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Group tag: challenge group


50 Book Challenge

3,013 members

Welcome one and all! What is 50 Book Challenge? 50 Book Challenge is a way to track and share the books you read throughout the year. Some people also choose to set personal goals to read more books,…

75 Books Challenge for 2010

697 members

We had a great year in 2009, and now we want to do it again in 2010! Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2010. You don't have to begin on January 1. Last…

75 Books Challenge for 2018

389 members

Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2018. You don't have to begin on January 1! Last year, some members just listed their titles and authors while others…

999 Challenge

271 members

This group is to help you track your progress on the 999 challenge - 9 books in 9 different categories, all read in 2009. For an added challenge, try completing your books by 9/9/09! You pick the…

Dewey Decimal Challenge

163 members

Welcome one and all! The Challenge: Read a book from every Dewey Decimal category. This sounds like fun! How do I start? There's a list of the categories here. You can find the Dewey Decimal numbers…

2017 Category Challenge

123 members

Welcome to the 2017 Category Challenge! To encourage ourselves to “read outside the box,” in this group we (each) pick (our own) categories to read within. You can have as many or few categories…

TBR Challenge

105 members

This is a challenge where you pick 12 books that have been sitting on your shelves (or your mental list) for quite some time -- preferrably 6+ months, but that's not *required* -- and you read one…

Fifty States Fiction (or Nonfiction) Challenge

154 members

From sea to shining sea, from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans, white with foam, America offers something for everyone. Want to learn more about each state? This is the place to do it.…

Lectures des francophones

133 members

Listez les livres que vous lisez C'est quoi ? Ce groupe est une évolution francophone du groupe "50 book challenge". Nous proposons une manière de compter et de partager les livres que nous lisons…

US Presidents Challenge (USPC)

137 members

Reading about all the former presidents will show what has lead up to the historical events that are being made in 2009. My sister and I are both members here and have an interest in history. We…

Newbery Challenge

112 members

Our goal is to read every Newbery Medal and Honor book. Care to join us? For those of you who've already done it, want to do it again? Use the tag "Newbery Challenge" to note which Medal and Honor…

Alphabet Challenges

117 members

Welcome in the Alphabet Challenges group! This group is for anyone that wants to participate in an alphabet challenge. You can create your alphabet from the first letters of the books titles or from…

Canadian Fiction/Non-Fiction Reading Challenge

70 members

This group was inspired by the Fifty States Fiction (or Nonfiction) Challenge and the Europe Endless Challenge. We will follow the same basic idea, attempting to read at least one book set in each…

LC Classification Challenge

59 members

I wanted to make a sister challenge to the Dewey Decimal Challenge since the two classifications are so different. How many books have you read from each Library of Congress subject area? Sort your…

250 book challenge

23 members

This is for the mad book gobblers for whom the other book challenges are too skimpy. I hope any members that join in will note translators in addition to authors.

The Global Challenge

19 members

The Global Challenge. The ultimate challenge or just plain stupidity? There are 192 Permanent missions (Countries) of the United Nation (http://www.un.int/protocol/bluebook/bb300.pdf) Here is the…

Mini-Challenge: 6 Degrees of Separation

18 members

This is a year long challenge to read 6 books that have some connection to each other. Start a book with any topic/idea of your choosing. When you've finished pick another book based on some factor…

75 Books Challenge for 2011 (Dormant)

891 members

We had a great year in 2010, and now we want to do it again in 2011! Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2011. You don't have to begin on January 1. Last…

75 Books Challenge for 2009 (Dormant)

539 members

After a successful 2008 challenge group, most of us wanted to do it again. So here's the place! Anyone can join. Just start a thread and begin listing the books you have read in 2009. You don't have…

Books off the Shelf Challenge (Dormant)

359 members

If you have books on your shelves that you have been meaning to read, but never quite get to because something new is always catching your eye, this challenge is for you. Set a target for the number…

