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Science-Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Sentient Rain? 29titianscrivener, Yesterday 7:30pmignore
Romance Book about a Rape Victim with Son and a Widow 2Barkybean, Yesterday 6:58amignore
Harlequin Romance from Early 90's to the early 2000's 1avidreader69, Wednesday 8:39pmignore
Children's Book about heaven 1EASZMAN, Tuesday 8:10pmignore
Woman scientist travels back into medevial times by time machine 2indybr12, Tuesday 11:44amignore
Does anyone know this vampire series? 4sueelleker, Tuesday 2:07amignore
Book finders 1merime, Monday 5:43amignore
Children's Horror Book About Girl Who Gets Trapped in a Mirror While a Doppelganger Takes Her Place 6titianscrivener, Sunday 6:10pmignore
Young adult (romance or fantasy maybe) 1alexisabdulian, Sunday 6:00pmignore
Romance - Pre-1995 Silhouette Desire or Harlequin series 1ar0506, Sunday 11:32amignore
SciFi Book Early 80s - Trying to develop an anti-venom for a 100% fatal alien creature 10beichst, Sunday 11:23amignore
Seeking 60s-70s SF Novel - Biologically radio capable insect/reptile aliens kidnap humans 14beichst, Sunday 11:22amignore
Seeking SF Shortstory - Pilot/Soldier taken over by Spaceship Fighter 2beichst, Sunday 11:22amignore
80's historical romance 1bkwa15, Saturday 9:17pmignore
Comtemporary Romance with a doctor and new family, a son from a previous that comes to help his father's legal troubles, 1atouchet10, Saturday 10:01amignore
Harlequin romance cobra tattoo ex-Marine 3Caramellunacy, Friday 3:48pmignore
takes place in Scotland 2Morayma, Friday 2:19pmignore
Vampire book series. Contemporary. 1Morayma, Friday 1:05pmignore
Historical Romance 1Novellia, Friday 11:14amignore
Help with this book 7lorax, Friday 9:54amignore
woman captured as spy, knocks man on head with jug, people on ship like her, she shoots him 3konallis, Friday 6:48amignore
Urban fantasy short story; gardener protag with curse 3dipadip, Friday 2:03amignore
knight comes forward in time, meets woman in antique store 2Erin_H, October 13ignore
Romance; h catches H kissing OW 4MyriadBooks, October 13ignore
60s 6th grade Reader about Family Travels across USA 2bookel, October 13ignore
Romance novel?? 1kimp26, October 12ignore
KidLit - Bat in Library on Halloween (not Bats in the Library) 3MyriadBooks, October 12ignore
a romance novel 1Kristie89, October 12ignore
80s YA Summer Romance 1wordgirl41, October 12ignore
Contemporary: ex CIA maybe? Was undercover as married before book starts. Ex partner tries to break them up. 1NicholeLoftonDowning, October 11ignore
Contemporary Romance. Amnesiac Heroine. Set Abroad. 10Mamman6_Nimsleo, October 11ignore
Historical: Heroine forced to fall pregnant 2juels, October 10ignore
Romance older 2juels, October 10ignore
Man's brother steals his fiance 2juels, October 10ignore
Contemporary Romance involving royalty 8juels, October 10ignore
Wuthering Heights Point of View 1emt07, October 10ignore
80's(?) YA book, Pioneers 6greyfort, October 10ignore
heroine marries and falls for other guy 3Tsuki_hana, October 10ignore
Fantasy trilogy amnesia, lost from own people 5fading.angel, October 10ignore
Book where boy's sister gets fatally wounded by thorns while getting him an apple 1willowwisp98, October 9ignore
I can't remember the title and it's driving me nuts! 2SaintSunniva, October 8ignore
Historical romance, hero's name is Thorne or thorn,a, colonel or general 2mrsmorley, October 8ignore
Can't remember the title or author :( 13accordingto, October 8ignore
Historical Romance/France/World War 2 4Jarandel, October 8ignore
Trying to find a Mills and Boons books 7Barkybean, October 7ignore
Contempory Romance 3atouchet10, October 6ignore
Laird mean to girl, his home burns,she doesn't recognize later 3MyriadBooks, October 5ignore
Two Romance novels, please help! 3kotabelle, October 5ignore
80s Harlequin, woman owns department store that is taken over by British man 1rlwelt, October 4ignore
