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Irritated readers against terrible editing

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Multiple Typos in Book About Editing!!!!4 unread / 4mamajoan, July 2007
Typos, misplaced apostrophes....29 unread / 29amandaellis, June 2007
Job Appli-can'ts30 unread / 30RicketyCat, March 2007
Ironic/Ironical...What gives?21 unread / 21SimonW11, March 2007
Rotten Research16 unread / 16rebeccanyc, January 2007
Superhero as keyboard1 unread / 1bluetyson, December 2006
From the AJC...8 unread / 8akenned5, December 2006
Web Errors1 unread / 1SimonW11, December 2006
What's it called?4 unread / 4SimonW11, November 2006
In Defense of . . .10 unread / 10SimonW11, November 2006
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