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This group is for weavers who read and collect books about weaving; from a few to too many!!

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Calling Inkle loom experts21 unread / 21jimmaclachlan, November 2016
ISO Designing With Blocks2 unread / 2Weavebird, October 2012
Another 'Hello'3 unread / 3pinkozcat, January 2012
Introduction of Pam Howard5 unread / 5LeesyLou, January 2012
tags - a list9 unread / 9RuTemple, December 2009
Weaving books on ebay1 unread / 1MaggieO, June 2009
Lots of books!10 unread / 10mara.riley, March 2008
Weaving advice7 unread / 7MaggieO, March 2008
Hello!17 unread / 17rossiele, March 2008
Private vs Public3 unread / 3CWLibrary, July 2007
Design books for weavers1 unread / 1Weavebird, October 2006
Searching7 unread / 7patstewart3, October 2006
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