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Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together.

Simple rules: attack ideas, not people. Be honest. Let others be honest. Be a gracious guest. Try to learn something. Be informative. Don't jerk your knees. Assume that the people who disagree with you are intelligent, but they just need more information to be Truly Enlightened.

If you want to know how to do things like post pictures or links, see the Nuts and Bolts thread here. Feel free to contribute to that.

And have fun.

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Quotations 165johnthefireman, Yesterday 11:58pmignore
Are we moving too fast on autonomous technology? 2madpoet, Yesterday 9:45pmignore
"Information" in the Time of Trump #2 153Guanhumara, Yesterday 9:42pmignore
The US Prison System 12wonderY, Yesterday 5:02pmignore
What Trump Did When You Weren't Looking 16lriley, Yesterday 11:30amignore
Human failure, guns, and scapegoats 64southernbooklady, Yesterday 11:29amignore
Looney Left keeps crapping their pants and keeps helping, not hurting, the Looney Right. 318pmackey, Yesterday 5:47amignore
Puerto Rico's territorial status 24pmackey, Yesterday 5:22amignore
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 2 84margd, Yesterday 4:43amignore
Trump's Nominees & Hirees, contd. II 54margd, Yesterday 4:19amignore
58 genders and counting... 138johnthefireman, Yesterday 12:03amignore
Trump vs North Korea - over everyone else's dead body 113madpoet, Sunday 10:31pmignore
Scandal Watch IV 1302wonderY, Sunday 6:11pmignore
Mass Shootings...contd....of course (3) 18davidgn, Sunday 1:08amignore
2017 Free Speech and Tolerance Survey 87Guanhumara, Saturday 9:59amignore
US Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies (2) 99krolik, Saturday 5:50amignore
Russia: international moves, West responses, Putin's revenge & future 20margd, Saturday 5:38amignore
Jumping Ship count 111margd, Saturday 2:50amignore
Humor from both sides of the aisle 54madpoet, Thursday 9:15pmignore
Euro and Canadian politics 7margd, Tuesday 9:33amignore
English language and grammar, Greco-Roman heritage, and a culture of literacy 2MMcM, March 11ignore
Mass Shootings...contd.... 194BRLL, March 9ignore
The Dem's "Russian Collusion" witch-hunt blows up in their faces & now reveals they were the ones colluding to defraud 92proximity1, March 9ignore
Sacrificing biota for special interests 36margd, March 8ignore
#MeToo 542wonderY, March 8ignore
NAFTA renegotiation 29margd, March 7ignore
The (further) Nazification of America, 2 50pmackey, March 7ignore
President Proposes School Arms Race as Solution to Mass Murder 412wonderY, March 6ignore
Sometimes it’s best to feed the trolls? 53prosfilaes, February 27ignore
Given: That Donald Trump Is mentally Ill # 2 142Limelite, February 23ignore
Russia, the U.S. and elections 26proximity1, February 23ignore
Martin Luther King Day, 2018 52RickHarsch, February 20ignore
"Too Fat" Part Three!... 14margd, February 20ignore
Lock Them Up 77proximity1, February 20ignore
Crafting Immigration Policy in America 3proximity1, February 17ignore
Mass Shootings--338 and counting 169Guanhumara, February 16ignore
Trump screws his base--#1 and counting 77rastaphrog, February 16ignore
Just CLICK-BAIT : CNN's "Evidence Grows of Trump's Collusion with Russia" 2proximity1, February 15ignore
A safe space for Poland? 63johnthefireman, February 14ignore
Campaign Slogans that Democrats Should Use 17RickHarsch, February 13ignore
Immigration raids 14margd, February 12ignore
Video proof of Trump's baldness 17lriley, February 10ignore
Another new record 9margd, February 9ignore
Gerrymandering and other voting rights issues 8prosfilaes, February 8ignore
Iceland outlawing circumcision 25Guanhumara, February 8ignore
Guide to Surviving an Authoritarian Regime (America's E European Friends) 3margd, February 7ignore
