2019 National Library Week Hunt


A place and a system, see,
This hall and heading be.
They keep a copy of all that’s made nearby,
Along with maps and microfiche piled high.
Not stars or stripes their mission be
But preserving what is made in the land of the free.


Books and cats go together
And none so well as this orange lad.
This is a biography of a library cat,
His rise from bookslot kitten to charming cad.
Not Cutter nor FRBR is his name,
But the other one, used just the same.


Want to see the Book of Kells?
To this place you ought to go.
Near the streets that gave England hell,
Sure it's more than shamrocks, if you don't know.
The soaring heights are well photographed,
Beloved by scholars and also touring riff raff.


Some libraries are palaces with streaming light through polished glass.
Some are more humble, constant weeding needed to stay under critical mass.
A bookmobile helps spread stories far and wide
But what to do when there are no roads to drive?
A horse of course, though more of an ass, steps assured,
This tale is by the author of Follow the Drinking Gourd.


Sir Terry's tomes around the world are known
For their wit, both "Unseen" and not-.
The University of this series is home to a Librarian
Whose origins are rather fraught.
With a vocabulary limited to "ook,"
He's the keeper of the books.
Unfortunately, nothing rhymes with "Orang."


Culture has mores and society its rules
“Books are for use” reads the first of our five.
Used efficiently, in a growing organism:
To each a reader, each reader their book.
Now, who came up with them?


Once upon a time a library burned;
Decades later she wrote about it.
(The big easy her name but not the town)
LA is more than stars and beaches;
A library is more than books.


In the land of crab and geoduck,
Lies a mothership quietly perched,
Within containing items to search.
No stairs, just a gentle slope-
A Guggenheim of knowledge atilt,
On this peninsula of salty silt.
So come and check things out from here,
Give that card a swipe, bookdrop a rattle,
At the public library of _______.


Less a "Cemetery" and more a preserve,
Daniel Sempere finds this meta-titled book in the stacks,
Its survival, a trial by fire—
In his rescue, drawing the fictional(?) devil's ire.


On a trip you bring along the baggage you pack,
Your shoes clothes and hats, thoughts on where to go.
In life we bring along our own little sacks,
Our biases good and bad, whether we want them or no.
This book asserts that we don't leave luggage at the door,
Dropped in the bookslot and remembered no more.
No, we are doomed to subjectivity and opinions extraneous,
For you see, Everything is ____________.


Some books are just words, but in this case you’ll find
That pictures, too, can also guide the mind.
Let’s follow around some librarians at play,
Shelving and talking to patrons o’er the day.
The authors’ names rhyme with psalm and yarns—
Adapted to book from online with no harm.


A book full of faces, but not a Facebook,
Flip through these portraits of folks you might know.
The author’s name is “with the Sundance Kid,”
And he searched librarians far and wide to show
That we are not all shushing guardians of arcane old tales,
But a live, living rainbow of knowledge lovers set sail.


Common Knowledge holds
That this library Place of old
Was ruined at Roman hands.
You know the one.