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Historical romance 1couponviola, Today 5:30pmignore
Young fantasy 1980-1990 girl dragon book NOT series 10reconditereader, Today 4:34pmignore
About a British man, marries poor girl 4sueelleker, Today 2:58pmignore
Children's or YA series-girl rescues horse 1akblanchard, Today 1:07pmignore
Comtemporary Romance - Mistaken Identity involving Twins 1Kelly-kitty0, Today 7:51amignore
Hitorical Fiction/ orphan riased in monestary as a boy but is a girl 11Cecrow, Today 7:29amignore
YA teen suicide bombers 1brenma99, Yesterday 12:21pmignore
Western/ historical romance maybe? 1mismatchsox23, Yesterday 3:06amignore
Old Paperback Romance 3beesocks, Yesterday 2:12amignore
counterculture 1970s nonfiction 1avatiakh, Sunday 11:00pmignore
Historical Romance, War, Unplanned pregnancy? 3SylviaC, Sunday 7:16pmignore
Fantasy Short Story: Norse Shaman Woman 1sylvanfae, Sunday 5:59pmignore
Science fiction short story apocalypse lottery 5weener, Sunday 5:33pmignore
childhood book 4lp65, Sunday 2:56pmignore
Historical novels 3 overlooked ladies take charge of their lives 4dkhiggin, Sunday 1:53pmignore
Historical romance 3ahill006, Sunday 1:07pmignore
Romance 1Alice12345678910, Sunday 9:15amignore
mystery solver 10tapgurl, Sunday 2:11amignore
hyistorical bodice ripper 4kazumi09, Saturday 6:29pmignore
Young West Coast pregnant woman goes to rich grandmother in Manhattan 4indybr12, Saturday 3:37pmignore
Similar the Fantasy Island 7wearylibrarian, Saturday 3:27pmignore
main characters:boy, girl virgin 'high school sweethearts,love at first sight's 15alexisbentley, Saturday 3:22amignore
Short story: A prisoner learns a new language 25Frl.Famos, Friday 8:28amignore
modern virgin plus size heroine 2Barkybean, Friday 6:54amignore
1980s historical series French Revolution 2rarm, Thursday 7:36pmignore
Historical Romance a trilogy a Feared Warrior on his horse charges into this castle and is met by a lady holing a sword 1Mrtk45, Thursday 5:10pmignore
Historical romance, woman sent to island, marries boss, fog, mystery 1laurasuz, Thursday 4:58pmignore
Child killed by blind cords... 1Kat86, Thursday 4:29pmignore
Historical romance high society 1demdrummey, Thursday 12:26pmignore
Hi,im looking for a book 6docmiteow, Thursday 9:46amignore
MistakenTitle or Author. Judy Blume 'The Left Outs'??? 4MsPennywise, Tuesday 5:37pmignore
Romance dancer security firm and stalker 4alexisbentley, Tuesday 3:10amignore
phenomenal romance lost and searching 3Ksenia.portnoy, July 18ignore
Please help find 80s HR, faked amnesia, gypsies or Rominies, bodyguards with acrobat skills, 1kellyb413, July 17ignore
SciFi 1980s Ends with hero battling enemy back through generations to being brothers 30mart1n, July 15ignore
Kidnapped mom held slave on island guarded by wolves 4Kiguana, July 15ignore
Spaceman's son highlander/apache planet prospector gold comet 5Philip_Jones, July 14ignore
Romance (possibly Mills and Boon) 1Kazazz, July 14ignore
Young Adult Novel 3shadrach_anki, July 14ignore
Romance; Girl in Red Dress 1paigelise, July 14ignore
Historical romance novel 5MyriadBooks, July 14ignore
Romance/Suspense/Murder book title 9beesocks, July 13ignore
Business Erotica, Man Takes Revenge On Sister 1ashley1910, July 13ignore
Romance, Civil War Era, identical cousins 1redflower62, July 12ignore
Please Help! I've been going insane... Romance 4Vols16, July 12ignore
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice 36MyriadBooks, July 12ignore
Romance Young couple married/divorced/amnesia/ Second chance 1Caitinlee, July 12ignore
Help me find a urban dictionary book..but I can remember the title or the Arthur.. 1Kelly.Clark, July 11ignore