2014 Category Challenge (Dormant)

195 members

Welcome to the 2014 Category Challenge! The idea is to read books from different categories, to chat about what you read, and to inflict bookbullets on your fellow challengers. Tradition dictates…

1010 Category Challenge (Dormant)

252 members

Welcome! This group is set up for those who want to read 10 categories in 2010. How many books you want to read in each category is ENTIRELY up to you. After a bit of discussion, some of us have…

2015 Category Challenge (Dormant)

174 members

Welcome to the 2015 Category Challenge! The idea is to read books from different categories, to chat about what you read, and to inflict bookbullets on your fellow challengers. You can have as many…

75 Books Challenge for 2008 (Dormant)

137 members

In end-of-the-year posts on the 50 Book Challenge, many members found that they had read more than 50 and wanted to challenge themselves to read even more in 2008. I thought about making this a 100…

100 Books in 2009 Challenge (Dormant)

76 members

For anyone who has read beyond the 50 and/or the 75 book challenges and would like to aim for 100 or more. Renamed. Why? http://www.librarything.com/topic/81371.

100 Books in 2010 Challenge (Dormant)

70 members

Renamed. Why? http://www.librarything.com/topic/81371

(BOMBS) Books Off My Book Shelves 2012 Challenge (Dormant)

68 members

Join in the fight against unread books! Seek the enemy - EXPLODE those BOMBS! 2012 is the time to set the charges so that we can detonate the explosives that will safely help to clear the books that…

100 Books in 2011 (Dormant)

59 members

This group is for those readers who would like to set a goal of reading 100 books or more during the calendar year 2011.

888 Challenge (Dormant)

73 members

This is a challenge for 2008 to read eight books in eight categories for a total of 64 books. You can have up to 8 books that span more than one category (thereby reducing the total to 56.) I "stole"…

Paranormal 999 Challenge (Dormant)

63 members

9 books in 9 different categories, all read in 2009. For an added challenge, try completing your books by 9/9/09! This group is to help you track your progress on the Paranormal 999 challenge You…

SAS Middle School Newbery Challenge (Dormant)

207 members

Shanghai American Middle Schoolers will attempt to tackle the challenge of reading as many of the Newbery Award books. We will also be working with Chinese students in our community who want to…

Reading the States (Dormant)

49 members

I'm going to be reading books about each of the states in the US. I'll read one fiction and one nonfiction per state, in alphabetical order no less! Please place your recommendations in an…

25 Book Challenge for 2010 (Dormant)

23 members

for Slowpoke readers like me..we have the Best Intentions..but LIFE tends to intrude... i have no idea what to do here...if you want to join..set up your own page... same as the other Challenges.…

25 Books in 2011 (Dormant)

24 members

Cowed at the 50 book challenge? Incredulous at 75? Balking at 100? No worries. If reading 25 books in a year seems more your style you aren't the only one. So settle into 2011's reading at your own…

LibraryThing Challenges (Dormant)

43 members

Games and challenges for hard-core Thingamabrarians.

Australian States and Territories Challenge (Dormant)

22 members

Australian States and Territories Challenge That’s right can you read a book that is mostly set in each of Australia's six states and two mainland territories? This group was inspired by the…

999 uitdaging (Dormant)

14 members

de 999 Challenge in het Nederlands Lees 9 boeken in 9 thema's in het jaar 2009. Als je het jezelf wat makkelijker wil maken, sta jezelf dan 9 overlappingen toe. Wil je het iets moeilijker, tracht je…

Pulitzer Fiction Challenge (Dormant)

13 members

I joined the newbery challenge and it inspired me to start a similar group for Pulitzer winning fiction. The goal of this group is to read all of the fiction winners. There are currently 82! The 83rd…

25 in 2012 Challenge (Dormant)

16 members

Books. There sure are a lot of them. Big ones, small ones, old ones... And then there are the one's you'll read this year. Sure, you'd like to read 50 or 75 or even 100, but we all know that's not…

Book a Week Challenge for 2010 (Dormant)

