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Name that Book

Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again.

Start your book search by clicking on the Post a new topic option and...

(1) Enter a helpful Subject line that includes a genre and a clue.

Long subject lines are cut off, so it's wise to keep to keywords. For example:

YA Ghost story
SciFI Boy lost in space
Mystery set in Iceland
Poem about a woman's garden
Children's series about circus children

Many members of this group only open topics we think we can help with, so your subject line is important for getting the right people to read your post — the ones who probably know your book!

Words like 'Help' or 'Find this book' or 'Search' are not helpful in a subject line and should be avoided.
(2) Enter all the book detail you remember in the Message block.
This is your place to put detailed information that could help to identify your book. This may be information like:

Fiction or nonfiction
When you think it was written or when you read it (10 years ago; about 1970...)
Book's intended audience
Anything else you remember about the title, author, illustrations, cover, characters, setting, binding, or size of book

It's easier for members to read your message if you use standard spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, along with breaking longer sections into paragraphs.
(3) Check back for responses!
Members post their suggestions directly to your topic (so no e-mail addresses, please). Some books are found quickly, while others are found after time and discussion of similar books.

If your query is not solved in a few days, please feel free to comment on your own topic in order to bump it back to the top of the list. And please, we'd love to hear back from you on whether or not we've found your book, especially when we want to read it too!

If your query is solved, feel free to add the solved title information to your original topic comment. This will help anyone else who's looking for your same book! -- Book found: [Title] by Author
Visit the group's WikiThing page for more suggestions for finding your book and for a list of Frequently Sought Stories.

