LibraryThing in Portuguese (Portugal)

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By popular demand, here's a group for Portuguese Portuguese. The translation has been pre-populated with the Brazilian Portuguese translation. So, as someone said, it's time to "de-Brazilianize" it :)

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Novo acordo ortográfico12 unread / 12macoram, August 2015
Tradução de "Do Nothing But Read"4 unread / 4MMSequeira, April 2011
Tradução de ReadaThing4 unread / 4jmx, April 2011
Aliased results8 unread / 8MMSequeira, December 2010
Termos usados na tradução10 unread / 10quigui, November 2010
modificar o nome de membro2 unread / 2quigui, November 2010
Members Giveaway1 unread / 1frizero, September 2009
Redes sociais/Confúcio1 unread / 1elisagrilo, July 2009
Biblioteca Francisco Pereira de Moura13 unread / 13MMSequeira, April 2009
Erro no site1 unread / 1AlexandreMonteiro, June 2008
To translate or not to translate7 unread / 7rica, February 2008
Dear Tim...3 unread / 3timspalding, October 2006
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