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Historical romance 1cr2ros215, Yesterday 5:57pmignore
Literary fic, Woman in therapy, mirrors 4MelanieAnneMarie, Yesterday 3:16pmignore
Contemporary Romance 4juels, Yesterday 1:53pmignore
Aliens, genetically engineered monsters, develop language 7-Eva-, Thursday 5:34pmignore
1980's serial romance with Matt, Robbie, and Rita 2juels, Thursday 4:51pmignore
Australian new money killed in snowy English village 3MyriadBooks, Thursday 8:48amignore
Historical romance 1lisa1000, Thursday 12:45amignore
Sci-Fi Romance starts on alien occupied earth 3MyriadBooks, Wednesday 8:15amignore
Fantasy Novel Gloved Man search for destroyers of his world 1David_Orton, Wednesday 6:14amignore
hero deceived by his family members into thinking that heroine cheated with his brother 3BrendaJoyceJackson, Tuesday 7:57pmignore
Murder Mystery with CSI Female lead 1jochab22383, Monday 4:58pmignore
Romance, Medical 5starlightgenie, Sunday 2:04amignore
Adult Mystery/Suspense 2SJaneDoe, December 2ignore
Zebra historical romance 1jojo9, December 1ignore
Beauty and the Beast Type Romance Novel 5cmf12, December 1ignore
1950s/1960s YA adventure book set on boat treasure search diving 1tec4cleveland, December 1ignore
wheelchair-bound woman sees devil in church 1Barbaraabramson, December 1ignore
Medieval romance anthology 1jmw2345, December 1ignore
British? Women's Fiction/Mystery; Girl who lives on fairgrounds? 5indybr12, December 1ignore
Mystery about a kidnapped girl 4MyriadBooks, December 1ignore
Name this book please 1Hailee18, December 1ignore
Romance book: girl falls for her dad's boss 1elenagm, November 29ignore
Book about Superintendent 1Kelly_Scott, November 28ignore
Girl almost raped moves to England 1Alexa123, November 28ignore
Children's book that featured a board game that made you shrink 7MyriadBooks, November 28ignore
Fiction WW2 book about plot to kill Roosevelt 2indybr12, November 28ignore
Non-fiction book on San Francisco's 19th century mansions 5lilithcat, November 28ignore
1970's Liquid Nitrogen tanker run aground 1NinpoWarrior, November 28ignore
Paranormal Romance Compelation 1BriarRoseBuffy, November 28ignore
Husband sticks up for caregiver (maid?), finds out wife was right from maid's diary 1Mindy73, November 27ignore
Boy drunk father kills friend motorcycles forest 1Debful, November 26ignore
Name that Book 3Debful, November 26ignore
80s children's science fiction 5TimSharrock, November 26ignore
Fiction Book about man who wakes up in mental hospital 1chrisfraz11, November 25ignore
Fantasy/Horror(?), YA/Kids(?) Short Story Collection 1kidnothing, November 23ignore
Possible Children's Story From Horse's Perspective 4Cecrow, November 23ignore
Migraine sufferer's road trip 1johnheaney, November 23ignore
Harlequin Contemporary 3ZiaNemesis, November 22ignore
female PI series 4MyriadBooks, November 22ignore
Vintage 50s 60s 70s Harlequin Tropical Location Rainy Season 1jemmimah, November 22ignore
Children's Horror Book About Girl Who Gets Trapped in a Mirror While a Doppelganger Takes Her Place 7titianscrivener, November 21ignore
Science-Fiction Post-Apocalyptic Sentient Rain? 32titianscrivener, November 21ignore
Historical Romance Girl Dresses as Boy - Brothel & Spanking 1buecherw0rm, November 20ignore
WWII action novel - Allied pilot in France with the Maquis 3akatzsch, November 20ignore
romance, set in PA, young girl, older boy/man 2indybr12, November 20ignore
Children's book - a boy shrinks and lives in a model village 2bookel, November 20ignore
Regency romance widow remarries 3ladybeezus, November 20ignore
Mills & Boon novel about two people who hate each other but fall in love 1WansAmari, November 20ignore
name that book 2george90, November 19ignore
