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Romance woman marries sheriff to keep her in laws from taking her son 1HNolan78, Today 2:50amignore
Girl Stuck in Fairy tale town/storyline 1BookWorm5588, Yesterday 11:27pmignore
Handwritten note and coincidences 1Christina_Jen, Yesterday 11:25pmignore
Heroine signs a contract for a one night stand. 1DianaRumbi, Yesterday 5:05pmignore
Polish couple adopt orphans after WWII 2indybr12, Yesterday 4:49pmignore
Contemporary Western Romance 11Fic_02, Yesterday 10:27amignore
A romance book where the heroine goes to the ex lovers weeding and fall for the stepbrother.. 1ksuero2427, Yesterday 7:21amignore
Romance 3Jennifer_Binder, Yesterday 2:49amignore
Romance woman rescued from mid east country 1aprilg123, Yesterday 12:19amignore
Please help with contemporary romance title! 1kierz, Friday 11:33pmignore
YA Romance out of country 1marie040609, Friday 8:58pmignore
romance girl being fought over by "brother" and evil step brother 1Aboogie1994, Thursday 11:53pmignore
Science-Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Sentient Rain? 47FlyingFairy, Thursday 11:01pmignore
Adult ficition book where children were kidnapped by crazy doctor/scientist 2BH2017, Thursday 9:15pmignore
a ring with spikes on the inside that shocks the wearer if he does wrong 2sueelleker, Thursday 4:26pmignore
looking for horror novel set in either Wyoming or Colorado. 5BH2017, Thursday 3:21pmignore
seeking book..husband leaves wife for woman named Suzette 4lesmel, Thursday 9:16amignore
Need help 4Cecrow, Thursday 9:10amignore
Looking for young adult series read in 80's or 90's. 6BH2017, Wednesday 11:24pmignore
Seeking book on Greek mythology. 5BH2017, Wednesday 7:22pmignore
Boy finds magic book, Girl has macbook with whole apple (no bite mark) 4lorax, Wednesday 1:27pmignore
YA Native American girl, rabbit, coming of age story 3Cecrow, Wednesday 7:38amignore
looking for book on sisters..one is evil and wants her sister's life. 1BH2017, Wednesday 1:56amignore
Book similiar to "The Stepford Wives" that came out in 70's or 80's. 1BH2017, Wednesday 1:53amignore
Name that book 2beesocks, Wednesday 1:53amignore
Looking for thriller from 70's or early 80's about a woman who falls in love with a Man/Shark 3BH2017, Tuesday 9:30pmignore
YA fic 13 year olds with special gifts associated with colors 1dcanderson96, Tuesday 4:41pmignore
B/W-Illustrated Juve-lit about a bird flying around city at night 1BGRIFF79, Tuesday 12:52amignore
rock star romance 3aMnreader, Monday 11:22pmignore
Talking about half remembered books 32wonderY, Monday 7:37pmignore
Questionable Romance Novel 1tamrmoni, Monday 7:04pmignore
Tacky Adult Romance Book 1tamrmoni, Monday 6:48pmignore
Oversized Golden Book about scientists in history 15Parpar1836, Monday 4:08pmignore
Find the name of this Mystery Romance Book 1opalgirlforever, Monday 3:32pmignore
Contemporary Romance Three Male Escorts 1keeter1967, Monday 1:57pmignore
Abused heroine and bad boy 1RedDressesX01, Sunday 5:16pmignore
Photo book on doll hospital 5indybr12, Sunday 5:00pmignore
Woman catfish online Lips on Cover 4ginakay, Sunday 4:28pmignore
Amnesia storyline 3EmLouC, Sunday 6:49amignore
Mother and daughter on the run. Move next to vampire family and werewolf 1Belindaluxton, March 18ignore
YA, Teen romance, paranormal, hate-to-love 4beesocks, March 18ignore
Intelligent horselike beings who lived in huge termite-type hives. 2beichst, March 17ignore
Hollowed out asteroid spaceship, in time people forget they are on spaceship. 8JGL53, March 17ignore
Pregnant sister murdered by vampires, sister helps free vampire from jail 4MyriadBooks, March 17ignore
