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Classic novel about a left-brain man and a right-brain man 3Carnophile, Today 9:20pmignore
Romance- Three book romance connecting couples who fall in love and win trips to Paris 2Rachel_Malari, Today 6:26pmignore
Romance woman marries sheriff to keep her in laws from taking her son 2mimi77, Today 5:29pmignore
Science-Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Sentient Rain? 64titianscrivener, Today 3:24pmignore
Romance about Woman who designs wine and menu labels 1ARamey, Today 11:03amignore
Romance about a vampire king 1ronyee, Today 8:57amignore
Arranged marriage 4juels, Today 12:38amignore
It's driving me crazy!! 2lilithcat, Yesterday 9:30pmignore
Historical Romance - woman makes list for why her lover should love her (and their unborn baby) and change his 5-yr plan 7juels, Yesterday 12:24pmignore
harlequin military romance 5starlightgenie, Yesterday 10:47amignore
YA Adventure WWII Submarine 4Foretopman, Yesterday 9:50amignore
Seeking 60s-70s SF Novel - Biologically radio capable insect/reptile aliens kidnap humans 17beichst, Monday 8:56pmignore
Romance: woman pays man for sham marriage to have baby 2pjfarm, Monday 8:06pmignore
Romance about taking care of sister's baby 2gregread, Monday 4:11pmignore
Children's fantasy novel with griffins, underground world, and a brother and sister 1whisperedthing, Monday 3:08pmignore
inter-racial ya book late 1990's 1jenniebooks, Monday 2:56pmignore
SF: Limbic collectives and maybe cortical collectives? 4dukedom_enough, Monday 10:11amignore
Very old children's book: 2 sisters in an orphanage 14RowanTribe, Monday 9:36amignore
I listened to this book a year ago and just can't remember the name 7isabelx, Monday 8:28amignore
Mystery about a prodigy's child being kept away from her 2mkvang, Monday 1:49amignore
Regency Romance from last 2 years 3starlightgenie, Monday 12:43amignore
1970s Children's book, unique art, a knight and a harpy 4humouress, Sunday 10:50pmignore
SFBook70s-80s - Accidental Brain Transplant of vacationer into assassin's body 4Bargle5, Sunday 6:17pmignore
Parallel worlds thriller? 4dukedom_enough, Sunday 5:48pmignore
Secret Society English men 2Petroglyph, Sunday 5:13pmignore
lady with dementia that was committed by her dad 1sissi612, Sunday 2:59pmignore
Cowboy College Romance 4ernestohemingway, Sunday 1:43pmignore
YA Romance Title: Sea Change 3MissWatson, Sunday 12:16pmignore
Sf Novel, Possibly C. J. Cherryh 11Bargle5, Sunday 10:44amignore
Historical romance- Warrior with a cat 2MyriadBooks, Sunday 10:35amignore
Kidnapped mom held slave on island guarded by wolves 5Bargle5, Sunday 9:46amignore
historical romance (I believe) 1Pauletteroberts, Sunday 9:42amignore
Brother and sister solve mystery involving chambered nautilus 6Bargle5, Sunday 9:13amignore
Man Transported to medieval times, learns he's a wizard 6Bargle5, Sunday 9:11amignore
SciFi Book Early 80s - Trying to develop an anti-venom for a 100% fatal alien creature 11Bargle5, Sunday 9:07amignore
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer 9Bargle5, Sunday 8:33amignore
romance book 4Barkybean, Sunday 8:06amignore
YA Near-Drowning 1billybillie, Sunday 5:00amignore
Two children's books. Very old 1Lily1a, Saturday 1:54pmignore
Romance type of book about a teenager caught her best friend with her boyfriend? 1mkvang, Saturday 10:35amignore
romance novel about a man falling in love blind woman riding 2starlightgenie, Saturday 7:07amignore
Young girl held hostage in her religious parents home and is abused by her father before being admitted to a hosptial? 1caitlinhelen7, Friday 4:34pmignore
Murder Mystery cold case 2Scorbet, Friday 5:30amignore
1970s fiction book, the word 'Hunter' in the title, kind of like The Executioner series 3robertsonlh, Thursday 10:18pmignore
young love 1jwguest, Thursday 12:20pmignore
Vampire Story with 2 main female characters point of view 3xDarkxShadowsx, Thursday 7:59amignore