12 members

Welcome Everyone! This group is for anyone and everyone who wants to challenge themselves to read a book a week in 2010. You don’t have to start on January 1st, you can start whenever you join and…

Défi 999 (999 Challenge en français) (Dormant)

10 members

C'est un groupe pour celles et ceux qui participent au Défi 999, qui est le pendant francophone du "999 Challenge" anglophone initié par Cmbohn. C'est un défi qui vous fera lire, en 2009, 9 livres…

I'll Read Yours if You'll Read Mine (Dormant)

11 members

karenmarie read the description of The Rapture of Canaan “and can never imagine myself reading it. Sorry, but there it is.” CharlesBoyd has hesitated to read Kurt Vonnegut for years “because…

2009 Genre Challenge (Dormant)

9 members

I'm challenging myself to read outside my normal fiction genres. I'll be asking others to make recommendations for the genre of the month and will also have selections from Reader's Advisory Guide to…

50 boeken uitdaging (Dormant)

7 members

De Nederlandse versie van The 50 books Challenge. Maak een lijst van 50 boeken die je dit jaar wilt lezen. Laat weten wanneer je een boek gelezen hebt en deel je gedachten erover. Veel plezier!

Challenge Yourself in 2011 (Dormant)

6 members

To see how many books you can read in 2011, a do-it-yourself challenge. Set your own goals on number of books read and in what categories if you so choose.

Series Challenge For 2011 (Dormant)

4 members

A group for reading books in 2011 that are part of a series. They can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic, or from a publisher's series. Start a thread with your user name in it- this makes it easier to…

Art History Reading Challenge (Dormant)

11 members

A forum for participants of the Art History Reading Challenge to suggest books to read (and perhaps those to avoid!)

101010 Challenge (Dormant)

5 members

We will be trying to read 10 books in each of 10 categories, by the end of 2010.

KCPL Read 100 Challenge (Dormant)

6 members

This is an unofficial group for folks participating in the Read 100 Challenge. Celebrate 100 years of the Kanawha County Public Library by reading 100 books in 2009! OK, go!

75 Books Challenge: Esquire's 75 Books Every Man Should Read (Dormant)

5 members

Read, argue, discuss - but most of all, have fun!

Knock Your Socks Off Books (Dormant)

7 members

This group is a book challenge. List 10 books that you loved because of their uniqueness. Then, pick 5 books from others' lists to read by the end of 2009. They don't have to make your favorites…

100 Books in 2010 (Dormant)

7 members

Challenge yourself to read 100 books in 2010. Renamed. Why? http://www.librarything.com/topic/81371.

Author Alphabet Challenge (Dormant)

9 members

This is a group for people who want to take up the challenge of reading 26 books in succession whose authors surnames all begin with a different letter of the alphabet. I have begun this challenge…

Books Around the World (Dormant)

7 members

Group created for those participating in my Books Around the World challenge over at adventurejournalist.com. In 2008 I took on a self-imposed literary challenge: to read at least one book set in or…

2010 Reading Challenge (Dormant)

5 members

For anyone who would like to set a personal reading challenge in 2010!

NaJuReMoNoMo (Dormant)

2 members

National Just Read More Novels Month Every January read as many novels as you can. The rules are very simple: 1. Must Be A Novel. Works of fiction only, please. Memoirs, non-fiction, how-to books,…

25 technical nonfiction books per year (Dormant)

4 members

If you enjoy nonfiction books, and read a lot of them, here's your chance to shine! This is a challenge to read 25 nonfiction books in a year. Anyone can join, but you need to post a list of the…

POC challenge (Dormant)

2 members

Read more books by people of color!

Every Month is a Holiday Challenge! (Dormant)

1 member

This is a fun challenge I'm doing this year and I thought I'd try and drum up some more participants. The goal is to read a book each month of 2008 that has something to do with any kind of holiday,…

Patel Torres Read Across the States Challenge (Dormant)

1 member

A reading challenge for 50 students that are in 4th and 5th grade. They must read books from Across the United States. The first to get there will get a prize!


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