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Best of British Science Fiction 2019
Twenty-two stories that represent some of the best SF published anywhere in 2019: stories of heroism, stories of loss, stories of wonder. In this volume you will encounter tales in which creatures are cut off from their loved ones; someone is trapped with an abuser; a bird sings; weeds grow where we hope for a garden; we consider what our alternative selves might be doing; we can’t sleep; we wish we could keep things just the way they were; we drink too much… and we look to rockets blasting off into the sky and think that there lies the future; that’s hope. Best of British Science Fiction 2019 is once again edited by Donna Scott, a recent chair of the BSFA and a distinguished poet, writer, and stand-up comedian. Donna is also a free-lance editor who has worked behind the scenes for a number of major publishers over the course of several years. Contents 2019: An Introduction – Donna Scott The Anxiety Gene – Rhiannon Grist The Land of Grunts and Squeaks – Chris Beckett For Your Own Good – Ian Whates Neom – Lavie Tidhar Once You Start – Mike Morgan For the Wicked, Only Weeds Will Grow – G. V. Anderson Fat Man in the Bardo – Ken MacLeod Cyberstar – Val Nolan The Little People – Una McCormack The Loimaa Protocol – Robert Bagnall The Adaptation Point – Kate Macdonald The Final Ascent – Ian Creasey A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io – Dafydd McKimm Snapshots – Leo X. Robertson Witch of the Weave – Henry Szabranski Parasite Art – David Tallerman Galena – Liam Hogan Ab Initio – Susan Boulton Ghosts – Emma Levin Concerning the Deprivation of Sleep – Tim Major Every Little Star – Fiona Moore The Minus-Four Sequence – Andrew Wallace About the Authors Available as a Kindle, e-pub or pdf.
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