Christian Mystery/Suspence Fiction - Man's wife dies or is killed, He becomes a killer 5CassaundraF, March 17ignore
YA fiction-evil stepmother-white haired girl 3Sakerfalcon, March 17ignore
Romance book about a widower, a physical therapist and a small mountain town 1randa87, March 17ignore
Romance/suspense: kids escape foster dad after foster sis dies 1Randa_Mae_Anderson, March 16ignore
Help! Trying to find True Crime book 1BevMac, March 16ignore
Newbie here 1Ldc1975, March 16ignore
Young Adult Romance Bad Boy 2Randa_Mae_Anderson, March 16ignore
YA Ghost Story 3Greenislandeyes, March 16ignore
Help i don't remember the title new adult/romance 3Randa_Mae_Anderson, March 16ignore
Romance book series need help finding please 9Randa_Mae_Anderson, March 16ignore
Help! Cant remember the name!! 2juels, March 16ignore
Trilogy /3 brothers/ 3 women/ bed and breakfast/ stained glass window 8shihzooz, March 16ignore
female river guide/artist NW US 9MyriadBooks, March 16ignore
Please Help! Vet in trouble runs. ex steps in 2MyriadBooks, March 16ignore
YA Romance 2MyriadBooks, March 16ignore
Can't Think of the Name of a Book! 2SaintSunniva, March 15ignore
YA Fantasy book, 3 sisters 2rarm, March 15ignore
Help! What is this title! 3Anovelapproach, March 15ignore
Adult fantasy, half - bird people. Rape scene. Possibly by Sara Douglass 8KanadrAllegria, March 15ignore
Short story - broke woman faking an upper middle class life 2tinymouse2, March 15ignore
Catherine Coulter 6jenniebooks, March 15ignore
Self guided book for adults only 18+ 3coolsun67, March 15ignore
Deep sea fishing story 1jldarden, March 14ignore
looking for a book 5lilithcat, March 14ignore
Boss and PA 1titz, March 14ignore
American Classic 3simon560, March 14ignore
Teen Fiction about a boy and a girl 3BookKat13, March 14ignore
Romance: she was abused and scarred, father called her skeleton 1Meli78ssa, March 13ignore
Illustration horse book 8MyriadBooks, March 13ignore
Looking for book 4juels, March 13ignore
Love story, read in the 1990s 1indaygina, March 12ignore
Legion of Super-Heroes in prison camp 1BradRupert, March 12ignore
fantasy novel with a general's son having to become king. he doesn't want it. 4applepiekitten, March 12ignore
Children's Book - Girl has her own cabin in the woods 9mta.greenwood, March 12ignore
Contemporary romance, girl gets pregnant 1barncats, March 11ignore
Romance set in wales/ American traveler climbs a mountain 4bpcampassi, March 10ignore
YA Fiction/Reincarnation/Murder?Romance from '80-'90 2Laina1312, March 10ignore
Forgot the Name of an 80's Zebra Historical Romance Novel (Western) 1tmcghie, March 10ignore
Forgot the name of this book 3PhillipaM, March 9ignore
Adult Bank Robbery 1mrsb00ksy, March 9ignore
Book about bride in her mid-30s; possibly chick list/women's fiction 1artgirl64, March 9ignore
Juvenile fiction - Underground Railroad related 3Cecrow, March 9ignore
Book from 1960 "20 seconds(min) to Live" ? 2rarm, March 8ignore
British thriller trilogy 3isabelx, March 8ignore
Conemperary/erotic romance about a hotel reviewer 1dohgirl, March 8ignore
YA Fiction Girl who learns she has special powers 2MissSquish, March 8ignore
Native American girl travels to Europe before Columbus 5rarm, March 7ignore
Historical romance California/New Orleans 1Einna78, March 7ignore
Mystery/thriller set in New Mexico/Arizona 1Songy2, March 6ignore
India in paradise 4MyriadBooks, March 6ignore
Historical romance novel 7lesmel, March 6ignore
Historical 2rarm, March 5ignore
Career-advice book written pre-2005 4BookSmith23, March 5ignore
Singing spider with mind-controlling bite 4bluepiano, March 5ignore
Arabella on the tabke 3Lynne17, March 5ignore

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