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When the tech boom and the 2008 recession collide, Great Northern Paper Mill in Winsockette, Maine is forced to close. Darcy and Basil Sullivan, a 23-year-old couple with a third child on the way, are forced to find a new means of survival. Basil believes Man's greed has taken everything from them, and after seeing devastating tornado damage on the news, he decides God's wrath will now provide. For Basil, this means convincing Darcy to move to Nebraska and repair tornado damage for a living. As they begin a cross-country journey that tests their resolve and resourcefulness, Darcy begins to fear Basil's breakthrough is a breakdown and wonders if she should flee back to Maine. Basil also begins to realize moving his family to tornado alley could be the one thing that rips them forever. Text will be in PDF format.
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