Philosophy and Theory

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Broadly construed -- meaning traditional philosophy, be it classical, continental, or British; more modern philosophy and theory (American pragmatism, postmodernism and post-strucuralism, etc.), and hopefully philosophy outside the West as well (classical Indian and Asian philosophy, modern thinkers like Nishitani, etc.)

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Three Chinese classics18 unread / 18CosmicMiddleChild, March 2023
Paul Ricoeur / English recommendations?1 unread / 1Alex_McCall, November 2022
What books of philosophy are you reading?20 unread / 20Majel-Susan, May 2022
Any interest in a "mysticism" group?28 unread / 28paradoxosalpha, January 2022
Was Carl Jung a mystic?4 unread / 4March-Hare, January 2022
Could you change an opinion just with the use of rethoric?8 unread / 8Majel-Susan, August 2021
Political Philosophy6 unread / 6LesMiserables, April 2021
Anthony Kenny: An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy17 unread / 17Majel-Susan, December 2020
postcolonial literary theory4 unread / 4elenchus, October 2019
May we die?20 unread / 20cpg, July 2019
What do you need a free will for?16 unread / 16LesMiserables, July 2019
Short books on Philosophy5 unread / 5LesMiserables, July 2019
Is Time Simultaneous?19 unread / 19Wayne_Hilborn, March 2019
Term for mutual trust in Schütz's "The Structures of the Life-world"?3 unread / 3Gerardo_Gacharna, November 2018
reading group?10 unread / 10March-Hare, January 2018
For reading/discussion: W James' Pragmatism1 unread / 1eschator83, December 2017
Recommend books similar to Beyond Biocentrism10 unread / 10orbifx, November 2017
Immanuel Kant21 unread / 21Ian19774, September 2017
Best books published in the last thirty(ish) years10 unread / 10Ian19774, September 2017
"does the universe have a center-of-mass—basically, a “center of gravity” applied to the universe as a whole?1 unread / 1proximity1, June 2017
Does anyone here have an accessible copy of Alston's Philosophy of Language?7 unread / 7Meredy, June 2017
Michel Serres1 unread / 1majleavy, April 2017
Are there any recommendations for an introduction to Phenomenology?5 unread / 5Dzerzhinsky, December 2016
How do you guys rate philosophy texts?26 unread / 26Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Hegel for Just-Past-the-Dummy-Stagers?17 unread / 17Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Philosophy and Homelessness7 unread / 7Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
What is knowledge?24 unread / 24Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Homo Sapiens - the species that manipulates energy7 unread / 7Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Simplicity of Life2 unread / 2Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Heil Heidegger!10 unread / 10Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Against empathy8 unread / 8Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
for the whoevers - what does the word "urbanism" awakes in your mind?3 unread / 3Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Chinese Philosophy16 unread / 16Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Causality5 unread / 5Dzerzhinsky, November 2016
Human nature34 unread / 34GeneRuyle, August 2016
Book on the Meaning of Life63 unread / 63JGL53, May 2016
What Einstein said…83 unread / 83timspalding, May 2016
History of soul, spirit and mind4 unread / 4carusmm, May 2016
Linguistics for Fun4 unread / 4carusmm, May 2016
Rationalism is not a humanism.4 unread / 4carusmm, May 2016
Is this a philosophically valid statement?15 unread / 15carusmm, May 2016
Constructivst v. Foundationalist Epistemology?11 unread / 11carusmm, May 2016
Nagel's Mind and Cosmos3 unread / 3carusmm, May 2016
John Milton10 unread / 10carusmm, May 2016
Bertrand Russell24 unread / 24carusmm, May 2016