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Starts with Company Chairman (president) in fountain 1CDALibrary, Yesterday 11:06pmignore
Teen/childrens fiction book 1lmao112, Yesterday 10:49pmignore
Sifi future military 2Aaron2454, Yesterday 10:38pmignore
YA Chapter Book 1Tonidee, Yesterday 10:16pmignore
Teen Horror 1nicolab101go, Yesterday 9:37pmignore
YA nature/telepathy book 61Randal, Yesterday 7:16pmignore
Essay? / Old woman waits out blizzard, unsheltered, unperturbed 5MyriadBooks, Yesterday 2:53pmignore
A romance novel heroine is a hotel housekeeper 1Jessica_Luna, Yesterday 12:34pmignore
Name that book: dystopian future, underground tanks of people 6dukedom_enough, Yesterday 11:52amignore
YA Fantasy, possibly Atlantis themed 1CrankyConductor, Yesterday 11:25amignore
Supernatural Horror/Thriller involving "Aztec/Maya/Inca" gods 1CrankyConductor, Yesterday 11:21amignore
Man held captive in Australia by psyco dogfood making family (fiction 3MissSquish, Yesterday 10:52amignore
Romance 2juels, Yesterday 9:52amignore
Romance 2juels, Yesterday 9:51amignore
the title of a book 2juels, Yesterday 9:49amignore
YA Fiction 2juels, Yesterday 9:39amignore
Fantasy, girl becoming warrior, many wars, everybody dies 2Cecrow, Yesterday 9:09amignore
Historical Romance - Girl trains to become Mistress 2haydninvienna, Yesterday 2:51amignore
Fantasy, dragon that untied knots 1haydninvienna, Yesterday 2:39amignore
horror. 80s? car dies. closest house. cult. nun & saw 1dcaves8378, Sunday 9:53pmignore
YA realistic fiction(???) 3xobeckyxo, Sunday 8:53pmignore
Fantasy Gir in War 2PunkMcFunk, Sunday 8:10pmignore
French historic novel - pre-revolution 3RubyOamaru, Sunday 7:22pmignore
Cozy mystery--Elderly lady dies at village fair 27Inishowen_Cailin, Sunday 5:34pmignore
YA - “Gold in the North Sea” 1JTZL, Sunday 4:30pmignore
SciFi: spacefaring twins separated, then switch places, sentient rat :-) 3DemetriosX, Sunday 5:57amignore
YA Romance? Neighbors who's house are connected by a room. Boy likes to run 1Tumanako, Sunday 5:29amignore
sci fi - short story or novella - starts with a man contemplating suicide 1melsvu, Sunday 3:52amignore
Children's book about a magic sword 2merrystar, Sunday 2:10amignore
YA techy suspense mystery before 2002 3read-n-Wright, Sunday 1:29amignore
Teen Fiction 1BobbeeBee, Sunday 1:10amignore
Medical fiction novel about heart transplant from a dead boxer. 4lesmel, Saturday 7:49pmignore
Dog war book 2MyriadBooks, Saturday 5:13pmignore
romance novel, heroine is maid in a hotel 1Jessica_Luna, Saturday 4:23pmignore
Children's harmony/music/peace/cooperation 1AdeleW, Saturday 4:20pmignore
ex MI6 priest com/mystery 2indybr12, Saturday 3:23pmignore
What is the book I am thinking of 1stae, Saturday 2:54pmignore
YA rom 1jillybean560, Saturday 2:09amignore
Sci-Fi/Fantasy with girl hiding 4BritniRose, Saturday 12:59amignore
adult SF - female protagonist; dystopian future, religious seclusion, genetic engineering, immortality, living online 1lvbks1igtime, Saturday 12:46amignore
NAME THAT BOOK: Trained government agents try and stop immortality 3Dingumr, Friday 9:46pmignore
Dollhouse-View Picture book with bakery 1pwahl, Friday 5:53pmignore
Name of a book with two versions, only differing in a single sentence 2Mira.CR, Friday 4:57pmignore
Poem about a dead grandfather 1pyrexpickleblowfish, Friday 4:25pmignore
Any Librarians Here? Resources for Locating an Old Book 5eclbates, Friday 3:02pmignore
YA Mystery Mutilpe Perspective novel; girl goes missing 3savannahf96, Friday 1:24pmignore
NAME THAT BOOK: Two brothers, torn apart by their society 1Dingumr, Friday 1:17pmignore
The friendship book ? Francis Gay 1pearlarow89, Friday 1:14pmignore
Fantasy book. Need help getting the title 3MyriadBooks, Friday 12:34pmignore
Ya 80s published French Revolution series. 1pennyinsole, Friday 11:16amignore
American Novel?? 1DocRick, Friday 10:59amignore
YA SF Ice Age end of the World 60's-70's 3dukedom_enough, Friday 10:12amignore
Children's quest book 3Cecrow, Friday 7:39amignore
YA Psychological Thriller ... Maybe VC Andrews? 2murderedmymuse, Friday 6:15amignore
Fantasy? YA? Drama? | An abused little girl befriends a boy; a woman moves to town and sleeps with others' husbands... 4ofallpieces, Friday 2:08amignore
Gymnastics has same cultural place as football (UK) 2konallis, Friday 1:59amignore
Fiction, naked horse/man 1Okayno, Friday 12:05amignore
YA Fantasy teenage girl medieval world sold by father with fairies 4mollykatherine, Thursday 10:55pmignore
1970’s Children’s book old man apartment bathtub leak 1Thoehn, Thursday 10:45pmignore
Middle-grade novel about boy who hatches triceratops egg 3MajorKira, Thursday 8:31pmignore
1970s YA book 2Jen-the-Librarian, Thursday 6:51pmignore
American YA novel Napoleonic war setting, kidnapped onto a British man'o'war ship 2kcasada, Thursday 5:11pmignore
Canadian Geography Textbook: Girl Travels through Broken TV 1absurdmonkey, Thursday 4:22pmignore
children's Christian fiction 1kcasada, Thursday 3:53pmignore
Book search 1Kweenermdaworm, Thursday 3:50pmignore
Middle-grade ghost stories, short illustrated collection 1srw2076, Thursday 3:06pmignore
Children’s storybook with teddy bears and fairy tales 4Lexster, Thursday 3:00pmignore
Boy befriends hurt whale/whale leaves gift of ambergris 1Palaia, Thursday 2:37pmignore
middle grade sci fi from the late 60's early 70's 2sueelleker, Thursday 1:55pmignore
Children's book, my favorite in maybe 1965 1RabbitHerself, Thursday 1:45pmignore
SF short story, consumerism enforced via penalties for not interacting w marketing 3konallis, Thursday 12:15pmignore
Juvenile Fiction Agoraphobic Man 1Yee_icca, Thursday 11:58amignore
Collection of vampire stories 1Kathy_Moon, Thursday 11:11amignore
Children's picture book; Creek animals displaced 2Kathy_Moon, Thursday 11:05amignore
romance fiction woman thinks she's pregnant but turns out she isn't 1PathlessSun, Thursday 10:44amignore
Springfield, IL mystery 2lilithcat, Thursday 10:44amignore
fantasy with healing stones, girl rescued to live with elves/fairies 1kcasada, Thursday 10:11amignore
White paperback cover, # 3MyriadBooks, Thursday 8:51amignore
Book about 3 generations of women - grandmother, mother, daughter 3cyzag, Thursday 8:49amignore
Can't remember the title!! 1fiction_fanatic, Thursday 8:37amignore
HELP!!!!!! please. 2nazzz, Thursday 8:15amignore
main character female, has power to go back in time, resurrects a girl (which then tries to kill the main character) 1nazzz, Thursday 8:11amignore
Fiction, main character (young girl) discovers magic, walks on fences. Finds secret door. 1Shnooflez, Thursday 7:45amignore
middle grade romance fiction girl moves to town by sea 1ailiek, Thursday 7:39amignore
Book about a girl immigrating to NY 6Luigi.Romanelli, Thursday 3:38amignore
Fictional Romance Book about man with red hair who is rescued. 3brookie_w, Thursday 2:29amignore
kid's fantasy, evil whirling cylindrical beings threaten all 4Wordwizardw, Thursday 2:20amignore
1980s juvenile civil war girl book 3abookwanderer, Wednesday 11:53pmignore
Children's book about boy with dog named Freya 1kenazperthro, Wednesday 8:50pmignore
Supernatural fiction 2Tropical-Library, Wednesday 7:14pmignore
Contemporary poetry book with yellow cover by male author 5sweetbug, Wednesday 4:20pmignore
Children's book about fruit trees planted when a child is born 1sweetbug, Wednesday 3:56pmignore
Young Adult - Dystopian - Canadian teenagers make way home from Disney 2konallis, Wednesday 3:31pmignore
Romantic Suspense involving wine or champagne 1aramey89, Wednesday 3:24pmignore
Teenage Girl Stalked by Heroin Addict 1HDLibrarian, Wednesday 3:11pmignore
Young adult late 90s boy abandoned by mom 1akd616, Wednesday 3:10pmignore
author possibly Beebe (?) 1Pelirroja67, Wednesday 2:40pmignore
Si-Fi Boy adventures to another land 2MissSquish, Wednesday 4:40amignore
Children's picture book about a girl that fell down. 1lenipls, Tuesday 9:26pmignore

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