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This group is open to all that are interested in discussing anything and everything related to the study of solid earth or other solid bodies.

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Want any Changes to the group?4 unread / 4Helcura, December 2008
The Levitating Globe and other denials of the earth sciences - what have you come across25 unread / 25argyriou, August 2008
Geology (or General Science) Humor12 unread / 12Helcura, August 2008
What's your favorite field?6 unread / 6NatureGeek, June 2008
Scientists and public obligations13 unread / 13setnahkt, April 2008
what is favorite gear?2 unread / 2dchaikin, September 2007
Plate Tectonic Forecasts6 unread / 6suge, May 2007
Trilobite digging5 unread / 5naheim, May 2007
Aren't we a chatty bunch?!7 unread / 7dchaikin, April 2007
LT is messing me up!2 unread / 2Vanye, April 2007
Aren't we a chatty bunch?!1 unread / 1Vanye, March 2007
Hello Group:5 unread / 5MissElliot, March 2007
Hello group:1 unread / 1Vanye, February 2007
Hello Group:1 unread / 1Vanye, February 2007
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