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The Time Warden

A boy in a helmet. A girl in a mask.

One fateful night, each becomes the other’s worst enemy.

But they don't know that. Yet.

Kirt Morgana, the privileged son of a knight, is an utter disappointment. Inherently bad at everything his father values most, he’s failed every test and squandered every chance. To his surprise, however, he’s given a mission to retrieve his lord’s lost property—a box, locked and guarded in a fortified tower. To Kirt’s devastation, everything goes wrong… and he’s the one to blame. Reeling from his failure, he begins a desperate quest to find the Time Warden. If the last magician is real, he can turn back time and give Kirt a second chance.

Lucia Durand, called Luke by everyone except her older brother, spends her lonely days guarding a tower. Whatever’s inside doesn’t seem worth protecting, since no one’s ever paid attention to it… until now. Without warning, her castle is attacked, rekindling embers of a war long over. She succeeds in protecting the tower, but the invaders kill her brother, the only person she’s ever cared about. Even more broken than before, she sets out for revenge, running away and risking everything she and her brother have worked for.

When their paths cross, Kirt and Luke realize they can both get what they want if they work together. Not knowing that each was the catalyst of the other’s problems, they begin their journey across the kingdom. As the two form a bond of friendship, the truth of their entwined pasts bubbles closer and closer to the surface. But if they can find the Time Warden, maybe they can fix more than their own broken lives. Maybe they don’t have to be enemies after all.

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Fantasy, Young Adult, Teen, Tween
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March 2023
Starts: 2023-03-01
Ended: 2023-03-27
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