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Our Global Lingua Franca: An Educator’s Guide to Spreading English Where EFL Doesn’t Work

Across continents and cultures, English has emerged as the shared bridge language that connects business, arts, sciences, and entertainment worldwide.

In this thought-provoking and impassioned manifesto, a globally experienced EFL educator sheds light on the humanitarian importance of continuing to spread English as a universal means of communication—most notably in parts of the world where educational standards are lacking.

This polemical and informative guide challenges prevailing English as a Foreign Language programs that most often leave learners struggling to attain conversational English fluency, despite years of enforced study and superficially good grades, test scores, and other accolades. It boldly delves into the overlooked consequences of bad English education for cultural, economic, and individual growth that disempower foreign English learners everywhere.

Our Global Lingua Franca is an essential companion for both native and non-native English instructors navigating the challenges of sub-par language learning. It will validate your frustrations about learning and teaching under the conventional approach to EFL. Intelligent without being overly academic, it offers invaluable outside-the-box advice on reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and pragmatics to help you impart conversational English fluency and beyond.

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