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Radio 3 is known as the BBC’s classical music station, but that description sells it short. It provides just over 2 million people with programming that still, in some way, connects with the BBC's original charter to enlighten and educate rather than to merely entertain. It presents music, poetry, opera, literature, drama, analysis, and serious discussion on all aspects of culture.

Radio 3 is a national treasure despite recent populist changes, an oasis of intelligence and real culture in an increasingly dumbed down world - the only media outlet in the UK that celebrates European and world music over the past 800 years, and ideas and literature over an even longer period than this. It is the only media outlet in the UK whose remit is serious music, opera, art and culture, despite the populist changes to the channel over the past decade.

The station is the world’s most significant commissioner of new music, and its New Generation Artists scheme promotes young musicians of all nationalities. All BBC Proms concerts are broadcast live on Radio 3, and all concerts performed by the BBC orchestras and BBC Singers are also broadcast, either live or recorded. There are regular productions of both classic plays and newly commissioned drama.

In 2009 Radio 3 won the Sony Radio Academy UK Station of the Year Gold Award. It was nominated for the same award in 2011.

There are a lot of us out there, people who turn to Radio 3 every morning and every evening of the working week - and throughout the day at the weekends - knowing that we will be challenged, touched, and educated. We love Radio 3. We care about it. And we have listened to it for many years.

This group will provide a forum to discuss Radio 3 broadcasts. Non-UK residents can also tune into Radio 3 broadcasts and participate in this group by visiting the Radio 3 website ( and either using the streaming media service or the "Listen Again" service, as can UK residents.

You can listen to Radio 3 programmes in a variety of ways: DAB, Cable, Satellite, Internet streaming, Internet Radio Player, FM Radio and Freeview. On the radio, Radio 3 can be found on : 90 - 93FM.

Listening Live on the Internet (advice from the Radio 3 website): The Radio 3 live stream is provided as one of the listening options in the Radio Player. Radio 3 streams all its broadcast output on the web. The Radio Player is like a jukebox which appears in its own window in your web browser. Use the Radio Player to listen to a selection of programmes from Radio 3 and other BBC stations when it suits you. Music programmes are available to listen to again for up to seven days after broadcast. Some speech programmes are available for longer.

The BBC makes this as easy as possible. Tune in and enjoy!

There are now (at August 2013) 2,100 plus members of this group. Please respond to messages.

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