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True Crime Trivia 2: Test Your Knowledge of Serial Killers, Cults, Cold Cases, Mysteries, Organized Crimes & More with 300 Chilling & Fascinating Quiz Questions
Series: True Crime Trivia (2)

Explore more of the dark and fascinating world of true crime with this well-researched trivia book.

In this companion to the #1 ranking True Crime Trivia, podcaster, researcher and author Michelle Tooker takes you on a journey through some of the most notorious crimes in history. With 300 questions and answers, you'll test your knowledge of everything from serial killers to cold cases, unsolved mysteries to white-collar crime.

Whether you're a devoted true crime enthusiast or a curious newcomer, True Crime Trivia 2 is sure to interest and enlighten. With every turn of the page, you'll delve deeper into the motives, methods and investigations of infamous cases around the world.

True Crime Trivia 2 is organized into six chapters, covering the following topics: ◆Unsolved Mysteries, Missing Persons & Cold Cases ◆Serial Killers ◆Alleged Cults & New Religious Movements ◆True Crime Books, Documentaries, Movies & Shows ◆Organized, White-Collar & Other Collar Crimes ◆International Crimes

Challenge your intellect and explore the intricate details surrounding notorious moments in history. This book is the perfect way to test your knowledge of true crime, learn about new cases and challenge yourself and your friends.

This book makes a perfect gift for true crime lovers, murderinos, true crime junkies, true crime fanatics and anyone fascinated by the dark and macabre.

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Biography & Memoir, Mystery, General Nonfiction, Horror, Suspense & Thriller, Nonfiction
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