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Wiccans or Non-Wiccans. Covened or Solitaries. Christo-Pagans, Folk Catholics, Spiritual Workers. Hoodoos, Rootworkers, Conjure Men and Women. Feri Witches and Folk Magicians. If you practice Witchcraft and/or consider yourself a Witch, this group is for you! Let's talk about our favorite books and support one another on the journey.

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Trancework?3 unread / 3MarionII, April 2010
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Footnotes, endnotes, bibliography3 unread / 3Sile, April 2010
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Reviewers Needed!4 unread / 4Sile, March 2009
Pagan Authors of Fiction8 unread / 8EmScape, June 2008
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So.....11 unread / 11Magelet33, January 2008
Need some info.5 unread / 5Ethereal_Raven, January 2008
New publishing house which may interest some here...4 unread / 4lupagreenwolf, November 2007
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