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Book is available as a Kindle, ePub or pdf file. The English language edition of an anthology showcasing the very best steampunk stories from three different countries released by three different publishers in three different languages. From the UK, George Mann (a new Newbury & Hobbes tale), Jonathan Green (a new Pax Brittania tale), and Derry O’Dowd; from Finland, Magdalena Hai (winner of the Atorox Award and the Finnish Literary Export Prize), multiple award-winning Anne Leinonen, and J.S. Meresmaa (whose work has been shortlisted for the Anni Polva, Kuvastaja, and Atorox Awards); and from Portugal, Anton Stark, Diana Pinguicha, and Pedro Cipriano (winner of Fórum Fantástico's Choice of the Year Award). Contents: Introduction by Ian Whates Steampunk UK Seasons of Wither – George Mann Reckless Engineering – Jonathan Green The Athenian Dinner Party – Derry O’Dowd Steampunk Finland Foreword by J.S. Meresmaa The Winged Man Isaac – Magdalena Hai The Cylinder Hat – Anne Leinonen Augustine – J.S. Meresmaa Steampunk Portugal Foreword by Pedro Cipriano Videri Quam Esse – Anton Stark The Desert Spider – Pedro Cipriano Heart of Stone – Diana Pinguicha
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