Book read in late 70's travelling salesman selling sweets 32299wd, Thursday 2:15amignore
Romance novel featuring female pilot from FL with Cuban-accented Spanish 7beesocks, Thursday 12:19amignore
Girl falls in love with a clown who then gets amnesia 3carmin_eris, Wednesday 7:30pmignore
YA short horror story collection 1Beauxloup, Wednesday 4:57pmignore
Historical Romance fiction about a young girl drugged and carried to hero's room 3shreyathomas, Wednesday 1:41pmignore
Looking for thriller from 70's or early 80's about a woman who falls in love with a Man/Shark 9RowanTribe, Wednesday 9:53amignore
Girl lead, adult romance or suspense 7MyriadBooks, Wednesday 8:05amignore
A weird short story where a carriage driver is asked to dump a body 1kiwiyuzu, Wednesday 4:48amignore
Medieval Romane- knight with a bad leg and a dragon 1ehuizar, Wednesday 1:55amignore
Historical Novel about a young boy and his family 1frozencupcake, April 18ignore
African American Romance 2lesmel, April 18ignore
Historical Romance 1shreyathomas, April 18ignore
YA Fiction Dealing with Death of Sister 3juels, April 18ignore
School bombing book 2Heyhey19268, April 17ignore
woman accused of crime she didn't committ 3bnielsen, April 17ignore
Detective, suspense, minor horror 1Rondi_Potts, April 17ignore
Historical pirate romance red ship 5rebel08, April 17ignore
writer in wheel chair seeks revenge 6MyriadBooks, April 17ignore
Young adult romantic fiction heroine schizophrenia/brain tumor 2MyriadBooks, April 17ignore
Been looking all day 6MyriadBooks, April 17ignore
Regency Historical Romance - Prisoner H, daughter of the "jailer" h 1Lys_chan_83, April 17ignore
Woman who has affair and finds out it's the devil 2Petroglyph, April 17ignore
American Revolution Spies Masked Lady 7MyriadBooks, April 17ignore
Adult fiction father kills himself in the beginning 2MyriadBooks, April 17ignore
Mystery, possibly movie or television series, or book. 3MrsLee, April 15ignore
Young adult romantic fiction heroine schizophrenia/brain tumor 4guido47, April 15ignore
Romance novel set in New Orleans 5hunterscorp, April 15ignore
A romance book where the heroine goes to the ex lovers weeding and fall for the stepbrother.. 2ksuero2427, April 14ignore
medieval castle all-hallows-eve murder 1robertsonlh, April 14ignore
YA Supernatural Romance 1Natalie_b, April 14ignore
Romance Novel 2aviddiva, April 14ignore
Children's fiction book from late fifties 3RueCunningham, April 13ignore
Punk fiction 5MyriadBooks, April 13ignore
looking for book on sisters..one is evil and wants her sister's life. 4Cecrow, April 13ignore
Looking for a book 1Trina27, April 13ignore
Children's chapter book (80s/90s), boy and dinosaur switch places. 10MyriadBooks, April 13ignore
Novel about a man who attacks a girl 5lesmel, April 13ignore
YA fiction about girl reborn into diff. bodies 3kimmie3597, April 13ignore
fiction- children's book- about reindeer 3Heather19, April 12ignore
Historical (?) Fiction: Seance con-artist in a woman's prison 4btuckertx, April 12ignore
Fiction, crime/mystery 3TMWatson, April 12ignore
romance novel 7Petroglyph, April 12ignore
Girl Stuck in Fairy tale town/storyline 5BookWorm5588, April 11ignore
Fantasy novel - power armor suit 3ggramann, April 11ignore
Fictional - Boy and Shortage of Supplies in Last Surviving Village. 1elliea01, April 11ignore
Historical romance 1emily0812g, April 11ignore
Children's Suspense/Ghost Story 2Cecrow, April 11ignore
Highlander romance novel 2Barkybean, April 11ignore
Fiction time travel 1CodyHoward, April 11ignore
YA bullying lust 1sharon1977, April 11ignore
Trans Continental Railroad 3Cecrow, April 10ignore
A guy has sex with 2 girls who secretly record and post it on internet 1scats11, April 9ignore
Romance. Adult Fiction. Married Couple. Single Man wants the wife. 5beesocks, April 8ignore

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