Harlequin/silhouette romance from 80's 3mingr, October 4ignore
American Historical Romance 3j.k, October 4ignore
Trilogy about a girl works her way up until she buys hotel 7indybr12, October 4ignore
Menage romance novel, mmf. 1kkalvim, October 4ignore
Regency/ Historical Romance Need Help 1amberm77, October 4ignore
Cleft-palate-operation, patient died, but surgeon finished job 7terf, October 3ignore
Short story/excerpt - stepfather builds dollhouse based on girl's old home 2accordingto, October 3ignore
Romance/Ghost 2terf, October 2ignore
medieval woman says time slows when she fights 1terf, October 2ignore
Fiction, historical romance 7HenriettaElimimian, October 1ignore
Romance, heroine seduces hero 3atienof, October 1ignore
woman confined to wheelchair after shooting accident with two teenaged boys in her hometown 1heatherT711, October 1ignore
HELP ME FIND THIS ROMANCE NOVEL where the heroine seduces the hero 2MyriadBooks, October 1ignore
mining story, main character is Crystal, published mid-1990's 5beesocks, October 1ignore
paranormal book. about. salem 1redneck8953, September 30ignore
YA black ballerina moves to Arizona 3missworthing, September 30ignore
YA black nursing student integrating school/hospital 3missworthing, September 30ignore
Graphic Novel About Man Traveling Back to High School in the 70s 2rarm, September 30ignore
Contemporary Romance, husband "dies" in car accident 4juels, September 29ignore
Magic Girl hunted protection necklace 3Sentuar, September 29ignore
Elizabethan flying machine adventure (Children's) 5spaceowl, September 28ignore
Fiction stray dog book 1barba99, September 27ignore
Romance; American girl & foreign prince 1SavageGrace, September 27ignore
scifi woman with power of rot 2sueelleker, September 27ignore
mystery/thriller and a scandal caused by disappearance years ago resurfacing 4jshishir, September 26ignore
Romance; h is outcast of town, takes blame for accident her bestie caused 3SavageGrace, September 26ignore
Romance involving a wedlock 8juels, September 26ignore
romance book where she is a reporter and gets bit by a dog trying to get an interview 2amanda4242, September 25ignore
I'd love help to find a book.... 4kwurly, September 24ignore
Children's book re: Japanese doll 21indybr12, September 23ignore
Romance; Half-Native and "white" woman. Family almost beats H to death. 1SavageGrace, September 23ignore
Romance; possible MC Romance. H is in love with another woman. 1SavageGrace, September 23ignore
Romance; wedlock by a girl to save her father from debts 1gayathri88, September 22ignore
Historical Romance, Napoleon rescue, middle eastern sultan 4indybr12, September 22ignore
Reviving this: book about girl with Japanese doll. 1artgirl64, September 22ignore
Juvenile ballet book, possibly from the '40s or '50s 5artgirl64, September 22ignore
YA teen runaway novel, 1970s or 1980s 1artgirl64, September 22ignore
1908s comic-style vocabulary building book 1SarahEHWilson, September 22ignore
Fantasy, children save the world 2MyriadBooks, September 22ignore
Gothic, Witchcraft, Sisters, Reincarnation 5book_worm5, September 22ignore
historical romance forced marriage 1elwanda86, September 21ignore
1990s mills and boon romance cover is a man in blue shirt and blue jeans and a smiling girl standing in a street light 2juels, September 21ignore
Help locate name of romance novel 2juels, September 20ignore
Romance set in India 1schrist, September 20ignore
old Harlequin /M&B book 1rasu, September 19ignore
Romance, Historical, Lumberjack, Mail order bride 6Joannlovesbooks86, September 19ignore
romance between married women and doctor in an island 3MyriadBooks, September 18ignore
Recency? 5humouress, September 18ignore
Man Transported to medieval times, learns he's a wizard 5humouress, September 18ignore
Novel: Wales bed-and-breakfast 4humouress, September 18ignore

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