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Seed of Vex
Series: Sennenwolf Series (2)

“If what comes next destroys me, Samson 714 Afador, then you will be the last living being with any tie to Vex. Swear to me you won’t let it die.”

For eight months, Helisent West of Jaws has laid low, riding out her banishment in the backwaters of Jaws. Farther south, Samson 714 Afador has taken the first steps as Velm’s rightful Male Alpha to claim his throne. The pair are on different paths, separated by a great physical distance, four years of lost memories, and a reborn animosity for the other.

But history has a way of repeating itself.

After hearing of a high-profile kidnapping on the coast, Samson and his pack head to Hypnos. The event occurred on a beach near where his mother disappeared seventeen years ago—and this time, local nymphs are preparing to sail after their lost okeanids. There’s just one catch: Samson’s greatest enemy, Helisent West of Jaws, was also abducted.

Intent on achieving his life’s greatest purpose, Samson isn’t keen on a new adventure—especially one that involves the red witch. Meanwhile, cut loose from all she’s ever known, Helisent is thrown into an unfathomable new world—one that will change her destiny forever.

In Book 2 of the Sennenwolf Series, one sassy red witch and one uptight boy-wolf are back on their bullshit—and they’ll need one another more than ever before if they want to survive this latest adventure.

Caught your interest?

Check out the blurb from West of Jaws, Book 1 of the Sennenwolf Series.

“The only thing dumber than convincing the imminent Male Alpha of Velm to help me find Oko would be falling in love with him along the way."

Helisent West of Jaws is a powerful witch with a penchant for combative shouting and hoarding brandy. Then there’s Samson 714 Afador, an uptight (possibly brooding) wolf who’s in line to lead Velm as its Male Alpha. When the pair meet in a seedy tavern in a city named Luz, it’s clear they have little in common.

Aside from a shared enemy named Oko.

Driven by private motives, the pair strike a deal to hunt down Oko—but trouble quickly follows. In the magical world of Mieira, wolves and witches share a gory past laden with conflict. Not even the peaceful, hedonistic nymphs have forgotten about the bloodshed of the War Years.

Despite this, what starts as a tense partnership between the witch and the wolf soon blossoms into friendship and something more—something layered with curiosity, and delight, and fear. Something that starts to involve a dangerous amount of trust.

As the pair close in on Oko, their discoveries begin to point to a single conclusion. One that will change life in Mieira forever. One that will force Helisent and Samson to ask—what’s worth more, finding Oko or fighting for each other?

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Fantasy, Romance
Offered by
Capes (Author)
Published by
Capas LLC
November 2023
Starts: 2023-11-01
Ended: 2023-11-27
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