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historical romance 6skiski, Today 5:20pmignore
Historical Island Romance....80's early 90's?? 1skiski, Today 5:19pmignore
Need help! 4lesmel, Today 11:56amignore
Children's horror story collection- Moon 1nickm247, Today 11:31amignore
Character wakes up with loss of memory 6timepiece, Today 11:23amignore
Historical Romance 1sherry_g, Yesterday 11:59pmignore
Heroine disguised as boy on a pirate ship 1purplepalace, Yesterday 4:27pmignore
Looking for romance novels published around the late 90's early 00's 1Ravenmama12, Yesterday 3:46amignore
English historical romance - young girl tricks nobleman into taking her innocence 1RudiPerry, Saturday 11:35pmignore
80s? Childrens/YA - SciFi/Fantasy - Young Boy alone on quest through vast desert type land 21MyriadBooks, Saturday 9:04amignore
Name this romance book? 5browsers, Saturday 2:01amignore
historical romance/ bodice ripper 2browsers, Saturday 1:56amignore
Vintage 17th century French, Erotica(ish), Rule Book 4browsers, Saturday 12:24amignore
90s Romance novel about a Native American horse trainer and white woman 4browsers, Saturday 12:17amignore
Children's book about a family that travels to America, with a dog named Chewing Gum 4RafiCat, Friday 5:59pmignore
Contemporary thriller set in the East about a lost/stolen valuable tapestry 7beesocks, Friday 1:54pmignore
YA-nightmare-plagued girl learns artist next door is her alcoholic mom 9bookel, Friday 5:54amignore
Romance man on boat needs to take over family business 1jlwillet, Thursday 9:41pmignore
Teen fantasy fiction 2 sisters trying to find their way home 11greyfort, Thursday 4:53pmignore
Young fantasy 1980-1990 girl dragon book NOT series 8Cecrow, Thursday 12:02pmignore
80's(?) YA book, Pioneers 4konallis, Thursday 11:01amignore
Children's fiction book from late fifties 2greyfort, Thursday 10:36amignore
Children's Time Travel House 5aviddiva, Wednesday 11:43pmignore
Scottish Novel-Romance 2juels, Wednesday 2:46pmignore
Disabled boy, wheelchair. Can't speak out loud 3amysisson, Tuesday 5:29pmignore
girl sent to her grandmother's by US mail 82wonderY, Tuesday 5:25pmignore
YA teens with superpowers, 1980's 1Darth-Heather, Tuesday 3:25pmignore
1970s? chapter book about a magical forest 5mcghol, Monday 9:01pmignore
Fantasy short / Magic bookshop you can't find twice 35MyriadBooks, Monday 12:56pmignore
Spy thriller from 70s, CIA leaves recalcitrant prisoners on a cannibal island 3MyriadBooks, Monday 12:41pmignore
historical romance novel set in England 2juels, Monday 10:32amignore
Historical romance 1jenneeson, June 19ignore
Seventh-grade literature anthology, with illustrations 12konallis, June 18ignore
Based off of Lady Godiva Painting 1amurr006, June 17ignore
Historical Romance, War, Unplanned pregnancy? 4emilyrosex, June 17ignore
trying to find a book from the 80's possibly early 90's 3RowanTribe, June 16ignore
Young Adult book about a car accident 1sunnymama4, June 16ignore
Victorian novella: Australian woman marries Englishman 3MyriadBooks, June 16ignore
a boy's furniture argues while he sleeps re: which of them's most importnat 270s80skid, June 16ignore
Romance - Women returns home after sent away as pregnant teenager 1AJM262, June 15ignore
historical romance set in England. 1naeem91, June 14ignore
SF/Fantasy - Male Telepathic Genius - Earth 2rarm, June 14ignore
doctor kidnapped and forced to do 1st heart transplant (old book) 1c3lia, June 14ignore
Dystopian probably came out a few years ago Green cover 2btuckertx, June 13ignore
bodice ripper set in American west 4Grandbaba, June 12ignore
historical romance 1mom1964, June 12ignore
