Reading Resolutions

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It's 2012! Happy New Year, time to get reading...

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Historical Mystery Reading Challenge1 unread / 1AFHeart, February 2013
How do you keep your lists of books that you want to read/acquire?27 unread / 27gumbo, July 2012
Reading Strategies4 unread / 4mnx-1000, April 2012
parelle: 5 books a month (on paper)1 unread / 1parelle, January 2012
Reading Resolutions for 2009, anyone?19 unread / 19Zeesosa, January 2009
Do you read in clusters?5 unread / 5MrsLee, January 2009
DL's 2009 Reading Resolution2 unread / 2MrsLee, December 2008
Do you use specific bookmarks for books?14 unread / 14Jenson_AKA_DL, December 2008
A Pack of Pulitzers8 unread / 8Sandydog1, October 2008
Reading Resolutions for 200826 unread / 26MrsLee, October 2008
The To Be Read Thread60 unread / 60RachelfromSarasota, July 2008
What Did You Read in 2007?23 unread / 23Sandydog1, March 2008
Keeping Resolutions31 unread / 31beatles1964, February 2008
Reading Strategies28 unread / 28Eurydice, January 2008
If you're looking for a 2008 reading challenge1 unread / 1tinylittlelibrarian, January 2008
Books that Most Disappointed You54 unread / 54Enraptured, December 2007
A year gone by1 unread / 1parelle, December 2007
Keeping a Reading Journal59 unread / 59amberwitch, December 2007
Is Anyone Still Working on Their Big Five?13 unread / 13Nickelini, December 2007
Five big books you will read in 200795 unread / 95alaskayo, December 2007
By the Numbers30 unread / 30tinylittlelibrarian, October 2007
Can you recommend a book from my tbr pile?18 unread / 18fyrefly98, October 2007
The "Finished" Pile29 unread / 29parelle, August 2007
How many going at a time?15 unread / 15Nickelini, August 2007
Limiting book buying?74 unread / 74Bookmarque, March 2007
How do you treat your books?30 unread / 30MrsLee, March 2007
status on Five big books you will read in 200719 unread / 19bluesalamanders, March 2007
Chain Reading15 unread / 15parelle, February 2007
Welcome!17 unread / 17miss_read, January 2007
re reading resolutions2 unread / 2Jenson_AKA_DL, January 2007
Do you ever find yourself dialoguing/arguing with an author?7 unread / 7MrsLee, January 2007
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