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For those who frequent the blog and enjoy mocking misogyny in all of its forms.

Plus we all seem to read a lot. And I do mean a lot.

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History Books2 unread / 2Pecunium, February 2012
Suggested reads Feminist lit12 unread / 12fvfv, December 2011
The Early Church:2 unread / 2dorktv, June 2011
VS Naipaul Complete DBag or just and out of control ego13 unread / 13dorktv, June 2011
Game of Thrones3 unread / 3CrossedPolars, June 2011
Comics Thread!7 unread / 7Akestra, June 2011
What Are You Reading?18 unread / 18Sardoodledum, June 2011
Greetings15 unread / 15jaybeee, June 2011
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