Romance in college 1maggscone, November 19ignore
Romance novel "? Angel" 5benjamin.colburn, November 19ignore
Old Harlequin Book about a widow falling in love with her late husband's friend 1WansAmari, November 19ignore
Need help finding a fantasy book! 1abhibedford, November 19ignore
romance-mistaken identity kidnapping. modern. 1Laosir13, November 19ignore
Contemporary romance. River in name. Irish surgeon from Boston. Georgian playboy 2rarm, November 18ignore
Wronged wife leaves husband and mistress with kids 8Barkybean, November 17ignore
Harlequin - rich executive being slowly poisoned 10Nicky_C, November 17ignore
YA book about five friends sending letters to their past/future selves 3Cecrow, November 17ignore
YA late 60's early 70's HS couple gets married 3dara85, November 17ignore
Slavery and time travel fiction 3rarm, November 17ignore
1980s Harlequin-esque Romance 3Jewelledsky, November 16ignore
50's 60's or 70's young adult romance/career books 3RowanTribe, November 15ignore
Woman kept in dungeon falls in love with prince captor 5juels, November 15ignore
knight comes forward in time, meets woman in antique store 82wonderY, November 15ignore
Heroin name was Drucilla...she marries a movie star 1sumi81, November 15ignore
Romance/ Oregon Trail Historical 4dara85, November 14ignore
Child killed by blind cords... 5Kat86, November 14ignore
Heroine disguised as boy on a pirate ship 2Moonmomma, November 13ignore
historical romance about a lord turned highwayman 1Moonmomma, November 13ignore
Forgotten harlequin romance 1Alissa.DiRubbo, November 13ignore
80s or 90s YF creepy book, slumber party in an old house, green cover 1NettaC, November 13ignore
Koontz-ish sci-fi/thriller - monsters from army base attacking town 9DisassemblyOfReason, November 13ignore
Book that starts with a wedding but no-one was happy 8Tsuki_hana, November 12ignore
Hates kids dad because h believes he broke/tore her prom dress straps. 1Tsuki_hana, November 12ignore
Historical romance-herione makes herself ugly to ward off marriage 1karenerk, November 11ignore
1800's, possibly Colorado, romance, girl wants to be an animal doctor 2pjfarm, November 10ignore
Name of fiction book 3beesocks, November 10ignore
Scottish Historical Romance 5juels, November 10ignore
Alien Romance Novel 4juels, November 10ignore
medieval historical romance , marriage of convenience, knight, innocent girl, blind knight 4ShelleyC19, November 10ignore
Ww2 fiction 1Hecticpaul, November 9ignore
Sailing adventure and romance 4juels, November 9ignore
harlequin about an almost blind hero 2Nicky_C, November 9ignore
YA Children in England discover something mystical in a quarry 11nerwende, November 9ignore
Romance Novel Historical Female Pickpocket 1sarahJ1, November 8ignore
romance, magical book 3hafnia, November 8ignore
The Three Investigators, Oh My Darlin Clementine 15MyriadBooks, November 8ignore
Special Ops Group 7vickij2, November 8ignore
Christmas story based on rebuilding lives 2starlightgenie, November 7ignore
Paranormal adult romance hidden place true loves can find 1Mrcarst81, November 6ignore
Story that starts with, "The day I got..." 8SylviaC, November 5ignore
Seeking SF Shortstory - Pilot/Soldier taken over by Spaceship Fighter 5DemetriosX, November 5ignore
Late bloomer joins the navy, falls for C/O, she's a journalist 1rebekahsayers, November 5ignore
Name That Book: Erotic romance fiction 1sturkow, November 5ignore
novel, 50s-60s era, family, four kids? Catholic, one son dies in Vietnam 4indybr12, November 4ignore
Romantic Suspense Series 4Caramellunacy, November 4ignore
crime Young criminal carefully breaking away from boss/mentor 1sailorman44, November 3ignore
Historical Fiction -a family on a farm 1Lynnkait, November 3ignore

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