How we view various countries ... 12RickHarsch, February 4ignore
Tell us again the one about Trump the peacemaker 165margd, February 3ignore
2020, contd. (II) 22margd, February 2ignore
Nix repeal--fix the Affordable Care Act? 58margd, January 29ignore
Is Donald Trump a Racist (Part 2) 47rastaphrog, January 26ignore
On the government shutdown. 3margd, January 24ignore
Trump War on Science? 39margd, January 24ignore
Trumpland ~ nail reporters! 16RickHarsch, January 23ignore
Crazyracistsexistfascistcultist 17johnthefireman, January 22ignore
It Might Be Easier to Figure Out Which Men Are Not Guilty of Sexual Harassment/Assault 152RickHarsch, January 15ignore
Robert Reich is a funny little guy. 17RickHarsch, January 13ignore
This group has become officially dormant. It happens. 37barney67, January 12ignore
trumpery 3JGL53, January 8ignore
Breitbart Watch 722wonderY, January 4ignore
Calling All Republicans! 137Limelite, January 3ignore
Post-Irma Season: Jose, Maria, and Beyond (and politics thereof) 142margd, January 2ignore
Russian/Putin assassinations, attempts, and people in fear of... 2margd, December 29, 2017ignore
KellyAnne Conway 252wonderY, December 28, 2017ignore
Tax Reform in the Time of Trump 612wonderY, December 24, 2017ignore
Ann Coulter quote 10proximity1, December 22, 2017ignore
Is Meuller Guilty of Attempting a "Coup" or is Gaetz Guilty of Fomenting Sedition? 2RickHarsch, December 2017ignore
The Great Recession of 2018? 1margd, December 2017ignore
Liberals attack donut shop's good deed 124JGL53, December 2017ignore
Time to kill yourself? Perhaps. 1JGL53, December 2017ignore
Outdoor LED Lighting Has Completely Backfired 11johnthefireman, December 2017ignore
Hillary the Hypocrite 18Collectorator, December 2017ignore
Tom Hanks on harassment 1barney67, December 2017ignore
Support for free speech: It’s an IQ thing. 2proximity1, December 2017ignore
DC: taxed, but not represented 10davidgn, December 2017ignore
Hastert's past catches up with him 1barney67, December 2017ignore
Bless its pointed little head--Ezra Klein wants to know: What if 'we elect' the 'wrong' president? 3proximity1, December 2017ignore
The Sexual Harassment/Rape Party 53lriley, November 2017ignore
US Virgin Islands' territorial status 13margd, November 2017ignore
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Why You Should Like Trump 24lriley, November 2017ignore
Trump Saves Elephants 2lriley, November 2017ignore
Scandal Watch III 156margd, November 2017ignore
Black in America, III 29margd, November 2017ignore
Like Rings in Hell, Categories of Sex Abuse? The Case of George HW Bush 5RickHarsch, November 2017ignore
Global Warming Solutions: No-Drive Days 18RickHarsch, November 2017ignore
2018 Campaign Platform 1jjwilson61, November 2017ignore
IN some ways, the U.S. experiment in 'democracy' now resembles a 15th C. or 16th-C. Empire's rule by a patrician class 1proximity1, November 2017ignore
Trump and Irma (or: Worst Nightmares for Florida et al.) 211margd, November 2017ignore
Hillary rigged election and still lost 26proximity1, November 2017ignore
Nov. 4 and other Alt-Right myths 5davidgn, November 2017ignore
Because you can't fix stupid !!! Part deux 92rastaphrog, November 2017ignore
Hillary rigged eledction and still lost 1barney67, November 2017ignore
Trump's Nominees 161margd, November 2017ignore
Articles of Impeachment 46btuckertx, October 2017ignore
Democrat kingmaker a serial sexual harasser 37barney67, October 2017ignore
Trump Defeats ISIS In Months — After Years Of Excuses From Obama 38margd, October 2017ignore
Stuff to think about...(Article) "Were Trump Voters Irrational?" (by Keith E. Stanovich) 6rolandperkins, October 2017ignore
Study: Journalists are Stupid Drunks 57johnthefireman, October 2017ignore
More Fake News from Left Wing News Conspiracy: 2lriley, October 2017ignore

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