Libertarian and Market Liberals

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A group for those who want to discuss books and issues from a libertarian/market liberal stand point.

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Ludwig von Mises Legacy Library1 unread / 1Carnophile, August 2013
Strategy and Tactics1 unread / 1lawecon, July 2011
Prometheus Unbound: A Libertarian Review of Fiction and Literature1 unread / 1veritasnoctis, January 2011
Books on Friedman and on Hayek1 unread / 1Toolroomtrustee, January 2011
New history of the Libertarian movement21 unread / 21perdondaris, May 2010
A world ringed round by myths17 unread / 17perdondaris, April 2010
A Libertarian Paradoxy4 unread / 4jahn, March 2010
Christian Government?47 unread / 47perdondaris, February 2010
What are your hot button issues?35 unread / 35perdondaris, February 2010
What's a good introduction to libertarianism?4 unread / 4KevinCK, July 2009
Best Libertarian Children's Books7 unread / 7l4k, June 2009
Libertarian Parenting.3 unread / 3kcshankd, October 2007
When did you first become acquainted with libertarian ideas?11 unread / 11haylan, June 2007
libertarian, conservative, or individualist2 unread / 2gregtmills, June 2007
Best libertarian movies45 unread / 45gregtmills, June 2007
The First Amendment6 unread / 6philosojerk, May 2007
The "new" libertarian leaders...7 unread / 7haylan, April 2007
Libertarianism on the Political Spectrum9 unread / 9wirkman, February 2007
The future and the role of education1 unread / 1haylan, December 2006
Thinking is not a spectator sport!6 unread / 6haylan, December 2006
Nathaniel Branden30 unread / 30haylan, December 2006
Education?7 unread / 7haylan, December 2006
A few good words about libertarianism23 unread / 23haylan, November 2006
The Individual and s/he choices-past, present, future4 unread / 4haylan, November 2006
Milton Friedman dead, alas4 unread / 4haylan, November 2006
Economics and the Future3 unread / 3barney67, November 2006
The individual and society24 unread / 24markmobley, November 2006
Libertarians and morality11 unread / 11markmobley, November 2006
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