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A group for musicians of all standards and instruments. Whether you play first violin in the Royal Philharmonic or have just taken up the tambourine, this is where you can come to discuss your hobby and get advice from others.

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Making the most of your practice time13 unread / 13Booksloth, November 2012
Letters to Santa6 unread / 6LesMiserables, November 2012
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Playing with a disability12 unread / 12JFCooper, November 2012
Introductions34 unread / 34Booksloth, November 2012
Popularity of traditional instruments1 unread / 1Booksloth, November 2012
Your Christmas Repertoire5 unread / 5JFCooper, November 2012
Your earliest musical memories3 unread / 3JFCooper, November 2012
I wish people would stop blowing their own trumpet...3 unread / 3JFCooper, October 2012
Best recording device?5 unread / 5Booksloth, October 2012
Whistles1 unread / 1LesMiserables, October 2012
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