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Help Improve Series from Library Data

Help improve LibraryThing's series. Please read the directions before making changes.


"Help Improve Series from Library Data" uses data from hundreds of millions of library records to suggest works that might belong to the series, but aren't now part of it.

What is this for? To help members improve the LibraryThing series system, created by members over more than ten years.

LibraryThing's series system differs in many ways from how libraries keep track of series. This is intentional. You can read more about why here. But libraries know a lot about series. By combining what LibraryThing and libraries know, LibraryThing can come up with suggestions for works to add to LibraryThing series. Sometimes the suggestions can be taken as-is and sometimes with modifications. At other times, they point to problems with LibraryThing data, such as combination issues.

How do I use this? To add a work to a series, go to the work page and add it under "Common Knowledge." You will also want to click on the LibraryThing series, to check for ordering conventions, etc.

Blue text are LibraryThing series

Gray text are different, library-assigned series names

Click to get rid of a suggestion. This will prevent you from seeing it ever again. After a few members do this, nobody will ever see it again. Click "Why?" to see the ISBN LibraryThing used to link the data.

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