Help me find a YA book..but I can remember the tile or rather.. 1Kelly.Clark, July 11ignore
children's picture/comic book:girl visits other world with dolls come to life? 1AMEDA, July 10ignore
Secretary Boss romance Book read 30 years ago 5indybr12, July 10ignore
Picture Book Monster Works Pizza Store 1aldtucker, July 9ignore
Girl's mother's boyfriend trying to get her pregnant - drama 5Sabrina_Buchanan, July 7ignore
YA -Girl in small mountain (mine?) town 3LauraT81, July 6ignore
Yuppie man decides to work home construction, crew calls him “Black &Decker” 1Pixelite, July 6ignore
uppie man decides to work home construction, crew calls him “Black &Decker” 1Pixelite, July 6ignore
Suspense story/novel, man takes in abused child 1Pixelite, July 6ignore
Girl's new stepfather is a psycho - Drama 3Sabrina_Buchanan, July 6ignore
Teen fantasy fiction 2 sisters trying to find their way home 12PsibrReadHead, July 6ignore
1970’s American Literature 7amysisson, July 6ignore
Fantasy young adult/adult novel with a female character caught in a good vs evil power struggle involving her brother 2RowanTribe, July 6ignore
Romance - Women returns home after sent away as pregnant teenager 2MyriadBooks, July 6ignore
1990's secretary marries boss to get custody of half sister from abusive step father 2lesmel, July 5ignore
PLEASE HELP Looking for title of old romance book 3lesmel, July 5ignore
Boss Secretary Book Harliquin I Think 3lesmel, July 5ignore
Maid & Earl? Romance 1NanaCris, July 5ignore
Need help finding a book title 1asdfghjklzx, July 5ignore
Contemporary Military Romance, kidnap/rescue, she sleeps on top of Hero 4acmom902, July 4ignore
Ex-pat man lives on remote island then returns to US 3Sagesmunga, July 4ignore
YA Paranormal "Imaginary Friend" 3freckles1987, July 3ignore
Historical Romance 2acmom902, July 3ignore
Need to find the title of this book 2johnthefireman, July 3ignore
Looking for title or author 3kekabutta88, July 2ignore
Children's Time Travel House 7bookel, July 2ignore
YA Modern Fiction 4sparemethecensor, July 2ignore
Looking for romance novels published around the late 90's early 00's 4wester, July 2ignore
Historical romance 1itsjustme0911, July 2ignore
Help 3smilez4u1390, July 1ignore
Contemporary romance about women who falls for the CEO 1caitlin21, June 30ignore
Historical Romance Novel 3KiaraT, June 30ignore
Girls' college fiction, prob. published in 1950s-1960s? 20amysisson, June 30ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 98lquilter, June 29ignore
Girl with divorced parents 2bookel, June 29ignore
Book about best friends who were training for horseback riding 4bookel, June 29ignore
pre-1985 picture bk: boy drains/bottles the ocean, walks ocean floor, sees old shipwrecks & whale skeleton 370s80skid, June 29ignore
Fantasy school (monsters?) 3appleb3rry, June 29ignore
Character wakes up with loss of memory 10MyriadBooks, June 29ignore
YA Romance: Girl leaves little messages 1appleb3rry, June 28ignore
Kidnapping YA novel 1appleb3rry, June 28ignore
Book where girl can tell the future 1appleb3rry, June 28ignore
Horoscope/Astrology YA book series 1appleb3rry, June 28ignore
Romance book where girl cheats on guy and she ends up alone 1appleb3rry, June 28ignore
Romance story where the girlfriend ends up running away from her ex-boyfriend 1appleb3rry, June 28ignore
YA-nightmare-plagued girl learns artist next door is her alcoholic mom 1070s80skid, June 28ignore
Historical Island Romance....80's early 90's?? 2MyriadBooks, June 28ignore
historical romance 8lesmel, June 27ignore
Need help! 4lesmel, June 27ignore
Children's horror story collection- Moon 1nickm247, June 27ignore
Heroine disguised as boy on a pirate ship 1purplepalace, June 26ignore

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