And we Recommend...

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This group is all about recommendations and everyone is welcome to join! There is not a specific genre required just choose a book you love and recommend it to someone. If you read a book recommended by another user tell us about it and if you too would recommend it!

(Please post recommendations as such:
Book Title
Authors Name
Description of book and why you recommend it)

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New Friends!!4 unread / 4read_books, November 2011
Recommend for August2 unread / 2hbsweet, August 2011
The Midwich Cuckoos1 unread / 1zjakkelien, August 2011
Book Give Away!!!1 unread / 1jenniebuchanan, August 2011
Thanks for Joining the Group!!1 unread / 1jenniebuchanan, August 2011
The Hunter4 unread / 4jenniebuchanan, August 2011
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