Stone-Campbell / Restoration Movement

A group for individuals interested in the various topics and literature of the Stone-Campbell religious heritage, or the American "Restoration Movement" (Disciples of Christ, Christian Church, and Churches of Christ), and whose library collections reflect that interest.

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Restoration Movement Commentaries2 unread / 2r_j, January 9
Theology of the Lord's Supper1 unread / 1revadavidparker, April 2018
Churches of Christ in the United States, 2018 edition1 unread / 1GracePointeChurch, November 2017
Lending/Circulation Feature Added to LibraryThing1 unread / 1GracePointeChurch, February 2015
Stone-Campbell Message Board9 unread / 9GracePointeChurch, October 2013
Restoration Movement Lectureships3 unread / 3CloverdaleLibrary, April 2013
Sound Off7 unread / 7stevewolfgang, March 2013
book info3 unread / 3ccotten, May 2011
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