13120, August 7ignore
Romance book 4MyriadBooks, August 7ignore
Romance/drama 5MyriadBooks, August 7ignore
Help with name a title of book please and author please 2lilithcat, August 6ignore
Historical Regency Romance 1tlhsheetz, August 6ignore
Historical Romance about injured hero and nurse heroine 1melina19, August 6ignore
Sci Fi book about choice 22wonderY, August 6ignore
Boy befriends homeless /"crazy" man who dies (British?), YA 2Sakerfalcon, August 6ignore
Romance book about an engaged woman that falls for her office rival 1JoyW, August 5ignore
Mystery Book I read in 2009/2010. Info in msg. Please I would really love the help finding it. 1Kat_S, August 5ignore
gay contemporary 1angie56, August 5ignore
A history textbook used in the 1920s 5Parpar1836, August 4ignore
Help 1appy7, August 4ignore
Teen Horror- Evil Reflection 9MerryMary, August 4ignore
Scifi or fantasy 5Ashlynsmom, August 3ignore
pre-revolution story about marriage, describes sex as seeing colors 1savannahfulton, August 3ignore
A Hebrew children's book about Hannah Senesh 5Parpar1836, August 3ignore
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice 17MyriadBooks, August 3ignore
Disfigured faces later change to reflect a persons heart 3Rich78232, August 3ignore
Please help, woman raped, married to rapest, ends out with rapest cousin 4Barkybean, August 3ignore
Christian Fiction 1NMoreneF, August 2ignore
Contemporary? Blaze is Barowner 6lesmel, August 1ignore
Harlequin Contemporary 2beesocks, August 1ignore
Children's Fiction Sewing a Dress to Marry Princess 4RosieDawn, July 31ignore
Christmas Treasury for Children 7skullduggery, July 31ignore
ww1 young adult fiction 3maria_2014, July 31ignore
Possessed Doll Book published in 80s possibly 1TTRENEET, July 31ignore

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