Modern romance,blind teacher,teenage girl, read about 10 years ago 3barby1991, June 12ignore
Historical romance, silver rose pendant, war times, read about 10 years ago 1barby1991, June 12ignore
help please looking for a title 4sueelleker, June 12ignore
paranormal romance with wolves 2dmw36, June 12ignore
Historical romance sausage curls 1kimtp2014, June 11ignore
Historical romance I guess - daughter of a gambler, ends up powerful madam in Europe? 1notsowitty, June 11ignore
historical romance 1Antoneitte, June 11ignore
Historical romance sleepwalking hero 2Antoneitte, June 11ignore
Fiction, Thriller, Action, Supernatural, Vampires? 1CourteousCanary, June 11ignore
Welsh Fantasy Writer 4TheTortoise, June 11ignore
Woman rescues man in a cage; he speaks a different language she understands 4AliLucy, June 11ignore
Boy can't remember his identity. 2bookel, June 10ignore
British mystery WW2 42wonderY, June 10ignore
80s/90s girls book in diary format 1jennycs, June 10ignore
1980s historical series French Revolution 1pennyinsole, June 10ignore
Girls' college fiction, prob. published in 1950s-1960s? 18amysisson, June 10ignore
book full of crafts and diy projects for kids 2lorax, June 10ignore
Story about family heritage, Scottish themes, thistle/heather, Americans? 2MissSquish, June 10ignore
1980s? fiction novel involving time travel, the Titanic and Adoph Hitler 5Cecrow, June 9ignore
Contemporary Romance : Twins 3Caramellunacy, June 9ignore
Boss Secretary Book Harliquin I Think 1teddyber22, June 8ignore
sf book, post alien invasion by "spiders", underground human refuge 3AndreasJ, June 8ignore
Romance, Historical?, Supernatural, Fiction 2MyriadBooks, June 7ignore
Thriller ./ horror 1Mumzy, June 7ignore
Historical mystery 3SomeGuyInVirginia, June 7ignore
Fiction book, girl in the mountains, from the fifties 8RueCunningham, June 5ignore
Jet hires new PA who is heir to Italian Estate. Erotica fiction 2beesocks, June 5ignore
Older YA book about girl in NYC 2Marissa_Doyle, June 5ignore
Romance Book. Partners in outdoors business 1irene381, June 5ignore
Romance book: California teacher goes to Austrilia 6rarm, June 5ignore
90s Romance-Former lovers reconnect; She's a single mom who was raped by his brother 3Rain_S, June 4ignore
Looking for a manga... 3starlightgenie, June 4ignore
Runaway Love Story 3RileyAnnH, June 3ignore
YA book with secret chapters online 9lesmel, June 3ignore
Help 4amysisson, June 3ignore
Help 2lesmel, June 2ignore
Similar the Fantasy Island 6sueelleker, June 2ignore
Help with two books! 4MajorKira, May 31ignore
Fiction Romance/Mystery/Suspense 1dleehello, May 31ignore
Children's book; about a witch's life 97Mia2424, May 31ignore
magician romance book 2welt-kids, May 30ignore
Indian Historical mid 80's hero has to marry brother's widow as his first wife 1gofsu1, May 29ignore
Helicopter into side of building 1allygentracer, May 29ignore
YA, WWII Pacific, Marine castaways with Navy officer 3EdwardBarnard, May 29ignore
Seeking 70s or earlier Novel - Psionic society wearing numbered shirts 3dukedom_enough, May 29ignore
Christian Fiction child soldiers Africa 4indybr12, May 29ignore
Hi, New member I'm looking for a book 6lesmel, May 29ignore
Children's book @ kids at a boarding school 3MajorKira, May 29ignore
how to increase intelligence of your baby 1JEagle, May 28ignore
historical, hunting in British Columbia 4leigh2e, May 27ignore
Juvenile/YA: pub 1940?-1975 era, horse pulls fire engine, arsonist puts log in road 23MajorKira, May 27ignore
Book set in America about a young boy 5AWicke, May 27ignore
Historical romance with a wife that does a scarf dance... 4agapikay, May 26ignore

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