Oxford English Dictionary - OED

This group is for those interested in the OED. That is, the Oxford English Dictionary.

Whether you want to read it, own it, discuss it or argue about it this is the place for you.

You don't need to own the 20 Volume Edition or aspire to purchase it either. You may be a fan of the concise, compact, mini or shorter editions. Or you may be interested in other dictionaries and comparing like for like. Some may well be interested in the history of the OED and the story and characters behind it. It matters not a jot, what reason you are here for!


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What Dictionary do you own?32 unread / 32Pskyyy, October 2023
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Master and Commander - Larboard to bow. Why did starboard survive instead?2 unread / 2varielle, May 2013
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The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary7 unread / 7LesMiserables, May 2012
Free online Dictionaries, Thesauri/Thesauruses etc5 unread / 5LesMiserables, December 2011
Green's Dictionary of Slang1 unread / 1LesMiserables, December 2011
Oxford Thesaurus of English3 unread / 3LesMiserables, November 2011
Per Capita and Per Caput3 unread / 3LesMiserables, November 2011
Perspire.1 unread / 1LesMiserables, September 2011
The English Language by Robert Burchfield1 unread / 1LesMiserables, September 2011
Fowler and Burchfield5 unread / 5LesMiserables, September 2011
What is the adjectival sense of almanac'?5 unread / 5LesMiserables, September 2011
The Digital OED11 unread / 11LesMiserables, September 2011
Hobbitomane, Hobbitry, Hobbitish1 unread / 1LesMiserables, September 2011
Wheesht1 unread / 1LesMiserables, September 2011
Dr Johnson I presume?1 unread / 1LesMiserables, September 2011
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