Would you classify Marx as a thinker of the Enlightenment or of Romanticism?34 unread / 34carusmm, May 2016
All Things Shining2 unread / 2carusmm, May 2016
Fatal Bleief29 unread / 29carusmm, May 2016
Why is there something rather than nothing?58 unread / 58carusmm, May 2016
Confucianism: The Family and the Government19 unread / 19carusmm, May 2016
What is Enlightenment?5 unread / 5carusmm, May 2016
Philosophy as Self Help?15 unread / 15carusmm, May 2016
Seinsfrage9 unread / 9carusmm, May 2016
Coursera Course- Reason and Persuasion: Thinking Through Three Dialogues By Plato7 unread / 7carusmm, May 2016
Contemporary Works4 unread / 4carusmm, May 2016
Should a philosopher have authority?6 unread / 6carusmm, May 2016
Is New Philosophy Necessary?9 unread / 9carusmm, May 2016
What not believing in God is like100 unread / 100carusmm, May 2016
Logical positivism: Nearly all false3 unread / 3carusmm, May 2016
Randomness and free will13 unread / 13carusmm, May 2016
Something from Nothing20 unread / 20carusmm, May 2016
What is love?29 unread / 29carusmm, May 2016
Univ. of Notre Dame Press 2014 Overstock Sale2 unread / 2nathanielcampbell, July 2014
Zizek's best and worst23 unread / 23Hamletmachin, December 2011
Books a month/year6 unread / 6pmackey, July 2011
G.E.M. Anscombe1 unread / 1cjbanning, February 2011
Making Virtual Sense of the World3 unread / 3William_Bailey, January 2011
The Nature of Ethics22 unread / 22AtticWindow, December 2010
Nature of Truth27 unread / 27pmackey, December 2010
Is smoking commercial products a suicide23 unread / 23AtticWindow, December 2010
Bundle theory of the "self"4 unread / 4AtticWindow, December 2010
How should I study philosophy?144 unread / 144santolead, November 2010
Individualistic Philosophy.82 unread / 82Mr_Wormwood, September 2010
The Quarrel between Science and Religion...69 unread / 69mdbirmingham, September 2010
Fundamentalism [or, better, fundamentalisms]2 unread / 2jahn, August 2010
Jesus the Atheist?11 unread / 11WholeHouseLibrary, July 2010
Will Durant2 unread / 2wildbill, July 2010
Agnosticism of Augustine and Aquinas4 unread / 4anthonywillard, July 2010
Mathematics and philosophy20 unread / 20Mr.Durick, May 2010
Beginning Interest in Philosophy44 unread / 44gmknowles, February 2010
Philosophy discussed25 unread / 25Arten60, February 2010
natural law23 unread / 23askar, January 2010
Where does math come from?5 unread / 5jeffoz, January 2010
Neoplatonism4 unread / 4Mr.Durick, January 2010
Looking for suggestions: reality—mind—language—society11 unread / 11elenchus, January 2010
Mind/body dilemma? Can't we just all agree on monism and that the other side is wrong30 unread / 30JGL53, December 2009
Consciousness, Intent, and basic building-blocks12 unread / 12pitangent146, December 2009
Newbie question6 unread / 6steve.clason, November 2009
Memetics2 unread / 2polutropon, November 2009
Where would you classify existentialism in the history of philosophy? Here I go with the classificat6 unread / 6Third_cheek, November 2009
Question Number One: Masters in Philosophy?20 unread / 20Naren559, November 2009
Kant's moral theory and a priori5 unread / 5horsetrainer36, November 2009
Marx: Historicism versus ahistoricism, utopianism v. reality4 unread / 4Third_cheek, November 2009
Australian members book giveaway...1 unread / 1amandameale, September 2009
Gnostic Philosophy3 unread / 3Arten60, September 2009
I believe in the God of Spinoza Albert Einstein6 unread / 6Arten60, August 2009
Group Read of Godel, Escher, Bach?9 unread / 9Arten60, July 2009
2 books by Ken Wilbur7 unread / 7Arten60, July 2009
If someone called you a relativist would feel complimented or insulted?8 unread / 8reading_fox, July 2009
Theistic existentialism, help me wrap my head around this concept6 unread / 6KevinCK, July 2009
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