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For fans of Margaret Atwood's novels, short fiction, essays...and all other things Atwoodian. Share your thoughts.

NOTE: This group was started in the early days of LT and who knew that most author-based groups wouldn't last. Some of us are around, and we stop in from time to time. The group does go dormant from time to time. Guess most of us would rather be reading!

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Margaret Atwood's Poetry13 unread / 13avaland, February 2018
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The Year of the Flood23 unread / 23avaland, September 2015
Atwood News & other notes of interest52 unread / 52avaland, September 2015
THE ROBBER BRIDE - rolling book discussion - July '09 onwards...19 unread / 19avaland, August 2012
Atwood book of the month for the Mayor of Toronto.2 unread / 2Yells, May 2012
ATWOODIANS MESSAGE BOARD70 unread / 70avaland, July 2011
Surfacing - Oct-Dec 2008 - Rolling Discussion39 unread / 39LisaMorr, February 2011
Books We Have in Common17 unread / 17avaland, October 2010
Books about Margaret Atwood and her writing.2 unread / 2avaland, June 2010
1010 Group -- Atwood in April4 unread / 4Nickelini, April 2010
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Word on the Street5 unread / 5Cait86, September 2009
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2009 GROUP READ?23 unread / 23inkspot, May 2009
Go on Holidays with Margaret Atwood8 unread / 8avaland, March 2009
Atwood & the Giller Prize2 unread / 2avaland, November 2008
Cat's Eye3 unread / 3wonderlake, November 2008
ATWOOD Book Swap or Giveaway10 unread / 10avaland, October 2008
Atwood blurbs on other author's books...8 unread / 8avaland, October 2008
OCT - DEC GROUP READ?20 unread / 20avaland, September 2008
Oryx and Crake: Group Read August 200825 unread / 25avaland, September 2008
Other authors you might recommend to Atwood fans...30 unread / 30Such_A_Kassandra, July 2008
VOTE! for Summer Group Read22 unread / 22janeajones, June 2008
Atwood and comics3 unread / 3avaland, June 2008
The Robber Bride2 unread / 2beatles1964, June 2008
What is your favorite Margaret Atwood novel/short fiction collection and why?22 unread / 22thioviolight, May 2008
Tell us how you discovered Margaret Atwood?32 unread / 32mmignano11, April 2008
GROUP READ? The Handmaid' s Tale33 unread / 33Caroline_McElwee, April 2008
Moral Disorder6 unread / 6neverlistless, April 2008
THE KITCHEN - come on in for a cuppa23 unread / 23kaelirenee, April 2008
Margaret speaks...7 unread / 7avaland, March 2008
Bodily Harm5 unread / 5annakarina, January 2008
Ainsley from Edible Woman1 unread / 1nicoletort, January 2008
What other authors do we Atwood lovers read?6 unread / 6bostonbibliophile, December 2007
Year End message!1 unread / 1avaland, December 2007
Margaret Atwood Society2 unread / 2avaland, October 2007
The Atwood 2007 Challenge14 unread / 14avaland, August 2007
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Critical Perspective of Atwood5 unread / 5urduha, July 2007
Oryx and Crake: A question4 unread / 4andrewspong, June 2007
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